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Move On Ka Na Lang lyrics

Browse for Move On Ka Na Lang song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Move On Ka Na Lang lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Move On Ka Na Lang.

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Faydee - Move on (c'est la vie) lyrics

somebody else not me No, don't ask me Don't ask me how i ... Is loving you somewhere! Oh! Na na na Tell me how do i ... my mind Seeing you with someone else, oh baby! Oh! Na na .

Bi Rain - Move on (japanese) lyrics

nakanaide kure yo girl modoru koto nai kare wo matsu kokoro wo ... kureru toki made zutto Move on move on mou yame toki na kare wa modoranai Open yo heart

Garden City Movement - Move on lyrics

On Move On Late night stories Running naked, cutting through the ... Kissing your eyes Walking onto our friends Catching stars ... atmos-greet I know I know Move On Move On Now it's time to

Peter Criss - Move on over lyrics

ain't gonna be no whipping boy for you no ... of swallowing my pride I wanna tell you just the way I feel ... heart made of steel You just move on over Look who's back in

Curtis Mayfield - Move on up lyrics

now child and don't you cry Your folks might ... and by So in the mean time, move on up towards your destination Though you may find from ... time to time complications Bite your lip and take a

Cimorelli - Move on lyrics

me. Lisa: Cause every song and every street that ... of you and me, my friends don't see it but I'm not alright ... getting to me, it's been so long but I can't find a way to move on, this ain't a movie cause

Domain - Move on lyrics

much heart and soul Still I don't know if this is right or wrong But now I'm through - yes I ... m gone You know I always kept ... you'd ever change But seasons change and times they change

Kiss - Move on lyrics

was just a baby, mama sat me on her knee She told me &quot ... see A lot of pretty women, gonna try and tie you down You ... don't know what you're missin' if

2unlimited - Move on up lyrics

gettin' such a good vibration Coming through the air at ... I believe it's a new sensation Baby it's the place to be ... C'mon get funky Do you wanna funk with me... C'mon get

Abba lyricsAbba - Move on lyrics

it really doesn't matter As long as I can tell myself I've ... in the ocean Life is motion Move on Like a wind that's always ... blowing Life is flowing Move on Like the sunrise in the

Beverly Craven - Move on lyrics

We all make mistakes And no-one can change the past She ... years You’ve got to to move on Got to move on Give a ... bit back After all she’s done You’ve got to move on Got

Fink - Move on me lyrics

my soul in the water again Move on me, Move on me, Move on me ... with a taste of hell still On your lips and down within ... my soul baby let it begin Move on me, Move on me, Move on me

Fort Minor - Move on lyrics

ve heard or you know Everyone in black from the head to ... very last row Hearing everyone ask why I had to go ... about the end in a friend gone away Talking about

Inxs lyricsInxs - Move on (guitar version) lyrics

It, Shake It There's A Monkey On My Back Been There ... Much Too Long Every Time I Kick It Off ... Another One Comes Along I Used To Be In Another ... World I Used To Be Alone It's So Hard To Be Yourself

Mark Owen - Move on lyrics

The problem aint without Don't hide under your pout Cause ... its over You gotta move on move up, and move through ... You've gotta move out move up, real soon Nobody knows

Rob Rock - Move on lyrics

in my mind It seems we're on a journey, a trip through ... the answer to all the questions why What really makes the ... in the ocean, life is motion - Move On Like a wind that's

Rotersand - Move on lyrics

treadmill of logic supreme Move on, move on, move on, lest I ... grow insane Move on, move on, move on to reason again Move on, move on, move on, despair

The Saturdays - Move on u lyrics

girls wont make no play Happy to sit ... and wait I wont be waiting all ni-i-ight ... Some girls they bite their tongue I tell you straight up front got my attention toni-i

Atb - Move on lyrics

going nowhere, but I have to move on I have to move on I ... going nowhere, but I have to move on I have to move on (I ... going nowhere, but I have to move on I have to move on I

Bi Rain - Move on lyrics

gutkke dadeun chae wae nan gyesok bojil anneunde geu ... saram gidarineun neoreul naneun tto ireoke gidarijanni ... Move on move on geumanhamyeon dwaetjjanha geu saramoji anha

