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T.i. lyricsT.i. - Get loose(feat nelly) lyrics

I. talking] Ay, I wanna see you dance like them girls in ... Intro (T.I.)] Ay, let me see you get loose Get loose, get ... loose, get loose Ay,shawty, you can get loose Get loose, get loose [Chorus] Ay shawty,

Chiddy Bang - Get up in the morning lyrics

Intro: conversation] [Chiddy:] Yo what up. ... [Xaphoon:] Doin' good, how you doin'? [Chiddy:] Chillin' ... all day. [Xaphoon:] [laughs] Wake up man, we got some

Bloc Party - Ion square lyrics

square, perspex swings I ... breathe out, you breathe in Permanent ... midnight Our love, our love How we've come to ... the end The space between us has disappeared You finish

In The Woods - Ion lyrics

I am Back again to save you I am the incarnation of all ... that is pure Of all that is you The island in your ocean so ... cruel I am warmth Your guiding star and the wheel in your car I am all that you are

Lil Pump lyricsLil Pump - Ion lyrics

I don't eat food, we drug addicts CB on the beat, CB ... D-D-Diablo I don't need you, I don't need school (Ooh) I ... Left wrist cost a Bentley coupe (Ooh) Drop ten Xans in

Dødheimsgard - Ion storm lyrics

I not your super hero Am I not your golden ... chain War fixation, I won the game Transmit ... Prosperity - I'll came across you between the shades With superior blessings That

Ice Berg - Yo girlfriend lyrics


Khia - Get out lyrics

don't give a damn about dem hoes Or dem bitches you ... fuccin I gives a damn about you nigga Or that shit that you ... talking Just get out, get out, get out, get out I can

Lmfao - Get crazy lyrics

crazy get wild Let's party get loud If you wanna have fun ... and do something If you wanna have fun and do ... something Get crazy get wild Let's party get loud

Da Brat - Get somebody lyrics

I let my guard down, that's f***ed up I let yo' ass in when ... I shoulda kept you locked out But it's all gravy, it ... happen to all of us, you know? You get hurt, you hurt

Lil Eazy E - Get crackin' lyrics

cords Ohhla whoa ma oh my You caught my eye now come closer ... You so fly no lie now pop dat ... I'm a work ya like a G supposed to Dat get you on yo ... beggin baby please no more Just cuz they call me lil, don't

Lil Jon - Get low lyrics

Chorus:] 3,6,9 damn your fine move it so you can sock ... it to me one mo time Get low, Get low [x6] To the ... To all skeet skeet motherf***er (MOTHERFUCKER!) all skeet

Sean Paul - Get busy lyrics

Jodie and Rebecca Woman Get busy Just shake that body ... stop When the beat drops Juts keep swinging it Get jiggy ... get crunked up Percolate anything you want

Dorrough - Get big lyrics

Intro:] Haha, Dorrough I got somethin' on my mind, ... homie Get big [x8] Now, it's Dorrough music You ain't (you ain't) ... Gotta (gotta) Nuff (nuff) Money (money) [x2] Ha,

Fat Joe - Get the hell on with that lyrics

Joe] Whoa, whoa, whoa All you frontin-ass niggaz Callin ... ass bitches, hahahaha! Yo, get the hell on with that (say ... what, say what what?) Get the hell on with that (say

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Get low lyrics

Chorus:] 3,6,9 damn your fine move it so you can sock ... it to me one mo time Get low, Get low [x6] To the ... To all skeet skeet motherf***er (MOTHERFUCKER!) all skeet

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Get a light lyrics

] Say man.. lemme-lemme get a light homey (Yeah!) Aye.. ... aye Timbo.. this yo' crippin cousin Snoop Dogg cuzz! (Yeah!) I told you we ... gotta get gorilla on this one right

Public Enemy - Get it in (feat. bumpy knuckles) lyrics

On the pad the road Yall must've known This is the way ... I unwind and unload Over beats overload ... Stress in this depression New ghosts of tom joad New

Public Enemy - Yo! bumrush the show lyrics

Bum rush the show I am taking no ... with the metal of a couple of forts While we're ... hearin' that boom supplement the mix Gonna rush ... 46 Homeboys I don't know but they're part of the pack In

Liberty X - Yo dj lyrics

it back and play it again Yo DJ Oh, oh, oh, oh Ba da ba ... ba do oh oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Yo DJ, yo DJ, yo DJ, yo DJ Oh ... the club was callin' me Callin' me

