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Emma Louise - My head is a jungle ft. wakelmut lyrics

a dark room we fight, make up for our love. I've ... been thinking, thinking about you, about us. And we ... re moving slow, our hearts beat so fast. I've been dreaming, dreaming about you, about us. Hey, hey, hey,

Beck - My head is gonna break in two lyrics

head is gonna break in two My head is gonna break in two My head is gonna break in two My head is gonna break in two ... My head is gonna break in two My head is gonna break in two My head is gonna break in two My head is gonna break in

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - My head is full of ghosts lyrics

head is full of ghosts But I'm no ... revenant Despite my resident's rivalry And I'll ... be the faithful pilot On our blind trajectory Do you want to know

Everything But The Girl - My head is only my house unless it rains lyrics

ll let a train be my feet if it's too far to walk ... to you If the train don't go there I'll get a ... jet or a bus I'm gonna find you You're mine and I ... know I'll find you My head is my only house Until I find

Minus - My name is cocaine lyrics

name is cocaine, call me coke for short. I ... entered this country without a passport. Ever since then ... I´ve made lots of scum rich some have been murdered and found in a ditch. I´m more valued than

Portugal. The Man lyricsPortugal. The Man - Head is a flame (cool with it) lyrics

was born without a name A soldier for The streets they ... say This kid's on a mission Running high on fame of ... guillotine No roots to find and no one to miss him My head is like a flame Well we all get strange And we know it

The Who lyricsThe Who - Is it in my head? lyrics

see a man without a problem I see a country always starved, I hear the music ... of a heartbeat, I walk, and people turn and laugh. Is it in my head Is it in my head Is in my head here at the

Ruff Ryders - My name is kiss lyrics

Verse 1] Yo, yo, I know niggas wit honor and will That'll ... still crush the blow up and then pass they mama the ... bill So I'ma always be able to burn my strip Cuz my bags be stuffed and I burn my

Pretty Balanced - My mind is a box lyrics

attention is cashed so don't talk to me anymore be the subject ... terrifying or important or pure my cigarettes are ... expect productivity be the matter just or crucial or

Sentenced - My slowing heart lyrics

gave and gave - gave all I had I took and took - all I ... could grab I had it all and I had none Now the game is ... over and it's all gone My heart is worn out to keep beating My lungs exhausted by all this breathing My mind's

Rob Dickinson - My name is love lyrics

s your name? Just tell me where you can be found My name is love, I ... can't be bound, no Then name your cost, then let me pay ... my time is short My name is love, I can't be bought, no

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - My head souns like that lyrics

metal jangles as the key turns unlock the ... door, wipe my feet clean oh my head sounds like that the ... oil is spitting in the saucepan i squeeze this sponge and

Kane - In over my head lyrics

day is ending I'm gonna make a difference tonight Another day pretending I don't think I ... ll ever survive Oh more than anything Oh give me ... everything In over my head But I'm standing In over my head is where I wanna be I

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - In my head lyrics

try to think about rainbows When it gets bad You ... got to think about something To keep from ... going mad I tried to think about big fat roses When the

Segment - Fire in my head lyrics

my head thoughts are running forth and back but ... I can’t catch any In my head is getting pretty crowded as in ... old wardrobe so full I have mess in my head what I can

Intwine - Get outta my head lyrics

it far from the place From the last time I saw ... your face Is it far from the time From the last ... the lights in the sky We hear the voices crying through

The Notwist - My phrasebook lyrics

is me This is me talking This is my room This is my head talking My head is a person I ... don't know who I am This is a way to visit me Roam ... through my house Is always empty My room knows where

Shpongle - My head feels like a frisbee lyrics

head feels like a frisbee; Twice its normal size ... Feels like a football and someone's moved the goal ... posts Everything is slightly out of joint and ... weird; disconnected I had to hold onto the walls And we noticed that women

Hanni El Khatib - Head in the dirt lyrics

want my money back, give it back to me. I want my loving back, don't want your empathy. ... The road to my heart is narrow and covered with thorn. ... circling 'round the sky are hungry and the snakes are

Ritchie Valens - Ooh! my head lyrics

well,now,now baby Let's just go all night ... long Well, on,on,on,on,darlin I just want you-to-go-on ... fruiti No lolly pop,cmon baby just Rock, rock, rock

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Anywhere i lay my head lyrics

head is spinning round My heart is in my shoes I went and ... set the Thames on fire Now I must come back down She's laughing in her ... sleeve at me I can feel it in my bones But anywhere, I'm gonna Lay my head, boys I will call my home.

