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King Diamond - "amon" belongs to "them lyrics

inside You see "AMON" belongs to &amp ... inside You see "AMON" belongs to &amp

Amon Amarth - Amon amarth lyrics

it stands there The mighty AMON AMARTH Reaching for the

Dir En Grey - Amon lyrics

Joukei to karami tsuku natsukashi Saga dokudoku to kirei dakara Prey It dwells in me Toki kuu oroka ni urei koe wo Agereba nani tokoro karaka Yume wo ya...

Falco lyricsFalco - Tut-ench-amon (tutankhamen) lyrics

Been and seen down flight from Chicago All aboard the African Queen I'm on a night boat down to Cairo Feeling like a tourist with a foreign man abroad Tells it...

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Twilight of the thunder god (amon amarth cove.. lyrics

There comes Fenrir's twin His jaws are open wide The serpent Rises from the waves Jormungandr twists and turns Mighty in his wrath The eyes Are full of primal hat...

Amon Amarth - Metalwrath lyrics

See us ride down The Amon Amarth The last sight you'll

Amon Düül Ii - 5.55 lyrics

the curtain goes up on Amon D-u-u-u-u-l and his

Peeping Tom - Don't even trip (feat. amon tobin) lyrics

i think you're old enough to know better but i'm old enough to remember (don't even trip........) i won't use that stupid boy forever (cross your heart and hope to di...

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Gods of war arise (amon amarth cover) lyrics

Darkness flees the rising sun The village lies ahead It will wake to a new day soon Soon they all be dead We came in cover of moonless night Fifty man at arms No...

Hoodie Allen - Reunion lyrics

m Morrison like in Jimmy You Morrisette like Alana That make us the

Kaasmos - Khem lyrics

Ia Apep, Ia Typhon Amon Apep, Amon Teth Ia Apep, Ia ... Typhon Amon Apep, Amon Teth I am the venom that

Rhapsody Of Fire - Dark reign of fire lyrics


Ayreon - The garden of emotions lyrics

a care or woe [egyptian] Amon-ra, have you come to seal my ... bad karma free [egyptian] Amon-ra, have you come to seal my ... and cruel [egyptian] Amon-ra, have you come to seal my

King Diamond - Bye, bye missy lyrics

growls DIE - SHE BROKE AMON - AMON - DIE Guitar solo:

Nox Arcana - Temple of the black pharaoh lyrics

Atum, Osiris, Set, Amon Ra, Nyarlathotep, Khonsu, ... Anubis, Set, Amon Ra

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Don juan lyrics

what you are don juan, man amon men your name will shine ... what you are don juan, man amon men your name will shine

Dominus - Spiritual mountain lyrics

is no future and no past Amon, god of life Mictian, Aztek ... for magic I'm your souls Amon Mictian Toth I'm your

Nile - Ramses bringer of war lyrics

vile Hittite Foe My Father Amon what carest Thee For the ... Ignorant of God My Father Amon what carest Thee For these ... is with Me I enter in among them even as a hawk striketh

Opera Ix - Act i the first seal lyrics

of the black ring Toth Amon, prince of enchanters Tell ... forces are shaken Thoth-Amon, give me the sword of

Rotting Christ - In nomine dei nostri lyrics

Isthar - Hail Isthar Hail Amon - Hail Amon Hail Iarilo -

Dark Fortress - Immortality profound (trilogy): dreaming... (.. lyrics

created in the flames of Amon Amarth. "One Ring To

Dark Quarterer - Wandering in the dark lyrics

in my life Venerated as Amon Ra, hated as Anubi I lived

Deicide - Blaspherereion lyrics

Bleeding death, undead, broke the seal Suhrim Deserc(cr?)ate, evil ghost Thoth freed him Mass destruction, ended lives, blasphemation, you will die ...

Deicide - Carnage in the temple of the damned lyrics

Sacramental ceremony People's temple of the holy Sepulcher for salvation Suicidal confirmation Forgive me father for I have sinned You will never sin again! Wh...

Deicide - Lunatic of god's creation lyrics

Servants of death, enchanter of pain From the land of no return, you'll kill again Smear the blood on naked corpse Manson. [Chorus:] Lunatic of Go...

Deicide - Oblivious to nothing lyrics

Join us Evil night of an evil death Epitome of illusion Sacrifice of the unborn child Enter the kingdom of darkness Sodomized for the ritual For there is n...

Deicide - Sacrifical suicide lyrics

Satanized, crucified, feel the wrath of suicide Incus fear of the sphere, angel darkness disappears Covenant, blasphemous, open up unholiness Fathe...

Deicide - Sacrificial suicide lyrics

Satanized, crucified, feel the wrath of suicide Incus fear of the sphere, angel darkness disappears Covenant, blasphemous, open up unhollness (unholyness?...

Deicide - Crucifixation lyrics

Give praise to Satan, he has won [Lead - Brian] Dynical existence, crucifixion You will give praise to Satan Lord of lords, kind of kings Spread your...

Deicide - Day of darkness lyrics

Death is now the day When the fires fall from the sky Let us pray When the darkness falls we will die Endless pain Crucifying death from above We mus...

