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The Kelly Family - Never gonna break me down lyrics

used to be hope, but now Ive lost it its gone ... forever being a better person used to be something but now Ive lost it There used to be better times,

Emerald Sun - You won't break me down lyrics

t try to bring me to my knees The attempt will ... be in vain Don't promise me tomorrow I've seen a lot of ... I've always been a fighter My soul is full of scars

Billy Idol - Can't break me down lyrics

devil’s house in the shape of a chapel You hid the knife in the core of an ... apple Burn me, try to hurt me Try to hit me when my back ... was turning I saw you wait when the shadows were growing

Alter Bridge - Break me down lyrics

Ohhhhhhh It's too late, the time has come I kept this ... inside me, for way too long Silence will leave me ... cold Lost on a highway that never takes me home I wanna step

Red - Break me down lyrics

long day alone Emptiness is so real Never having ... of mind Running from what I can't sing And there is ... nowhere left to hide Turn and face these empty lies

Ginger Snap5 - Break me down lyrics

give me a breathing space in our little war, ... please no need to fight 'cause we lost control. I ... leave off and recede from this senseless game, look into

Leann Rimes - Break me down lyrics

me a moment here Just enough to catch my breath something ... is happing here and it´s scaring me to death you ... push me to the edge where I want to risk it all again for the first time

Drake Bell - Break me down lyrics

amp;quot;Break Me Down" Break me down enough I'll ... take your side And all your attitude I would like for you to just decide What you're

Dream Theater - Build me up, break me down lyrics

I will be your savior Tomorrow a demon You crave my ... erratic behavior And watch my every move Obsession ... at all cost You'll be the death of me Broken and torn apart

Billy - Love don't break me lyrics

m tired of fighting It really messed me up this time ... Tired of trying I'm ready to leave it all behind I ... wanna lose my other me Am I really still right here

Automatic Loveletter - Don't let me down lyrics

let's rid ourselves of love Our ... lives are ending in the rain along with a bottle ... and my red dress on oohh the blood is rushing through ... our skin I don't know what's happening but I'm losing

Nicko / Nikos Ganos - Break me lyrics

went from hero to zero in one second When I ... was down you inspired me to reach heaven but then you ... broke me and hurt me and kept breaking you pushed me over the

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Save me - don't break me lyrics

you break my heart A heart that ever, babe, loves you How ... can you mistreat? They want your love It's so true, I ... love you Stay with me tonight A heart will fall in love, that's right Oh, I never can

Anna Nalick - Break me open lyrics

break like a crystal cup Into a million little pieces but ... I pick me up Don't just stare at me, take care of me ... Don't let 'em tell ya f***ed up isn't fine There's like a million kinds of

Austin Jones - They won't break me lyrics

create an image of me Place it in a frame laced with tragedy ... smoke and broken angel wings They won't break me They won't ... break me They won't break me They won't break me

Entwine - Break me lyrics

raped me with your lies It hurt me deep inside Some ... might say That I'm not the fortunate one You love to break me down But I'll stay to ... hear you out Some might say That I'm the fallen one Lead

Raw - Don´t break me lyrics

story begins in one night My thoughts have started really ... bad fight I really want you, but you´re my nightmare ... My fate and destiny Oh, I will survive, for

Alexz Johnson - Me out of me lyrics

you always trying to make me something that I don't wanna ... be? Ooo, push me over, make me over, try to make a joke out ... of me There's something you should know I won't

Pauley Perrete - Can't get me down lyrics

s over You told me And you don't wanna know me ... Alone now I know that You're never gonna get me down That's not the way nice ... behave Oh yeah I know you told me It's not your choice,

Blue System - Don´t let me down lyrics

.. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh... Come baby, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. ... Ooh, Ooh, Ooh... Oh, everytime I see your face, Love is ... all that matters to me, And everytime when I touch

Fischerspooner - Never win lyrics

don't need to need you Tell me what to do Tell me what to ... say Don't you wanna help me Tell me what to do Help me ... find a way If I was not me I would hate me too Just

