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Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - Mother earth lyrics

may high five me all the time You may never go my ... way Mother Earth is layin' for you ... 'Cause there's a debt you've got to pay ... You've got to go back to Mother Earth You may own half a

Avalanch - Mother earth lyrics

yet tender remains Soul of woman, with wisdom and grace ... not unloved Cruelest winds of age Working their worst ... baggage, so much guilt And the past seems so distant I

Dead Calm - Mother earth lyrics

We'll go strolling through the dying lands My love it makes ... cry Acid rain pissing from the skies Poison, the poison in ... my air Bureaucrats get paid they don't care Lead in my brain

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The shade in the shadow lyrics

You're reaching out in the dead of night Searching for ... my hand Your know I'm there in the waste of shadows I ... hear your silent cries I'm the Shade in the Shadow I know

8 Point Rose - The shadow lyrics

silent whispers hear the voice Speaking the truth of ... me Nowhere to go there is no road Misleading ... insanity The darkness spreads like a stain ... Tell me where should I start the journey away Tell me where

Deviser - The shadow where evil stands still lyrics

walls of an ancient stone chamber Had ... many fearsome rites The whole place reeked of evil ... surged through your mind They perform an involved magical

Machine Men - The shadow gallery lyrics


June Carter Cash - The shadow of a lady lyrics

She was standing on the corner With a suitcase in ... eyes But she couldn’t hide the shame Sir, I think you know ... I took my light down from the door, sir I don’t work

Culcha Candela - Mother earth lyrics

for so much destruction - mother earth too much pollution - ... mother earth we lose your ... show me your beauty - mother earth we know it’s our ... can’t buy what you’re worth mother earth - mother earth - mother

Heart - Mother earth blues lyrics

you can have me all the time Or you can never come ... my way But Mother Earth is waiting for you There's a debt you've got to pay ... You've got to go back to Mother Earth You know you may

Artension - Mother earth lyrics

will find Just like my brother tree, Mother's blood flows ... me And I will look to the sun We welcome the rain, ... survive, she will survive Mother Earth Tell me when will they

Freedom Call - Mother earth lyrics

s child Aeons away from the Sun Island of life Out of the dust she has come Be aware ... of the dream we live in Realize ... that the chance is given My life, my

Gen Rosso - Mother earth lyrics

sail on heaven's seas 'neath the shore waves of promise boom ... you see they listen to what mother has to say. As a child ... a dream rest your hands let the bird go free why don't you

Ivory Night - Mother earth lyrics

a fire burning all mankind The darkness will come and bury ... can't deny that we will fall The hangman's attack we can't ... defend He smiles at us and offers us the end We thought

Melissa Etheridge - The shadow of a black crow lyrics

am levitating somewhere down the road With a price on my head ... and the shadow of a black crow He's been on my ... days Just a little souvenir of my wicked ways I would rather die fast than to ever live

Pegazus - Mother earth lyrics

Earth is dying There are people crying Where ... and greed Watching the sky turn to grey People are ... dying every day Toxins in the air to no despair The air

Labÿrinth - Mother earth lyrics

the bright light of a red sunset I saw allthe ... See what we've done to mother earth No mercy, no pity we ... Water is covered by a veil of evil oil they named it black

I Am Kloot - Avenue of hope lyrics

the avenue of hope The footsteps falter, the fingers ... grope And the days stretch out beneath the ... don't let me ride Don't let the earth in me subside Let me

Live - Mother earth is a vicious crowd lyrics

Cain, and misery Oceans of golden mystery Armies ... and armies loud Portraits of a vicious crowd Talk to me ... to die I have chosen my anthems Of these I am proud

Bathory - Mother earth father thunder lyrics

lightning conceived was I The stars above became my eyes ... flows in my veins My hair the mist across the never ending ... nameless lake By womb of soil, the moist of dew Born

Blood On The Dance Floor - Mother earth lyrics

quot;Our planet, Mother Earth is the sacred home to ... us all. The Earth is constantly providing ... and sustaining all life. There is no scarcity, only ... abundance and bounty. This is a natural state in

Crass - Mother earth lyrics

that the sun have vowed is light And ... bid the world good night; To the soft bed my body I dispose, ... were shall my soul repose? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? M

Banks - Mother earth lyrics

for her daughter I know I'm Mother Earth, I see the weather ... So I’m not gonna cover up the freckles on my faces I ... covered all the bases [Chorus] Follow me

Eldritch - Mother earth lyrics

into my thoughts Remembering the summer nights When skies ... as clear as crystal waters The walks down by the shore ... Breathing deep the ocean breeze It's something

S.o.j.a - Mother earth lyrics

Verse 1:] They should have know this couldn ... t last forever They should have known this ... cannot last so long And yes they should of known when we go ... murder our mother The consequence from the father

Bal-sagoth - The dark liege of chaos is unleashed lyrics

your spirit-form, Xerxes... for by mastering the art of ... traversing the mists you may effortlessly ... many places, and many times. Countless secrets will be

Janey Age - Mother earth - new rock ballad lyrics

your light, I am your darkness. I can be dangerous, or ... harmless. I feel my power, but I fear; ... My destiny is not so clear. Look around. Find me out there. I am your fire, your

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - Avenue of stars lyrics

dream? Everybody got a dream. Standin' on the star of ... I've got a dream and a map of some stars homes. Down on the boulavard all the kids look ... like me. Faith in my pocket and my

