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Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Feelin' so good (feat. big pun and fat joe) lyrics

Intro: Big Punisher] Tired and relieved because he alone? ... nominations, cause we're fat or blind or nutting baby ... [Verse 1: Big Punisher & (Fat Joe)] You priceless You

Pitbull - That's nasty (feat. lil jon and fat joe) lyrics

they ride high on twenty fo's and they smoke n drive Everybody ... AAAA LETS GO! m from the land where you name it everythings ... Man these streets got ears and eyes And they wanna know it

Fat Joe - Fat joe's in town lyrics

Fat Joe] Yeah.. The Fat Gangsta.. Here comes the ... the Bronx the foundation Fat Joe, a.k.a. Joey Crack Niggaz be ... like he's fat, bitches be like he's all

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Funk flex lyrics

Yeah, G-Unit You understand whats about to happen? huh . ... . huh? (do you understand?) Nigga guess who's ... low you see that gun in my hand G-Unit - don't go f***in

Montell Jordan - Funk flex (interlude) lyrics

keep it hot Get it bouncin', Funkmaster Flex, ya heard? You

Fat Joe - Hold you down lyrics

ve always been there for me And ya had my back (When they) ... ya need I got you [Fat Joe:] Reminiscing that 6 train ... Now its sky blue phantoms and stretch may backs Sweepin'

Fat Joe - Misery needs company lyrics

Fat Joe] Yo, yo, one's for the ... I ain't thinkin Wit my hats and lights blinkin, let the lah ... you That had a bad case of Joe, some even had to go Gangsta

Fat Joe - Flow joe lyrics

repeat 2X You gotta flow Joe, you gotta flow Joe You ... gotta gotta gotta let em know Joe [Fat Joe] Bust it, check ... with sensitivity The name is Fat Joe, the label's Relativity,

Fat Joe - Dedication lyrics

Fat Joe] Whattup JuJu? Uhh, whattup ... Bobbito Stretch, my nigga Funk Flex This is the dedication ... you know I got ta pay homage and respect to Afrika Bambaata

Fat Joe - Cocababy lyrics

baby youh kno it's me [Fat Joe:] I don't give a f***; I don ... would you bump mah shit Funk master flex would youh bump ... baby youh kno it's me [Fat joe:] New york time to re

Fat Joe - Livin' fat lyrics

out Would you believe that Fat Joe would flip a style like ... go gold at least, kickin the funky styles that you wanna hear Joe is bigger and better, so have

Fat Joe - Another wild nigga from the bronx lyrics

Fat Joe] Yeahhhhhh.. like this! ... Chilly Dee (represent, and uh) Gizmo (represent, and uh ... Keith Keith (represent, and uh) King Sun (represent, and ... uh) Fat Joe (represent, and uh) Uptown (represent, and

Fat Joe - Get on up lyrics

I'm not black Pass the mic and I'm a spark it Cause I'm the ... on 163rd Hold your head and stay strong My main man ... big belly Cause I freak the funk like my man R. Kelly So give

Fat Joe - Take a look at my life lyrics

Intro: Fat Joe] Whooo.. friendly day in the ... is that surge shit, that full flex shit, Al Groh shit Raul ya ... this shit up right here [Fat Joe] I'm your idol, your

Fat Joe - Watch the sound lyrics

Fat Joe] A Grand Puba (HOE) Diamond D (HOE) Fat Joe (HOE) -- it's time to get ... the dough! Grand Puba (HOE) Diamond D (HOE) Fat Joe (HOE) -- it's time to get

Fat Joe - Triplets lyrics

Fat Joe] Since day one, niggaz died ... now Terror Squad is a thousand beyond Not only strong but ... we loyal and royally treated ... it, the way we regulate and levitate, heavyweight niggaz

Gang Starr - Gangstarr - who got gunz (feat. fat joe & m.o.. lyrics

Fat Joe] Gang Starr Crack Man, ... I reach in my back pocket and blast you with this twin ... yelling out the window, Joe's at it again But this ... in his graduation pictures And they probably never hit you

Fat Joe - B.i.g. lyrics

I used to have the trey deuce and a deuce deuce in my ... smokin sacks up in ac's and sidekicks with my sidekicks ... know is where the party at And I can bring ma GAT, if not I

Fat Joe - The wild life lyrics

Fat Joe] Yeah, uh, dat gangsta shit! ... Get it right! [Verse 1: Fat Joe] Joe cracks back, been a ... frontin Shook niggas, me and the Squad done took niggas Flex drop bombs but you seem to

Fat Joe - Bet ya man can't (triz) lyrics

Fat Joe] Blam! Bang bang baby! ... Yo, I'm rated X in sex, I flex like Lex Lugor So who's next ... Link don't play miss, I flip and do some strange [shit]

Fat Joe - J.o.s.e. lyrics

f***in' mic on Mic is on Joe Crack the Don uh Yeah, Yeah, ... Ashanti: What's love? Fat Joe: Ashanti, Terror, Terror ... Chorus: Ashanti (Ja Rule) {Fat Joe} What's love? (Got to do

