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My Friend You Have A Choice Life And Dead The Decision Is Yours lyrics

Browse for My Friend You Have A Choice Life And Dead The Decision Is Yours song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed My Friend You Have A Choice Life And Dead The Decision Is Yours lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to My Friend You Have A Choice Life And Dead The Decision Is Yours.

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Ian Brown - The world is yours lyrics

a young boy daddy used to tell me stories ... Do your thing my son the world is yours The winds of ... fury will lead to paths of glory Take it in your ... stride my son the world is yours You can only find the

Nas lyricsNas - The world is yours lyrics

quot;It's yours!" --] T La Rock Chorus: Nas, Pete ... Rock [PR] Whose world is this? [Nas] The world is yours, the world is yours [PR] It's

End Of Green - My friend lyrics

have to be on your last day You never know what you have done ... every night, lights go out and you feel alright You take ... what you will taken, you do what you will do Can you tell

Feed Her To The Sharks - The world is yours lyrics

ve come too far to turn back now This is a song for the ... broken souls It's time to rise up, take a stand Break down ... the walls and face your fears There is nothing about you

Aesop Rock - The harbor is yours lyrics

...Throw your babies in the air [Hook: Rob Sonic] Dead ... men tell no tales (Uh-huh) Up push the daisies till the soil is stale In ... a powder blue tux for the farmer's sale (Here we go) Mr.

Tim Mcmorris - “the world is yours” lyrics

up, live free Dream big, and see that The world is yours, the world is yours ... Give all you have, you have to give The world is yours ... the world is yours I tried break free You

Adam Gontier - You have a choice (concerned canadians) lyrics

Now the lights have gone to half-lit And we might lose the ... planet Find the wonder to believe That you ... ve got some power up your sleeve And you'll find yourself wondering Could you

Oomph! - The world is yours lyrics

will you leave your cage? When will you turn the page? When will you open the gate Ready to fly, ready to ... fly for me? I can feel it now You'll make it

Buck-tick - The world is yours lyrics

wo kamiobieteru hametsu he no akogare Woo Yakusoku no shuumatsu ni awai yume sagaseba Ah ... Don't laugh Baby bakageteta..... Warai nakisakebu sa ... yoru no naka Megalomania no kage odoridasu tsukiyo ni itai

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - The world is yours lyrics

your distance You're in the race [?] Caress me In your eye ... got better things to do This will hurt someone White walls, windows Charity [?] ... defenders [?] Comfort me and bring me something sharp

Gungor - The earth is yours lyrics

voice it thunders The oaks start twisting The forest sounds ... with cedars breaking The waters see You and start their ... writhing From the depths a song is rising Now it’s rising from the ground Holy,

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - The night is yours - the night is mine lyrics

night is yours, the night is mine I beg you baby, take your time It's like paradise, ... see your magic eyes Feel the need in me The night is yours, the night is mine I beg your baby, take your time Heaven

Roy Orbison - My friend lyrics

I my friend can't tell you. When you my friend are ... wrong. Not to do what you want to Just because it's wrong ... Well then my friend in passing. We've been friends too

Biffy Clyro - And with the scissorkick is victorious lyrics

will become the victorious (become what may) ... With the skill to fell the rest of them down, you are what I despise And I hope you ... judge your life on all the friends you've made To think, to

Marble Sounds - My friend lyrics

owe a lot to you, my dear, you are a friend You care enough ... to listen and to understand There are so many means to many ... different ends I leave it up to you A post-it

Ayreon - The decision tree (we're alive) lyrics

my friends! So light of foot. So swift. ... You have come this far. And now - here beneath the ancient, omniscient boughs of the Decision Tree - one of you

Broilers - Vom scheitern (the world is yours, nicht!) lyrics

la-la-lei-lei-la-la-ley La-la-la-lei-lei-la-la-ley La-la-la-lei-lei-la-la-ley La-la-la ... lei-lei-la-la-ley In der Nacht beuge ich mich über die ... Kinder Rei-ei-ei-eiß aus dem Traum Die Wohnung ist

Ragnarok - The key is turned for the seventh time lyrics

nights will freeze blood And make human statues cold The stars shine so clear in a ... formation which Scares tells that death is near ... Something malicious and vengeful is out there It