Boomkat - Move on lyrics

spilled my guts to u so soon but boy ohhhh ahhhh i want u ... up from yesterday and just move on oh yeah, im gonna move on so i proceeded to ask what

Devour The Day - Move on lyrics

will never reason with myself in your defense ... can do And it is not a question of belief on your behalf I ... infected from within I won’t survive if I don’t bleed

God Forbid - Move on lyrics

you made? What was the decision made? How did you come to it ... given to you, huh? But the one thing I know What do you ... The blame is mine, but not alone (I couldn't hate myself

Hard-fi - Move on now lyrics

Baby i think it's time we move on now Baby, Baby i think it ... s time we move on now Looking out my bedroom ... take off from Heathrow One by one they come and go On

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Move on lyrics

right But life proves me wrong every time Taking roads ... you I always try to do this on my own But I was wrong, ... cause only with you Can I move on (can I move on) When I

Blue - Move on lyrics

check this one out Can you listen to ... story About this girl I met one day Love came to me easy ... I've had regrets But I've moved on, moved on I can't help

Cappella - Move on baby lyrics

for you You can try to move on So nothing will go wrong ... To search for you Back on track It's me yeah, and I ... That's why we stand strong, now you know what's up If

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Move on lyrics

hen Five reached the side one step below Zen One was a ... four were mad-men Who moved on, moved on moved on Joined ... hands and moved on Standing in line and falling

Joell Ortiz lyricsJoell Ortiz - Move on lyrics

my nigga? You say your name is John? [Joell Ortiz:] ... shit I know what you gon' ask I got you, don't even ... stress it No I don't respond with answers that fit a

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Move on lyrics

right But life proves me wrong every time Taking roads ... you I always try to do this on my own But I was wrong, ... cause only with you Can I move on (can I move on) When I

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Move on lyrics

I feel That I need to move on So I pack a bag And move on ... Move on Well I might take a train ... Might take a girl When I move on When I move on

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - Move on lyrics

to see I've got to get back on my feet I feel like I've ... for that change of season Oh the winter's been so long ... for that rhyme or reason You've just got to Chorus

Fantasia - Move on me lyrics

been thinking lately, waited long enough said you need it and ... aint you tired waiting 3, 4 months we been dating i just ... a lil fun, lets enjoy recreations wanna feel your touch, wanna feel it i been trying to

Chesney Hawkes - Move on lyrics

don't wanna talk about it But they ... mentioned your name I don't wanna think about you But ... I supposed to make it easier on you? It's not that I don

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Move on lyrics

no time to waste complaining Move on, can't you feel your heart ... time I turn around Ignorance one step behind So come on and ... can make it if you try Move on, there's no time for

Bulletproof Messenger - Move on lyrics

and on, addictive by you Break it ... afraid, too sure Come on say Go You were so alone, I ... And I say No You were so alone, in time I know I will find

Joell Ortiz lyricsJoell Ortiz - Move on (slaughterhouse remix) lyrics

my nigga? You say your name is John? [Joell Ortiz:] ... shit I know what you gon' ask I got you, don't even ... [Verse 1: Joell Ortiz] No I Don't Respond With Answers That

Plain White T's - Move on lyrics

for myself Cuz I know I don't belong And I won't place ... the blame on anybody else Cuz I know I don't belong Don't have to take ... it And I won't give in to this You make

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Move on lyrics

in the ground To me there’s only up, there ain’t no point in ... down However hard I try, I only get weaker Seems my lies ... me something to ignore now Move on, forget it Now move on,

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Move on lyrics

in the ground To me there’s only up, there ain’t no point in ... down However hard I try, I only get weaker Seems my lies ... me something to ignore now Move on, forget it Now move on,

Jet - Move on lyrics

straight ahead Yeah I’m gonna have to move on, before we ... Yeah it’s hard If you had only seen Ten thirty-four, ... Flinders Street Station, I’m lookin’ down the tracks

