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4him - Take my life and let it be (interlude) lyrics

my life, and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee. ... Take my hands, and let them move at ... the impulse of Thy love. At the impulse of Thy love

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Home i'll never be lyrics

I left New York in nineteen forty-nine to go ... across the country without a dad blamed dime ... Montana in the cold cold fall I found my father in a gambling hall

Got7 - My home lyrics

kkeojin bange oeropge deureogal ttae ... sinbareul beoseul ttae machim bel sori nal bureuneun moksori ... meokneun geot gatae like honey deo pogeunhi nal ... gamssajwo I want it Baby what you know, I love

Alexander Arthur (june) - It hurts to want it so bad lyrics

s a lot like bein' little and wantin' a brand new ... toy. It's a lot like bein' little and wantin' a baby boy ... to call brother, and it hurts when you want it so

Mott The Hoople - Home is where i want to be lyrics

I'm just a loser Maybe it's because my boots ain't as clean ... as they could be Came to town with an even ... chance I'm feeling down the people I meet ain ... t fair to me Gave it a try but now I'm ready to

Fast Food Orchestra - My home lyrics

my short life I'm looking for the way which to go ... From the left to the right From east to the west oh ... oh Trail my feet and follow my face I'm believably sweet to

Bethany Mota - Be who you want to be lyrics

keep haunting They cloud a point of view Making us feel ... There's nothing we can do Fate departed, ... alone Brokenhearted And looking for a home Look into the

Perkele - My home lyrics

team And the place where I belong, where I got my home We ... seasons, we got our way of life It's the way I want to live, until the day I die - Until the day I die I have a

Digital Underground - Want it all lyrics

Shock G] I wanna go up downtown get ... town for about a month overnight While the sun's shining bright in the middle Of the warm ... cold freezing hot night, that's all [Money B] I

Alabama - My home's in alabama lyrics

was forbidden In my Christian country home I learned to ... good ol' Gospel songs Then I heard about the barrooms ... Just across the Georgia line Where a boy could make a livin' Playin' guitar late at night. Had to learn about the

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - My home's across the blue ridge mountains lyrics

a gonna leave here Monday morning Oh, I'm a gonna leave here ... Monday morning Oh, I'm a gonna leave here Monday ... morning Oh, I never expect to see you ... anymore [Chorus:] My home's across this Blue Ridge

B. J. Thomas - My home town lyrics

a lot things I'm sorry For things I wouldn't do anymore But ... my biggest mistake of all Was leaving my home town Since then my foolish ... thoughts have died Grass isn't really greener on the

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Back to my home (feat. matthew migliozzi) lyrics

moonlight It's always open If a time that passes by ... Forward and forward I'll keep on moving To give me ... that reason why And I won't forget No, I'll keep

Lauren Christy - My jeans i want them back lyrics

he'll never love another girl And I'm so sure of his sincerity 'cause he has never lied to me And oh, he'll feel a ... fool if I should go And tonight when I am softly sleeping

Chris August - Want to be real lyrics

ve never said this before, I've never opened that door so ... wide No one else is around there's no good ... reason for me to hide And I, I want to be real So I'm

Ms Mr - Head is not my home lyrics

space is not my home This head you drowning is not my home Made it out cut it out Take ... things slow as we may bruise to reach our Unpredictable ... your heart Understand mine Found in for dead nights

Paul Anka - My home town lyrics

took a little trip to my home town I only stopped to look ... around And as I walked along the thorough ... fare There was music playing ev'rywhere The music came

The Moody Blues - Want to be with you lyrics

I think of all the things that we've been through ... And the the things we've yet to do I... I ... start to realize The world is such a lonely place Want to

Pantommind - My home (into infinity) lyrics

the early morning, I gazed upon the shores. It ... seems I've found what I've been searching for. I've ... traveled through a lifetime, across the seven mystic

Elliphant - Want it lyrics

some funky functions worth mention, man, got ... that thick feelin’ no more lonesome, come with ... good come with bad man i’m a open for u truly, we gon ... run them - run them, all ma hidden caves u gon investigate,

