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Much About Myself But When I’m With You It All Makes Sense lyrics

Browse for Much About Myself But When I’m With You It All Makes Sense song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Much About Myself But When I’m With You It All Makes Sense lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Much About Myself But When I’m With You It All Makes Sense.

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Mellowdrone - It all makes sense now lyrics

I finally lost it today I went insane From waiting and from pushing but I'm ... will be just fine Wait I've almost got it don't ... give up on me yet I'd really love to show you I did it all, I did it all for

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - What a difference your love makes lyrics

Special Edition] Like a kiss of ... sunshine on my face You woke me up from this sorrow ... place You switch me off Turn me on You ... rescued me when you came along No one ever

The Reindeer Section - Who told you lyrics

all makes sense now I've calmed down I ... should have seen it coming from miles down the ... road But at the time we never think ... That it might have been ourselves to

Laura Branigan - When i'm with you lyrics

down in my bones Feel it come whenever you're near A ... here 'Cause one night with you and my heart just shatters ... One night with you and now you're all that matters I'm

Off With Their Heads - With you lyrics

you! It’s you! You’re the only reason that I ... up in the morning and make it through The day. Every day. ... I pass out on the floor from all of the pain. Something

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - It only happens when i dance with you lyrics

only happens when I dance with you That trip to Heaven ... till the dance is through With no one else do the heavens ... seem quite so near Why does it happen, dear, only with you?

Hanson - With you in your dreams lyrics

I'm gone when you wake up Please don't cry ... And if I'm gone when you wake up It's not goodbye ... remember me 'Cause I'll be with you in your dreams Oh I'll

Tony Bennett - It only happens when i dance with you lyrics

only happens when I dance with you That trip to Heaven ... till the dance is through With no one else do the Heavens ... seem quite so near Why does it happen, dear only with you?

Revive - You're all i need lyrics

in And the world caves in all around me You're all I need ... When my life becomes so easy And ... everything I've ever dreamed You're all I need And now I am

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - With you lyrics

you, life moves so fast with you, everything's a mess Slow ... down Don't you think you could be less capricious I'm ... not you, I don't have no death wish

Gym Class Heroes - Pig latin lyrics

my hats rocked to the left, all these dirty looks be gettin ... cause my pants swung low It's time to dead that. Testify ... and get your head wrapped like Arabian

Tom Odell - Sense lyrics

a different way back home, It would all make sense. Oh, ... shut my eyes, Lose myself in teenage lies, If I fell ... love a thousand times, Would it all make sense ? Cause I,

Florence + The Machine - All this and heaven too lyrics

heart is hard to translate, It has a language of its own, It talks and tongues and quiet ... days of great men and the smallest of gestures, In short shallow gasps! But with all my

Meja - Itś all about the money lyrics

world inside my mind when I realise the crazy things ... we do It makes me feel ashamed to be alive It makes me wanna run away and ... hide It's all 'bout the money It's all

Chevelle - I get it lyrics

you say I make a man As it is, Well, give us your sad, ... sad trip You're right, I get it It all makes sense, you're the perfect ... So right, so wrong Let's all live in your imaginary life

Avalon - You were there lyrics

wonder how it must have felt when David stood to face Goliath ... hill I imagine that he shook with all his might. Until you ... and held on tight Cause you were there, you were there

Flunk - Common sense lyrics

I lost my common sense It slipped away on the corner of ... Pike and 10th I guess it happened on purpose Because ... lately it's been getting quite intense Today I wandered

For All Those Sleeping - You belong with me lyrics

re on the phone with your boyfriend, he's upset He's ... going off about something that you said ... 'Cause he doesn't get your humor like I do. I'm in my ... room, it's a typical Tuesday night. I

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Let me love you more lyrics

s when I look at you That I'm suddenly alive ... And it all makes sense When it feels so beautiful ... Completely natural Well it's love I guess This is

Phil Collins - Come with me lyrics

the sun shine brighter for you I will even play the fool if ... it makes you smile I'll try to make you ... laugh if there's a tear in your eye After all is said

