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Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants - God damn lyrics

damn the reasons That we've been given I'm ... not believing again God damn the reasons That we've been ... I took the same drugs as you So let's ride it through There

Jonny Craig - God damn i'm good looking lyrics

up, up, up on the way down, They got so ... played out Safe to say I'm going gold Stay the same I ... I get laid Let them know I got control They got old, I got

Simply Red - So many people lyrics

do you want to go ? Are you sure of the road ... you know Do you believe it will go on? Where do you ... want to go? The things we take will ... only last for so long In the end you know it

Falling In Reverse - God damn lyrics

morally your crumbling Goddamn need some help I can't help ... cuz my girlfriend's in love with someone else (love with somebody else) Goddamn it's too

Example lyricsExample - So many roads lyrics

sleep deprivation or deep meditation? That made me miss my ... key to incredible journeys Up bright and early I head-first ... credible My cordon bleu sonnets you just wishing they

Flo Rida - Hello friday lyrics

Friday,I’ve been waiting for you for a long time ... down And I know you’re gonna leave me Hello Friday ... I’ve been waiting for you for a long day

Sammy Adams - Blow up lyrics

man What's a young kid gotta do to blow up This life's ... becoming somethin' I can't stand Tell ... those people go home I don't wanna grow up I drank too much

2pac lyrics2pac - So many tears lyrics

not fear no man but God Though I walk through the ... valley of death I shed so many tears (if I should die before ... I wake) Please God walk with me (grab a nigga and take me

Tupac Shakur lyricsTupac Shakur - So many tears lyrics

I shall not fear no man but God Though I walk through the ... valley of death I shed so many tears If I should die before ... I wake Please God walk with me Grab a nigga and take me

Lionel Richie - Up all night lyrics

I found me a little thing Wanna keep me up all night She ... told me don't be so uptight She wanna keep up all night Damn ... me I found me a pretty little thing Wanna keep me up

Get Scared - God damn liar lyrics

ll never take me alive Cause God knows you've tried I once ... know who you are You're a god damn liar You're a god damn ... liar I don't wanna care, like I wanna care

Michael Gira - God damn the sun lyrics

young We had no history So nothing to lose Meant we ... Choose what we wanted then Without any fear Or thought of ... grew old And I lost my ambition So I gained an addiction

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - Good god damn lyrics

want to get messed up? When the times get rough ... Put your favourite record on baby And fill the ... bathtub up You want to say goodbye To your oldest friends

Jarle Bernhof - So many faces lyrics

this city, there are so many faces you can go insane I'm ... still so lonely, I'm about about to ... I don't faint easily Absurdities give my head the freeze So crowded, still I'm on my own

Sean Paul - She wanna be down lyrics

Yeah, yeah You're charged with possess in other people ... story, alright, yo, yo, yo She wanna be down with me ... everyday And she no want nobody in her way

Motopony - God damn girl lyrics

your wounds are beautiful God damn girl, your wounds are ... beautiful God damn girl, your wounds are ... beautiful God damn girl, your wounds are ... beautiful And if god damns Then god damn God damn

Usher lyricsUsher - So many girls lyrics

ladies, you know what time it is U ready playboy? Usher ... baby let's go! U looking good, so f***ing good I wanna ... the way you doing Girl u so fly I am bout to levitate

The Game - She wanna have my baby lyrics

Trey Songz] Le’gggo Yeah Le’gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, ... Ohhhh Yeah Le’gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh [Game - ... Amber Rose Is the p**** good? Only Kanye/Cameron knows

Jls - So many girls lyrics

s so many girls in here tonight ... Looking for mrs right I gotta make her mine And I know ... that I gotta take my time Don't wanna ... rush her so hard but I can't decide So

Chris Caffery - God damn war lyrics

A little boy grew to a man, still a ... virtual soul Than life struck away, ... he’s just moments away For God Damn War God Damn War!!! ... Welcome) To my kingdom of the damned Black and glowing purse…

Filter - God damn me lyrics

isn't enough sky to fly in So softly There isn't enough ... breathe Not for me Oh God damn me Oh God damn me ... get from Not for me Oh God damn me Oh God damn me

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - God damn i am lyrics

i beat him in the head call it sin i'd do it again so what ... so what? babies tears on a ... butchers block god loves me well god can blow ... believe thats why i said god damn god damn i am god damn

Chester See - God damn you're beautiful lyrics

your smile, Well i'd rather sit, wait the while. For the ... ll be near, 'Cause a day without you, just isn't fair. ... hear you voice, I'm left without a choice. Plus I get

Avenged Sevenfold - God damn lyrics

s the fun in freedom when it renders you a slave? Pledge ... allegiance, no flag God nation, goddamned The devil ... dances with the scorned And how the ... fire keeps us warm Hey! It goes beyond big brother in the

Rick Ross - So sophisticated (feat. meek mill) lyrics

Intro: Rick Ross] This shit is highly sophisticated I ... just make it look easy nigga Follow me ... [Rick Ross - Verse 1] I’m so sophisticated To get a verse