Deicide - Dead by dawn lyrics

Book of the dead, pages bound in human flesh Feasting the beast, from the blood the words were said I am unseen, dreamt the sacred passage aloud Trapped in a dre...

Jedi Mind Tricks - Saviorself lyrics

told me about the Oracle of Amon He gave me no clue, where it

King Diamond - Sleepless nights lyrics

starry night and "AMON" belongs to &amp

King Diamond - Tea lyrics

show You about the house of Amon" It is time for

King Diamond - The invisible guests lyrics

of this house The secret of Amon... that's what we call this

Moonspell - Serpent angel lyrics

damnation Gran-duc of hell Amon recite thy incantation...

Sacred Blood - Ride through the achaemenid empire lyrics

Fathered by Zeus - The son of Amon-Ra! Tables are turned as old

Alghazanth - The circle of six lyrics

of Babel! The sigil of Amon seals this covenant Six

Amon Amarth - A beast am i lyrics

Conceived was I From chaos and hate Of malice, deceit and blood And how would they know My fate is to rise Against the Asagods My being is full, full of a rage A...

Amon Amarth - A dream that cannot be (featuring doro pesch) lyrics

Years of wait are over now She's almost in my grasp Now I will fulfill my vow She will be mine at last I feel him near The boy estranged has now return...

Amon Amarth - A fury divine lyrics

Death is drawing near I know it's true but I have no fear I know I can't escape my: FATE! Turns it's deadly wheel Judgement day is closing in but still I cannot fee...

Amon Amarth - Abandoned lyrics

They came riding down the slopes Five fearless men prepared to fight We heard with fear the rumbling earth In the mid-day light Surprised we saw all terrified The ...

Amon Amarth - Across the rainbow bridge lyrics

My days are numbered: soon I have to leave The Norns have stretched my living thread The notion of my demise won't leave me be Why cannot death just set me free! I've l...

Amon Amarth - Aerials (soad cover) lyrics

Life is a waterfall We're one in the river And one again after the fall Swimming through the void We hear the word We lose ourselves But we find it all.... Ca...

Amon Amarth - An ancient sign of coming storm lyrics

Yeahrrgh!!! Blood red bows plough the waves The dragon heads grin Twenty ships with Norsemen braves Riding the northern wind They left their shores at early daw...

Amon Amarth - ...and soon the world will cease to be lyrics

The Northern wind brings snow and ice Humans starve and freeze The Fimbul winter has arrived And soon the world will cease to be Brother will be brother's bane N...

Amon Amarth - Annihilation of hammerfest lyrics

All is lost and foreign kings Rule the northern realms Hammerfest, the last outpost Has fallen to unbearded men Lords of the bloody cross Deceived or mur...

Amon Amarth - Army of darkness lyrics

From Dusk 'till Dawn They come in Flames. Hell in Their eyes, Bearers of Pain! Oh, Army of Darkness Born to Kill, Judgement Day's here No hope to see! ...

Amon Amarth - Arson lyrics

They came riding at first light Fifty men armed to the teeth The sounding horn called us out to fight We went to meet them in the fields Outnumbered yet we fou...

Amon Amarth - As loke falls lyrics

Heimdall gazes east A sail has caught his eye He lifts his hand and sounds the horn The undead army has arrived Here comes Nagelfar With Laufey's son ...

Amon Amarth - As long as the raven flies lyrics

Men will fight and men will die Wars will be lost and won That's how it's been and still will be Long after I'm gone Doubting not I give my blood So I may ente...

Amon Amarth - One thousand burning arrows lyrics

They bring him to the shore His ship is ready made He will not see them anymore Here he cannot stay The brotherhood is gathered Their faces hard as stone T...

Amon Amarth - Prediction of warfare lyrics

Ships were prepared Weapons and shields Sails were raised We headed out to sea! Norway disappeared in the east Our journey had begun Helpful winds gave us our...

Amon Amarth - Raise your horns lyrics

Victory We fought hard and prevailed Brutally We were fighting Stormy seas Rolling thunder, piercing hail Battlefield Lit by lightning Eagerly We filled the wav...

Amon Amarth - Releasing surtur's fire lyrics

He's riding down 'cross a field but nothing is the same This place he knew as Hammerfest When the old Gods reigned The army of demons rides By his side with...

Amon Amarth - Ride for vengeance lyrics

As his life's blood leaving I hold my son, my only son And tears fill my burning eyes While his skin turns pale as snow Butchered he lies here bleeding...

Amon Amarth - Risen from the sea lyrics

Risen from the sea The beast of hell is here He's come to rule the earth They will obey his power A serpent rises Rise above the earth Followed by an army ...

Amon Amarth - Risen from the sea (1993) lyrics

Risen from the sea The beast of hell is here He's come to rule the earth They will obey his power A serpent rises Rise above the earth Followed by an army...

Amon Amarth - Runes to my memory lyrics

We hold the rivers of the Eastern trail Deep in the land of the Rus' Following the wind in our sails And the rhythm of the oars No shelter in this hostile land Constant...

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