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Never Have I Been Locked Up In A World Of Misery lyrics

Browse for Never Have I Been Locked Up In A World Of Misery song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Never Have I Been Locked Up In A World Of Misery lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Never Have I Been Locked Up In A World Of Misery.

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City Of The Weak - In a world of bottles & bedsores lyrics

I this much of a mess before or just seeing ... clearly? I used to be someone that they adored, but i've been slipping ... quickly Disappointed the best things in life aren't as solid as they seem

Diana Ross - In a world of make believe lyrics

a world of make believe You can change all that you see But ... in the world of reality You've taught me all that I need Time like a river ... flows Twisting and turning all the way Life is an endless

Black Label Society - World of trouble lyrics

..3...4...I Drank All My F***en Brew and I Ain't ... Gots No More.... Feeling so damn tired Running on ... desperate fumes For the end is Always near, now Empty handed It's always soon

Art Garfunkel - Up in the world lyrics

ve come Up In The World, And it's all to your credit. You made something of your life Like you always said you would. ... But what ever happened to the girl I used to

Pretty Maids - In a world of your own lyrics

your love rain down on me Be my poet and ... my preacher And give me reason to believe That you'll ... be there If I should need you Here you ... whisper in the summer wind I still see you shine in the

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Heart of misery lyrics

don't wanna feel anything today (I don't wanna feel anything today) Anything at all I ... ll just be alone (I just wanna know that you wanna know) I ... don't wanna live through another day (I don't wanna live through another day) Meaningless to fight for the victory I just wanna dive in

Inmoria - In my dreams lyrics

up to another day of misery Waking up to another day of ... sorrow Why didn't god let me die in my ... sleep Oh death embrace me I dream of a place where I can

Kreesha Turner - Chains of love lyrics

break these chains of love Gonna take my heart and ... run Moving on, moving up I'm gonna show you how it's ... you could keep me down I was tired, I was bound and it's

Overkill - World of hurt lyrics

fuelin' me Money powered, hypocrisy I have no feelings, we're ... much the same We have no feelings, we feel no pain I am ... numb to all I see This the way it has to be Gone is hope,

Eagle-eye Cherry - Never let you down lyrics

you don't smile again You will cry until the end Cause I ... know where you're bound With the sorrow that brings you ... down So now I beg of you Tell me what I can do

Harem Scarem - Caught up in your world lyrics

have a way of fighting Everything I do And all ... your finger pointing Is pointing back Right back to you ... Don't cha give me reasons Don't cha give me lies

Dark Nightmare - World of illusions lyrics

are stick on your PC 24 hours a day And you think you found ... your way Away from the real life locked on your dark room ... You are searching delight and pleasure Driving yourself in a road foul of traps You ignore the dangers that you are

Hana Pestle - World of one lyrics

all of this washed away would I be an open hand or ... would I just be insignificant? None of us have time to ... be callused, careless hearts but could we be more significant? We're just empty

Ashes You Leave - Never again alone in the dark lyrics

away from them In a room so deep With my soul in my throat The last few tears I weep I cry to darkest mind As leave in silence fall ... Alone I will perish Forgotten in this hole

Thomas Anders - World of stars lyrics

were a lady in red when we first met I thought to myself ... this is as good as it gets When Harry met Sally ... there were fireworks But nothing like the moment that we kissed Just like the movie

City Of Autumn - World of mine lyrics

you see me, see it on me? Can you hear me when I say Can ... you help me? Can you tell me what's been ... wrong with me today? I will let it go when I feel like letting go, cos I feel like all I need is right there

Gavin Degraw - Never the same lyrics

wake up, in the middle of the night From a dream, that ... is troubling me The affair has been a mission of two And if it doesn't hurt me, it'll have to hurt you So I sweat, and I toss and turn I can't

Coheed And Cambria - World of lines lyrics

is the hidden truth, The world between the lines Where ... there is no understanding us These lines have marked ... divisions, The weaker seek to malign With this

Pink Cream 69 - World of promises lyrics

I have been waiting the whole time through Now ... that it's coming true, I know Love is you So crazy I ... never thought it ran so deep But now that you're

Helloween lyricsHelloween - World of fantasy lyrics

reaching out to find a reason To find an answer and relief I see a world so strange and cold I see a world of ... rules and thieves The day you‘re born you‘re under

