Never Stay Still Like A Photo She Bounce On The Dick Like A Pogo lyrics

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Golden Earring - She flies on the strange wings lyrics

is the night without you Just as lonely as a shapperd without sheep And where flies the falcon ... In the high sweet air Without hunting in the Sprane Valleys deer She wears

The Dogma - She falls on the grave lyrics

sister what's your secret? Who's the ... demon of your heart? Lonely sister what's your torment ... Why that sadness in your eyes? Years ... go by And the sky is turning to grey Loneliness in this room with no ray of light Can you feel or

Jeffrey Osborne - She's on the left lyrics

must she come and possess me in the heat of the night Toss me and turn me then disappear Here on the edge ... of obsession, I turn off all the lights And pray that this fantasy can be real Night and

Logic lyricsLogic - On the low lyrics

Hook: x2] On the low What's up with you ho Bitches ... dro Bet you know Bust like forty four When I spit that ... flow 'cause we go hard Like that shit they hustle on the

Pretty Ricky - On the hotline lyrics

Mathis, Corey; Garrett, Stephen; Smith, Joseph; ... Sandapa, Rudy; Smith, Spectacular; Cooper, Marcus; Smith, ... Diamond; Azor, Herby; Pretty Ricky, ... Ricky, Ricky It's 5 in the mornin' And I'm up havin' phone sex wit you, you, so horny And now I'm on the hotline Over

Chamillionaire - On the grind homie lyrics

Intro:] Yeah! It's Major Pain, baby Knahtalkinbout? Ha, ... Ha Ight, let me get serious ... KOOPA! [Chorus: x2] I come ... through and show em how to do it (WOO)

Paul Simon - She moves on lyrics

feel good It's a fine day The way the sun hits off the runway A cloud shifts The plane ... lifts She moves on But feel the bite Whenever you believe that You'll be

New Kids On The Block - Never gonna fall in love again lyrics

gonna fall in love again, Never gonna fall in love again, Never gonna fall in love again, Never gonna fall in love again, Never gonna fall in love. You said you'd never ever try to break my heart, You told a lie,

Angus & Julia Stone - On the road lyrics

up the bottle Scored us the finest herb Jumped aboard that rolling stone Took to the ... sky like a bird Now the wheels are in full spin We ... re off to play a thousand shows Took a drag, fell in

Electric Light Orchestra - On the run lyrics

I do, wherever I go The same afterglow is keepin' me low Don't wanna lose it But don't wanna stay here too long They ... tell you no lie You're up in the sky, make everyone cry Don't

Niall Horan lyricsNiall Horan - On the loose lyrics

know what she’s like She’s out of her mind And wraps ... herself around the truth She’ll jump on that flight And ... meet you that night And make you tear up the room She

Between The Trees - The way she feels lyrics

s upset Bad day Heads for the dresser drawer to Drive her ... pain away Nothing good can come of this. She opens it there's nothing There is only ... left over tears "Mom and dad had no right" she

Canton Jones - On the floor lyrics

Verse 1:] Looks like the party started up Everybody's hands are lifted up Praise Him ... let go now give it up He's the reason why you live it up Game done we won, the battle's won Have fun, speak tongues

Madness - On the town lyrics

it's early in the morning It's raining and the ... streetlights Streaming through my windows Casting shadows on the ceiling ... The room is oh so empty Stand against the wall The clock

Revamp - The anatomy of a nervous breakdown: on the si.. lyrics

on the sideline, see the life I live passing me by I ... look inside but can't go in Standing on the ... side while staring at myself, again I wonder Who am I?

Above & Beyond - On the beach lyrics

goodbye to all your friends Time to leave ... and go home again Sad to fly and leave behind the sun ... Every day would pave the way For endless nights of dancing And every night would

Genesis lyricsGenesis - On the shoreline lyrics

there's a place where two worlds collide The pile of stone against the ... pull of the tide You can stay with your feet on the ground ... Or step into the water, leave the dry behind On the

Neil Sedaka - On the road again lyrics

you're beggin' me to stay But I gotta go away, on the road again. Guess I'm kinda ... like the sun, Spend the day and then I run, on the road again. There's that open highway Callin' out to me, If

Neon Hitch - On the run lyrics

good, but I do it better I was on the run, while you were ... playing catch up World is my hood, I'm ago get that You could try hard, but you ain't never catch

Sandra lyricsSandra - On the tray (seven years) lyrics

in a year I'm looking back Counting my rounds Time after time It's been so hard ... Holding my ground And I miss you For seven years ... An' need you For seven years On this lonely game I don't wanna play On the tray

