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Money On Trees lyrics

Browse for Money On Trees song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Money On Trees lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Money On Trees.

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Vybz Kartel - Money on scale lyrics

Good ova evil Hahaha... Money green (green. green) Me ... wah million US inna my jeans Dat a real ... kno if cofin fit you But it don't fit me Every black man

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Money on my mind lyrics

[Chorus 2X with variations] Money on my mind Money on ... my mind Money on my mind Money money on my mind Money on ... my mind Money on my mind Money money on my mind So money

Sam Smith lyricsSam Smith - Money on my mind lyrics

my deal I felt pressure Don't wanna see the numbers I ... You said could you Write a song for me I say I'm sorry I won't do that happily When I ... with me Can't you see I don't have Money on my mind Money on my mind I do it for I

Snakehips - Money on me (feat. anderson .paak) lyrics

we can get it all Put the money on me I know we ain't in ... scale in the key Put the money on me I know you ain't a ... to do with all these Damn lemons, I ain't tryna squeeze you

Juvenile - Money on tha couch lyrics

me grams, My coke organization still infestin' the land, No ... for the glamourous life, Don P. for breakfast, Benz, ... and Lexus, Distribution of coke from Louisiana to

Lloyd - Money on me lyrics

women, Got a lot in common I'm spiddin', yeah, yeah, I'm ... spiddin'. just like that Money if you wish girls like you ... Going my mind, shawty money on me, talking for me. Talking

Nas lyricsNas - Money is my bitch lyrics

love you so much, dont never leave me, I wont let ... out, green eyes, had a crush on her Since 5 years old, met ... make her my wife And I aint gonna loose her like those other

Lawson - Money lyrics

if money just grew on trees I would spend the whole day ... things I know you don't ask for nothing You don't ... I'd give you every diamond ring Get that beach house

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Money man lyrics

song goes out to all the money men He drives around in ... a fancy car Smokes those long cuban cigars He don't know ... it's as simple as can be Don't ask me ask the money man

Cris Cab - Good girls (don't grow on trees) (feat. big s.. lyrics

Big Sean] When good girls gone bad they gone forever But ... Me without you that's the longest never Living like ... sunshine man we on forever [Hook: Cris Cab

Pete Doherty - New love grows on trees lyrics

you told me to But I really don't want to I remember every ... ah you said New love grows on trees New love grows on trees New love grows... New love

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - Put your money on me lyrics

your money on me Cause I can barely ... breathe Put your money on me Put your money on me ... you must be crazy All your money on me I'm never gonna let

Joell Ortiz lyricsJoell Ortiz - Put some money on it lyrics

Louch] Aiyyo Joell, I'm on this son, D-BLOCK! {"Put ... some money on it"} Yeah, Don ... other hand big Mojito I don't mean Dorito when I say {

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - I got some money on me (ft. birdman) lyrics

[Lil Wayne] Uh, I got some money on me I’m ’bout to kill ... these hoes I don’t be politicking, I’m not ... bitch I’m Kenneth Cole My goons masked up, Ray Mysterio

Flame - Money lyrics

Verse One] In the world system we all ... need money now that's a given For many ... reasons cribs to live in that's a ... is the greed How we have confused the two of which is a

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Throw this money on you lyrics

my cup Smoke all of my vision You're so turned up Get in ... all of those position Everything I got 'bout ... like ' My body's calling on you Make it, make it wanna

Kmfdm - Money lyrics


Kriss Kross - Money, power and fame lyrics

off my homey Chris Terry gonna run game like this ... [Verse 1: Chris Terry] I'm on this mad paper chase, I'm ... Now dividends and millions, is what i stressed on the

Machine Gun Kelly - On everything (ft. tezo) lyrics

like I knew you would On that fake shit, that's a ... Whoopie Cushion Old from the start type and ... ll break shells They hating on Jesus, I ain't tripping, oh

Paul Wall - "on the grind" lyrics

Chorus] I'm on the grind all day until the ... grindin all year round' I'm on the block with the gangstas ... stayin two toes down I'm on the grind. I'm on the grind