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - My head's in mississippi lyrics

m shufflin' thru the Texas sand, but my head's in Mississippi. I'm shufflin' thru the ... Texas sand, but my head's in Mississippi. The blues ... has got a hold of me. I believe I'm gettin' dizzy.

Ms Mr - Head is not my home lyrics

space is not my home This head you drowning is not my home ... Made it out cut it out Take things slow as we may bruise to reach our Unpredictable ... pass Your heart, your heart Understand mine Found

Puddle Of Mudd - Out of my head lyrics

is wrong with all my friends I know that I am ... unlike them just another situation don't hold ... me back I don't look up to them ... They always act so dirty they keep

Goldfinger - My head lyrics

are you now I want to talk to you I'm sitting here alone waiting by the phone ... Where are you now I want to talk to you if only you ... were home I wouldn't be alone I wait for you Where are you now are you just

S.a.s. - My head lyrics

Doplňte! Doplňte! Doplňte! Doplňte! Doplňte! Doplňte! Doplňte! Doplňte!...

Smile Empty Soul - What's going through my head right now lyrics

too much I'm so stressed my head is f***ed That's why it's hard for me to breathe All I hear is what you want I wouldn't ... care but it's all I got You only wish that I

Roger Daltrey - My time is gonna come lyrics

bullets Shot me through the head Gasp from where your standing You might think I'm dead When I hit the ground Look ... at me bleed Old man your sympathy is something I don't need

Kid Rock - My name is rock lyrics

with new blast, get gas Kid Rock some folks thought ... i'd flew right past Faded fast, ran outta gas Here i come ... again, all back in that ass No questions, i tell no

And One - My warrior lyrics

said it only takes a year One thousand storys ... comes - depression goes he said) Why don't you open up ... your eyes My head is burning (emotion comes -

Eminem lyricsEminem - My name is lyrics

My name is.. (what?) My name is.. (who?) My name is Slim Shady Hi! My name is.. (huh?) My ... name is.. (what?) My name is Slim Shady Hi! My name is.. (what?) My name is.. (who?) My name is Slim Shady Hi! My name is.. (huh?) My name is..

Insane Clown Posse - My funhouse lyrics

J] Rich boy's in trouble Car broke down on a drive ... through the ghetto All the weird people, you gotta ... to use the phone, step into my funhouse Hey yo, dope, looks

Lacuna Coil - My demons lyrics

I don't know what to say I'm thinking about you It ... without you I never learn from my mistakes I feel ... f***ed up today My demons cursing me as I'm awake My head is spinning I can

Madder Mortem - My name is silence lyrics

my name in analogies Pulling your eyelids ... down Over my silence, over your blind eyes ... Building myself an anomaly Building with breaking hands Shutting the noise out

Moving Mountains - My life is like a chase dream lyrics

said it first, we'll all end up in different places ... When we wake up, you'll be falling, I'll be singing I won ... t fall back and think of this, you won't remember My hands

Bush lyricsBush - My engine is with you lyrics

makes it go round the way we're up and down we're ... minutiae staring at the whole sky battle sense ... to keep you apprehensive i guess no one is the same we're all through

Fluke - My spine lyrics

head is spinnin so, my feet dont touch the ground, my eyes is blinded by the light, ... my hearin deafened by the sound, my bodys ... shakin like a leaf, my hearts been beatin out of time, my bloods been boilin up inside

Stefanie Heinzmann - My man is a mean man lyrics

na nana na na nana I swear to tell the truth and ... but the truth loving him ain't easy it's bad bad news, ... yeah mamma says "use your head you don

Levellers - Is this art? lyrics

took me to the battlefield Saw the mushroom clouds Said 'I ... can see the colours Even when my head is bowed' And they ... me the destruction The slaughter a la carte And isn't nature wonderful But is this art? They took me to the

Primus - My name is mud lyrics

name is mud Not to be confused with ... bill or jack or pete or dennis My name is mud and it’s always been ’cause I’m the most ... boring sons-a-bitch you’ve ever seen I