Rhett Walker Band - Can't break me lyrics

we go again, the devil's at my door Trying to get in, to ... steal my soul All I know is something's 'bout to break This ... ol' heart is screaming out You can come against me but you won't get far It's plain

Bars And Melody - The chainsmokers - don't let me down lyrics

I wanna show you a world, just let go. What you gotta do is ... close your eyes, feel it flow. I'm trying to fight the pain, but I'm slowly ... falling. You can try to run away, can you hear me

Axxis - Don't bring me down lyrics

got me runnin' goin' out of my mind You got me thinkin' that I'm wastin' my time Don't bring me down, no no ... no no no I'll tell you once more Before I get off the floor Don't bring me

Electric Light Orchestra - Don't bring me down lyrics

got me running, going out of my mind You got me thinking that I'm wasting my time Don't bring me down No, no, ... no, no, no, ah-ooh-hoo I'll tell you once more before I get

H-blockx - Don't bring me down lyrics

has come just to say what I think and reveal, reveal all the things that kept inside ... and that I feel, you like to talk to the people of the ... higher class, what have I done, to make you treat me like I'm an ass I won

Itchy Poopzkid - You don't bring me down lyrics

happened to me? How did I turn out so bad, so sad? ... Surrounded by things that I despise I carry it along ... dead ends suspense And where the f*** do I belong? Tonight we'll shut down all the gates

Poison - Can't bring me down lyrics

chick is driving me crazy She thinks that I'm ... lazy Just because I'm good at nothing all day My baby ... don't get it So my job, I quit it Bust ... my ass, Hell I barely get paid People like to put me down And just because I

Danny Saucedo - Never gonna take us down lyrics

seem to forget that I'm not made of stone That I've got ... my own Uh oh Uh oh Even though it might seem that I'm ... oh No no-no no Keep on trash-talking about me No no

Drew Seeley - I won't let me down lyrics

was such Disconnected I've had it all Oh but watched it slip away When the ... damage down Is self-inflicted It's no surprise to find it all end up the same Then

Eskimo Joe - Don't let me down lyrics

time I wake up on my own, I say a ... little prayer to bring you home; I know you won't, you won't ... let me down Don't let me down Nobody gonna sleep tonight

Heavens Gate - Don't bring me down lyrics

ve never been the man I meant to be There's a shadow on my ... face Always telling me the better things of life It's time ... for me to leave this empty place Never knew what I was

Rawhead Rexx - Don't tear me down lyrics

ll never forget the words you said The day as ... my faith was dying Imaging the time we never had Feeling the pain Without a trust in ... a better place You can't have fortune anyway It's

Hollywood Ending - Don't let me down lyrics

m opening up, so don't let me down The first time you ever ... looked at me You were driving by in a ... new jeep Flash forward just a couple weeks I gotcha, stuck in my head like a song in the top 40 Gonna keep you

Marina And The Diamonds - Can't pin me down lyrics

You can paint me any colour And I can be your ... clown But you ain’t got my number No you can’t pin me down Yeah you can’t pin me down Yeah you can’t pin me down

Marina & The Diamonds - Can't pin me down lyrics

can paint me any colour And I can be your ... clown But you ain’t got my number No you can’t pin me down Yeah you can’t pin me down Yeah you can’t pin me down

Exo - Can't bring me down (korean ver.) lyrics

Mind teureul kkae beoryeo haneul ... wiro muneul tto dudeuryeo yakjaman uneun ... sesang ttawin dwijibeo sonyeone Cry ... jeojeun nalgae niga seontaekan haneureun Fall Oh yeah

Drysill - Don't shoot me down lyrics

was the fool on the hill ~ a simpleton yes, but a nice guy, he was the mock ... of the town - "Jack-ass" Lived from the land and the sea, on of a

Hoodie Allen - Can't hold me down (feat. tayyib ali) lyrics

know, in the run in the anyways man, I'm turning it ... up Hot diggity-dang Thank you, thank you for ... rocking out tonight If you could be anywhere in the world You could be right

