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Patty Loveless - Next in line lyrics

that he just drank dry In his mind there's a burning, ... a long time but he's learning And just look at the ... knows I love him but his mind is on another And just look

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Next in line lyrics

next in line will be someone who loves ... you The next in line is me, 'cause it's my time ... You better be prepared to linger when you get to me The ... to me now, so I can make you mine I watched them rush to you

Nevermore - Next in line lyrics

Trapped by the source of my infection I play the martyr ... submerged in this pool, the corporation ... used me like they brainwashed you Life is seen so

Korn - Next in line lyrics

bear The city sleeps, I'm making plans The less you know, ... It fools me every time Digging deeper pulls me under Am I ... wasting time, or next in line? [Verse 2] I pace the

Children Of Bodom - Next in line lyrics

why Or did you tell your swine Another Day goes by So ... why do you see me swept in blood So lets just fight ... Wait for the dawn Something sweeps by in pride Erasing

Dead Letter Circus - Next in line lyrics

m trying to find a way, so I can keep on ... searchin' for my own space. Hoping to ... see you there, you there standin'. Holding an open door, ... on past it, I want more. Hoping to see the right way. Saying something so I know where

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - Who'll be the next in line lyrics

be the next in line Who’ll be the next in line ... made over you Who’ll be the next in line Who’ll be the next in line for you Who’ll be the ... next in line Who’ll be the next to watch your love fade All

Nat King Cole - Who's next in line? lyrics

used me for a stepping stone 'Til something better ... moved along And left me behind. I wonder, darling, Who's ... next in line? You left a trail of ... broken hearts Torn into a million parts. How many

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Gospel song lyrics

I will walk with Jesus till I can't go anymore And I will stay with Jesus till I can't go another mile And people will see all the good that's concealed A...

George Jones - In a gospel way lyrics

t ask for more We all fell in love last night in a gospel ... I love to hear my mama sing and shout And tell how the ... helped her out We all fell in love together in a gospel way

Dorsal Atlântica - In line lyrics

got feet, lots of fingers, oriental patience, ebony ... of the doomed Lines have life, condemning the ... steps which crawl Awaiting endlessly, back to the row

Katatonia - In death, a song lyrics

darkness is what you left in me you went with nothing ... to fear came back with nothing to lose and with summer ... leaving us here now we? re thinking of what to chose I know

Okkervil River - In a radio song lyrics

Blue-eyed charmer Head hanging with horns From your father ... Oh In a cold little mirror you were ... grown By a black little wind you were blown Alone, alone

The Boomtown Rats - A gospel song lyrics

hello If she asks how I'm doing let her know If she says is ... K. say it's slow But he's coming round And if you sleep with ... And you wake beside her in the early light Kiss her

Magnet - The gospel song lyrics

record plays I'll say it again just in case You should lose ... less Cause with your heart in the future & your head in the past There's nothing in

Horrible Histories - Norman family tree song lyrics

And my fight with cousin Stephen to succeed, Henry ... called Matilda, Quite confusing cause we choose to claim ... story of our spat. Starts in 1135, when king Henry, my

Seventh Wonder - Fall in line lyrics

read the signs and the warnings I'm telling you our destiny is here, destination nowhere ... Pain will follow (it will follow) ... destination known Mercy Falls is in

Marshall Tucker Band - Heard it in a love song lyrics

ain't never been with a woman ... ever settle down you'd be my kind and And it's a good time for ... me to head on down the line (chorus) Heard it in a love ... song Heard it in a love song Heard it in a love song Can't

Denace - Waiting in line lyrics

my goodbyes Cuz dammit I ain't even famous yet But I ... Cuz dammit im tired of waiting in this line Just leave me ... me life would be this f***in' difficult They forgot to

Sara Bareilles - Song for a soldier lyrics

.. Since you went away, You can ... me, colour me, colour me in grey So I'm working on the ... away Hey soldier I'm missing your life Wish I could hold

Okkervil River - Song about a star lyrics

cut your strings so that he could float - ... by alcohol Over acres of loving coast, far away from your ... Now he’s cool and all, floating anchorless. Ports of call

Callenish Circle - Dwelling in disdain lyrics

awakes the Gloomy part inside of me It's making me ... shiver sickening Self-complacency Dwelling in disdain You keep on turning ... ll Show you that my hate's sincere Your contempt is

Siva Six - Siva six:line in... line lyrics

in... line down... line in Line in... line down... line in... ... line down Line in... line down... line in... line down ... Line in and save me Myself can drug

Sleeping At Last - In the meantime lyrics

we’re ready to hear. no string of words will satisfy. no ... equation to edify us here, in the meantime, may questioning nurture life. fear is ... it with noise. but here, in the meantime, may the

Reba Mcentire - I won't stand in line lyrics

told me I was one in a million Everything you ... wanted in this world Every time I turn ... around I hear tell you paint the town With one of this ... heart I'd do almost anything just to make you mine But I

Avatar (swedish Band) - Get in line lyrics

in line with the plans Reconstruct ... Reassemble Drill a hole in your head Say hello to the ... Reconnect Realize nothing changes You are a part of a ... piece of f***ing machine Get in line Get in line

Bangles - I'm in line lyrics

don't want to wait in line for you Darling, you'll ... heart is empty No one's filling up for you I'm in line ... for you, my darling Yeah, yeah In the morning when I rise I see Another

Elastica - Line up lyrics

and fags i know that her mind is made up to get rocked ... beware another victim of line up in line line up in line ... change you could have been kinder yes, yes, line up in line

Joy Division - Walked in line lyrics

dressed in uniforms, so fine They drank and killed to ... pass the time Wearing the shame of all their ... measured steps, they walked in line They walked in line

