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At The Gates - At war with reality lyrics

howling wind of nightmares Howling through barren streets Frozen in time The city woke up - paralyzed Where is the splendor? All our ambitions decay Among the ruins Covered forever in dust War The sound of beating winds Chaotic dreams asleep

Primal Fear - At war with the world lyrics

is something deep inside me That keeps my faith alive tonight You're gonna burn, there's no return A fight to survive There is no superman hero There is no place where I can hide It comes alive The monster in me In my body, in my head I see you die These demo

Rebaelliun - At war lyrics

our force we resist Apocalypse is our only revenge Nazarene feel my hate Feel my sword on your face An endless war we're going on With the black warriors, Hell's force Again we'll crucify you false lord With blood in my hands I declare war For centuries we've lived and died

Foreigner - At war with the world lyrics

had no need For any military aid And I never took charge of the light brigade I got no castle to defend or attack But still I seem to be picking up flack I am the captain of this body of mine I'll send fear into the enemy lines On the ground, in the air or at

Abigail - At war lyrics

Shoot down enemy Endless war We are conqueror Marching for life Marching for rising sun At war! We shall reign in blood Terror! Knocked down and pray Bomb and till submission The future will be cold Marching for life Marching for rising sun At war! We sh

Artillery - At war with science lyrics

has caused destruction of life We are warned by Nature ignore it and die Chemical warfare, Nuclear attack All causes changes of what's after that The positive research once made by the Science Has been turned against as by the Authority Once a free Planet now trapped in t

Course Of Nature - World at war lyrics

the world's at war, who will you be for? When it comes to life, are you the enemy? Have we lost our minds or are we just blind To the world outside? This is reality Burn it up, the world's on fire And all that's left are cheaters and liars What

Fingertight - At war lyrics

can see the desert I can see the stars. But was it left for you or was it something that you had ignored, ignored? Like your life. And I can't see the future I can't see that far. Was it left for you or was it saved? Long ago. And it's like we're at war. And it's like we'r

Apron - World at war lyrics

room without walls This where I stand These traits of madness tell me About what you might have said Fe-fi-fo-fum I think the job will soon be done Fe-fi-fo-fum We got the bombs you cannot run Don´t you tell me that there´s no other way

Esoteric - At war with the race lyrics

unto a bastard nation, The dying remnants of our breed. Aura's of,an ancient past, Of those that knew so long before.... But time goes on... Misanthropic breed, Engulf our suffering, Food for the strong. To overcome is the way of the warrior,

Conquer Divide - At war lyrics

is war! Just take a look around We're out of time, watching it slip under our feet If we don't keep it alive, If we don't keep it alive What's left inside? Oh, if you still want it All the things we believed (we believed in) Before it's all for n

Conqueror Divide - At war lyrics

is war Just take a look around We’re outta time, watching it slip under our feet If we don’t keep it alive If we don’t keep it alive What’s left inside Oh, if you still wanted All the things that we believed in We believed in before, (before) It’s all or nothing Sieze

Andy Death Company - At war with myself lyrics

these dying days i pray Deliver me from nowhere Hungry wolves will wait on th eoutside to rape my soul forever No coming home no letting go I cannot force the fate Hiding in the backstreets In another bloody doomed state We're strangers in th

Zack Hemsey - At war with me lyrics

notions he considers are hollowed and lost thoughts Visions that confer only sorrow that time’s caught A ghost upon a body so shoddy and scared soft A mind so terrified it’s resigned and it’s shut off But that’s to be expected when a boy has b

The Big Pink - At war with the sun lyrics

for too long At war with the sun A crown of stars that we all wish upon And you whisper to me Are we out of time? And if it's so Then don't let go And show me where Your tear drops run All ragged bloom we're all let loose on Hands disappear Pull y

Fearless Vampire Killers - At war with the thirst lyrics

you go Will you promise me the world And make me cry If you die Bloody sheets What I've give to make you bleed And have you mine Again Go home Go away These demons that I can't destroy Are sucking at my veins As I kneel At this veil where I conceal

Letters From The Fire - At war lyrics

weight of the words on my shoulders I've always carried on Thought they'd get lighter as I got older But all I know is wrong Each minute that passes feels like a lifetime The clock falls off the wall I pick up the pieces but they have no meaning Cause all I know is Ho

Godsmack - War and peace lyrics

we go! Dance with the devil inside of me I'm longing for a second chance And taste what seems to remind me of all my skulls and skeletons Live and let live Die and let die War and peace in my hand - my temptations This war and peace in

Debauchery - War and glory - guts and gore lyrics

misery of man On the field of death Countless - Without number Searching for battle honour War and glory - Guts and gore We march to the rhythm Excited by the killing We are on the front line With violence on our minds War and glory - Guts and gore Going to Hell Going to

Madball lyricsMadball - War and hate lyrics

a world full of war and hate What do you think, is there any salvation? Is there any hope for the future in these times of the revelations? In this world that we can't escape Have we exceeded our expectations? Have we gone too far with technology to protect our

