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My Hand On Your Chest lyrics

Browse for My Hand On Your Chest song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed My Hand On Your Chest lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to My Hand On Your Chest.

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Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Hand on your heart lyrics

On Your Heart [INTRO:] Put your hand on your heart and tell ... we're through, ooh Oh, put your hand on your heart Hand on your heart [1:] Well it's one

Lowkey - Hand on your gun lyrics

Intro: Lowkey] This one is dedicated to the suit ... droppers [Hook] Keep your hand on your gun Don't you trust ... anyone Keep your hand on your gun Don't you trust anyone

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Hand on your heart lyrics

your hand on your heart and tell me it's all ... over .. .. Put your hand on your heart, put your hand on your ... heart. Well it's one thing to fall in love, but

Coolio - Hand on my nutsac lyrics

I got my) I got my hand on my nutsac burnin 'cross the ... jar, Cool! Yep that's me on the motherf***in mic-a (mic-a ... the rep that I kept for a long, long, long, long, long, long, long time I got mor

Dj - X - My soul cries your name lyrics

like you, was built to serve my needs. carve intials on my ... back, wrap your arms around me. with your ... a gold-mine where they meet. long-fired arms, and a treasure chest where they meet. hold my hair

Shriekback - Hand on my heart lyrics

Some itch and ripple bones beneath the flesh No ... hesitation keeping the theory in trim ... about that stuff that keeps on pouring in I wouldn't cry no ... all of this is not imagination It's just me putting my hand

16 Horsepower - Hang my teeth on your door lyrics

sympathy is my simple joy your bossom my mobile home free ... tore me asunder i have you as my own and i hold you over ... rolling on the floor naked you say this

Sondre Lerche - On the tower lyrics

it less? What's that thing on your chest? Won't you ... whisper your blues as heartfelt as you can ... me halfway By the bedrock On the tower If I translate

Olly Murs - Hand on heart lyrics

on Come on, I'm right, I'm wrong and ... when I'm wrong I say. We always had the ... ve been through hell, And only heaven knows, How far we ... I met you ooh, And if you don't know. Just put your hand on my heart, Put your hand on my heart, And I don't have

Olly Murs - Hand on heart (radio mix) lyrics

on Come on, I'm right, I'm wrong and ... when I'm wrong I say. We always had the ... ve been through hell, And only heaven knows, How far we ... I met you ooh, And if you don't know. Just put your hand on my heart, Put your hand on my heart, And I don't have

Queensrÿche - Hand on heart lyrics

through the room. Armed with your razor smile cutting to the bone. My voice fell useless you ... of somewhere I'd been. Hand On Heart A promise, a word

The Cab - Take my hand lyrics

your nerves now And don't worry, just breathe Are ... you sure now? Don't bother packing Let's just ... tragedy today Now, take my hand and we will run away Down to

Jars Of Clay - Hand lyrics

for something new to break my heart So callous laden, I ... thing at all Will You catch my fall? From lost and not ... found, to run and not hide My hand inside... (Your hand)

Rise Against - My life inside your heart lyrics

back the impulse turn my head and close my eyes ... and cold and paralyzed wonder how we got this far and ... never realized the common thread that binds our lives

Foreigner - Hand on my heart lyrics

t dream this dream any more, my dream oh my dream Set me ... free I keep holdin' on but I don't know what for ... I know Is that I've breathed your name for what feels like a

Petra - Hand on my heart lyrics

Your hand on my heart and I won't walk away ... Got a hold of my life and I'm here to stay ... Got Your hand on my heart I remember when You ... first touched my heart And the seed of life

Scotty Mccreery - Write your number on my hand lyrics

climbed up an oak tree and done a back-flip The river ... bikini sittin’ pretty on her hips So we shared a ... Coca Cola sittin’ on a log And I was wantin’ to

Case Studies - My silver hand lyrics

I took back my silver hand The one you never wanted ... other nights I wouldn't take your call Or that I used you as a ... crutch Did I lean on you too much Hopin' you

