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Cathedral - Serpent eve lyrics

serpent she writhes in knowledge for rebellion ... and heresy, the serpent she thrives on knowledge for ... beauty and ecstasy, the night contains me, exults me,

Savage Messiah - The serpent tongue of divinity lyrics

divine Shattering the soul Freedom is now ... who act And so oblivious The war machine is raised ... directed by wisdom Now forced to your knees to reap

Loudblast - The serpent's circle lyrics

be light, be God Lord who never surrender For one second be ... light, be God Stronger than ever Your own God, serpent's ... believer Hallucination, fatal

Nightscape - The serpent king lyrics

through these ancient tombs Darkest ... dreams and shadows womb The serpent's evil nest's within my mind ... The terror of my dreams forebodes Something here will

Rotting Christ - The coronation of the serpent lyrics

s the day of coronation As the years passed (we celebrate) ... The ultimate unholy domination ... A tribute to the serpent king In front of king I ... stare At the golden crown Half dressed the colourfull lined skin He

Battlerage - The serpent slumbers lyrics

this wasteland The gods have forlorn With my treason I'm ... friend, I've taken his name For power I'm thirsty, for ... knowledge I crave IN THE NAME OF ANCIENT SLUMBER I

Impending Doom - The serpent servant lyrics

an open tomb as my throat The laws that I live by Will ... not replace the reason he died Brainwash me ... And a loss of hope Then put me under this microscope

Rise To Remain - The serpent lyrics

Persuasion will determine the outcome The victim will have ... hands And a snake will make them so Welcome to hell on earth ... Instigated by the lies created From the mouths

Ancient Wisdom - The serpent's blessing lyrics

Garden of Eden is silent The presence of god is not there ... Take a deep look into the Eye of the Serpent Your ... pureness will then disappear It opens your

Cemetary - The serpents kiss lyrics

way I see may make you blind The way I think may scar your ... mind And evil are the words I speak I am sin and ... .. Feeding... ...My hunger never at ease Seduce/deceive

Case Studies - The eagle or the serpent lyrics

Scorpio you came in there were not words to take your ... place Will it be the Eagle, or the Serpent? Are ... though you're closer to the grave Each day sit like a

Necromantia - The serpent and the pentagram lyrics

symbolism of chaos And the serpent crawling in dark paths In the mirrored chateau of the Worm ... spellbinding rhapsodies The serpent is now fire And the

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The serpent lyrics

are set Creator prepares for the dawn of man You're waking up ... the day of incarnation Said you ... Look at him Beware the future Here is my world ... and it's waiting for me Paradise before my eyes

Darkwoods My Betrothed - The diabolical eve of the nocturnal holocaust lyrics

the funeral bells chime the eve of our nocturnal feast of ... ghastly winds burn the corpses of weak believers in ... see our black legions rise for we crave our satanic souls to

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - The serpent's voice lyrics

teased by doubt alone I hear the serpent voice inside me ... will now dissolve I cry for truth from where I stand But ... of dreamy pictures Through the seas of death I sale but

God Dethroned - The crown for the morbid lyrics

me I am the crown for the morbid The fire in the eyes ... of the rabid I am the hate inside the psychotic ... And the fear consuming the phobic I seek to overthrow

Akercocke - The serpent lyrics

that harnesses hail Unto the hunter and hunted A haunting ... of longevity sounds like the voice of God in the rain ... :] "Thou who ridest on the wings of the wind deign to

Opera Ix - The serpent's nemeton lyrics

away echos accompany the dim lights of torches Old ... mighty trees twine along The holy way of an ancient ... songs are Murmured in the deep arboreal temple Only

Necromantia - For the elder magi i eibon the necromancer lyrics

to the rune of death Mage of past ... ages Bishop of the serpent race Eibon, tamer of the ... your mighty spells once more For thy kingdom is at peril ... Summon the dead from worlds beyond The

Darkest Hour - For the soul of the savior lyrics

head A savior's mouth with a serpent's tongue But don't forget ... you're like this with the chosen one And I forget ... my losing streak But you never slip at a chance to remind

Flux Of Pink Indians - For the love of beauty lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Vince Gill - For the last time lyrics

Your eyes really see me Not for what I've been But for who I ... behind Lonely has known me for the last time This love is ... forever It won't be taken For granted not

Radio Feelings - For the youth lyrics

s go Hey everybody put your hands up (yeah ... yeah) Hey everybody give it up now Ladies ... to make some noise? Hey everybody in the crowd (yeah) ... Let's everybody make a rock show F***

Gary Numan - For the rest of my life (reprise) lyrics

I've lost you Lost you For the rest of my

Gary Numan - For the rest of my life lyrics

around Do you see? Everything is fading Everything just fades away ... Look around Do you see? Everyone looks lonely But there's only you and me Do

Make Them Suffer - For the wretched and ruined lyrics

runs in correlation To my forever dying pride. I mourn the ... by our numbing torso. Wither myself from within And take ... rotting decomposure begins. Forging of hatred, destruction of

Laura Marano - For the ride lyrics

with holding back Been there I don't went bad Don't even tell me that I'm not ready ... I know am my way around The sky above me is all confetti ... Everything that could go wrong

Nia Peeples - For the sake of loving lyrics

see into me And suddenly there's nothing left to say ... myself Pretend I'm waiting for someone else I won't look ... in your eyes While every part of me cries I want

Shining - For the god below lyrics

birth I've been Attracted to the sinister All the malignant, ... cruel forces of the world Yet at times I've been ... great shame I acknowledge these mistakes Father... who