Fat Joe - What's luv? lyrics

f***in' mic on Mic is on Joe Crack the Don uh Yeah, Yeah, ... Ashanti: What's love? Fat Joe: Ashanti, Terror, Terror ... Chorus: Ashanti (Ja Rule) {Fat Joe} What's love? (Got to do

Fat Joe - Does anybody know lyrics

Fat Joe imitating KRS-One] Wa-ta-ta ... BANG! [sample - "Joe" by Jackie Moore] ... Does anybody know... Joe... [Fat Joe] This is

Remy Ma - Tight (fat joe) lyrics

Is, This Is This, This Is [Fat Joe:] R To The Eezy [Remy: ... Listen, Listen, Listen [Fat Joe:] M To The Wizzeye, U So ... U Heard Me! [Hook] [Fat Joe:] U Know That Neck Tite U

Fat Joe - Bronx keeps creating it lyrics

quot; -> KRS-One {cut and scratched} [Fat Joe] The ... bigger nigga from the Bronx, Fat Joe! "Bronx keeps ... quot; -> KRS-One {cut and scratched} [Fat Joe] The

Fat Joe - My conscience lyrics

Fat Joe] Coca! Krills! {A-A-A-Al-Al ... triple bean Tryna get wit Fat Cat and Pappy to do my ... m just a kid, with envisions and visions of gettin C.R.E.A.M.

Fat Joe - Turn me on lyrics

Fat Joe] Yeah, unh, Irv Gotti.. Joe ... [Chorus: Ronda Blackwell + (Fat Joe)] Boy you keep on ... the way you turn me on [Fat Joe] Yo, push your seat back

Big Pun - Twinz (deep cover 98) ft. fat joe lyrics

Big Punisher] Ready for war, Joe, how you wanna blow they spot ... kiss the f***ing floor! Joey Crack, buck 'em all! If ... who didn't do diddly [Fat Joe] It'll be a cold day in Hell

Fat Joe - Life goes on lyrics

Intro - Fat Joe talking] Yeah, uh, yeah, ... uh Who you gonna trust? And Life Goes On (2002) The ... the truth, yeah, yo, yo [Fat Joe] She was only sixteen,

Fat Joe - Listen baby (feat. mashonda) lyrics

please just - listen baby [Fat Joe - over Chorus] Swizz ... I see you too nigga Yeah [Fat Joe] Sit back, relax, Joe ... Crack's back Joe Crack's that nigga ya other

Fat Joe - We thuggin lyrics

R. Kelly [Fat Joe (R. Kelly)] (Ooohhh, mmm) ... Yea, uh, uh (Fat Joe and the R) That shit y'all ... shit down) Shake that, funky, funky, funky (Yeah) Sticky

Fat Joe - Everybody get up lyrics

Timbaland] (Jump off) Timbo and Joey Crack about to FLIP! ... Yeahhhhhh OH! [Chorus 1: Fat Joe] Get up, get get, get ... get up, get up [Chorus 2: Fat Joe] She's bad, she's bad,

Fat Joe - Bronx tale (feat. krs-one) lyrics

records product artist fat joe My name is krs one And of ... be toys Verse one: krs one fat joe Yes i am the ultimate ... lyrical dope shit Fake mc's and wannabe's best to quote this

Fat Joe - Respect mine lyrics

How you, yeah Straight up and down This is the Chef comin ... here right now with my nigga, Fat Ji-doe representin the ... Boogie Down, and the rest of the tri-borough

Fat Joe - Say word lyrics

Fat Joe] Yeah, don't get it f***ed ... the clubs, buyin out the bars and shit Uhh, money man in the ... cats that act A plain and simple fact is I react on ... a few vials No more slabs and dollar cabs Strictly Lexus

Fat Joe - I want you lyrics

one else can eva Come On Joey crack the Don Thalia Come ... in my life So many days and nights I get on the go while ... I sit and wait for mister right Baby,

Fat Joe - Lean back lyrics

Intro - Fat Joe] Owwwu! Yeah! My niggaz! Uh ... huh! Throw ya hands in 'da air right now, man! ... Yeah! Uh! Yo! [Verse 1 - Fat Joe] I don't give a f***

Fat Joe - The crackhouse lyrics

billion dollars! [Verse 1: Fat Joe] Oh no, Oh Joe, he's did ... la la la la la la la la la Hand on the shotgun, and I'm ridin ... too long We up a hundred grand whenever I hear a new song C

Fat Joe - Ts piece lyrics

Fat Joe] Yeah Uhh... You Know ... What This Is... The Fat Gangsta!!! [Chorus-Tony ... I Move (Keep Mami's Like) Joe I Wanna F*** Wit' You (Keep ... Leave Wit' Me [Verse 1-Fat Joe] I Know It Seems Every

