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Nba Youngboy Trenches lyrics

Browse for Nba Youngboy Trenches song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Nba Youngboy Trenches lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Nba Youngboy Trenches.

Lil' Phat - Nba ballers lyrics

Pimp C:] My dick sweet like a butter cookie, make em say sookie sookie How ya gon be broke with a million dolla nookie I heard a p**** nigga say I ain't a mack and ain't a stud Notha nigga said I neva sold no drugs White bitch said my dick wasn't't cattalacki

Pop Evil - Trenches lyrics

time to hide I'm alive on the inside Breaking up my mind on the front lines When I survive, when I survive another day This great divide Side by side on the inside Breaking up our minds on the front lines Never again, never again will I be denied Here I come 'Cause here

Hope For The Dying - Trenches lyrics

covers his face as the rain starts pouring down another night alone broke and in the cold He never imagined his life would be this way Crawling through the trenches fighting to live another day She thought their love was ever true the night she let him in he took away

Rancid - Trenches lyrics

at a 7-11 police out looking for problems but i'm no average hoodlum still running from the pigs so it seems to me this is not the land of love and liberty it's more like a waiting room in hell drink a qwart and watch me dwell i got it right out in the trenches tonight glass t

36 Crazyfists - Trenches lyrics

abandon, coming undone Survive the swallow, decade of ruin gone I found myself in trenches tonight Regret runs wild as darkness kills All the lights All the lights have died Slow dose of hell stripping what's left Sleepless for days on end And ingest life on all sides I c

The Haunted - Trenches lyrics

are these people? Where do they come from? Are they some extra-terrestrial breed of super fool? What was is not for f***´s sake let it go! The past is dead this is now, And its all gone like that... Can´t you see you where beat? And every time you repeat your

Gabe Bondoc - Trenches lyrics

tell me what, we're fighting for, I wanna hear it coming from you baby This field of battle, this aimless war, I'm dodging bullets waiting in the trenches, This isn't what i signed up for, I don't know how to change where happened, Who's keeping track

Inme - Trenches lyrics

can't be here anymore, Because I want my lifelong dream, You made it all for me I'm sure, But moving on is my redeem, It's never happened to me before, I hope you feel the same way too, I can't do this anymore, It's such a shame I'm nothing, This is the way we play

Aura Noir - Trenches lyrics

by Apollyon First kill-winterdeath With silence she fell White funeral Freeze Long did you wait For insanity's tomb With all your heart Unleashed doom Razorsharp chants Blackens your skull Forcing you down towards hell And the shadows you dread Be the surviv

Set Your Goals - Trenches lyrics

much will go untold from these travels of the road. The truth remains at rest in jars within the souls of all the lost and transient forgotten men. There is so much that lies behind those smiling faces and what's within would take a lifetime to tell, so be careful what y

Sick Of It All - Trenches lyrics

down once again, back down into the trench Is that it to this life Thoughts of another day, the thought of better days Is what will keep us alive Another day, another damn week Just passing the time Ignoring all the dullness at it's peak As I

Nazareth - Back to the trenches lyrics

and peace spreading poets Getting gunned down in the streets Shown to us on our prime time screens For our tea time treat Lunatics we voted for denying Everything that they swore We sit around and shout about it But we don't do nothing more D

Dying Fetus - In the trenches lyrics

abomination The last of a family of filth Procreator should have pulled out A f***ing waste of sperm Family scorned abhorrance Would've done the world a favor So much aggravation alleviated If you were aborted How pathetic can one be? Always s

Cryptic Wintermoon - Tales from the trenches lyrics

the night comes the silence no cannons roar But still far from peaceful this is war Cries of all the wounded screaming for hours until they die Crouched down in this trench of mud always asking why And we believed in all those lies dying in fields With shining sun

Hatesphere - In the trenches lyrics

Composed by Peter Lyse Hansen, Words by Jonathan Albrechtsen - Mixen Lindberg] Feel free to try just know, that I will kill you. Your mouth untrue, unravelling with rancid filth. As charming as a snake you'll be put to sleep, with a blast from here and to oblivion. No more sel