Dan Wilson - Hand on my heart lyrics

heard a song coming down from a ceiling ... And got a feeling from a long, long time before I hear a ... voice sing, “Smile on your brother” My mother and her

The Gazette - My devil on the bed lyrics

..Kiss my chest deeply Yoku wo kuruwa su ... Chloe no Feminine Mary...Your the eyes Karamu kokyuu wa ... nama atataka ku Abandon insanity Scatter instinct

Andre Nickatina - My rap world (original mix) lyrics

Verse 1] My Vocabularies vary, its so ... exclusionary You'll find my baby pictures in modern dictionaries Next to mighty ... mercenaries, and visual visionaries And sexy freaks eating

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Heaven on earth lyrics

touch Your taste Your breath Your face Your hands ... Your head You're sweet Your love Your teeth Your tongue ... Your eye You're mine Your lips You're fine You're

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Hand on the pump lyrics

Verse One] Well I'm an alley cat, ... some say a dirty rat On my side you see my gat, see I'm ... off buck shots for I'm gonna wetcha Running hard, but I ... like a peace smoke, comin on a homicide You talkin shit,

Project Pitchfork - Your tempting fantasy lyrics

knee in front of thee You little wannabe ... were the best It looks into your eyes Which used to hide your ... and empty Then it touches your hair And with a calm voice

The Creepshow - Take my hand lyrics

your eyes and go to sleep my boy Lay your pretty head to ... I know you're scared so take my hand This is a hell bound ... ride but the Devil's on our side Don't be afraid my

Marvin Gaye - Got to get my hands on some lovin' lyrics

been told But I got to get my hand on some lovin' Before I ... I'm probably patient, between my sugar and I Said I'm gonna ... rock do one of those patsy demo You're my surprise, sure I got it all

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Hand on the glock lyrics

lets make it understood Just one man man with a whole lot of ... you back) Then jump back to my big Buddah like I'm not a ... bad guy But don't take advantage I'm throwin

The Dollyrots - My best friend´s hot lyrics

best friend´s hot My best friend´s hot No matter ... what I do won´t love me Why don´t you ... come on closer please Yeah you don´t ... know I brush my hand across your knee Just take it slow You

Ra - On my side lyrics

you're right Suppose it won't heal forever And I will ... nothing will get to me No one will want to have me Longing to be set free If only ... the sun would take me If only the wind was on my side [2x

Konshens - On your face lyrics

[Chorus] Girl I can see it pon your face Seh yo body a ball ... Let yuh out meck yo party pon Saturday Gyal yo heart cold ... no ca lambada Roped rould mi hand like a sham-baler People a

Green River Ordinance - On your own lyrics

the time go, the second hand is movin' to fast Who ever ... ever would last And if your conscience weighs a little heavy ... tonight Maybe you'll find it, ... now runnin' scared of all of your dreams Is it everything you

Sacred Steel - Your darkest saviour lyrics

am the one to guide your soul - The tempter they call ... me The one beyond all you behold - The master ... of treason The force called wicked by ... their king - The liar - Upon his throne of suffering

Cimorelli - On the radio lyrics

looked this way, Cos I wrote your name on this page and it's ... Lately I've been dancing in my sleep. Cos our love is a ... sweet summer song, It's better when you sing

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - Night comes on lyrics

ll never come through this alone She said, I'll be with you ... My shawl wrapped around you My hand on your head when you go ... And the night came on It was very calm I wanted

Floetry - My apology lyrics

back no rearrangement, only what lies ahead, and you're ... shoulder (never been this wrong before, never stood my ... afraid before, never faced alone and felt a peace before)

Juelz Santana - My problem (jealousy) lyrics

(Jealousy, yeah) Now I'm a loner cuz of (Jealousy, yeah) I ... to God I never meant to put my hands on you thats not ... there buggin', f***in' doin your dirt when, I was in the

Charlotte Martin - On your shore lyrics

dig my heels into the dirt 'Cause ... this one's gonna hurt Won't let the waves wash me away ... Is what I always pray In my heart I know you couldn't see ... In the dark or find your way through me Now I'm alone