Jeremy Camp - My desire lyrics

want to be real You want to be empty inside You want to be ... someone laying down your pride You want to be someone ... someday Then lay it all down before the King

Jamie Cullum - I want to be a popstar lyrics

is it all these fakers Seem to ... make the morning papers? They´re selling ... records by the million Seems so easy in my opinion Look at the Jazz Star

Lady Sovereign - My england lyrics

ain't about the tea and biscuits, I'm one of those English misfits, I don't drink tea I drink spirits, and I talk alot of ... slang in my lyrics, These goes a horse,

Nightcore - Want it all (jt machinima) (nightcore) lyrics

can drive a wise man mad? Make a simple nice guy turn bad? Give you ... everything that you never had? ... Everybody bowing down Lining up to kiss your ass! What

Plies - Want it need it lyrics

neva knew you felt like dat baby, pleasures all mine [Chorus: Ashanti] Oh ... boy I think of you on two occasions ... that's wen I want it (that's wen I want it) That

Amanda Palmer - Want it back lyrics

on a string Like an older fashioned phone ... can BANG ringy ring and you think you're gonna ... get some Thing you can bring to a party at your wake not ... Thinking of the thing that you pay back when you

Crystal Ball - Want it all lyrics

alive in your head Your mind - easily lead Without ay ... help you're alone Beginning to turn into stone Open ... your mind and you'll see There is ... justice for all Believe in yourself Nothing can hold

Palmer Amanda - Want it back lyrics

on a string Like an older-fashioned phone ... can Bang, ringy-ring And you think You're ... gonna get some thing you can bring to a party at ... your wake Not thinking of the thing that you pay

Inner - My philosophy lyrics

prepare yourself to shine I have no other way You ... No, theres no reason to hide We all know youve got pain We all know youve got pride I really love your pride

L.a. Guns - It don't mean nothing lyrics

in my jag on the Sunset strip I've got bim da jour flapping her lip Talking 'bout the ... things she wants to change Needs a place to ... crash and a brand new name In Hollywood. West Hollywood. Live from Hollywood Hooray for

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - Want it all lyrics

head is in the clouds Just another ... face in crowd So here I go again Chasing the wind ... My heart is split in two One side at ease The ... s so confused Why, why do I want it all Why, why do I want it all My eyes are on the

Kita Alexander - My own way lyrics

to be a voice to your fa-a-a-avourite ... song favourite song If I can give you all my love ... Would you still ask for more Would you ... let me go Go my own way Go my own way Would you let me

Lauren Daigle - My revival lyrics

will run and not grow weary I will walk, I will not faint I will soar on wings like ... eagles Find my rest in Your everlasting name You ... are my revival Jesus on You I wait I'll lean on Your promise You will renew my strength

Anthony Green - Will it be lyrics

was born apart from my brothers And never felt a ... part of How do I teach things I never Can we create the ... They grow so fast Staring out the window at a lemon

Asking Alexandria - My last words (before it's all over) lyrics

how could I hurt you? Oh please stay the ... night, No more waking up alone We're going to ... sweep the plan You're swimming far too close to the edge, ... You're gonna fall into the air One last chance to say

Duff Mckagan - Could it be you (believe in me) lyrics

Could it be you Might be my woman Could it be you ... The one that makes me feel like a man - yeah Saw ... your gaze It put me in a haze It was amazing I saw a little girl Put me in a whirl Just left me gazing Chorus The one that

Fat Joe - My conscience lyrics

Fat Joe] Coca! Krills! {A-A-A-Al-Al-Al-Al ... Alchemist} uh hun, uh hun, shit, My mind playin tricks, my ... mind playin tricks... Uh! I don't give a f***, no! I don

No Gravity - My dark side lyrics

it be something inside of me I can't hear I confide in myself tonight Something ties ... me something I don't feel I won't bring myself to die Isn't there something inside of

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - My memory aint what it used to be lyrics

must have been a mountain standing in our way Or some ... small misunderstanding We talked about too late ... Was it the kitchen or the bedroom Where we let a good thing go Was it destined dreams,

Freddie Gibbs - What it be like lyrics

Gibbs You can take it how you wanna take it homie ... Yea you hear the record spinnin' So you know I'm gettin' ... Got a spot, can't another nigga come and take it from me