Pegazus - Bastards of war lyrics

boy back on your feet Don't stop till the enemy retreat You signed your life away on the dotted line I own you boy, now you are mine Now die for your country Your country needs you But if you come back home No one will give a damn You may have won

Funker Vogt - Six feet under lyrics

one-sided trench war Within an undefined area A small nation defended its borders In a very unfair campaign Their trenches had been destroyed By air attacks and ground assaults Many of them were buried alive By armored bulldozers Chorus: Now

Echo & The Bunnymen - Meteorites lyrics

where is the hope in me? Can it be found… among all the ghosts in me? Smoke… choking the fire in me… Will I be found… by someone close to me? Life’s lost soldiers on the march Leaving their trenches now… Nights got cold as life got dark Freezing

God Dethroned - The killing is faceless lyrics

pulverising trenches Soldiers ripped to pieces Or buried underneath the earth All must die - the killing is faceless Hammering the enemy Heavy casualties Clinging to a death trap Never cease fire Continuous assaults Artillery bombardments Infantry shock ta

Hatebreed - Through the thorns lyrics

on Now it's all irrelevant The journey here and what it meant The time and distance Others hate for my persistence Every stride enlightens It's all begins emerging I've been here before But veered from my path I will get Through, the trials Through,

Guster - The new underground lyrics

you're under control and buried like a mole 1000 feet below waiting we're all that we've got our reputation's shot a 90 story fall no one here can make a sound we're all just ghosts in this town we are standing in the trenches of the new undergrou

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Woah lyrics

Intro] (Pull-up in the trenches, pull-up in the trenches) [Verse 1: 21 Savage] Pull-up in the trenches, pull-up in the trenches (skirt skirt) I was selling dope when I was fourteen (fourteen) Re'in up with fifty what the f*** you mean? (f*** you niggas mean)

B.o.b. - I am the champion lyrics

Incredible! Oh my God. Ladies and gentlemen you have just witnessed world history being made, Bobbie Simons, takes it to the hole, dunks it, overtime three seconds left, oh my God! Yeah! I am the Champion (champion, champion) I am the Champion (champion, cham

Chamillionaire - Chamillionaire speaks lyrics

Chamillionaire] Ay man, you know what? Life is real crazy man It's crazy how life is like a full circle You know, back in the day, I used to look at my life I used to just think into the future And think that I was going to be a basketball player, NBA pl

Kingspade - Dreams lyrics

day when I'm older Yeah when I grow up (Ey yall) Just a young buck growing up living fast 18 years old know it all on the gas Big dreams of being a superstar Having nice things and A pocket full of cash Basketball, baseball, rapper, an actor whatever Whatevers gun

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - The new workout plan lyrics

Intro] You just popped in the Kanye West Get right for the summer workout tape And ladies if you follow these instructions exactly You might bear to pull you a rapper, a NBA player Man, at least a dude wit' a car So first of all we gon' work on the stomach Nobody wants a little

Eminem lyricsEminem - Almost famous lyrics

does it all mean I can almost taste it I can almost save it This shit makes no sense to me What does it all mean I can almost taste it. Yeah, I can´t stop now, this maybe be the last chance I get, to be famous. You dream of trading places, i have b

K'naan - Bulletproof pride lyrics

been running out of My 70 excuses There comes a point when patience Can’t take all these abuses Now my reserves are empty I’m feeling kind of low Because when do you fight for someone And when do you let ‘em go The other day I thought I saw you on a magazine

Protector - Crosses in carelia lyrics

turned to the east Soon the living will envy the deceased War is coming - War is near Many on the battlefield to death will soon adhere Intensive machinegun fire Grenades and barbed wire Trenches and stormattacks Absolute chaos in the red cross-baracks Faces t

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Molasses lyrics

Intro: Raekwon] Yo, legend, what's good, legend, what's going on? (Yo, we gotta do the intro over and all that, right?) Ice H2O (Ight, keep all that, keep all that) Keep our palace, nigga Yeah, word up, yeah, yeah, yeah, turn me up, son Yo, Ross, what u