Angelus Apatrida - The hope is gone lyrics

of death are showing me the way I've been dreaming the same ... I can't get it out of my mind A dream about shadows ... devouring the light The hope is gone far from these

Of Montreal - My friend will be me lyrics

wish I knew a man Someone to steal me from ... this sadness I wish I knew a girl Who'd run her fingers ... through my hair and kiss me Wish I didn't have to

Elevation Worship - Glory is yours lyrics

honor, strength and power Yours alone, now and forever A ... love this world could never stop There ... is no one like our God Reaching down to touch the broken

Planetshakers - You have it all lyrics

the words of my mouth and the thoughts from my heart ... glorify You. Everywhere that I go and everything that I ... do may it please You. Everything I have is not

1990s - You're supposed to be my friend lyrics

re supposed to be my friend We're supposed to get along ... Hey, you're supposed to be my friend That's right! Right? ... It's hard to get you on the phone You're never home! You're never at my place neither

Lucy Schwartz - My friend lyrics

there lady better hit the road baby Cuz you'll never be my ... friend You're joking 'bout the rest but at whose expense You'll never be my friend She

Helstar - The king is dead lyrics

Assassin They've come to take his life They wave the flag of Anarchy And chant "The King Must Die" The ... overthrow of authority, must start with his

Clare Maguire lyricsClare Maguire - The last dance lyrics

I feel the mood And I don't feel like talking ... oh ho a waha I wasn't ready to lose you You're the ... first man to move me yeah You help me feel alive Got me

Matt Simons - You can come back home lyrics

this heart now give it everything It ... s your life now live it, don't shy away ... Put all of you in it I'll be waiting here ... for you Show your face don't hide it and I know you're scared to spread your

Hilastherion - The end is not the end lyrics

find your life exciting Parties all night long You say ... that you don't need a God 'cause You've found your own way ... You say that you know there is a God But you do want

Passenger lyricsPassenger - Life´s for the living lyrics

grey clouds wrapped round the town like elastic Cars stood ... like toys made of Taiwanese plastic The boy laughed at the ... spastic dancing round in the rain While laundrettes cleaned

Converge - The high cost of playing god lyrics

head over heels for burden and a bright light. A high ... cost of playing god I guess. Please, ... tell me how to survive in this. The unforgiving role of ... seeing too much. Under the dead wake of morning. Finding

Indigo Girls - You left it up to me lyrics

I let you go I cursed myself with empty hands Strong ... enough to watch you walk but not enough to understand With spiteful eyes you ... burn for my grace I was trying to stand outside you

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - My friend george lyrics

in the paper 'bout a man killed with a sword and that made my think of my friend ... George People said the man was five foot six sounds like ... George with his killing stick Hey bro, what's the word talkin' 'bout my

Rush - The wreckers lyrics

breaker's roar On an unseen shore, In the teeth ... of a hurricane, Oh, we struggle in vain ... A hellish night, A ghostly light, Appears ... through the driving rain, Salvation in a human chain All I know is that sometimes you have to be wary of a miracle

Alice Cooper - Life and death of the party lyrics

walk into the room, everybody stares The talking stops, there's a silence ... there The room is yours, you own it now You're in control ... everybody down here knows You got a place in my heart, I

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - You have loved enough lyrics

said I’d be your lover. You laughed at what I said. I lost my job forever. I was counted ... with the dead. I swept the marble chambers, But you ... sent me down below. You kept me from believing Until

K. Michelle - You should have killed me lyrics

and all the lessons I've learned.. I done been through it ... all, I done had people try take my life... Leave me for dead, but victories that much greater when you climb out from the gutter, ya feel me Yous a

B. B. King - The world is gone wrong lyrics

things have happened, Like never happened ... before. My baby told me I would have to go ... I can't be good no more, Like I ... once did before. I can't be good no more, baby,

Cock Sparrer - Did you have a nice life without me? lyrics

seems so long, so many years, Since that old school ... song echoed in my ears You made plans - I played in a Band ... You wanted flowers and walks in the park, I wanted

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The trial lyrics

morning Worm your honour The crowd will plainly show The ... prisoner who now stands before you Was caught ... red handed showing feelings ... Showing feelings of an almost human nature This will

Illnath - The blood is the almighty sin lyrics

sun is setting And night comes crawling back ... Out of the shadows deep Comes a creature of ... the night And now the stars are shining bright Hunting the innocent He draws their

Enigma - The die is cast lyrics

are you? What are you doing here? Share What you´re thinging Share All you´re dreaming Tell me who you are How does it feel You ... gonna reach your guiding star Is that for real?