Blackbear - Spent all my money on rick owens cargo pants .. lyrics

through the city, ayy 90 on the dash hand All my new ... friends f***in' with me now Wonder how long that's gon' last, ... waste time They say save my money, but I spend mine They act

Midnight Sun - On n' on lyrics

threw it all with a hurl I won't ask you for a reason There ... of my eye He spends his money on his heart he just can't ... buy And I ask you for a reason In my heart it hurts I can

Sammy Hagar - On the other hand lyrics

come on, uh Well I, I got my ... friends And I don't need more friends I can ... count my friends on both hands Came an evil ... man and he cut off one hand Now I count my friends

Grieves - On the rocks lyrics

1] I ain’t no scholar, I don’t write no books I done ... spend my money on the last girl honey and she ... hang me I give my lovin’ on the run (on the run, on the

Rich Boy - On the regular lyrics

I do is HIT THAT BITCH! On the regular, on the regular ... All the time, on the regular (All I do is HIT ... THAT BITCH!) On the regular (You'll never ... find me smokin') On the regular On the regular, on the regular [Verse 1] It's a

Kendrick Lamar - Money trees feat. jay rock lyrics

with it, ya bish Home invasion was persuasive From nine to ... like rappers do Back when condom wrappers wasn't cool I ... tell my bros Then Usher Raymond "Let it Burn" came

Deep Purple - Money talks lyrics

wealthy I swung in the trees And did as I pleased I ... Oh yeah Such sweet seduction I could feel the suction ... some deals What a bitch Money talks to me Whispers in my

The Game - Money lyrics

Welcome to Los Angeles, palm trees and drug stores All we know ... that's what I flush for My money or my glock, who do I trust ... more? I don't know, it's probably the one

Lil' Scrappy - Money in the bank (remix) lyrics

Up A Sale,Im Rich Bitch!] [Ontro: Lil' Scrappy & 50 ... Remixxx,We Gotta Lotta Money,Come On We Didn't Have To ... !! [Chorus x4:] I Got Money In The Bank (Yea) Shawty

Bright Eyes - Trees get wheeled away lyrics

to fit their eyes And so no one would know how tired they've ... While the TVs change stations scroll messages Victims and ... they'll pray for the destruction of all hatred More often

Chumbawamba - How to get your band on the television lyrics

People die Same manipulation wrapped in lies Give a ... little money and play your rock and roll ... In keeping with the fashion for charity, not change Here

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Blood on leaves lyrics

fruit hanging from the poplar trees Blood on the leaves I ... now Cause I ain't got the money on me right now And I told ... now Cause I ain't got the money on me right now And I

Curren$y - Hold on ( young roddy & trademark da skydiver.. lyrics

Kill these bees human fashion painless Cellphone my bitch ... to auctions cat paintings Gotta have a ... x nares fifth crack lacerations Dope.. motherf***er catch

Nas lyricsNas - What goes around lyrics

Chorus] Ayo its poison, ecstacy, coke You say its ... love, it is poison Schools where I learned they ... should be burned, it is poison Physicians prescripting us

Twenty One Pilots lyricsTwenty One Pilots - Trees lyrics

you stand Silent In the trees And that's Where I am ... Silent In the trees Why won't you speak? Where I happen ... to be Silent In the trees Standing cowardly I can

Matt Pond Pa - Trees and the wild lyrics

sense you stick to plans concepts are embarrassing when ... i look back to the trees and the wild i look back to ... or go i look back to the trees and the wild i look back to

Anybody Killa (abk) - Trees and woods lyrics

never see it coming) And don't even realize But watch out ... out, ya never know when it's gonna chase after you (Chasing ... Chorus 2x) I ran through the trees and the woods chasing after

Khors - Trees are remembers lyrics

the dusk Grey spears of fir-trees stare in the sky And ancient ... as rocks the bones of earth Keep the secret ... of the wood. Snakes of the trees remember the names of the

Curren$y - On g's ( young roddy & trademark ) lyrics

loot I can't get at y'all On G's Niggas ain't f***ing ... like a death threat Got you wonderin' if I played my best ... new home Spitta kush king, bong next to my throne Scribble