After The Burial - Laurentian ghosts lyrics

flowing white ghosts form on my fingertips Balanced in peace, dancing in light My grip blooms and blossoms forever more Incubated, in silence we find tranquility Distilled into memories, we shut off, retired among the infinite We aim for balance standing on cannonballs, outside t

The Agonist - Architects hallucinate lyrics

darkens the edge of the blade Made to perforate your true immortal state (or will this be another cheap victory) Raise your shield, break your arms Today, there’s no reason to fight So go ahead, and heal your wounds Under artificial night skies (You forgot to listen to yoursel

The Decemberists - The soldiering life lyrics

madly all over the town The call to arms, you're likened to a whisper I liken to a radio You were a brick bag a bowery tuff, so rough They called you from a cartoona_³ Pulled out of your pantaloons But You My brother in arms I'd rather I'd lose my limbs Than let you com

Defeater - Bled out lyrics

feel the distance in your letters sent I left my family for the trenches You've got me worried about leaving You've got your needle, I've got my demons You've got me homesick, I feel like slipping I feel the cold hand of death is creeping He took my brother to the o

Front Line Assembly - Black march lyrics

in the corner Ordered it's time to go Conflict in the making Who has self-control? It may just stand for reason Only for the soul The situation changes But only for a while You barely get to see it Before you've fallen down The only way to fight it Is striking back agai

God Dethroned - Fire storm lyrics

of sharpnel flying over our heads Fountains of mud pile up to the sky Atrocious artillery fire Creating a colossal wall of flame Rattling machine guns Spewing fire like mad machines Thunderous roaring Bombs looping high up in the air Shells falling down in the trenches Soldi

Heffron Drive - Could you be home lyrics

got, my head under water Did you steal my thunder You steal my thunder I’ve been, lost in the mazes My heart locked in cages Unlock the cages Cus I’m like a road Like a road that needs paving Just like a storm Like a storm needing shaping Don’t care if it

Hibria - High speed breakout lyrics

Verse 1 (Narrator)] Speeding up on wasted lands They ride across sand shades The gateway they will reach or aim at Bravely die for Hearing thunders from the hills Suddenly they freeze A bright blinding lightning storm Turns night into day [Bridge (Narrator)] Come the Journe

Immortal Technique - The martyr lyrics

'Elizabeth' Movie intro] I’m content to die for my beliefs So cut off my head and make me a Martyr The people will always remember it “No. They will forget” A man who walks with God,

Jungle Rot - Ambushed lyrics

into submission, die against their will Skulls will decorate his wall, trophies from the kill Held within tradition, selective twist of fate Twisted, mangled, bloodied inside, there is no escape Ambush! Enemy attack! Bayonets stick in your back

Loon - Between us lyrics

Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo I love Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo [Chorus - Tammy] Nothin' Nothin' can ever come between us there's a reason why we're still in love cant nobody ever break us up they should know nothin' nothin' can ever come between us there's a reason why we're still in love can't nobo

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Angels calling lyrics

to kill To watch no man's land Snipers are moving unseen Fight for land To lose it again Shrapnel is filling the air Hell on earth The trenches mean death Better keep your head down low Charge their lines The ultimate test It's a synchronized sacrifice Ge

Andromeda ( Swe ) - Inner circle lyrics

on stone Forming defences from the crowd Brick by brick climbing the sky No asking where when or now Nor solving the mystery of why Supposed to lead us all as one The only thing they do is lead us on So just be careful where you tread Obstacles and

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - Visions lyrics

is a call to arms, so grab your guns and get your horses. Only the dead have seen the end of this fight. This is a call to arms, so all you fallen soldiers sing with me: death or glory. So march with me if you believe there's any hope for us. I've been hiding in these trenches f

Dååth - Above lucium lyrics

your sun beyond mundane fate bind the mass repression broken teeth on burnt possessions you fall apart soul repression without chains you falter beyond your sun beyond mundane fate neck-chains bind the masses muffled cries wail from ashes con