Fat Joe - Walk on by lyrics

Kid Capri up here wit my man Joey Crack Joey Crack got this ... new joint coming out Yo Joey, tell 'em what the name of ... this joint is (Fat Joe) This is for the hoes and

Fat Joe - Watch out lyrics

Fat Joe] Yeah!! Straight out the ... even if they don't fake jax Fat Joe, bringin forth the illest ... s people, who spy? It's life and death, choose live or die

Fat Joe - Find out lyrics

wedded wife through sickness and health, til death do you part ... [Fat Joe] I do [Armageddon] Aight ... now may spit on the bride [Fat Joe] I bet you thought I

Fat Joe - All i need lyrics

Talking: Fat Joe] Cool & Dre Who you ... being here for you (Oooh) And I won't stare at nobody else ... all I need baby) [Talking: Fat Joe] To all the ladies in

Fat Joe - Bad bad man lyrics

Everybody knows the flav Fat Joe Da Gangsta, yeah You ... know my style Fat Joe, a.k.a. Da Fat Gangsta I'm ... no joke, and I'm far from a prankster I ... a ghetto Skins are jockin, and always screamin hello But I

Fat Joe - Beat novacane lyrics

Fat Joe] Yeah, T.S., yeah, uhh Yo, ... that we fuss Now sit back and witness the di-rector's cut And niggaz throw your T.S.'s up ... {BEAT NOVACANE!} [Fat Joe] Go figure it, Joe Crack

Fat Joe - Loyalty lyrics

Talking: Fat Joe] Cool & Dre Who you ... being here for you (Oooh) And I won't stare at nobody else ... all I need baby) [Talking: Fat Joe] To all the ladies in

Fat Joe - Get the hell on with that lyrics

Fat Joe] Whoa, whoa, whoa All you ... lookin at me, while my girl standin there? These bitches actin ... wanna really get your hands in there Now what it be

Fat Joe - I can do u lyrics

than he can, baby baby [Fat Joe - over Chorus] Yeah, uhh ... uh, yo - aowwwwww [Fat Joe] I don't usually do this, ... ma, you're more than a Dior and a hairdo Yes, furthermore

Fat Joe - Rock ya body lyrics

Fat Joe] Aowwwwwwwwww! Cool &amp ... 'em please valet my ride And just - rock ya body body, ... dance on a hook, nowwww [Fat Joe] Joey see/C-Murder like

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - New york is back (feat. ja rule, fat joe and .. lyrics

feat. Jadakiss, Ja Rule, Fat Joe) [DJ Khaled:] This is, ... Listennn, [Chorus: Ja Rule and DJ Khaled] One's for the ... show, Three's for the base and that limelight glow, I know,

Fat Joe - King of new york lyrics

New York, the Don Cartagena Joe Crack, Terror Squad leader! ... whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!!) [Fat Joe] The f***?! What?! Yeah ... could only get you fast cars and F*** mad bitches and, dine

Fat Joe - Make it rain lyrics

Fat Joe:] Owwwwwwwww Scotti lets ... bitch with the terror Got a handful of stacks better grab an ... bitch with the terror got a handful of stacks Better grab an

Fat Joe - Part deux lyrics

stop talkin your shit!! Yeah Fat Joe, Jealous One's Envy ... friendly Smilin in my face, and all the whiles they wanna ... a Mac-11 with a twenty-two? And then deliver, I'll shake your

Fat Joe - Still real lyrics

Fat Joe] It's so depressing, uh.. ... shit I ever wrote (Money and cars bitches) Shit Is Real ... in my shoes It ain't all fun and games (ya heard?) Yo yo I

Fat Joe - Good times lyrics

? Bone Thugs~n~Harmony Fat Joe, Terror Squad, Mo' Thugs, ... off our chest <Fat Joe> Yo, Check my ... problems is all the same and we got stories to share

Fat Joe - So much more lyrics

Yea baby just truk that body and sing along with me come on ... someone who Satisfies you and gives you so much more [Fat Joe] Cost you when my lid

Fat Joe - Don cartagena lyrics

do hah? (2X) Nobody wanna handle it [Puff] AS WE PROCEED, ... do hah? (2X) Verse One: Fat Joe Now why the sad face, ... as dat, flip out the mack and cripple a cat ("take

Fat Joe - Gangsta lyrics

Intro: Fat Joe] Ollie ollie oxen free! ... for five, we rollin! [Fat Joe] Now I'm in too deep Only ... weight, nigga like exercise Joe been over quarter five dope and homicide Long before Charlie

Fat Joe - I won't tell lyrics

kills mania Hey, hey [FAT JOE] Fresh off tha runway pale ... that them boys pop bottles, And mami's lookin like Americas ... brains so I'm lookin ahead And I'm lookin for bread, I gotta

Fat Joe - Bust at you lyrics

I sing to you I'm being real and that's the thing to do I'm ... just living and loving Smoking and f***ing ... my niggas) (Stunna, Face, Joe Crack the Don) 'Stead I'd

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