The Nice - War and peace lyrics

Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental

Gates Of Ishtar - At dusk and forever lyrics

me to the place eternal, full of pain, pleasure and sin Come with me to a place nocturnal... After dawn there's an open gateway, to the place beyond and far After light comes the dusk forever, ripping chains tears your soul apart At dusk and forever - eternal

Sirenia - At sixes and sevens lyrics

times of strife you seem to lose it all, and more somehow No waning life can retrieve it Can't make the world a better place to thrive nor can I keep on persisting You're on the wane in funereal winds with a thousand winters within Your life unveil its

Dream Evil - Kingdom at war lyrics

stand here in silence Ten thousand with weapons in hand Brought out of violence For freedom I gathered these men We're riding on the wings of Odin In glory we believe A kingdom at war Forever stand united A kingdom at war Together we gain ground Fight in

Jls - Love at war lyrics

down your arms Guns on the floor I don't want to fight with you no more I'm calling ceasefire or a treaty See we both going to loose Best believe me We are in trenches lets climb out Cos our relationship is in doubt Give me my orders and I'll oblige

Sean Kingston - "i'm at war" feat lil wayne lyrics

moola baby JR I’m at warrrrrrrrr [Chorus] I'm at war Fighting for the one that I love And the one that I truly need I’m at war Shawty I’d take a bullet for you girl Cuz you mean the world to me I’m at war [Verse 1 - Sean Kingston] Me love you girl You lo

Holy Moses - We are at war lyrics

has been an act of war declared to the world by terrorists I can't sit at home and watch TV anger and sadness rules my heart (what) kind of justice must be done all the death and pain now it has to begin with us the f***in' bastards have to die we are at

Carole King - Being at war with each other lyrics

comes from one father, one mother So why do we complicate our lives so much By being at war with each other Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't understand it Why do we seem to vote to dig more holes? It's such a waste of a planet There must be a reason that I can't see Maybe som

Cobra Starship - The city is at war lyrics

city is at a war Playtime for the young and rich Ignore me if you see me 'cause I just don't give a shit The city is at war Bless the young and rich With designer drugs and designer friends The city is at a war Playtime for the young and rich

Milk Inc. - War lyrics

are the nights When all we needed was some candlelight And we were in heaven Gone are the days When all you thought about was finding ways To be by my side But what have you done What have you done What have you done for me lately What have you don

Bush lyricsBush - People at war lyrics

m a stranger to your people I'm a stranger to your love I am miles from your systems I've seen you up above We hurt together We hurt apart Peaceful people at war We're peaceful people at war I'm the refugee of angels I'm the refugee of war These li

Damian Marley - Tribes at war lyrics

war We nuh want no more a that Every man deserve to earn And every child deserve to learn, now Tribal war A nuh that we a defend Every man deserve a turn Like a flame deserve to burn Tribal war We nuh want no more a that Each and every one deserve to earn And every child de

Debauchery - Warmachines at war lyrics

1000 tons of steel Driven by iron wheels They will make you kneel Bristling with cannons Rending with talons Killing the morons Death metal murder Killing machine of war and pain We are Warmachines at war Titans of war Blessed by the whore We yel

Him - Hearts at war lyrics

after all that we have done Are you feeling cold like the winter sun Have you thought about all the words That we left unsaid Don’t be scared (You shouldn’t be) Hearts at war Drunk on dreams of all that’s been lost Now let them bleed Just let them Run awa

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - When the world was at war we kept dancing lyrics

don't forget your pearls and all of your horses As you make your way across the pond Girls, don't forget your curls and all of your corsets Memorize them in a little song Shake it up, throw your hands up and get loose Cut a rug, lean into the f***ing youth Chore

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Winner at war lyrics

my words in the battlefiel Don´t move to fast cause they might wanna kill you Our last piece of hope They know better better When they scream and shout they´re ready to win Your last piece of chance Cause they fight longer, stronger When they schream

Masters Of Hardcore - Creators of the occult - we are at war with w.. lyrics


Cro-mags - War on the streets lyrics

stick up kid takes another life today, Monkey on his back crackpipe in the ashtray, Sweet little girl dumps her baby in the alley, Got knocked up by a rapist in the valley, Hooker on the corner dressed in drag got robbed out, Stabbed 40 times by a psycho that was down and out, Just w

Heather Dale - United at war lyrics

mountain pass, dividing two lands; Two kingdoms were lining for war; The East and the Mid-realm were shield-wall to shield And Ethelmearc stood at the fore. The king of the Mid-realm saw they were few; And sent his own forces to aid; So Ealdormere bold,

L7 - War with you lyrics

her hands are soft You're so easily bruised Not too terribly bright And she likes to be used My skins growing tough, so tough No, no, no, no My skins growing tough, so tough I'm at war with you Iron fist for you No she won't speak her mind You can't handle

