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Hasselhoff David - Jean lyrics

Jean, roses are red All the leaves have gone green And the clouds are so low You can touch them, and so Come out to the meadow, Jean Jean, Jean, you're young and alive Come out of your half-dreamed dream And run, if you will, to the

David Hasselhoff - Jean lyrics

jean, roses are red All the leaves have gone green And the clouds are so low You can touch them, and so Come out to the meadow, jean Jean, jean, you're young and alive Come out of your half-dreamed dream And run, if you will, to the top of the hill Open your arms, bonni

Canton Jones - Worship you lyrics

Chorus:] I submit my spirit Even if it comes to tears I worship You [x2] I give up all my pride I let You come inside I worship You [x2] [Verse 1:] I won't pray all fancy cause All I need is an answer from You Lord I'm on my face in my living room And the devi

Jeanette - Jean lyrics

the other day I started thinkin' How we messed up our love and fell apart And I really couldn't keep on Playing "hangin' tough" I'm feeling weak an' I'm gonna lose my guard Don't you stay away Need you still today Love is real And I will show you

Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - Billie jean lyrics

was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene I said don't mind, but what do you mean I am the one Who will dance on the floor in the round She said I am the one, who will dance on the floor in the round She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused a scene Then every he

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Blue jean blues lyrics

done ran into my baby and fin'lly found my old blue jean. I done ran into my baby and fin'lly found my old blue jean. Well, I could tell that they was mine from the oil and the gasoline. If I ever get back my blue jean, Lord, how happy could one man be.

Indiana Bible College - Worship him lyrics

Verse 1] 2x We worship, and we honor You We praise You In spirit and in truth We worship You We worship You 2x The truth shall make us free Free to praise the Almighty Our hearts are open to You To praise You in spirit and The truth shall make us free Free to praise the Alm

Byron Cage - Worship the king lyrics

let us ascend to the high place, the holy mountain where God dwells. Let us enter in, to the Holy place, worship the King, worship the King. Chorus: Worship the King, worship the King. He is high and lifted up in this place. Worship the King, worship the King. He is high and lifte

T.i. lyricsT.i. - My swag(feat wyclef jean) lyrics

Intro: T.I.] You gotta get your swagger together nigga (ay) Get your suit fitted (ay) Starts on the inside, ya dig? I don't need mine, I got cribs where we goin (okay) If you don't love yourself you can't love nobody Keep up nigga (okay) I love myself

Hypnogaja - Worship me (i'm on tv) lyrics

with your empty life Still don't know just what to try I can be all that you need I can can answer all your dreams I feed off of your despair Follow me, I'll take you there Worship me I'm on TV Tell me you love me Worship me I'm on TV I know that you love

Charlie Hall - You are worthy of my praise lyrics

I will give You all my worship I will give You all my praise You alone I long to worship You alone Are worthy of my praise (I will worship) I will worship (I will worship) With all of my heart (With all of my heart) And I will praise You (I will praise You) With all of my strength

Jeremy Camp - You're worthy of my praise lyrics

will give, you all my worship I will give, you all my praise You alone, I long to worship You alone, are worthy of my praise I will worship, with all of my heart I will praise you, with all of my strength I will seek you, all of my days I wil

Planet Funk - My king lyrics

will bless You Lord My Saviour I worship You Jesus You are my one desire I live for You The nations will turn to You They'll bow down in worship The heavens declare that You are King of all the earth Holy Holy Lord God Almighty Forever I

The Great Kat - Worship me or die lyrics

KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! KAT! Kiss my feet, all you servants and slaves! Get down on your knees And do it NOW! If you don't do what I say You shall be struck down on the ground DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! Down on your knees Pray

Cryptopsy - Worship your demons lyrics

To be released in your void, Which has consumed Us far too many times before. We promised ourselves That we wouldn't succumb To the dissonance. This fractured state, has Engulfed, our, sense of, Worth Beg So polished,you're Gleaming with light. Too tempting,