Da Brat - Get it get it lyrics

the B-R-A-T Hey it's time to get "Funkdafied" all ... It's been a long time, but it's go time right now ... [Jermaine Dupri - echoing] This is a, So

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Get your money up lyrics

Nicki Minaj:] Uh huh, yo yo I need all the dudes in the ... club get ya money out Stop, now let me see your ... drop [Keri Hilson:] If you think your impressin' us with

Q-tip - Get involved lyrics

Q-Tip] Ummah, Ummah, Ummah [1:] S-A double-D-I-Q Yo ... he wanna get involved with you Mr. S-A double-D-I-Q Yo, he ... wanna get involved with you Mr. S-A double-D-I-Q Yo, he

A Tribe Called Quest - Get a hold lyrics

by, totally. Drifting by(just)totally. Drifting by(just ... We always hittin, so yo, there'll be no extra innings ... As I send the mic out the park like Reggie Jackson

Aaa - Get or lose lyrics

Tanoshii no? Sokon tokodou? Sabori MOODO kibun nara ... asabbara kara Atama no suicchi nante haira naishi You wake up “yatto ne” You ... make up “yatto ne” Nebusoku kao ni tenuki no meiku Hyuugyuu tsumatta densha Doudemo ii you na kaisha Wake

Nicola Roberts - Yo-yo lyrics

staring into my coffee cup coffee cup You and me easy ... these other girls they say you're full of it And talking ... I can handle it, handle it You come around, stop messing

Akon - Get buck in here (feat. dj felli fel, diddy, .. lyrics

Talk to 'em It's to many beautiful lady's in the house ... tonight Felli Hey! I think you need to hit 'em of some.. ... (testing 1,2,3) Check this out Listen to me (Listen) It

Man With A Mission - Get off of my way lyrics

Yo! Bummer! There you go How could it be your not ... listening Wait No Beat it Get lost Rap it all up I'll dump ... Say man, is it what you want? Rip down the page of

Trick Daddy - Get on up lyrics

m sittin in tha cut, smokin on wha? Hataz betta ... watch out for tha butt I bring it to ya, wha? ... I'm real wit it, nigga wha? You wanna playa hate nigga, wha?

Far East Movement - Get up (candyland vs. luminox og eastside rem.. lyrics

This house party is crazy, my crew ... is hela wavy Yo, flip the cut, then say what's up, then ... slide out with your lady No ifs or buts about ... spin the bottle, girl I'm just getting started Get up, get , get, get up! Pump-pump the

Method Man - Get it up (remix) lyrics

y'all ready to go up in here? Aiight, pull the ... black mask down We bout to rush the door (Ah shit, hide your jewelry) I told y'all we ... was coming Yo everybody watch out Word up

Necro - Get on your knees lyrics

quot;Baby, Baby I'll get down on my knees for you, if you...." (repeat 5X) ... [Necro] Motherf***er you know the deal, How I rep up ... on this porn shit So yo! Suck it I lounge gettin blown

Shaggy - Get my party on lyrics

ya man, I just got my hair braided, car ... waxed, put on my player face, It's 12 ... o'clock, it's time to get it on, hey yo chaka. ... to fair I'm seemin, squeemin, armed with the

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Get em high lyrics

I'm tryin to catch the beat, uh I'm tryin to catch the beat ... I'm tryin to catch the beat, uh uh, uh I'm tryin to catch ... the beat [Chorus: Kanye West] N-now, th-th

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Get like me (feat. nelly & pharrell williams) lyrics

yall niggas wanna get like me Surrounded by ... like these They know it, you know it You know it, you ... I'm so sick so they throwin up keys You know it, you know

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Yo (excuse me miss) lyrics

do Yeah Yeah [Verse 1:] Yo, Tell me fellas have you ... her? (Seen her) It was about five minutes ago When I ... seen the hottest chick That young'n Never seen before I

Busta Rhymes - Get off my block lyrics

quot;Get Off My Block" (feat. Lord Have Mercy) ... [Busta Rhymes:] Just get off my block Lord Have ... Mercy, Busta Rhymes. Flipmode Trilogy

Eminem lyricsEminem - Get you mad (feat. king tech) lyrics

. yo! [Eminem hachs up spit] Mic check...(My dick! ..., two [Eminem hach up spit on mic] Ffff-f***... ... (My dick!) my nuts.. My attitude is worse ... N.W.A.'s was I'll battle you over stupid shit and diss

Far East Movement - Get offa me feat. trek life lyrics

m just sittin' watching tv Who's ... that lookin' through my window Now they knockin ... at my door I'm not who you lookin' for [FILLER] One ... two Uh Trek Life y'all Far east