E-dubble - War of attrition lyrics

Hook] When the reaper come to join ya Can you keep that chin up high? Did you do your best with all you had Or did you live life through those lies? When the reaper come to join ya Can you keep that chin up high? Did you do your best with all y

Device - War of lies lyrics

was the one that stood beside you through the war of your life Who stood defiant in the face of your enemy Who was the one you could confide in when your adversaries made you run and hide There's no messiah out there waiting to deliver you now You'

Necromantia - Unchaining the wolf (at war...) lyrics

message is spread around A new breed of warriors emerged The fires of war shall burn The howling of Fenriz will be heard With blades forged in hatred And souls baptised in Hell Bearing the rune of power Unchaining the wolf We live the days of Ragnarok Apocalyptic warfare We

Ancient Rites - ...and the horns called for war lyrics

the horn called for war! The Franks strike on, their hearts are good and stout Moors are slain, a thousandfold, in crowds Left of five score are not two thousand now No man on earth has more nor better found In chronicles of Franks is written down What vassal

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Gods of war and open sores lyrics

seeps in through the skin & soaks in the eyes,to feast on broken men & fortunes of empires,Move in for the kill, strike terror at the sight when the knife cuts the light of day. We are the gods of war,Release the plague, flesh eating o

Doom Syndicate - Of war and love lyrics

thoughts of those who will be killed their smell of blood quenches my inner thirst can't reach to the feelings I have inside hatred is the only thing left of mine heartless human being I have become getting even is the only way of mine separation from myself separation

Crosswind - Angels at war lyrics

day has come when the world's come undone And the empires crash to the ground No retreat neither win or defeat Just an endgame planned aeons ago Look up and see that no longer we're free But the lullaby's screamed in our hearts Once you give in it takes over your mi

Dilated Peoples - War lyrics

Iriscience] War is life and war is death War's a vaccum but war's a breath And war is a war that can never be won But war is the way Johnny got his gun War, it brings students out in a rally War's something that I see too much in Cali War with black, and

Get Set Go - War lyrics

re gonna get you We're gonna get you We're gonna get you We're gonna get you. Bombs are falling, The sky is dropping. But everyone is Christmas shopping. The world is ending, But noone's bending. Everybody's sticking to their guns. It's gonna be another one for the boo

Rage - War lyrics

the eyes of the big global players everything's alright, It's their god-given right to abuse us, So thank you and good night. In the world's biggest money machine They're delivering the fuel. Let there be some collateral damage, That's their pervert rule, Yes, that's their perfect

Civil War - Uss monitor lyrics

know that the sun goes down As sure as the world still spins around This is the new and modern way Speak of the devil here I am Came from the Viking land Caught in the cold couldn't understand Stuck in the woods of wilderness Blessed with th

Fiction Family - War in my blood lyrics

ve got a girl She tastes like rain on my tongue She's got the moon in her hips And her eyes burn up like the sun When I'm gone from my girl When I leave her alone It ain't nothing that I'm running from There's war in my blood I've still got w

Sodom - In war and peaces lyrics

of sanity A domination of the beast The end of you and me Cruel die the least Dark is the night for all Deplorable we try to crawl Hollow the dead we fear Nescient why we are here One man's meat is another man's poison One's blind street leads another t

Bobby Andonov - War is love lyrics

d rather leave me broken Than whole with an empty heart, We were better left unspoken Than a million miles apart It's torture here in this space between, As you are loving and leaving me. You say there's nothing left to fight for Cause this feels like too

Sick Puppies - War (street fighter) lyrics

do this Faking falls Stop and stall Take it all Fact is I’m taking mine I’m taking mine Time is up Out of luck Should've stood up when you had the time But you’re out of time Let’s do this (fight, fight, fight…) Lock and load Rock and roll

Arachnes - War lyrics

m going into this world, I'm walking on the pain, I'm going into this old black dream; all the things and all the thoughts, everything is pressing in my head and I'm dreaming a new world without the war... I'm going into this world, I'm walking on the blood, I'm going into

Fogalord - Of war and resurrection lyrics

"...and so it began... after a while of breathtaking silence the ultimate battle that could decide the sort of the war and of the entire world raged on... but when their forces started to fade against the immortal fire-power of the enemies something happened:

Less Than Jake - The upwards war and down turned cycle lyrics

my friends always talk about The stories of moving on and getting out Then packing up and heading south Their heads full of hopes and dreams They’re just like me My friends aren’t going anywhere My friends all act so unaware Now that they have to face T

Less Than Jake - The upwards war and the down turned cycle lyrics

my friends always talk about The stories of moving on and getting out Then packing up and heading south Their heads full of hopes and dreams They’re just like me My friends aren’t going anywhere My friends all act so unaware Now they have to face Th

Jay Sean - War lyrics

would march across the desert to defeat my enemy And I would lie here in the trenches with your picture next to me And when I told you its forever, then its how its gonna be Dont, wont let him just take the place of me (No..) Does he really know you like I know

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