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - On the beach lyrics

is our place In the free and open air Under starry ... skies By the endless sea In an endless chain We are locked ... together I became a star You were my creator Never

Golden Earring - On a night like you lyrics

know the first time I saw the X-Files I was stoned as usual Here comes Scully walking ... in Zappin' through the Cartwrights Fox Mulder went and ... his gun He keeps holding on to the flashlight Shining

Lynyrd Skynyrd - On the hunt lyrics

said baby mama, I don't know your name But I said ... baby, sugar I can play your game Every night when we leave the hall I see you hanging around You wanna ride in my

Royce Da 5'9" - On the run lyrics

hotel room I remember that cold, cold rainy night ... out my window Feeling all alone on the run I'm still ... holding onto my gun Body on it from the previous evening

Nazareth - On the run lyrics

you're on the run Lookin' for a friend you ... can depend on Your phone it never rung for days that When you ... re on the run Lookin' for a friend you can depend on

Baby Bash - On the cool lyrics

Chorus: DJ Kane] Let's keep it on the cool ... (keep it on the cool) It's between, me and ... you alright It's the freaky things we do Cause baby I like it, I like it Let's keep it on the cool (keep it on the cool

Mudvayne - On the move lyrics

up my shit I'm on the road like Kerouac (whooo) Found tranquility in the cover that ... holds me (down down) People aquarium always on the move ... (get more) Set it up pack it up giddy up giddy up,

Jake Miller - On the move lyrics

Haha. We going old school on this one. Let's go Yeah. Uhh ... Yeah, let's go Ain't no stopping us now, we're ... on the move Yeah, I'm on the move. You can hear me on the

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - On the rebound lyrics

the rebound, on the rebound That's how you felt ... for me That's how you changed my life You cut me like ... a knife On the rebound, on the rebound You came, you saw, you took It only took one

Cali Swag District - You need that lyrics

need that [x4] F*** you real proper Eat it like a monster ... Have you scream papa Like you singing Oprah [x2] ... Enought said I don't need no f***ing intro, cause when I pull my dick out, I

Kurupt - Live on the mic lyrics

Kurupt (talking)] Yeah, this is what you would call ... somethin' like One of the things that, you know, when ... you meet your goal You get to the top of the game, and the dream come true

Plies - On my dick lyrics

if yo cash ain't right, right now dawg ... just f***ed up right now dawg u done took A lost when a ... bitch don't wanna give you nothing dawg telling ... you dawg u can make something happen [Chorus

Lil' B - Like a martian lyrics

your boy lil b in this muhf***a, Hundred thousand Pretty ... boys, rich boys, stand up Lil b nigga, pretty boy ... in this bitch All ya'll muhf***in bitches, suck my

Ice-t - The iceberg lyrics

C-E B-E-R-G What's that spell? Iceberg, nigga, can't ... you read? Time to bleed, slaughter, slice Try to say I wasn't nice as we waxed them ... punks like lab mice Dice 'em up, slice 'em

Little Brother - Shorty on the lookout lyrics

Yes sir oh we got coming up like I said Shorty on the lookout ... featuring thatbad man median (shorty hit the brakes to late) Uh from justus league ... WJLO BAM! (shorty hit the brakes too late) The future of

Madchild lyricsMadchild - Never die lyrics

Intro] Dream as if you'll live forever (Never, never die) Live as if you ... ll die today Discussions with myself like I'm walking ... with Gandhi Trying to inspire but I

Pink Guy - She's so nice lyrics

I f***ed a girl's titties! Ooh I f***ed ... girl's titties! Ooh I f***ed a girl's titties! Ooh I f***ed ... girl's titties! Ooh I f***ed a girl's titties! Ooh I f***ed

Angel Haze - Bitches on my dick lyrics

Swag! I be on that shit, bi-bi-bitches on my dick Said bi-bi-bitches on my dick, bi-bi-bitches on my dick (swagg!) I be on that shit bi-bi ... bitches on my dick Said bi-bi-bitches on my dick,

Andre Nickatina - The baddest bitch on the planet lyrics

you be the baddest bitch up in the world? Money aint a thing whip cream ... with a swirl Baby you could ball or bounce Lip gloss, floss ... up your mouth Can I get the keys to your house? Your skin

Drake lyricsDrake - The motto feat. lil wayne lyrics

m the f***in' man, y'all don't get it, do ya? Type of money, everybody acting like they ... knew ya Go Uptown, New York City, ... bitch Them Spanish girls love me like I'm Aventura Tell Uncle Luke I'm

