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Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - My momma lyrics

15 My momma wouldn't say you were a nice ... under 40 and you have a job My momma wouldn't say you was a ... feel like it's wrong Me and my momma, we don't get along My momma, she would say your

Future lyricsFuture - My momma (ft. wiz khalifa) lyrics

t got shit on me, nigga My Momma ain't raised no ho My niggas ... runnin' and kickin' in doors My Momma ain't raised no ho (x5) ... My niggas they wrap that dough

Body Count - Momma's gotta die tonight lyrics

no, no, Mommaaaaa... All my life I loved this girl so ... much, all my life I loved her simple touch ... twisted, and destroyed my mind. She taught me things

Confederate Railroad - Momma ain't home tonight lyrics

to me, Well I told her about my ol' bird dog, She mentioned ... I wouldn't take you home to Momma, You're a diamond in the ... many things about you, That my Momma couldn't learn to love,

Flo Rida - Momma lyrics

won't stop (won't stop) Momma, when I get big, I'ma buy you ... on the TV screen When I tell my momma sitting next to me I ... t go wish I gotta make it Momma when I get big Momma, when

Brandon Heath - Momma wouldn't lie to me lyrics

s chimney Well that's what momma told me And momma's always ... And he'll be good to you Momma wouldn't lie to me Momma ... presents underneath our tree Momma wouldn't lie to me Don't

Plies - Runnin my momma crazy lyrics

to ya mama) [Verse 1] My momma told me while I run these ... a goon to the streets but to my momma I'm still her baby ... me to know I'm runnin' my momma crazy Goon to the streets

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Momma knows lyrics

the sun in the streets My mom started trippin' on me ... I rely You got me tastin' my toes [Chorus - Tra-Knox ... know (didn't know but) When my momma told me, don't go down

Lil Boosie - My struggle lyrics

Drugs, marijuana and coke,Momma, she washed Her hands, and ... a mayne, Since I Went got my own… now they look at me ... [Chorus 4X] U don’t know my struggle, So you can't feel my hustle [Verse 2:] Hard

Phora - My story lyrics

me how to be one. Yeah, momma had a man but he was never ... in school so I just kept to myself. Psychologists ordered ... time I took it I was never myself. I wasn't G, I never

The Game - My life (remix) lyrics

quot; So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide Looking to find a ... You've done took so many of my people but I'm just wonderin' ... why You haven't taken my life Like what the hell am I

Ace Hood - Spoke to my momma lyrics

tougher nights Spoke to my mama just the other day I ... struggle each and every day my step pops he be in the way, ... too many bills my mama gotta pay but know I

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - My life your world lyrics

a chain They came and took my little brother away His ... never even got a name My momma was a rocker way back in '53 ... that to me Chorus Momma, That's all right, it's

Craig David lyricsCraig David - My love don't stop lyrics

you I grew up with you My momma used to sit you When your ... yours girl I would give up my life To spend just one ... night with you Cause my love don't stop I can't lie

B.o.b. - My story lyrics

you think is even goin with my head? I don't even know I ... this shit talkin damn... My daddy from the Barn and my momma from the Gutta, So I guess ... only half the issues off my mind. And today my parents

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - My mother had a brother lyrics

and the shame came calling My mother had a brother I ... to dream a life like mine My mother had a brother Over ... I guess he had to wait until my momma had me I guess he

Eli Young Band - My old man's son lyrics

in front of you I was born my old mans son My momma's ... I go wherever I run I'll be my old man's son Lot of things ... that they're not I was born my old mans son My mommas secret

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - My style (feat. justin timberlake & timbaland.. lyrics

] I know that you like my style [2x] We came here to ... wild I know that you like my style [2x] We 'bout to drop ... trying out at Z rocks me Got my style trademark with the copy

Eminem lyricsEminem - My mom lyrics

first Here we go now My mom loved Valium and lots of ... 'cause I'm like her Because my mom loved Valium and lots of ... I'm on what I'm on 'cause I'm my mom My mom, my mom I know

Lyfe Jennings - My life lyrics

against Talked about by my friends Played a fool by ... I lived in ghettos with my momma Used the stove to heat our ... and had to share clothes with my brothers Three of us one bed