Decrepitaph - Worship the dead lyrics

the altar of the dead Bodies writhe in agony Mutilated corpses rest Symbols of depravity Exhumed souls A shrine of death Deep inside the rotted crypt Demons of forgotten times Unholy blood for us they spill Morbid and malicious signs Exhumed souls A shrine of death

Secrets Of The Moon - Worship lyrics

son the holy word worship and adore bow down the taker takes the image of the self now strike for freedom you’re free at last the demon speaks forever overdose ecstacy and will worship now execute grant me what you fear I lead the swarm black soil the earth is shaki

Bewitched - Worship the fire lyrics

heat sweeping over the earth The summoning of the Lord A diabolical and impure birth Fires raging without control Scorched flesh and burning limbs Ashes darkening the sky Cries of torture, screams of pain As the ones of Jehovah die Hail and Worship the Fire Heed the Devil's

Brandyn Burnette - Worship lyrics

a pleasant irony that you stumbled into me you have opened up my eyes caught me by surprise I don’t need to know where you came from I don’t need to know where you been as long as you right here in my arms now I don’t care if this is a sin Cause I’m feeling you you’re feeling

Descendents - Jean is dead lyrics

up early, mad at you. Go to school, but where are you? You should've told me, I should've known, But now you're gone, and I'm alone. Your mother told me last night on the phone. Why'd you do it? Now I'm alone. I would've helped you, would've d

Lords Of Acid - Worship the lords lyrics

Truly Free. Land of the Free... What freedom is yours when you're not allowed to say: F*** you F*** you Motherf***er Cocksucker F*** you (4x) Repeat after me !!! Praise the lords F*** the rest Worship the Lords It's you they love the best

Master - Worship the sun lyrics

threat from the nation has finally been called Running is futile but they're all involved Hiding is worthless, the plans are too late Time has no purpose, they'll soon meet their fate They had been told to worship the sun, the final war has just begun The faceless will

Imagika - Worship lyrics

it's too late This one called god has forsaken me Twisting inside To pull and tear and rip with demise Conscious of fear No one can break you so hard so clear Feed me my rights To feel more shame in a filthy lie Chorus Religion taking its toll Possession

Hillsong Kids - Worship you forever lyrics

are God, You are Life I will worship You forever. You knew me before I took my first breath, And You know the day that I will breathe my last. You're the Alpha Omega, beginning and end, Forever to You I sing. Into Your hands I commit my spirit You're the only One who satisfies my

Christian Death - Worship along the nile lyrics

Hold my p****cat Pat it till it purrs Kiss my p****cat Caress it’s silky fur Feed my P****cat It likes raw meat Turn up the fire It likes feel the heat Hot we...

Arsis - Worship depraved lyrics

by the wine A celebration guilt in ordinary time Profaneness enshrine, the abode of the blessed Abode of the blessed And we shall be the bearers Of the untainted darkness That descends for all time Let Mary sleep forever Sordid dreams, she must be bound Once faith

Samael - Worship him lyrics

He is life, He is death He is virtue, He is vire He is the flame of reason He is the verbe of our thoughts He is the justice of our trials He is the gallows of th...

Planetshakers - My saviour lyrics

are the light of the world, You are the only way to heaven I lift up my eyes to see, Your glory, Your beauty You are the way and the truth, Those who believe will live forever I lift up my eyes to see, Your glory, Your beauty Heaven and earth will pass away, But Yo

Hillsong Worship - Adonai lyrics

lift my voice I lift my praise to You I lift my hands I lift my worship to You And I love You more than I can say Oh I love You more than I can say Ever I will sing only You will I adore Glorify my Lord only You will I serve For the world will fade away St

Israel & New Breed - Worship medley lyrics

are standing on holy ground And I know that there Are angels all around Let us praise Jesus now We are standing in His presence On holy ground Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty Early in the morning Our song shall rise to Thee Holy holy holy merciful and mighty God in three pe

Disciple - Worship conspiracy lyrics

ride all around town get me to believe what they found they knock on my door saying Jesus is not the Lord pray to buddha every day put us to shame in every way muslim fasting forty days we can't lift our hands in praise God deserves more than what we're giving

A Life Once Lost - Worship lyrics

am not the same anymore A sadness reveals a mind shaken The pieces of a core that's broken By an intense Inner suffering And I want nothing How clear must I be What you have What you are I want nothing from you I will use my throat to insult you I will use my hands

Debauchery - Worship the violence lyrics

I see you on your way home - Walking I'm right behind you - Stalking I take my knife out of my bag Then stick it right into your neck I hit you bad you're sti...