Bonnie Raitt - About to make me leave home lyrics

a love could be so strong it could ever make me, think about leaving home I can't help myself your lovin bout to drive me ... my mind so gettin together with this love, boy it just ain't

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Work it out lyrics

all makes sense Everybody listen to the ... a consequence for every bit of ignorance, incompetent, It's time for use to work it out ... We gotta work, work it out, before the day is done

Pandora - You believed lyrics

by Pandora I was scared but you stood by my side Lost myself, my beliefs and my pride You carried me over You ... carried me over You have turned all the bad into

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Life is better with you lyrics

day's not Valentine's, but you make it feel like most of the ... time, when I'm all alone with you. Pickin' up pieces of ... s ones I just can't find, but they found a home with you.

One Voice - When u think about me lyrics

Talking:] I know you want me I got your mind ... paralysed Is it the infatuation that keeps you awake at night? [Chorus:] ... When you think about me Do you think about us Fallin in

Android Lust - Sense of it all lyrics

I feel It's hard to go on Even to get ... feel right Said i'm fine If you should happen to ask Don't ... this Shaking fists Body is about to drop Cry and scream Then

Dusty Springfield - I found love with you lyrics

found it, I found it, ooh True, true lovin' with you Ahh, ha, ooh, I got so much ... to give, so much to live for 'Cause darlin', ... I found love with you I got so much to share, so much to care for 'Cause darlin',

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes - All dressed up lyrics lyrics

pack my suit in a bag I'm all dressed up for Prague I'm all dressed up with you All ... up for him too Prepare myself for a war Before I even open ... I even look out I'm pissing all of my bullets about...

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - Workin' it out lyrics

I wanna fly Somedays it all makes sense to me Somedays I just ... no Gonna stand up and shout it Oh oh No way I´m not ... backing out Or cracking up with doubt I´m working it out

Damien Rice - All dressed up (prague) lyrics

pack my suit in a bag i'm all dressed up for prague i'm all dressed up with you all ... up for him too prepare myself for a war before i even open ... i even look out i'm pissing all of my bullets about i wrap myself in a bag i'm all wrapped up

Lmfao - With you lyrics

Chorus] It's crazy, I never want this ... feeling to end. This is what it means to be friends Only when I'm hanging with you Oh I ... cant stop dreaming cause, Its crazy, I never want this

Jason Mraz - Kickin' with you lyrics

oh kickin' with you Wooh Huh Yeah Uh Here ... we be Both together now finally I'll be hoping that we ... be wishing and visualizing on your description about every

Everclear - When it all goes wrong again lyrics

I think it's safe to say I feel good about the place That I've been ... in the world today I get all sticky inside When I close ... my way Reminisce and laugh about the good old days Yeah, when I saw my brother above me I

Jessica Simpson - With you lyrics

real me is a southern girl with her Levis on and an open ... The real me used to laugh all night lying in the grass just ... talking about love But lately I've been jaded life

Cher - You've made me so very happy lyrics

Got mad and closed the door But you said child just once more ... I chose you for the one Now we're having ... so much fun You treated me so kind I'm about

Corbin Bleu - Roll with you lyrics

with you Yeah, roll with you Roll with you It's in your eyes just love the way you ... knowing that I'm watching you. Everything about us I can ... see, it's just the way I thought that

Los Lobos - When the circus comes lyrics

of this wreck The time that you came and the day that you ... Never thought I could make it this far With a dent in my ... Never thought I could But when the lights are turning 'round

John Hiatt - You're all the reason i need lyrics

to burn the clutch Every little thing used to mean so much ... Now it's all about you [Chorus:] You're all the ... reason I need You're all the reason I need This love

Jessica Reedy - So in love with you (amazing) lyrics

(na na na na na da da da) (You gave me) (I, I I I You cha ... so amazing I don’t know why You chose me, all I know is Im ... so in love with You [Verse 1] I took a look

Bow Wow - You can get it all lyrics

uh, uh, got me like woo-hoo When I think about you That's the ... mind I'm like woo-hoo baby, you can get it all You can get it ... all, you can get it Woo-hoo, when I think about you That's the