Daath - Above lucium lyrics

your sun beyond mundane fate bind the mass repression broken teeth on burnt possessions you fall apart soul repression without chains you falter beyond your sun beyond mundane fate neck-chains bind the masses muffled cries wail from ash

Dashboard Confessional - Keep watch for the mines lyrics

t act like you've been silent I know how you spread that Web of contradictions Wide like so much cover fire Keep watch for the mines Keep watch for the mines Be careful who you Wave that tongue at around here I've seen smarter acts than yours

Dropkick Murphys - Far away coast lyrics

in the trenches the fist of the Beast For fear of an atmosphere poisened deceased With a gas mask to keep me-from breathing my death It's American soil I hope for at best But the duty I serve can't begin to compare To my ancestors battles and wars throught the year

Firewind - Warriors and saints lyrics

agreements, or common grounds Just fallen empires, with broken crowns The streets are vacant, no life to be found. But what's the point to rule, when there's no one left around? The tyranny of freedom, the choices all at hand Are left to be decided by

Lefay - War without end lyrics

tons of armored death still is rolling onward through their trenches damnation bell is tolling a war without survivors destruction is at hand morbid mad mutations walking desolated land in the end mankind pay the price of powerhungry nations and generals' lies

Morgana Lefay - War without end lyrics

tons of armoured death Still is rolling Onward through their trenches Damnation bell is tolling A war without survivors Destruction is in hand Morbid mad mutations Walking desolated land In the end mankind Pay the price Of powerhungry nations And generals lies W

Pharaoh - Buried at sea lyrics

lonely empire, bound to one The breadth of gazing wonder, seized firmly Never to reach out, never known So hallowed we shall be, when we return to thee Our whole world and all our needs Will wash away in time We conceal the shame Of helplessness Where are

Kim Richey - Good day here lyrics

bright and shining star fell a little short of glory And left you wondering where you are, where you are While you're down there in the trenches, trying to pick up all the pieces As you're sifting through the ashes, beware: the past is buried t

Satyrian (danse Macabre) - Danse macabre - thick as thieves lyrics

promised to make a difference, you and I Both still young, feeling smart Now in the light of this shaded lamp I can almost see your smile Dreamt of travelling land and sea And thus we did, my friend, you and me Thick as thieves we were Thick as

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Whole lot lyrics

Intro: Young Thug] Yeah, it's a knife and all, y'know what I'm sayin'? Yeah nigga, I hit your wife and all, y'know what I'm sayin'? Yeah, this a plain AP, but I got a lotta watches, y'know what I'm sayin'? Yeah [Chorus: 21 Savage & Young Thug] Nigga made a whol

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Help me lyrics

Chorus] Help me, can you help me? I got fifty bags of gas, can you help me? I just cooked another brick, can you help me? Help me, can you help me? I pulled up in a Fisker then I pulled off in a Tesla Thought this shit was sweet, I left his ass on a stretcher I don't catc

Lil' B - Still in the hood lyrics

I do what I do but I'm so into you I can't let go You see me in this trap, you see me in the Trapville, we kickin it '65 Still in the hood, still in the hood Still in the hood bitch (You f***in with a real nigga) Taking M Gerr You see me in t

Lil' B - Suck my dick ho remix lyrics

yea Oh f***in yea Guess who it is Yea, it's motherf***ing him Oh yea, it's that boy, it's that nigga man I'm a tell you who the f*** it is man Oh yea man, you already know I got bitches, riding 26's Everybody know I got 36 bitches Every day I wake up I'm feelin like it's Christm

Lil' B - Talking that based remix lyrics

t nothing but the bass come out my mouth Yea you know, you stay with me the beast Don't nothing but the bass come out my mouth Would you die for me? Make a bitch cry for me? I'm not going shopping sprees, I'm just setting dreams I'm just selling th

Lil' B - Lying in the truth lyrics

can see the high rise, two guns on my style Gotta stay strapped, any bitch wanna die Hit and go switch sides Gang don't lit You can see my face man, eyes don't f***in lie Bitch don't act surprised, I'm coming with niggas No soccer, you can't even practice Travel 'cr

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