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Move on, be strong lyrics

on I'm gone baby I'm not coming back, nah Be strong You're wrong, ... wack I'm not coming back Move on Be strong Be strong I'm ... back I...I love you Move on I'm gone baby I'm not

Seventh Wonder - Move on through lyrics

poor man on a street somewhere His crowd ... s not there at all He keeps on playing for what they don't ... Some babies being raised on razorblades Some choke on

Jethro Tull - Move on alone lyrics

feel so sad now that she's gone, I've been loving that ... woman too long. There is no place to go ... because my friends have all moved, Got nothing but sit in

Fatty Koo - Move on lyrics

better than you'll realize I don't care [valure:] But when ... you don't think (I don't care) You do flawless ... ] I'm fine without caring don't try to scare me Your words

David Jordan - Move on lyrics

Hide my things cause you don't want me to leave you Take ... my phone, credit cards and my house ... keys You think that I don't know you're stalking me ... time that you get the hell on Chorus: Right that's it I

Kmfdm - Move on lyrics


Simply Red - Move on out lyrics

gave me You'd better move on out now Leave town and get on out now Living with each ... other only for the sake of it Living ... outa here! You'd better move on out now Leave town and

Confide - Move on lyrics

s cold tonight. I don't know how much longer I can ... carry on. I wonder if they know that this ... smile was fake all along. I tried my best to fit in ... with people that don't even care. It's time to move on from this and take my

Lovehatehero - Move on lyrics

fade away, on top of broken dreams And ... used to this kind of thing I once thought things would last ... Bury my head in my arms upon the table Old flames die

Korn - Move on lyrics

of place Something must be wrong Emotions in my space Tight ... grip holding on I cant control the events around me I ... can't console the stress inside me And

2pm - Move on [junho, wooyoung] lyrics

gyeoteseo swideon sumgyeol nae gyeoteseo meomuldeon ongi ... niga tteonan geu jarie ajik geudaero ... modeun geol amugeotdo mot bon cheokhaedo amugeotdo mot ... da alge dwae neol alge dwae neon beoteonal su eoptneun hamjeongingeol if you come back to

Angeline Quinto - Kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin lyrics

gusto ka saking mahal May balak kang ... agawin sya Itsura pa lang sakin lamang ka na Ligawan mo ... sya siguradong magwawagi ka Nakikiusap ako sayo, nagmamakaawa Kunin mo nang lahat sa

Maldita - Ayoko na sa'yo lyrics

na sayo di na kita kailangan pinaiyak mo lang ang puso ... ko simula ngayon ayoko na sayo. nang kita'y makilala ... ako'y nahulog sa kabaitan mo nabihag mo ang puso

Isidro Agot - Sandali na lang lyrics

na lang At darating na diyan Ang pangarap mong Nais na makamtan At mabibigla ka't Di ... mo inakalang Lalapitan ka ng tadhana Sandali na lang At ... madarama mo na Ang pag-ibig na Higit pa sa kanya At matutuwa

Isidro Agot - Buti na lang lyrics

Yan ang sabi mo sa akin 'Pagkat ikaw naman ay laging narito ... kung hindi maiiwasan Huwag nang hayaan kung hindi magkasundo Hindi maaring 'di kita ... maunawaan Kung ikaw ang minamahal ko Refrain: Buti na lang

Namika - Na-mi-ka lyrics

- Name Namika, Na-Nador, Nabel der Welt Navigation, nah ... an mir selbst, brauch nichts nachzustellen Nachts immer der ... Nase nach, den Sternen nah wie die NASA Na, was

Nu'est - lyrics

Na.Na.Na.Na namida no ame ga furu Kimi o, ... kimi o omou Na.Na.Na.Na.Na nagareru toki no naka Kimi ... ga shiawase de aru youni Nagareboshi o mitsuketa yo to

Cymphonique - Move with the crowd lyrics

Don’t hold up the wall, come on ... You know you hear your song playing Move on the floor ... lets go Tonight it’s all on you Where the music takes

Automatic Loveletter - Can't move on lyrics

build a heart that's strong Walls to last long It's ... You think the battle's won No use for shields and guns ... were rolling But you can't move on You feel like you're able

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