The Maine - My hair lyrics

as I rolled on out Of my bed I got tripped up by ... something on the ground My curls had down all the way to ... s gonna tell me how to wear my hair Not my momma or a big

Quinton Storm - My number 1 lyrics

waited so long Without you in my life I should have known ... came in You've been right by my side Whatever I was lacking ... for me That's why you are my main girl You are entitled to

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - My style lyrics

I know that you like my style I know that you like my style You can't get to turn ... wild I know that you like my style I know that you like my style You've gotta drop it

Ava Max lyricsAva Max - My way lyrics

when I tell you What's on my mind like men do I'm called ... but I say This time it's my way, ah, my way Be a little ... but I say This time it's my way, ah, my way (My way, my

Alison Krauss - Momma cried lyrics

she died, In the evening, Momma cried. Momma cried; There ... mourning in the evening. And Momma cried; 'Cos her little girl ... then just gone one day. And Momma blamed herself, I'd say, But

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Momma lyrics

t hold me, and I'd cry But momma she never told me a lie Momma she never told me a lie I ... too late some evenings And momma would be there seething Back

Shiraz Lane - Momma's boy lyrics

to show your hand Go home momma's boy! Run to your mother ... leave me alone Go home momma's boy! Run to your mother ... t step it up just Go home momma's boy! Run to your mother

Chromeo - Momma's boy lyrics

I think she reminds me of my mother, when she knows I ... mom. (Ohh) Cause you're a momma's boy, momma's boy. She ... mom. (Ohh) Cause you're a momma's boy, momma's boy. Momma

The Dream - Take u home 2 my mama lyrics

Intro:] Take her home to my momma Home to my momma Take her ... home to my momma Eh Eh Radio Killa We beat ... Who! Hey! Now where my niggas at [Verse 1:] I'm

Cher - Momma look sharp lyrics

hey momma Come looking for me I'm ... By the red maple tree Momma, hey momma Look sharp Here ... I'll be Hey, hey momma, look sharp Them soldiers ... Ah ma, am I done Hey, hey momma, look sharp My eyes are

Tim Myers - Momma's boy lyrics

1 What did I say to Momma that brought her down I am ... battle call Can you help me Momma? I don't wanna die She's got ... no more What will I say to momma to make ammends? She's got

Puscifer - Momma sed lyrics

up son of mine momma got somethin' to tell you ... man listen up son of mine momma got something to tell you

Abigail Washburn - Momma lyrics

things inside Cause, momma, it's hard to feel free ... they go when they die Momma, I can't help feeling that ... this soul will die before my body and I'll live on earth

Mott The Hoople - Momma’s little jewel lyrics

To re-in-celibate you Momma's little jewel, you got the ... on the road And I'm wearing my scorpio faces, when I Come ... buy So why don't you try it my way? What you look for ain

Lil Boosie - You don't know my struggle lyrics

drugs, marijuana and coke,Momma, she washed her hands, and ... a mayne, Since I went got my own now they look at me grown ... [Chorus 4X] U don't know my struggle, so you cant feel my hustle [Verse 2:] Hard

10cc - Fresh air for my mama lyrics

there ain't no fresh air for my momma, my momma But the ... something It's easy to see My God is fading away So pick ... And it looks like it's got to my momma My momma May she rest

Toby Love - Momma's song lyrics

Ahh All my life I've had someone to ... share my deepest thoughts and ... Ohh Now tell me dear Momma, What 'ya think about your ... is 'cause of you, you cleared my cloudest skies and now they

Omi - My old lady lyrics

it would not be enough. Momma, your love gives me comfort ... you fed me, clothe me Wiped my nose and tied my laces You ... will always be my old lady Thanks for the love

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Ring my bell lyrics

‘cause you don't act like my friend and I can't pretend I ... don't want this to end My daddy said My momma said My ... sisters say My heart says Lose your

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Momma miss america lyrics

Rock and roll spring time, tape one Instrumental - Instrumental - Instrumental - Instrumental...