Thomas Anders - You have rescued me lyrics

was alone, living a lie, losing my mind ... Wondering why, i wasted my time on dreaming Just when ... i thought i'd had enough, you came on by Taking my hand, you lifted me higher Give me the strength to survive You,

Cascada - The world is in my hands lyrics

world is in my hands I'm ready to go my way Tomorrow is ... not today So take the change Singing oh oh oh The ... sky is not the end I'm ready to make a change To give

Esp - The future is now lyrics

are the future, If you don't get the point You ... might get left behind Stand close to me, You look for answers That you can't seem to ... find (Chorus) Over & over, Forced upon to live

Saigon - And the winner is... (feat. bun b) lyrics

Saigon] ...claim many lives With semi [?] from ... guys, innocent ladies, babies of any size Nah I knew ... it wasn't the truth, cause they ain't have nothin for proof

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - The magic is working lyrics

magic is working, I'm falling in love The magic is ... working, I'm falling in love The magic is working, I'm falling ... in love You were sent from Heaven above All of my life, I

Elevation Worship - The lord is my rock lyrics

the waters rise My hope is sure When life falls apart ... I stand secure When my way is dark Your light breaks ... through When I don’t feel you near Your word is true

Sophie B. Hawkins - The one you have not seen lyrics

want to walk beside you Nowhere that I have ever ... been And of the dreams inside you I am the one you have not seen You make me ... feel a school girl Restless to take

Britt Nicole - The sun is rising lyrics

life has cut too deep and left you hurting, The ... future you had hoped for is now burning, And the dreams you held so tight have lost ... their meaning, And you don't know if you'll ever

Oi Polloi - The earth is our mother lyrics

can you buy or sell the sky? The warmth of the land ... The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air And the sparkle of the water How can

Aretha Franklin - The day is past and gone lyrics

day is past and gone, The evening shades appear; O may ... we all remember well The night of death draws near. ... We lay our garments by, Upon our beds to

Mistweaver - The night is my guide lyrics

walk alone in this world The night is my guide Embraced ... by darkness and shadows The moon is my bride Through the endless path to the abyss I am guided by the light By the

Satyricon - The forest is my throne lyrics

years of knowledge, Man rode the wings of evil Through the ... enormous winter, Three years without summer Prepared ... for the battles of the north I sat on my throne and watched between The skies

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - The best is yet to come lyrics

of the tree of life, I just picked me a plum You ... came along and everything started to hum Still its a real ... good bet, the best is yet to come The best is

B. J. Thomas - The word is love lyrics

and feeling lonely Had become ordinary I was always glad to see a day go by The darkness just got deeper The ... mountains just got steeper But when ... I heard the Word it changed my life The Word is love The

Charlotte Church - The little horses lyrics

bye bye, Don't you cry Go to sleepy little baby ... When you wake you shall have All the pretty little ... horses Hush bye bye, Don't you cry Go to sleepy little baby

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - The best is yet to come lyrics

of the tree of life I just picked me a plum, You came along and everything's ... startin' to hum. Still, it's a real good bet, the best is ... yet to come. Best is yet to come, and babe, won't

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The game is on lyrics

you seen this little toy When you're down ... it gives you joy You escape reality delve into its TV ... screen For the rich and for the poor For the even

Donald Lawrence - The blessing is on you lyrics

Choir:] The Lord has made... a covenant with you He has ... promised... that He... would bless... you You are in... the Earth... but you live, above... the curse You

Ayreon - The truth is in here lyrics

night I had that dream again My world was black as night Plagued by visions of a future ... world (Mr L, did you take your meds?) I sang about these ... dreams Warning man of his demise Wasted words that no one heard (Won't you please relax? I

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