Forever The Sickest Kids - The way she moves lyrics

s getting late, your eyes are closed and mine are wide awake, but still, I can never ... go on, I can never go on like, just like, I'm begging just ... to see your eyes again, I can never go on (I can never go on) Should I even care that you

Chamillionaire - On the grind lyrics

Verse 1 - Chamillionaire - singing] Sick of tired ... (sick of tired) Of all the fakers walkin in my life (in my ... life) I told ya once and then I told ya twice (told ya

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - On the boulevard (featuring kokane & snoop do.. lyrics

Dre] You in the office of the good doc again, let's walk again It's like clock again, the ... hood rock again You should pop it in,ain't ... take it out That shit play on, you can't make it out The

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Bounce dat ass lyrics

the f*** out the way, cause here they come Them hoes ... shakin' that ass Get the f*** out the way, cause here they come Them hoes shakin' that ... ass [Hook] Bounce that ass hoe Bounce, bounce, bounce

Kurupt - The life lyrics

Kurupt & El Drex] Ach, ka-nelk, ka-chica, ka-dick Sub ... Drex (uh yeah, one two) Mmm, haha, yeah we headed up there baby Sky's the ... limit (yeah) Way up in the sky Once in a lifetime You only get one chance, one chance

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - The phuncky feel one lyrics

you ready? Ladies and gentlemen Bout ready to ... get down? (repeat 2x) Ladies and gentlemen Verse One: B-Real Well I'm the Real ... one, yes the Phuncky Feel One Cypress Hill has come, any

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Stay around lyrics

gentlemen Kweli! [Hook] Won't you stay around with me?... ... And please say the rhyme Cause these rappers think that I ... m In love with your state of mind Cause you a favourite of mine And I know

Ras Kass - The music of business lyrics

Xzibit): Yea. That's what I'm talking about (Ras K.): ... Yea (Xzibit): The homie John John up in this motherf***er (Ras K.): Yea ... (Xzibit): Mr. X to the Z with a public service announcement

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - U not like me lyrics

LAPD, NYPD (When it's on, that's who you get, huh?) NYPD, ... LAPD, NYPD (That's your motherf***in' click, huh?) NYPD, LAPD, NYPD (You a motherf***in' ... snitch, huh?) NYPD, LAPD, NYPD Niggas wanna shine

Skepta - Corn on the curb lyrics

bro, we've gotta stay battling Gotta stay fighting, ... gotta stay striving Gotta stay dreaming, gotta stay ... believing Gotta stay scheming I broke down a

Ben Jelen - Stay lyrics

wakes up and rolls into the kitchen She turns on her favorite radio She jumps on the ... bed kisses me as I’m sleeping And her smile ... starts She's amazing, ever changing Oh,

Rick Ross - "stay schemin'" lyrics

Chorus] I ride for my niggas dawg, I ride for my niggas ... I slide for my niggas dawg, I ride for my niggas dawg ... Stay schemin' Niggas tryna get at me I ride for

Matchbox 20 - She's so mean lyrics

kn-kn-know a girl She gets what she wants all the time Cause she’s fine But for an angel, she’s a hot, hot mess Make you so blind But you don’t

Ministry - The dick song lyrics

get off my chest I've got a person that scares me to death First name is Dick and ... you know the rest Well I've got ... something I just got to say This vice president will make us pay We're inching

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - On the edge lyrics

getting light outside She is still there but no one cares They ... sang her Happy Birthday yesterday without her Do ... you want to see yourself flying ... through the night? This gift is what you

Common - The bitch in yoo lyrics

yeah, for your nation... For your nation...) ... Verse one: A bitch nigga wit an attitude named cube ... Step to com wit a feud Now what the f*** I ... look like dissing a whole coast You ain't made shit dope

Da Backwudz - The world could be yours lyrics

the start of our journey together you couldn't tear us apart ... We was like tinted and Ford, peas and carrots ... Rings with karats, and it seem people starin Hoes

The Game - She wanna have my baby lyrics

Trey Songz] Le’gggo Yeah Le’gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh ... Yeah Le’gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh ... [Game - Verse 1] Everybody ... f***ing Amber Rose Is the p**** good? Only Kanye/Cameron knows And who this Tami hoe

The Game - She want to have my baby lyrics

gggo Yeah Le'gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh ... Yeah Le'gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh ... Everybody f***ing Amber Rose Is the p**** good? Only Kanye and Cameron knows And who this Tami hoe telling

Gwar - The ultimate bohab lyrics

proudly sports his rare GWAR hoodie When he puts it on ... it gives him such a woodie Zit-scarred and ... unpopular He's at the show alone Running his mouth to no one

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