K-ci & Jojo - Momma's song lyrics

on this song because/Me and my mama was watching the news

The Clipse - Momma i'm so sorry lyrics

Vice, all my cocaine gringos, ya know ... we go Youngin' don't make my cells rise, I shoot you out ... like the rucker Skip to my Lou if you lookin' for a ... So many bullets jammed in my shit, should call me ??

Girlicious - My boo lyrics

boo yeah my boo yeah my boo boo boo yeah I’m not ... Coulda sworn I heard you say My baby’s name And I know I ... me you be kissing up on your momma’s couch couch couch Well I

Macy Gray - My fondest childhood memories lyrics

till I Caught her sexing my father. She gonna hurt you ... till I caught him plunging My mother. He gonna hurt you momma never again, he wasn’t a

Rick Ross - "it's my time" lyrics

(Rick Ross talking)] It's my time (Rick Ross) It's my ... that's that I had to pawn my chain and grab a half ounce ... I'm in the movies kid My mom reminisce on the late

Rick Ross - It´s my time (feat. lyfe jennings) lyrics

[Rick Ross talking] It's my time [Rick Ross] It's my ... that's that I had to pawn my chain and grab a half ounce ... I'm in the movies kid My mom reminisce on the late

Kendrick Lamar - Momma lyrics

radio's nemesis may be wack My innocence limited the ... I know everything, I know myself I know morality, ... a little boy that resembled my features Nappy afro, gap in

Little Brother - Breakin' my heart lyrics

with mine I I I done gave up my narcotic, I'm a changed man! ... Havin a partner for a man in my position Eliminates the ... So darlin don't go breakin my heart (Don't go breakin my

Ace Hood - Letter to my ex's lyrics

for this one F*** it, I got my pen and pad anyway Mister ... Hoes Lookin' for ya like my lifetime depended on You're ... long Hey this a letter to my ex hoes Before I start kiss my ass, X O's Ahem, okay let's

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - My summer vacation lyrics

In L.A. everybody and they momma sell dope They trying to ... quot;) [Ice Cube] BOOM, my homie got shot he's a goner ... he's yawnin Put his glock to my chest as I paused Went to

Mike Killer - My chrome lyrics

we're bending corners on my chrome Same shit another ... the top of the building Lile momma's on e, sitting next to me ... hydroponic By the the time my click find me in VIP I'm lost

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Own my mind lyrics

and eagles, buying teeth, gleamy on the set Fly to Union ... our noses I should of bought my momma a plane, matter fact

Baby Bash - Changed my life lyrics

Chorus) I changed my life so I can be with you ... me what to do. I changed my life so I can be with you ... First Verse) You interrupted my bliss F*** this I'm sorry

Javier Colon - My little girl lyrics

be on time With anything in my life And that suits me just ... just having fun when I met my wife Waited ten years and ... it’s about time But when my phone rang My heart stopped

Freddie Gibbs - Come around my way lyrics

livin' for today Come around my way I'm tired of dealin' ... it's hard gettin' money in my hood cause the block ... I was eleven That's when my uncle got addicted to the

Korn - Earache my eye *bonustrack lyrics

Dun Dun Dun Orale! My Momma talk to me, Try to ... I don't listen to her, 'cos my head is like a sieve My ... he disowned me, 'cos I wear my sisters clothes He caught

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - My nigga (remix) (feat. yg, lil wayne, meek m.. lyrics

on, ridin' out; Glocks in my ma's house Front you with ... gon' stomp you out (Has momma ever see you with a busted ... [Lil Wayne] I'd die for my motherf***in' nigga Jump in

Pink lyricsPink - My vietnam lyrics

respect And This is my Vietnam I'm at war Life ... bombs And I keep score Momma was a lunitic, she liked to ... push my buttons She said I wasn't

Bonnie Raitt - The roads my middle name lyrics

, sweet coquette Just what my routine You've been around ... call, baby I just can't help myself I gotta go I hope you ... I love you so Want you to be my man I hear it callin'

Bow Wow - Put that on my hood (feat sean kingston) lyrics

Eeey Oh Sean Kingston This My Life Bow weezy Eeey Oh Yea I ... Put That On My Hood Eeey Oh If You From The ... Money On Tour I Put That On My Hood Hood Hood Man I Put That

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