Skrux - My love is a weapon (feat. delacey) lyrics

love is a weapon Please slow down, down, down This love is a weapon Please ... slow down, down, down This love is a weapon Please ... slow down, down, down This love is a weapon Please

Paula Abdul - My love is for real lyrics

made mistakes when I played with your mind Gave you ... excuses with each story line If you ask me ... how I feel My love is for real Watching you wondering what I feel inside Deep in my

40 Below Summer - My name is vengeance lyrics

hated, fighting the urge No ... more I've given my pound of flesh At least I have a purpose It's putting you ... s just the beginning For what you've done to me I will allow you to leave only after

Black Light Burns - My love is coming for you lyrics

a pack of wolves In the dead of the night Like a howling ... wind That blows out the light. My love is coming for you ... You're the one I crave I've got an empty heart

Future Idiots - My condition lyrics

head is filled with nonsense, ... not worth the while I just can't stop the damn thing, ... constant thinking, no comply And late at night when I try eagerly

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - My life is a party (feat. circa 87) lyrics

Intro/Skit] *Soda can opening* *Gulping* Alright ... [Hook: G-Eazy & Dao Jones] Grab the iPhone and ... hit up fam Come through with a gram of that Oaksterdam I

Haste The Day - My name is darkness lyrics

grace, we've marched To the ends of the earth To search for the hand ... When all hope is lost It will be found Where ... the earth and the heavens collide And darkness

Hot Chip - My brother is watching me (bonus track) lyrics

eyes fill up with tears My arms shake My brother is watching me A baby is in my arms We climb the stairs My ... brother is watching me Wash my hands, shave my head I

Mikaila - My dream is gone lyrics

at night when you're all alone I'll be there for you After dark when you're on your ... own I'll be your dream come true When I lay my head to sleep You're here with me

Pastor Troy - My niggaz is the grind lyrics

Hook:] You tell me yo life and I'ma tell you mine You ... show me yo ice and I'ma show you mine And don't say ... money I put it all on the line And you can't

Satyricon - My skin is cold lyrics

skin is cold and the birds fly free Over my ... head, where winter grows A heathens call, stand up or fall ... This world is yours, for you to rule This, the blood of sin Flows

Seven Mary Three - My my lyrics

my stomach hurts again tonight she says: And crashes on her floor Cuts what ... she can't unite Ties it to a door If mercy was a cattle call She didn't hear She didn

Juliet Simms - My last whiskey tears lyrics

out the bottle Watch it circle the drain My head is hanging Tired of waking ... up feeling this way I wonder if this song ... remembers my name In a long time coming But never far away Packed up my suitcase and I grab my guitar

Slaves - My soul is empty and full of white girls lyrics

wanna get out, I wanna get out I'm sick of giving ... in to these demons I wanna get out, I wanna get out I'm ... With eyes wide open, all I see is the dark Another

Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - My heart is lyrics

ah-oh, oo-woo-oo-oo-oo Ah, ah-oh, oo-woo-oo-oo-oo Don't ... run, just walk Oh dang, he's hot Here we go, one ... more time Oh dang, he's fine My heart is

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - My body is a cage lyrics

body is a cage that keeps me From dancing with ... the one I love But my mind holds the key My body ... is a cage that keeps me From dancing with ... the one I love But my mind holds the key I'm standing on a stage Of fear and

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - My body is a cage lyrics

body is a cage That keeps me from dancing with ... the one I love But my mind holds the key My body ... is a cage That keeps me from dancing with ... the one I love But my mind holds the key I'm standing on a stage Of fear and

Les Irresistibles - My year is a day lyrics

wanna change my mind But I know it takes ... some time Thoughts are boucing in my brain Oh ... Lord are they gonna change Seems I lost her years and years ago I need her so, can I go on sad I feel so bad,

Antidote - My government is a farce lyrics

voted for a better future But now it's ... getting clear If I wanna see things change I've got ... to wait at least 4 years Now clowns rule our ... country And it isn't fun for you and me This is not democracy But it's the

Emmure - My name is thanos lyrics

don't f***ing know me. And you never will. I'm not ... from this world. I didn't ask to be here. x2 Look down at me you'll see a fool. Look ... up at me you'll see your God. Look straight at me and you

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