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - World of confusion (the masquerade ball part .. lyrics

kept on crying on the stairway of doom Saw all the lives fading, ending much too soon Cries in the darkness from the wizard's chosen few We're back

Blackmore's Night - World of stone lyrics

to me all of my arrows Bring to me my crossbow too I ... fear we might need them both Before ... the night is through Once a world of glittering hope This world is not the world we

Rosanne Cash - World of strange design lyrics

you’re not from around here You’re probably ... not our kind It’s hot from March to Christmas And other things you’ll find Won’t fit ... your old ideas Their line is shifting sands, You walk across a ghostly bridge To a

Carlene Carter - World of miracles lyrics

ll be waitin' by the door when you come ... home Waiting for the words I've wanted to hear from you for so ... long Everything could change Anything is possible

Robin Gibb - In and out of love lyrics

in the world, lost in the night. Broken inside, the dream ... s out of sight. Running in circles, hot city streets. ... Young girl, you came and you make me believe it. I'm just a victim of emotion. A storm within an ocean of heartache and wonderland.

Invocator - King in a world of fools lyrics

you see is not me see only what you wanna see what I like ... you despise just like everything thats not like you king ... in a world of fools I wonder whats behind that

Mc Erik & Barbara - Livin' in a world of love lyrics

think about your Cmipartner We are living in a world of sex So think about ... yourself I have made this song for you Listen to what you have to do 'cause this

George Jones - World of forgotten people lyrics

live in the world, world of forgotten people Who've ... loved and lost their hearts so many times I'm here in ... the world, a world of forgotten people Where every

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts - World of denial lyrics

did we get to this place? I thought that we would have ... settled this by now I thought that blood was thicker than mud I guess I was ... wrong If love was a ship sailing oceans deep Then your

Emmylou Harris - In his world lyrics

night I dream about him In my world of fantasy I ... pretend that we’re together In his world there’s a garden in the moonlight In his world ... there’s a sweet and gentle breeze In his world

Rage - World of pain lyrics

how good it was a long, long time ago Life was young and everything was ... bound to grow Yes, we've made it, we were fruitful and ... explored But now it's overloaded It might as well explode

Amasic - World of machine lyrics

m looking around trying to find someone like me. But ... nobody seems to be normal here. They look like they ... re from another world, It's like their machines that run

Black Messiah - In the name of ancient gods lyrics

and keep an eye, my ravens, On mankind and on my ... precious world Times have changed, belief is broken Human ... race forgot their roots Prophets came from

Belinda Carlisle - World of love lyrics

the endless sky I have my peace of mind. I can see For miles and miles I hear my heartbeat echo I feel the colors ... flowing over me. CHORUS: World of love, It only happens in a world of love, Can you feel it? so divine, I'll make my

Hunters & Collectors - World of stone lyrics

sway these tree-tops too Till we fall and tumble when we ... try to walk Coming up like summer flies >From deep in the jungle where the monkeys ... are taught To leap and fall around Soft and protected from

Joe - World of girls lyrics

Skinner, Jolyon Ward; Thomas, Joe Lewis; Met a girl on ... trip to Spain Took a walk and in the rain Dinner by candle-light, every night She was ... everyman's delight Had a dream [Incomprehensible] Bentley and humor and I fell in love Instantly the way she put that

Beyond The Black - Pearl in a world of dirt lyrics

the night shapes secret dreams that I cannot change When ... the moon weaves tender silk to veil the day Then I ... know you’ll make the magic feel so alive When the stars send gentle words I wish I

Grave Digger - World of fools lyrics

s try reaching for the sky Hang on and ... you're gonna die Our lives can turn so sweet Child with an innocent smile Destroys me ... all the while Don't be fooled when he

Magic Affair - In the middle of the night lyrics

the middle of the night A vision brings me light Time is on ... my side all the way In the middle of the night A vision's ... shining bright Should I go or should I stay Show me

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Hidden in the world of dawn lyrics

colours bring the sky to life Cleanse the night with a ... breath of dawn Silence broken when a baby cries ... Piercing the mist that cloaks the cool outside The