Andre Matos - On your own lyrics

a shade follows my footsteps at night That ... close I could reach my hand And fool my heart one more ... - You say that you go, you don't go And you never leave a

Bette Midler - My eye on you lyrics

hair's so fair, your eye's so dark. I love you ... hard as my life. You pass me by as ... though I were a stone. You cut me like a knife. ... Boy, I do. I got my eye on you. Got my eye on you. I'm

Kelly Osbourne - On your own lyrics

what I should do Well they don't really know What I've been ... through And I don't care Don't care what you have to say ... 'Cause it's my life And I'll do as I may

Alabama Shakes - On your way lyrics

to god, did you think of me. On your way to heaven, did you ... me, why wasn't it was me? On your way to to the promised ... they took you higher and I don't know if i can follow...

Graham Colton - On your side lyrics

asking for forever And I don't need much of your time I ... You should know I'm on your side It's where I'll always ... If someday our stars don't align We'll go our own

Milk Inc. - On your own lyrics

you’re thinking to make yourself a new life on your own ... you’re thinking to make yourself a new life on your own

Damone - On your speakers lyrics

good care and I'll see you soon Ring you up this afternoon ... right now You'll hear me on your speakers Everywhere you ... go Wearing your worn out sneakers Kickin'

H2o - On your feet lyrics

had it made You had a life your bills were paid But your ... heart was numb inside Abandoned by your foolish pride And ... tried and you will find All your riches they come from inside

Kat-tun - On your mind -please come back to me- lyrics

itsumo Iou toshite Namari konde mutsumui tane Please ... Nakama tachi to Onaji kao Onaji basho Demo

Karmin - On your side lyrics

who i see here's hope in your heart looking at me so many ... too many words to hear soon enough youll be walking and ... be here when theyre not i am on your side,

Blur - On your own (crouch end broadway mix) lyrics

tourists Shiny shellsuits on, and drinking lemonade Now, ... in California He said he once was that great game show ... Then he blew all his money away, blew it all away So

Bonobo - On your marks lyrics

---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------...

The Connells - On your honor lyrics

you see how long the party was? We're ... here and did you say how long you kept it up? Be so much ... decide to take them down. Your Christmas lights are the only

Corey Hart - On your own lyrics

t you know that your life you've been waiting You ... you told you to go Follow your footsteps to the northern ... coastline Were painting your canvas of colors will say...

Elvis Costello - On your way down lyrics

The same people you misuse on your way up You might meet ... up On your way down Vintage wines ... from the year '62 It's your thing, it's your thing It

Dark Tranquillity - On your time lyrics

sanity, traded in for life once we crawled into the ... all was left and I arrived on your time there in the ... collision wish answers could arrive ... this? did the physical emotion break the fall of sleep?

Fractal Gates - On your own lyrics

to hope And drown in false control To feel the messiah ... you out Purity is in yourself Don't seek it, don't ... trust their lies Believe in your sense, not their lines This

Iron & Wine - On your wings lyrics

like the ravens in the corn on their wings, on our knees ... are guns growing out of our bones God, every road takes us ... we wither in the shade of your trees, on your wings we are

Nick Lachey - On your own lyrics

live with a halo round your head, This time your leaving ... apart around you, And if your lost and barely breathing, I ... And carry you back home. I won't forsake the only love I

Riot ( Usa ) - On your knees lyrics

who obstains A slave to your pleasure, a slave to your ... a spin of the wheel Select your next master and feel how it ... feels On your knees Into the night that

Shok Paris - On your feet lyrics

up Be counted When your backs are to the walls Rise ... it's all for the taking Don't wait till the damage is done Fight for a reason The air ... s full of treason Don't wait for the hammer Don't

Across Silent Hearts - On your side lyrics

When I needed you so much,my dear Like a sick bird is ... dreaming of flying Once have tasted love we were ... lie How can I compare, I don't know Can you tell , can

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