Foxygen - On lankershim lyrics

I know some people hope they won't come true On Lankershim, ... And I can see from mango trees a memory Of locked upon the ... away, I walk away When someone loves you but you just can't

Joey Bada$$ - On & on lyrics

always has been I just lost one, but sometimes I win I ... love, but sometimes I sin I only trust some, that’s why I ... here, trying to find love on this atmosphere Things get

New Kids On The Block - Put it on my tab lyrics

Talk about what they got Don't they know that you're not ... Girl to take 'em home for one night, no You just came to ... a drink Chorus: Put it on my tab, I'm buying, I'm

Coolio - On my way to harlem lyrics

1:] I know a place where the trees don't grow Just another ... life is f***ed up Make a wrong move and your ass get stuck ... for a place to leave The only free place is inside of me

Say Hi - Trees are a swayin lyrics

the end of the world The trees are a-swayin' and the sky's

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - On mercury lyrics

In a masochestic hold Why don't you let go Shake it off ... to redirect my flow Come on let's go Sit up straight ... I'm on a double date I've got to ... heavy, middle weight We don't stop for rock around the

Major Lazer - Christmas trees (feat. protoje) lyrics

oh what a time and a season For love and greetings Oh ... $100's, $50's & $20's On trees growing for centuries make

Night Lovell - Trees of the valley lyrics

cash like my nigga James Cameron Pandora shit Girl bring ... that back Back that shit up on my lap I see you lowkey ... head running through the trees of the valley Cold as shit

Burning Saviours - Trees and stone lyrics

upon the colored sky as the old ... a snowy tree asking how and wonders why I won't find but I ... seek for my sins I will pay Trees and stone is all I see and I

Custard - Trees of hope lyrics

an age of corruption and despair We search for ... destroyed my will to carry on The evil spell came we´ll ... us Autumn killed the trees of hope In a time where

Fields Of The Nephilim - Trees come down lyrics

Heathen The Heathen... One more nightmare calling ... Takes this much as you Trees come down Fall... There's

Sleeping At Last - Trees (hallway of leaves) lyrics

just beyond those trees… The place I’ve been ... itself. My ear is pressed upon this wall, For behind it is ... beginning to get dark. But don’t worry, I know where we are

Akon - Time or money (feat. big meech) lyrics

My nigga always say, there's only two things a nigga can do ... you You either got time or money, can't have em both Nigga ... with money, don't have no time Nigga with

April Wine - Money talks lyrics

work so hard just to get along Before I know it, all the money's gone I do my best just to ... make headway And save some money for a rainy day If money talks, it's not talkin' to

Dizzee Rascal - Money money lyrics

Money Money girls, Money Money Money girls, Money Money Money, girls girls, cash cash, ... Dizzee diz i keep the money coming in, eight hundred ... i bust a smile it's a big money grin, and i can't stop

Extreme lyricsExtreme - Money (in god we trust) lyrics

Almighty dollar Money I need more money Just ... a little more money Yeah, I need more money ... Money, money I need more money I need more money Just

Flo Rida - Mind on my money lyrics

- Sean Paul] I got my mind on my money, my money on my mind ... (Got my mind on my money, and my money on my mind) ... I got my mind on my money, money on my mind (Got my mind on

Rick Ross - "money make me come" lyrics

Intro - EbonyLove] This for the trill ... bitches F*** a nigga, money make me cum Boss you ... I'm foolish but we have a bond She make moves on my ... behalf when I had no bond All the death threats

Lil Kim - Money, power, respect lyrics

I believe in money, power and respect First ... you get the money Then you get the motherf- ... Kim) It's the key to life Money power respect That you need

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Money make her smile lyrics

little thing, I swear, wont let you down Watch it drop ... s not complicated, so this won't take a while You see, ... music make her dance, and money money money make her smile

Liza Minnelli - Money, money (ft. joel grey) lyrics

..Money Money makes the world go around ... ...the world go around. Money makes the world go around ... make the world go 'round Money money money money Money money money money Money money money... If you happen to rich

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