Carbon Based Lifeforms - World of sleepers lyrics

my world of sleepers everything will be erased I'll be ... your religion your only endless ideal ... Slowly we crawl in the dark swallowed by the seductive

Destructor - World of war lyrics

must agree, when on your knees ... Torture and death, of which to be Speak no truth, with ... lies that hide If you feel pain, you're still alive ... -Chorus- Step inside, feel free to die In a world of war Get out your claws,

Morifade - World of steel lyrics

dreamed about a free world I dreamed that I was god I ... ruled the kingdom Tellus Without no reign in blood If ... dreams were true I'm free To deny the reality

Slayer - In the name of god lyrics

Music & Lyrics: King) I want to Invite you ... Welcome you To my hate To my scorn To myself ... Saturate you Infest you Betray you Stimulate you So eager for my lies For my lies... Lies

Berlin - World of smiles lyrics

m thinking Faces changing pictures come to mind Try to change the subject Sensation ... Stare reveal me, still I want to know Capture time in a ... photograph Well I say ''how do you do'' Shatters

Darkane - In the absence of pain lyrics

Your body does not respond Failing neural connections ... Communications with the outside world Living in the absence of pain Never feeling a thing No way to sense injuries sustained Trapped within

Death Grips - World of dogs lyrics

s all suicide, it's all suicide, it's all suicide It's all ... suicide, it's all suicide, it's all suicide World of dogs ... Ruthless and free It's all suicide to me Ruthless and

Mind Key - World of illusion lyrics

t tell me that you'll always be there! Don't say &quot ... My love", I feel your cold lies My ... freedom screams... Get out of my life! This is the time to

Black Veil Brides - World of sacrifice lyrics

re a faithful broken promise of the lies The virtues beaten ... down into your empty eyes A saint is not a weapon, It's a ... message, a message I sermon of shame of demon that you want

Ghost Machinery - World of unbelievers lyrics

caged yourself to the life full of sorrow Lost and ... confused with no hope of tomorrow Stranger to all like a thief in the night ... to be on your own There is no reflection in the mirror of your time Innocence born wiped away your past life Sky's

In Flames - World of promises (treat cover) [bonus track] lyrics

come from a land where the sun don't shine, ... Running away from the cold.. They travel ... so far in the name of love, Hoping the dreams will ... come true.. Walking the way through endless fields, Trying to make it together..

Blutengel - World of ice lyrics

re living in a world of ice Frozen landscapes ... Gloomy silence We feel emptiness inside We're walking ... over frozen waters And every step could be our last You and me are the last

Cake - World of two lyrics

don't want to Hear you whisper I don't want to orbit ... Your world of two There's only room for ... you In your world of two I don't like to Hang around you I don't want to Live in your world Of two

Crystal Eyes - World of black and silver lyrics

think I'm standing in a garden at night The distant stars provide the only light Strange flowers grow all around me ... their heavy fragrance intoxicates me Pre Chorus: Reality is slowly growing dimmer and I begin to see a new world

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - World of swirl lyrics

Yeah I hit the street running, had an angle in mind Looking for a shelter, doing double ... overtime I get a little crazy but I won't be denied Gotta find the time that takes the inside outside Tumbling in a

Elize Ryd - In the name of the rose (feat. russel allen &.. lyrics

.. how innocence is dying here tonight In the morning sun And all that we fought ... for Just embers that are glowing in the dark When the day is done Still innocence just has to die Pure and simple, beautiful And sorrow still fills

Masters Of Reality - Up in it lyrics

in the rain Didn't mean to be mean again Hadn't dreamed since...all along Serenaded by the dawn Lalalala, lalalala Lalalala, lalalala ... Setting sun throwing knives Heading south with seven

Anathema - In the name of the father lyrics

Dream:] In the world of my subconscious, a realm of ... the unknown a vision is carved by the almighty hand ... The agony of a thousand souls supressed by life itself released unto the lord

Rick Astley - In the name of love lyrics

I know that love could realign the phases of the moon Yet ... it comes and goes like a wave of a stranger And as we stumble ... for the truth we're caught in a web of lies Is nothing worth

Deicide - In the minds of evil lyrics

obsession in a world of betray Taunted into silence and ... the bury the rage Deep depression darkness ... fed pull the tigger count the dead Contradict of faith out to devastate

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