Amel Larrieux - Don't let me down lyrics

watch your lips moving I see the words taking shape But ... s like a language I cannot translate I can't afford to be ... careless And let you in I turn my head for one minute

Gordon Lightfoot - Don't beat me down lyrics

he was a man, my father would stand I never saw ... him run There wasn't anyone could make the man ... bend And the strength of his will was the tool of ... his trade And he did his work well

Band-maid - Don't let me down lyrics

make me so wet I'm always getting what I want I've been waiting for you in the cave You ... Heaven and Hell's gonna turn over topsy-turvy I know ... you wanna give it to me Deeper and deeper and faster

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Don't bring me down lyrics

Ah-ah-aah-ah (x4) Hey, watz up We back up in the cut ... Beat it up into submission We don't need no ... permission Black Eyed Peas tha coalition Everybody go and

Hitten - Can't bring me down lyrics

All you give off is resentment and malice, your malice! Get ... outta here if you might Your downfall is the product of your ... lies, of your lies! This is my own way And these

Mabel - Don't let me down lyrics

can be anybody the way you like just turns ... you believe in nobody when someone just lets you down you ... leave your hopes behind must believe in somebody who

Axxis - Don't drag me down lyrics

get lost in jungle In the endless world wide web A ... million spiders crawling - I never saw this yet Instructions ... how to kill and to announce your suicide

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Don't cut me down lyrics

m tall I need room to grow I need the sun in my ... eyes My home is the earth below One day I know I will ... touch the sky Don't cut me down For I am innocent Don't cut

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Don’t let me down & down lyrics

my love for you No place to hide no way to fall ... Nowhere to lie no world so wide I'm ... sick and tired of telling you Don't let me down ... and down and down Don't let me down and down and down I

Oasis lyricsOasis - Lord don't slow me down lyrics

I'm tired and I'm sick Got a habit that I just can't ... and I'm all in love When the lights go down I'm gonna ... shoot 'em all S'alright, don't be afraid You gotta

The Black Keys - Just couldn't tie me down lyrics

you let me know, How you've changed? I ... can't tell, In any way, Little village, is not a town, ... Just couldn't tie me down, You sent a message, To

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Don't bring me down lyrics

m on my own, nowhere to roam I tell you baby, don't want no home I wander ... 'round, feet off the ground I even go from town to town I said, "I

Colbie Caillat - Don't hold me down lyrics

m just so tired of these troubles that I try to hide. ... Makes me wanna wash away my whole ... world inside. I think it's time that I make changes in the things I do. This weight on my

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Can't keep me down ft. damian marley lyrics

don't be afraid to smoke the high grade. (Rusko) ... Now where was written that I would be another killa spitting, That I was born to be the Buddha king and your my witness, We blow trees better

Daya - Daya ft. the chainsmokers - don't let me down lyrics

hit a wall Right now I need a miracle Hurry ... up now, I need a miracle Stranded, reaching out I call ... your name but you're not around I say your name but

Nina Gordon - Don't let me down lyrics

down the hill to see my friends I don't feel ... well And I'm not happy, but I'm going to be The summer ... starts and the summer ends I look around at all

Guild - Don't let me down lyrics

imasara desu ga Zutto nanimo ienai tte yuu ka Maa ... ja zenzen nai seikaku de Teka kouichi urayamashii na Tada Uta ja tabun makete nai ... yo Kao mo makete nai desho Happou bijin

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Don't let me down lyrics

t let me down, don't let me down. Don't let me down, don't let me down. Nobody ever loved ... yeh, she does. And if somebody loved me like she do me,

Julian Lennon - Don't let me down lyrics

you look at me you'll see a fragile man ... Looking for an open door to bring him back into the light If you listen to my heart ... for just one day You'll hear the

Mark Lanegan - You won’t let me down again lyrics

your soul When you drank the morning dew Down on your ... luck And so thirsty through and through The crack ... in the mirror Tells of seven years of pain

Macy Kate - Don't let me down (chainsmokers, daya) lyrics

hit a wall Right now I need a miracle Hurry ... up now, I need a miracle Stranded, reaching out I call ... your name but you're not around I say your name but

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