Hillsong Worship - My greatest love is you lyrics

new day Your glory unfolds Filling my eyes With Your treasures untold The beauty of holiness Brings worship anew My greatest love is You CHORUS Call me deeper Into Your grace The river that flows From the holy place Wash over me Cleansing me through My greatest love is

W. Michael Smith - My jesus my savior lyrics

Jesus, My Saviour, Lord there is no one like you, All of my days, I want to praise The wonders of Your mighty love. My comfort, my shelter, Tower of refuge and strength Let every breath, all that I am Never cease to worship You. Chorus: Shout to the Lo

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - My soul magnifies the lord lyrics

news of great joy For every woman, every man This will be a sign to you A baby born in Bethlehem Come and worship Do not be afraid A company of angels Glory in the highest And on the earth peace among Those of whom His favor rests My soul, my sou

Da Band - My life lyrics

Sara in background saying welcome] [Fred/Miami] This Crazy I'm Thankful Yea Welcome Welcome [Ness] Life is what you make it You gotta put in hard work Yea cant let nobody hold you down baby [Verse 1 (Ness)] Hit tha bricks chicks like damn where you

Big Sean - My closet ft. sayitainttone lyrics

Side West Side West Side West Side Yeaaaaaa I Got that Bape all in my closet BBC all in my closet Dat Pow Jewelry and ambush rings we just made a deposit (money) To all your shopaholics If you wanna ball (ball) Step thru them double doors inside my closet i

Apatheia - My personal sun lyrics

m sitting in the room, waiting for the sun, Watching the sky falling I worship the moon, stars and all the crews And space shuttles I know that I could see the light twenty four hours a day Seeing your smile... How will it be? Living with you... Sun has gone, leaving us alon

Charlie Daniels - My beautiful america lyrics

you ever spent the late afternoon watching the purple shadows deepen in Arizona desert? Or seen a herd of Elk plow their way through waist deep snow on a cold Colorado dome? Did you ever see the sun go down in Hawaii, Or seen the stormy waves break over th

Planet Funk - My passion lyrics

gaze into Your Glorious light I know You’re with me day and night And now I want to praise Your name There’s nothing else that I want more Than just to look at You in awe I sense Your Spirit set to move I know Your love it never ends I know Your power gives me strength I kn

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - My glorious lyrics

worlds shaking, with the love of God Great and Glorious, let the whole earth sing Let it sing The worlds shaking, with the love of God Great and Glorious, let the whole earth sing And all You ever do, is change the old for new And people, we believe that...

Matt Redman - I will offer up my life lyrics

will offer up my life In spirit and truth, Pouring out the oil of love As my worship to You In surrender I must give my every part Lord, receive the sacrifice Of a broken heart Jesus, what can I give, what can I bring To so faithful a friend, to so loving a King Savior, what

Planetshakers - My soul longs for jesus lyrics

soul longs for Jesus In a dry and weary land Oh come Living Water Son of God and Son of man He's the Light in the shadows He's the lamp to my feet My soul longs for Jesus And He longs for me My soul longs for Jesus From the morning's first light Where His mercies they greet m

Sodom - My atonement lyrics

worship our abomination of desolation With fire, blood, swords and reverence See that hour blessed splendour in my name War engines and battles of conquest are atheists Glory in the highest heaven Hear... My atonement We will return to the victorious c

Arsis - My oath to madness lyrics

awake for the dream has failed and failure speaks the purest truth. Time was lost before our eyes, now on your knees to worship depravity. My oath to madness whispered seven times, can hold the answer within all these lies. My oath to madness, within seven breaths