The Kinks - You make it all worthwhile lyrics

in his pockets for his keys but there is no need. Andrea is ... waiting to greet him with open arms. WIFE: Hello ... love. You look all worn out! Let me take your

Lp lyricsLp - When i'm not with you lyrics

lie to you to get away Hide from myself ... feet I cry out loud I keep you back I force you out When ... I'm not with you I don't know your name When ... I'm not with you I'm a blank slate I dig

The Professionals - All the way lyrics

m on the receiving end of little game picket plays I wish ... me out the way Long expresso with my time, can't stand the way you talk And when you count the

Silverstein - You're all i have lyrics

up in the afternoon Empty walls make up the room And I'm ... for one thing To give myself the strength to keep myself ... Long enough to make sure you don't try To turn out

Drake lyricsDrake - With you lyrics

Chorus: PARTYNEXTDOOR] It's about us right now, girl, where you ... going? It's about us right now, girl, where you ... going? I'm with you [Verse 1: PARTYNEXTDOOR]

Another Sunny Day - You should all be murdered lyrics

day, when the world is set to rights I ... m going to murder all the people I don't like The ... people who have left me down without reserve The people who ... The people who talk too much The people who don't care The

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - I wanna be with you lyrics

s off, it's on The party's just begun ... s celebrate the fun of being young I don't wanna grow up I ... don't wanna grow up But when the lights come on You lift

Danzel - You are all of that lyrics

on girl oh can't you see, You're the perfect match for me. ... Get your body close to mine, Cause you make me feel so fine. Come ... on girl oh can't you see... yeah Come on girl oh

Dogena - With you (ft. babz wayne) lyrics

of the world Let me show you what's beautiful Woman I ... need you in my world Let me show you love like you never see Take ... you to a place where you never be So we can walk

Julio Iglesias lyricsJulio Iglesias - When i need you lyrics

I need you I just close my eyes and I'm ... with you And all that I so wanna give you It ... s only a heartbeat away When I need love I hold out my ... I never knew there was so much love Keeping me warm night

Mötley Crüe - You're all i need lyrics

of my knife Faced away from your heart Those last few nights ... It turned and sliced you apart This love that I tell ... cell So many times I said You'd only be mine I gave my

Monica - It all belongs to me lyrics

Loving you is hard I feel like I'm about to hurt myself And I don't ... want to do it baby Been loving you so hard ... And the way you act ain't been no help No no

Nashville Cast - It all slows down ft. aubrey peeples lyrics

trying to make a dime I see it in your eyes that you’re ... growing tired Baby you know I am I might not even ... get to see your face tonight You’re running around trying to

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - You can't see me lyrics

just wanna have it all figured out the more I'm in ... the light and even though it's clearer, I cannot reach ya ... I just wanna be as content as you but you do not deserve this,

Beneath The Sky - It all ends with a smile lyrics

s watch it burn! [x4] Why must you ... and everything? I will tell you not to have the answers and ... keep my mouth shut. F*** you! I've had enough of this.

Boston - With you lyrics

true love has come to call The type of man I thought ... and gone And said, Sparrow, it's you I've come to see ... 'Cause with you is where I want to be Oh, with you, with you You take me

Cassie - Not with you lyrics

d give anything, go anywhere when it comes to your love, but ... in my heart is whether it's strong enough. If you want ... I've got to trust if I'm not with you Hey [Chorus] Ain't

Perry Como - All through the day lyrics

sit alone in the golden daylight, ... But all I see is a silver sky; For ... sky, Just the way we like it, you and I. (refrain) All ... through the day I dearm about the night, I dream about the

Crystal Fighters - With you lyrics

above the cloudless sky. With you. With you. ... clouds at night. Thinking about outside, And walking around ... thing, They need love inside you, Deep down in my heart in

Jamie Foxx - With you lyrics

I got to get...Have you ever been to Spain in the ... slow lane,Holdin' your name, play n bet it like no ... pain (no gain)Let me show you wot your body is made fo&amp

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