Golden Earring - Avenue of broken dreams lyrics

down all the others Shut down all you mere ... Escapin’ from the office Preserve energy So long ... you well You might find the answers Might she cross the

Anvil - Shadow zone lyrics

fast, a final flash, that set the world on fire And mankind ... Toxins linger, pollute the soil and prohibit germination ... Surviving mutants walk the ruins in search of a retreat

Metalium - Mother earth lyrics

feeling our anger Releasing the pain inside Bridge : ... it all away No matter what they say You'd better stay away ... from the night It's hunting me

Bill Withers - The brighter the light the darker the shadow lyrics

a shapeless darkness filled the sky And slowly with a faint ... whispering, making the air putrid and unbreathable The nightshadow came crawling... ... The ground was covered by fallen

Bloodthorn - The brighter the light, the darker the shadow lyrics

a shapeless darkness filled the sky And slowly with a faint ... whispering, making the air putrid and unbreathable The nightshadow came crawling... ... The ground was covered by fallen

Rpwl - The shadow lyrics

walk into the night Glad you teach me ... where to go Even out in the moonlight I walk at your ... home Give me a light in the dark An anchor for my ... restless will Give me the faith I need Give me a

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

Hyperborea, gleaming jewel of the north; an eon-veiled kingdom ... in ancient legendry and the renown of its martial ... splendour... but of late, an ill wind whispers

June Carter Cash - The loving gift lyrics

me a blanket to keep me from the cold You gave me a song I ... me some beauty Through the windows of your soul And ... never seen Each giving to the other love an' givin' it away

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Shadow man lyrics

believes at where he is And there's a girl Up ahead who says ... she knows And the street overflows With the ... folk who understand But for the guy who can't be seen He's the shadow man And the shadow

Dr. Dog - Shadow people lyrics

is falling it's after dark The streets are swimming with the ... sharks It's the right night for the wrong ... company And there ain't nothing 'round here

Ecliptica - The shadow lyrics

that the storm is over and the sun clears the sky It feels ... far away from yesterday All of your tears been dried by the ... dreams are dying Hunt that shadow let it disappear It's only

Anubis Gate - The shadow lyrics

and you scorn yourself Your shadow in me My darkness in you ... Shades of your little nightmares Days of your past life are haunting ... your evil will Black heart of envy I'm waiting to break

Martin Kräussl - Shadow lyrics

in the shadow, I´m lost in the shadow I feel in the shadow, ... I breathe in the shadow Time stood still, down in the shadow I opened up to shadow ... I fall in the shadow I reap in the shadow, I

Lacrimas Profundere - The shadow i once kissed lyrics

poison lips they taste like a thunder Your ... sin And I can't hide from the shadow that I once kissed ... so sweet, is lovely mist And there is no more understanding There won't be anything in reach

Grave Forsaken - Light in the shadow lyrics

driving me into hell The monster in me comes out to ... conceive Alone in my hell, there is one hope Master in ... Sinful nature inside of me Is tearing at my very

Ironsword - The shadow kingdom lyrics

the dim lighted maze Beyond the bounds of reality Stared by ... many eyes ablaze Fling their web of sorcery The Shadow Kingdom The Shadow Kingdom The Shadow Kingdom Serpent men

Bobby Darin - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile when you are gone ... color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my ... love, and see All the lovely things you are to me

Holy Martyr - The shadow over innsmouth lyrics

after legion coming from the sea Through the black night their face now I see Running in the city with fear in the veins ... nightmare so real Reef of the devil , fishman revenge Ia!

Is Pain - The shadow lyrics

Someone stays in silence The shadow gets closer to you It ... s looking for a partner... You are the one who can ... s trying to take you within the dream See the shadow is on

Kaledon - The shadow of azrael lyrics

remember when we fought together against the hordes of ... untiring man we fought the monsters of the nightmare ... We commanded the force of the kingdom we brought the light

Brenda Lee - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile, when you are gone ... color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my ... love, and see All the lovely things you are to me

Samael - The shadow of the sword lyrics

based on reality A mass of frenzy, a poison sold as ... remedy They tell you knowledge is a ... but ignorance ain’t bliss They tell you love one another

Cemetery Of Scream - The shadow of notre dame cathedral lyrics

scream is break'n a silence of the birth Days're crash'n ... against the wall of the cry The mist wears the moonlight in the shadow of Notre-Dame Cathedral Insane dreams of your

Gatsby's American Dream - The loosing of the shadow lyrics

could you understand? The way I feel about god... How ... Anything, about me at all... I am the wind, singing a sad ... My pride, ripped a hole in the world that set loose... A shadow! How could you understand? The way I feel about god How

Grand Magus - The shadow knows lyrics

laugh will be the warning He will break your ... wall Pulverize resistance Then sacrifice you all His ... be a slave To stand among the fallen And fight beyond the

Grave Digger - The shadow of your soul lyrics

out to find a sacrifice The wind blows straight into my ... face Sweating hands cover the knife I try to hide my ... thrill of the chase Death could be the

Sacrecy - The shadow of me lyrics

seen in too many nights before. Never a happy ending. Find ... my way out of the maze of distressing. There is ... day I won't feel so neglected. The closer I get to the

Sathanas - Hymns from the shadow land lyrics

from the shadow land Hear the horns of the Dark Age ... Calling immortals from the gates Eyes that follow me ... Through the lands of blasphemy Bringers of

Blog 27 - The shadow lands lyrics

cha do when you see their eyes looking from under ... black hoods they shine as they emerge coming from a very ... place where only you can see the lost faces of souls shiver

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