Mygrain - Trapped in an hourglass lyrics

the falling sky Raining through quicksands of time ... ground Womb of glass nurturing the faceless Deadweight ... and all so real Stuck in this fear-galloped despair

Chris August - Wait in line lyrics

don't mind waiting, for the one true thing. ... If the one true thing is you. 'Cause all life has ... meaning, till we walk away From ... the one true thing that we knew. I've walking around with my head down

James Bay - Wait in line lyrics

t shake this feeling At the end of each day ... That I keep on working hard and all I do is get ... paid. Then I keep believing there's a line up ahead Cos

Dead Soul Tribe - Waiting in line lyrics

search of something I hope to find Could be ... the one thing always on my mind To find the key to Unlock ... this chain To break away but somehow I ... remain With such a hunger In such a pain I'd like to cry

Deep Purple - Place in line lyrics

m living in this line I know my place, could think of no way Of edging ... along in a loser's race The line was moving slowly Day by ... night Everybody's shuffling on to keep a place in the line Nine long years I've

Dio - The last in line lyrics

cold without the warm Light inside the darkness that it ... without the fear We are coming - home We're off to the ... time If we're evil or divine We're the last in line We

Gun - Stand in line lyrics

Ohh Ohh Ohh I won’t stand in line I said Ohh Ohh Ohh I ... won’t stand in line You built this world of ... us sacrifice You tried to bring me down You cause this pain inside I know you’ve got no

Impellitteri - Stand in line lyrics

like a statue waiting for the train In front of ... the cigarette vendor Slicking back his hair looking at the ... machine Reflecting like a mirror Pulling up

Julia Holter - In the green wild lyrics

could fall down straight in line so sure Someone with a thing to say writes on a leaf and ... and I don't know And the wind slows down so Still a tree ... Off to the wild for me In the green wild I am gone My

Kesha lyricsKesha - Get in line lyrics

OHH {VESRE 1} Boy,it's kinda plain to see You got a ... crush on me Hate to be bringins you down(down,down,down) ... a flossy girl,more like a string of pearls So boy,you better

Sebert Rose - Get in line lyrics

OHH {VESRE 1} Boy,it's kinda plain to see You got a ... crush on me Hate to be bringins you down(down,down,down) ... a flossy girl,more like a string of pearls So boy,you better

Everly Brothers - The first in line lyrics

should you ever change your mind Let me be the first in line ... time So let me be the first in line If your new love ... treat you tender, treat you kind Let me be the first in line

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - First in line lyrics

would shame the stars that shine My darlin' my darlin' You ... were the first in line When they gave out lips ... new thrill every time My darlin' my darlin' You were the

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Put in a love song (feat. beyonce) lyrics

Say you love me Then put it in a love song (Put it in a love ... you need me Then write it in a letter for me (Oh oh oh) ... Say you love me Then put me in a love song (Oh) [Alicia

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Get back in line lyrics

hope turned to dust, Nothing is forgiven we fight for ... used to be my friend, All things come to he who waits, the ... waiting never ends. We are the ... t know what to do, just wasting time. We don't know when to

Sister - Lost in line lyrics

Cast in silence Born to defence A ... rejected outcast Willing Psycho thrilling No denying Hail abomination Shameless ... Fed by useless ordure Falling in to pieces Starving

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Fall in line lyrics

But you deserve to know That in this world, you are not ... [Pre-Chorus] All the youth in the world will not save you ... from growing older And all the truth in

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Fall in line ft. demi lovato lyrics

But you deserve to know That in this world You are not ... your soul All the youth in the world will not save you ... from growing older And all the truth in

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - Get in line lyrics

give it all away To every single one of them And what will ... They gonna give their everything I'm gonna give up my life ... all I'm gonna give my everything Come on get in line with

Karmah - In between lyrics

what I seem I'm somewhere in between I am young in my ... old age I am calm or in a rage I'm your friend or ... I'm all extremes I'm nowhere in between Wide awake Or in

Mattafix - In my life lyrics

yes, greetings. You see from you over my ... We look back pon history and find a mission. In my life. ... There are certain, Things that you don't know about

Matt Simons - Fall in line lyrics

ve been fine here on my own In fact, I prefer to be alone ... I'd known You've been looking out for your own time I was ... merely wondering If yours and mine could

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - Girl in a country song feat. megan nicole (ma.. lyrics

two bare feet And it's gettin' kinda cold in these painted ... jeans I hate the way this bikini top chafes Do I really have ... there on your tailgate whistlin' Sayin', "Hey girl.

D.r.i. - Standing in line lyrics

in line for something to eat dragging my ass, ... my love, I lost my dream aching heart, head and soul ... sleepless nights are taking their toll back to the

Excalion - The flags in line lyrics

it feels to me We are coming home, we are young no more Innocent as before playing our ... will march no more The flags in line They march no more ... Today Daydreams turned into grief And disbelief I

Against All Authority - Stand in line lyrics

life and you've got nothing to show stuck in your life ... and you've got caught in the undertow goin' down and ... drown and there's one thing I know I don't wanna be

Angel Dust - First in line lyrics

come close To be the first in line with the rifle in our

At Vance - Last in line lyrics

I've seen and things I've done I want you grant ... angels you will fall Climbing and screaming for help ... There'll be mountains to be done No more walls

Bleeding Through - Step back in line lyrics

your belief In what you claim to be ... you fall to your knees Begging for forgiveness A false ... sign A crutch in which you used to judge ... the life of failure So meaningless An oath that made you a

Candy Dulfer - First in line lyrics

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King Leoric - Last in line lyrics

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