Children Of Bodom - My bodom (i am the only one) lyrics

d I wake up in a ditch Oh son of a bitch this time I'm not gonna make it (Last night) lingers in the air I've been everywhere and I can't... I just can't shake it Pick up the broken bones Anything goes I just wanna run the f*** away as fast as I can Further t

Delirious? - I will offer up my life lyrics

will offer up my life in spirit and truth Pouring out the oil of love as my worship to You In surrender I must give my every part Lord receive the sacrifice of a broken heart Chorus: Jesus, what can I give What can I bring To so faithful a friend To s

The Exies - My goddness lyrics

was knee deep in a sick love I was cross eyed under your drug Schizo savior, mad messiah Fatal worship you inspired Gone, I don’t believe in you now I’ve seen too much I don’t believe in you now My Goddess You were counting on a freefall You laid your bet I w

Kirk Franklin - My love, my life, my all lyrics

hands were made To worship you My heart, my King It beats for you [Pre-Chorus:] Oh Lamb So true I surrender to you My life (I give) My love (I give) My all (All) Your touch Your kiss Your grace To me Is deeper Than my soul can see My purpose it changed When I call

Hillsong United - My heart is overwhelmed lyrics

VERSE 1: Perfect in love Lord, You came to earth To rescue me You took my place upon that cross The stains that held me back Were washed away You made me ...

Hillsong Worship - My best friend lyrics

you heard of the one called Savior? Have you heard of his perfect love? Have you heard of the one in Heaven? Have you heard how he gave his son? Well I have found this love And I believe in the son show me your way I believe in the one called Savior I believe he

Old Man's Child - My kingdom will come lyrics

in my and worship my dream become what I want you to be, where silence rule and emptiness flows in the wind, can you feel my call once again. Take my hand and follow me until the end of time, be enslaved by my grace and praise this hell. When nothing comes Yo

Aaron Shust - My hope is in you lyrics

meet with You and my soul sings out As your word throws doubt far away I sing to You and my heart cries "Holy! Hallelujah, Father, You're near!" My hope is in You, Lord All the day long, I won't be shaken by drought or storm A peace that passes understanding is

Skillet - My obsession lyrics

touch, your ways Leave me dumb without reason Your love, my cage My prison so pleasing I spend my days Tangled in thoughts of you Stuck in this place Resigned to be your fool I thirst no longer Drenching my soul Pour out like water You're

Abacabb - My favorite food is you lyrics

more words spit at the back of my neck, three, four, that blade looks so appetizing. Please know there is more to life than fear and avoidance. Cut out your tongue so you can taste your own blood for once. I hope you're the one that finds me first: gutted and d

Afterschool - My bell lyrics

ireohke ppalli jinagayo Geuttaeeui Bell sori geudaega ol geot gataseo Eonjena geuraetteut I love you in my life Dashi tto naege soksagyeo jweoyo Hamkke bureudeon Haengbokhan geu norae cheoreom Dashi hanbeon mannabol su innayo Naneun jal jinaeyo Aju jal jinae

Agnetha Fältskog - My colouring book lyrics

those who fancy colouring books And lots of people do Here's a new one for you A most unusual colouring book The kind you never see Crayons ready Very well Begin to colour me These are the eyes That watched him As he walked away Colour them grey This is the heart

An Cafe - My favorite beat (hidden track) lyrics

no tamashii no sakebi wo Sono mune ni kizame you keep kin Mou dare ni mo tomesase wa shinai I go to school by bus Ki ga tsukeba oretachi wa usuyogoreta shakai ni ikiteiru Sonna toki mitsuketa no sa shine on heart Naze yume wo moccha ikenai Oton

An Cafe - My heart leaps for"c" lyrics

no ito wo taguri yoseta wake janakatta yo ne fuzoroi na kokoro ga yorisotteru no ga kiseki dane kimi to deau made wa kuchibeta de sunao ni warau koto mo dekinattayo subete wo nagesutetai toki mo atta keredo kimi no egao ga aru kara koko ni irareru

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