Joe - Get to know me lyrics

[Intro:] New shit, Joe featuring Nas [Verse 1: Nas] Hey yo Joe Here's another one To ... Nas They drool on the blue jewels on the arm To cool in ... move to this song Been a minute since I heard some new Joe

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Get crunk lyrics

again up in that south from my motherf***ing mouth ... and creeping up on y'all niggas like a ... motherf***ing mouse Stepping on these tracks ... like fags and drag queens And shitting on you busters like I ate some bake

Lil Rob - Get back lyrics

Ark in background] [Fingazz:] [Ice Cube:] ... "Don't mess with mine" "Don't mess with ... mine" [Ark:] Uh T-Weaponz [Fingazz:] [Ice

Ne-yo - She said i'm hood tho lyrics

said "I know, I know, I know your ... music I prefer your old shit to your new shit ... That song with Pitbull, it was kinda cool But ... after that, you went left and I couldn't f***

Nelly lyricsNelly - Get like me lyrics

yall niggas wanna get like me Surrounded by ... bitches that look like these You know it, you know it You ... know it, you know it All my niggas be ... I'm so sick so they throwing up keys You know it, you know

Redman - Get it live lyrics

if this p**** nigger can't get it live Get him the f*** out ... and let Doc take the job I guaranteed hardcore funk for 3 ... that 3 months is like prenups I take half, of everybody

Bun B - Get it remix best lyrics

yeah! unh Collipark in da house (alright) Slick! we got bun b (bun b) ying yang twins ... check it out collipark drop dem beats ... ya world (thats right) got bun b and ying yang in dis in

Corona - Get up and boogie lyrics

m gonna give you all I've got You gotta get ... me higher You gotta do the best you can Unchaining my desire You're ... the best in town, the number one Why don't you prove

Jermaine Dupri - Get your shit right lyrics

grrrrr, grrr (Yeah) [Chorus: repeat 2X] To all my ... niggas wit the corner locked gettin' high An' all my playas ... world wide it's just you and I Getcha paper, getcha

Juvenile - Get your hustle on lyrics

nigga [Baby] I'm the #1 stunna, don't flinch you bitch I ... cash in quick and go and flash my 6 ... Twenty inch dub niggaz how you love that bitch? 20 ki's or

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Get by lyrics

1: Talib] We sell, crack to our own out the back of our ... homes We smell the musk at the dusk in the crack of ... the dawn We go through "Epidodes II," like "Attack of the Clones"

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Get by (remix) lyrics

Kweli Ye-ye-ye-ye-ye yeah get back Classic Brooklyn, let's ... go We sell crack to our own, nigga I'm back in the ... zone My passionate poems got the feds tapping

Prince - Get yo groove on lyrics

your groove on I got some money ... cuz I just got paid It's time 2 get ... it's time 2 play I gots 2 get my groove on Can't wait 2 ... see your face again U keep me happy, yeah, U're my

Se7en - Get up and dance lyrics

dance with somebody come get me and get your groove on ... modu nareunhaejin i gose modeun ... shiseondeureun han gose play the music of ... and I'm feeling so fine bulbicheun jogeum deo eodupkke

Blood On The Dance Floor - Yo ho lyrics

s with the steering wheel in your pants? And the pirate says ... ARRR! it's driving me nuts! Now I've been ridin ... pirate Shiver my timbers F*** you til your limber Freaky

Busta Rhymes - Get down lyrics

Busta Rhymes] Aiyyo; ah to my people on the left ... (get down!) Uh-huh; to my people on the right (get down!) Uh-huh; ah to my ... people in the middle (get down!) Check it You see a

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Get yourself high lyrics

get yourself high Just get yourself high Just get yourself high Just get yourself ... high Just get yourself high here we go Don ... t rely on this, to get you high Don't rely on us, to get you high Wait, hold up,

Lecrae - Get low lyrics

yeah, humility, humility Get low boy Get low girl Humility, humility I really ... should'nttrust myself cause without God I'm nothin but ... dust myself So full of pride I disgust myself

Toby Love - Yo quiero saber lyrics

their women on lock down True Story Its something on my ... We havent had a kiss or a hug since way back when it was ... May And now up in August it's been too long Tell me

Mandy Moore - Yo-yo lyrics

s broken I know what you want I'm not a yo-yo I'm ... not a thing you let go I keep hanging around got some attachment to you ... Way down is to where you get through I told myself it isn

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