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Holy Moses - Disorder of the order lyrics

you can hear the bullets of my cry We will turn our amps to ... will start at over again Disorder of the order - Into the ... present now Disorder of the order - A madness will

Chiasm - Disorder lyrics

all you find In a world of disorder I lie awake Knowing there's ... I can do In a world of disorder I lie awake Knowing there's ... they kneel In a world of disorder I lie awake Knowing there's

The Gazette - Disorder heaven lyrics

D-I-S-O-R-D-E-R Welcome to disorder you my fair brother D-I-S-O ... back back back to hack Disorder Heaven D-I-S-O-R-D-E-R ... Welcome to disorder you my fair brother D-I-S-O-R-D-E-R

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Disorder lyrics

the cops and renegades disorder don't give a f*** work ... [repeat chorus] disorder [repeat

Dj Mad Dog - Disorder lyrics

there's gotta be a reason Disorder! But before you speak

Alghazanth - My twin of disorder lyrics

nothing of boundaries, My twin of disorder Killer ... as the ground beneath He's my reason to practise mayhem A ... right to express my hatred Absurdity! March

Mustasch - My disorder lyrics

one around I tried to reach my life supporter Bad, this ... better brand I try to reach my life supporter Now I know ... water Pull yourself through My Disorder Now´s the time to

Repugnant - Eating from a coffin lyrics

sore Stinking corpse for eating Feeding on the gore [Lead ... sore Stinking corpse for eating Feeding on the gore Eating from a coffin Eating from a

Alkaline Trio - Eating me alive lyrics

like a sunrise, That melted my eyes from my skull. As I ... turned into ash before for my sweet demise, The end of me ... Well now you're stuck in my head like a love song, That

Abandoned - Disorder lyrics

main and might Evil is my nature Confusion is my game ... I live my life in chaos Disorder is my name I am hungry for ... some blood You gotta make my day 'Cos this is all I've

Heaven And Hell - Eating the cannibals lyrics

Total control Plenty of seating You know that you're eating ... meeting It's true that we're eating the cannibals Don't close ... 'Cause soon you'll be Eating the cannibals Eating the

Skillet - Eating me away lyrics

s eating me away I said to God It's ... rotting in my mind It's like a cancer Is ... a reason to breathe It's eating me away [Chorus:] Save ... me from my rage And my humanity I'm more nothing

Calmando Qual - Disorder lyrics

Akaguroku wareta boku no atama ni hae ga atsumaru. Jirijiri to yaketa taiyou o abite. Ikutsu mo no shisen ga boku o miru ikutsu mo no shisen ga boku o mita. ...

Blaze Bayley - Eating children lyrics

saviour death gives birth eating children one by one children ... from death gives birth eating children one by one children ... giant red hell has come eating children one by one children

Joy Division - Disorder lyrics

I've been waiting for a guide to come And take me by the hand Could these sensations make me feel The pleasures of a normal man? These sensations barely intere...

Scarpoint - Disorder lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Foun...

Joan Armatrading - Eating the bear lyrics

those teeth And I groped for my knife Big brown bear With ... his mouth He could taste my leg And he thought he'd got ... me But I am eating the bear He lurked around

Goldfinger - Disorder lyrics

well just die and if i kill myself i'd be giving up my

Rancid - Disorder disarray lyrics

man come shake my hand Show me numbers that i ... understand Your my candle i'm burning your wick

Helalyn Flowers - Disorder lyrics

again I've tried to reach my other me in a space unplaced ... me over... I need to wake up my body I need to wake up my ... again I've tried to reach my mind I've tried to reach my space I've tried to find a

Bratmobile - Eating toothpaste lyrics

make it in this world? We're eating toothpaste and blue playdough ... to be mean Don't come to my shows no more no Don't come ... men crawling over me now My body my brain my fingernails.

Lower Than Atlantis - Eating is cheating lyrics

lotta Stella when I left my mates and now I'm ready for a

Shai Hulud - Eating bullets of acceptance lyrics

this established lifestyle My existence will not be

Four Year Strong - Eating my words lyrics

putting words in my mouth They taste better when ... your head I’m not here for my health if I was then I’d be ... dead Instead I’m testing my patience waiting around for

Psapp - Eating spiders lyrics

drags us down When you flip my gear My mother doesn't love

Hot Water Music - Eating the filler lyrics

could i fill myself with nothing got a drink ... from the tap makes my insides burn with nothing ... that i could starve in my own home i need fuel how

Hands Off Gretel - Eating simon lyrics

and play in my house I have a game for us ... and hide Simon played in my house he's as timid as a ... big, he is so shy trembling my mouth is wide wide wide

A Sound Of Thunder - My disease lyrics

the pain Of the burning in my chest And the fire in my ... all that I am Traveling my mind Drowning in my mixed ... Contaminating poison In my blood is crippling me

Entwine - My serenity lyrics

damn freak show Far from disorder I find serenity I will let

4arm - My father's eyes lyrics

childs dream just don't take my fathers eyes off me there's ... fuel their greed i'll bring disorder and make waves just to ... childs dream just don't take my fathers eyes off me there's

Agathocles - My eve of destruction lyrics

m following my shadow in the valley of death ... My mind is so troubled, I am ... choking in my breath My hands are f***ing shaking, my ... turned into lead Personality disorder, malfunctions in my head