Slade - My baby's got it lyrics

got it, oo oo she got it Baby got it, oo oo she got it Well maybe you think you ... Lamarr Well, baby baby baby believe me you go too far My ... baby she can't stop it, my baby ooh she got it She's

Deftones - My own summer (shove it) lyrics

you big star Tell me when it's over (cloud) Hey you big ... moon Guide me to shelter Cause I'm ... through When the two Hits the six And it's summer ... (cloud) Come (shove it, shove it, shove it) Shove

Sick Of It All - My revenge lyrics

t you jump in, it's not your fight Your ideas mean shit to ... me You ain't on my side It's my revenge, it's my ... revenge One last resort, my broken back I have a reason

Descendents - Suburban home lyrics

want to be stereotyped I want to be classified I want to be stereotyped I want to be ... classified I want to be a clone I want a suburban home Suburban home Suburban home

Carpenters - Home for the holidays lyrics

there’s no place like home for the holidays For no ... When you long for the sunshine of a friendly gaze For the ... holidays - you can’t beat home, sweet home! I met a man

Perry Como - Home for the holidays lyrics

there's no place like home for the holidays 'cause no ... far away you roam When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze For the holidays, ... you can't beat home, sweet home I met a man who lives in

Danity Kane - Home for christmas lyrics

Intro:] [Aundrea:] Dashing through the snow In a one ... horse open sleigh Through the fields we go ... Laughing all the way [Verse 1:] ... [Shannon:] I look out the window and see it starts to

She And Him - Home lyrics

is a great big nation of one They never knew ... what they wanted til it was already gone What do ... they do with the light in the morning when they wake ... up alone? They just go home Youre the nicest, nicest

Ailee - Home (ft. yoon mi rae) lyrics

yojeum eotteoni jal jinaena bwa na gunggeumhanga ... bwa boy Hello geuripjin anhni namankeum neoneun bogo sipjin anhado huhoehaji anheul ... georago jasin itge malhadeon neo geojitmal

Dave Edmunds - Home in my hand lyrics

down to the Greyhound station, To catch an outbound dog. ... I got my ticket from a man. He said ... wanna check your bags?" I said, "No thank you sir,

Eluveitie - Home lyrics

these vigilant times i daydream- -an innocuous crime My motionless stance - in my mind, I wander the land a ... bleak, dismal trance Constrained, ... unsafe, left in shame and now I can see my

Ed Harcourt - When the lost don't want to be found lyrics

two rays of the dying light Treat myself to the lows ... and the highs But I know your love will save me ... Guess I need a little reminder I find it hard these

Birdy - Home lyrics

Reflections of eyes shine bright and my mind remind me I ... long To be cold and feel alive for that’s what inspires me ... Home To be free, just to breathe, only

Girls Love Shoes - Home lyrics


Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - I don't want to be alone for christmas lyrics

don't wanna be (Wanna be) alone babe. Unless I'm ... alone (unless I'm alone) Unless I'm alone babe. 'Cause it won't be (won't be) cause it won't be. Hold you

Prozzak - I want to be loved lyrics

want to be loved just like everyone I know I want to be home Tired of being so alone ... And everybody thinks I'm so strong Baby living this ... life alone But don't you think that I could be lonely

Foghat - Stranger in my home town lyrics

s that stranger walking out in the cold? Standing on the ... corner with his Kodachrome roll? He may be ... a psychopath, he's acting so strange, Lying to himself, saying nothing has

The Hush Sound - You are my home lyrics

will you wake up, Open your ... eyes, It's the first day of a new life, you'll ... see, Cotton at the windows, Pollen as the wind ... blows, It's the first day of a new life with me,

Rise Against - I don't want to be here anymore lyrics

pins and needles we are waiting for the fall We count the ... days, scratching lines on the wall Wait in the wings at someone's beck and call ... No longer recognize the place that I call home

Rudimental lyricsRudimental - Home (feat. sinead harnett) lyrics

always said I’ll find my way back Back home So tell ... me why am I still lost in limbo With nowhere to go God ... knows I’m trying, I’m fighting to get out of here Oh but

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