Armored Saint - For the sake of heaviness lyrics

what I feel Doin' it for my belief Knowin' in my ... was meant Who gave you The right to choose Tell you ... why I'm here today Never ever gonna lose Make a believer Out of you Make a believer What will you do I

Ashes You Leave - For the heart, soul and mind lyrics

all strive to find Someone for our heart, soul and mind A ... sweet desire So come all the shadows from one's past To ... heart with a love so vast As the fiddler plays a dreadful theme A godlike apparition comes

Bloodpit - For the time being lyrics

as she says things to me Now the pines make me stand still ... Enjoyment of these tiny things Mumble of ... does it make a dam When another eats the cubs How sad can a

Cantata Sangui - For the forgotten one lyrics

I seen the darkness nest Hearken at my ... eyes as black, reflects But the worst is yet, to, come For the forgotten one... Kin ... by your very name For ever exorcise, cut you off, on

Hedley - For the nights i can't remember lyrics

see it in the way you would do When no one ... else could ever get through Holding back ... Time and time again you wait for me to comin’ And did you ... seen this coming I would never let you down If I was

Albert King - For the love of the woman lyrics

A man will do most anything For a love of a woman A man will ... Make him steal from his mother Just to buy her a diamond ... I've been lovin' you, baby Ever since I don't know when I

Lorene Drive - For the rest of us lyrics

seems like everybody knows You're running ... anything It seems like everybody knows That you're not ... As I walked right through the room So what was learned

Neurosonic - For the boy lyrics

just passes, I can't believe how much I miss you Life ... blowing past us, I can't believe that you're not with me. ... With me. I lost you in the darkness A place that I have

Ted Pearce - For the lamb - lo lanu (medley) lyrics

the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall ... feed them And God shall wipe away all ... tears.. And He shall lead them to living fountains of water

Shai Hulud - For the world lyrics

myself out: I am the empty cup My hope has died ... down. Sadly I've learned there's no truth in comfort; ... With any arms I spend another morn alone In a world that

Tina Arena - For the sake of talking lyrics

a big shot Manipulate, whoever you can Just as long as you ... get what you want You promise the world "Stick with me: ... make you a star 'Cause I know the game I've got it all planned

Audiovent - For the moment lyrics

This must be love Cause everything's the way it should be ... as we can see But do we know the difference between The words ... love and routine Are we sure the choices we made Are the

Boris The Blade - For the wretched lyrics

and find myself on the streets I retrace footsteps ... back to me, I can now hear the screams Repeating again and ... again, their all begging me to stop. I

Bracelets - For the price you have nothing lyrics

meant to me so you do not forget we had together We ... missing those times I want everything to go back but not ... does not answer CHORUS: For the price you have nothing Everything is one of those you

Brazen Angel - For the world lyrics

it's something like I've never seen before It's never ... matter how many times I close the door I know forgiveness is ... hope that one day I'll get another chance to hold you close

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - For the people lyrics

hmmmm This is for the people who do understand ... what you make You'll get in the end This is for the ladies ... who don't give a damn When the people say: "Paint your

Counting Crows - For the sake of the song lyrics

does she sing Her sad songs for me, I'm not the one To ... fall I can lay down a tear For her pain, Just a tear and ... I suppose that it's true Then on she goes To say I don't

Dean Martin - For the good times lyrics

we had some time to spend together There's no need to watch the bridges that we're burning ... body close to mine Hear the whisper of the raindrops ... blowing soft across the window And make believe you

Elevation Worship - For the honor lyrics

the honor of the Father Who reaches out to us That ... love He gave His only Son For the honor of The Savior Let the cross be lifted high The ... Came down to give us life For the honor of The Spirit

For Today - For the fallen lyrics

is a song for the fallen. I see you rising ... would run away. Looking for freedom, you only found ... Leave your past behind you, there is hope ahead! I see you

Gorefest - For the masses lyrics

ve got the music for the masses The pounding drums of ... slavery Blood for oil from lower classes Sold ... out for democracy It's a war And ... war Give me what I'm paying for Put on war paint, bring

Insomnius Dei - For the memories of my past lyrics

ve seen the dreams of winters grey And ... stood still as I`ve yearned for yesterday The scars I wear, ... wither with time But memories of a ... I've seen it covering me Smothering regret so endlessly

Intense (uk) - For the fallen lyrics

an old man And not meant for this world He never found ... place to be His soul was bathed in black He heard a ... sought a future He could never see And he tried so hard

April Jai - For the love of a daughter lyrics

years old With my back to the door All I could hear Was the family war Your selfish ... You’re hopeless Oh father Please, father I’d love to ... But I can’t let you go Oh father Please, father Put the

Japandroids - For the love of ivy lyrics

man, I want to go to hell Then go tell Ivy For the love of ... Ivy I did it for Ivy, oh You're the one ... graveyard of my own And kill everyone who ever done me wrong

Jess Moskaluke - For the first time ft. alex g lyrics

to make it work but man these times are hard, I need ... I've got a new job now on the unemployment line, And we ... to make it work but man these times are hard But we're

Maher Zain - For the rest of my life lyrics

praise Allah for sending me you my love You ... that love was wrong But everything was changed when you ... came along OOOOO And theres a couple words I want to

Kid Rock - For the first time in a long time lyrics

and schemin' Dealin' with the upper hand It's been so ... me to a higher place For the first time, in a long time ... I'm done payin' my dues For the first time, in a long

The Kids - For the fret lyrics

left so I better warn you For the Fret ( kiekelikie ) For ... the Fret ( kiekelikie ) For the Fret ( kiekelikie ) For the ... bands since he has left us They all kicked him out so I

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