Poisonblack - My sun shines black lyrics

burned and left behind But my sun still shines black The ... rust is spreading, eating the bones The spirit is lame

Elton John lyricsElton John - My kind of hell lyrics

hot coffee & my black tea I don't know about ... liked you much But you're my kind of hell Oh can't say I ... liked you much But you're my kind of hell Battle ins

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - My weezy lyrics

Dr. Spock, Rock... To my own tune, Lil tune My ... stomach hurtin' My shit is dropping real soon ... talkin bout? Yeah I tell my niggas pick the target out,

Andre Nickatina - My rap world (original mix) lyrics

Verse 1] My Vocabularies vary, its so ... exclusionary You'll find my baby pictures in modern ... visionaries And sexy freaks eating strawberries I represent my

Reset - My dream and i lyrics

of nothingness Keeps on eating me Will I succeed I can ... think I can't stop thinking My mind just needs a rest ... t have to think It's under my skin No one can stop my

George Watsky - My first stalker lyrics

when she saw me Calmly eating my tamale She followed me ... there? You're creeping out my neighbors When they grab the ... in the numbers Polishing my halo Ooh I bet you wonder

Angus & Julia Stone - My malakai lyrics

I just don’t understand. My, my Malakai My, my Malakai ... She said “I saw your fool in my back yard”, I said “no he ... here” as he licked his lips. Eating old chucks is just one if his

Blindside - My mother´s only son lyrics

drink up He sees it´s eating him up It´s the price he ... land And i´m a coward Shut my eyes and concentrate On my

The Bridgeheads - My private star lyrics

see? see? see? see? be my aero plane which will take my ... pain away. be my everything so I can sleep ... mine so bright so bright be my star love’s what you

Dark Illusion - My heart cries out for you lyrics


Eminem lyricsEminem - My only chance lyrics

I fail to prevail so let my ass rot I wish I was an ... I'm afraid not A portion of my life is I'm happy I'm here ... Yeah, I think not! I hate my life I bet you hate yours too

Gate Of Sorrow - My ruins lyrics

I am feeling Your touches on my skin As I am feeling I am ... a collision Needing help Eating the poison Never and nowhere ... Who are you Not anymore my divine My ruins through I

Memory Garden - My pain lyrics

all away Trying to soothe my pain of loving in vain What ... your life so self-occupied My fatuity has passed me by ... delivered with erosive spite Eating my heart out My blindness

Pastor Troy - My niggaz is the grind lyrics

can't f*** with me because my nigga's is the grind ... can't f*** with me because my nigga's is the grind ... do For every bitch you want my nigga I got two So shawty

Abacabb - My favorite food is you lyrics

words spit at the back of my neck, three, four, that blade ... last time you'll have to hear my voice. You said you loved me

Afterschool - My bell lyrics

geuraetteut I love you in my life Dashi tto naege ... haetjiman I norael bureumyeon Geu daega ol geot gataseo ... geuraetteut I love you in my life Dashi tto naege

Agnetha Fältskog - My colouring book lyrics

For those who fancy colouring books And lots of people do Here's a new one for you A most unusual colouring book The kind you never see Crayons ready Very well B...

An Cafe - My favorite beat (hidden track) lyrics

Oretachi no tamashii no sakebi wo Sono mune ni kizame you keep kin Mou dare ni mo tomesase wa shinai I go to school by bus Ki ga tsukeba oretachi wa usuyogoreta ...

An Cafe - My heart leaps for"c" lyrics

kara wow yeah norikoerareru my heart leaps for you kimi ... wow yeah aishi tsuzukeru yo my heart leaps for

Angela - My story lyrics

e to tsudzuku yo owaranai My story atashi de aru tame ni

Angelo - My strife lyrics

Kyoudan midaretobu kanjou tsukisashi atte Fuan kara no touhi Taishuu iki madou hikan no onpareedo Jakusha kara kyousei taijou Jidai ga tojite iku maku ni te o kakeru ...

Animal Collective - My favorite colors lyrics

Weeeeeee Ooooooohhh WEEEEEEeeee OOHHHH OOHHH EEEEEEeeee (ah ha ha ha ha) (repeat chorus)...

Anouk - My friend lyrics

s the matter my friend Can you tell me why

Antidote - My government is a farce lyrics

I voted for a better future But now it's getting clear If I wanna see things change I've got to wait at least 4 years Now clowns rule our country And it isn't f...

Aoa - My song lyrics

Can you hear? Can you hear my music? Sijak haeboneun ... barabwa Du soneul heundeulmyeo everybody say yeah Hold ... Can you hear? Can you hear my music? Naneun sumgyeo

Apatheia - My personal sun lyrics

t miss anything Cause I have my own personal sun I could ... t miss anything Cause I have my own personal

Apron - My medusa lyrics

I hear them coming See my eyes and kill yourself

Arachnes - My face is hard lyrics

Face Is HardMy Face Is HardMy Face Is HardMy Face Is HardMy ... Face Is HardMy Face Is HardMy Face Is

Arallu - My hell lyrics

Black night, darkness surround Only Butchered is searching for blood Black night, darkness surround Black night, children lie In total coma- awake! Now the shad...

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