Paul Wall - "so many diamonds" lyrics

nigga, you already know what it is man A-Town, H-Town ... Pimp Squad Clique Keep it pimpin mayne! [Chorus: T ... I.] So many diamonds in my teeth you can

Loaded - So fine lyrics

could she be so fine How could it be she ... might be mine How could she be so cool I've been taken ... for a fool So many times It's a story of a man Who works

New Found Glory - So many ways lyrics

must be so many ways to say goodbye I'm breaking up again ... I could hear her voice It echoes in my head I'm sorry if I say the wrong things ... I'm sorry if you feel that I don't

The Kelly Family - So many things lyrics

say it's hard on you and sometimes to much to bear baby ... me I'm afraid of losing it too I wish I was the girl ... that sits across the room in your ... s across your sweet face so many things I wanna do bot I

Flaw - God damn lyrics

but a prick, my noveistic imbosole A stupid, my novieistic ... imbosole A stupid, my novieistic imbosole ... t point your rules at me A stupid, my novieistic imbosole A

Rakim - It's the r lyrics

1st verse) Aye yo it's Mr. Low-key you need to go ... host by far a mostly o.t., with a brand new show but you ... when I swerve, you observe it closely if you smoke trees,

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Go with us lyrics

Talib Kweli] In your eardrum so furious It ain't a game, it ... ain't a joke, it's so serious The best flow period ... let's go! (Klack-klack-klack-klack ... Yo, the year of the Blacksmith It ain't defined by any

2pm - So many girls (junho solo) lyrics

hikuteamata demo erabu te wa hitotsu dake mōsō ga hirogaru ... futari de sugosu jikan I don‘t know who ... you are lady I don‘t know sono hitomi sū sen no hoshi no

Annie Haslam - She's leaving home lyrics

door Leaving the note that she hoped would say more She goes ... downstairs to the kitchen clutching her ... backdoor key Stepping outside she is free. She (We gave her

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - It dont have to change lyrics

Oh do you remember? (ooh) It was so long ago and so much ... has changed (ooh) I wanna go back (go back...ooh) Wanna go back to those simple days ... (ooh) I wanna go back (go back...ooh) But now we've

Mental Discipline - So many times (feat. endanger) lyrics

person has a shield That covers ... us Every morning I wake up Many bad thoughts in my ... just to stop But I know it’s not the end There is ... There is no one I can trust It’s not easy but I don’t want

Ffs - So many bridges lyrics

again But friendship has limits you know So how long, how ... far will you go So many bridges in the world to jump ... off of So many bridges in the world to jump

Hot Water Music - So many days lyrics

there something wrong Do ya hate this ... song Cuz I'm singin about it again Did ya know the words ... you read them Did ya notice She had it and she wants it again

Neurosonic - So many people lyrics

under the sun going to hell In an episode of ... money can even buy you dignity Everyone will forget in a ... couple of days It doesn't matter what they say ... Am I the only one feeling the itch, Because they're giving

Emilie Autumn - So many fools lyrics

such thing as friendship? Is it possible to not slip Past ... the point of genial with a Quip implying something ... Blunders of a man at war With the fact that he could be

Ian Brown - So many soldiers lyrics

up so fresh this morning Love to ... wake up to your heat Smiles at ... traffic lights I'm so selective with the company I ... keep Some never gonna see the evening Picking

Amy Diamond - So many things lyrics

like I always do And I'd so like to go crazy I'm so ... tired of this waiting around And I'd so like to ... go crazy I'm so sick of this state of mind ... So many things I'd like to say I

Geto Boys - Damn it feels good to be a gangsta lyrics

Verse 1] Damn it feels good to be a gangsta A real ... fights And niggas always gotta high cap Showin' all his ... gangsta-ass niggas know they got em And everythings cool in

Marirose - Wanna go crazy lyrics

Verse 1) It's friday night at the disco ... stare And when i'm there It wont be fair as soon as I ... then that's perfectly fine with me Because tonight....

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - She keeps me up lyrics

s got me nervous, talkin' a ... hundred miles an hour She's more than worth it, I swear ... to pieces if I went anywhere without her I love when she says ... what's wrong with right here on the counter

Cock Sparrer - So many things lyrics

and killing everyone At home it's not much better, no Bobbies ... I won't take this anymore So many things in this world are ... wrong So many things I've put up with for

Katy Mcallister - Wanna believe lyrics

Like nothing's wrong to be so confident Damn it just ain't ... that you don't know What's goin' through my brain The way ... m tearin' out my heart again It's on my sleeve And I love

Lil Rob - So many styles lyrics

I leave these other vatos with manic depression ... them sketching their next lesson, did I mention I'm not ... my profession is positive Competative and negetive,

Martine Mccutcheon - Cried so many nights lyrics

same you say that love was gone you're moving on so why ... can't I believe that it's over now that's the way it ... has to be I can see it in your eyes and it comes

Post Malone lyricsPost Malone - Up there lyrics

you standin' over me Girl, it's drivin' me crazy Yeah, it ... dead of night The only heat, it come from the ashtray I ... to the sky, baby, baby I wanna go up there And I don't ever

Astral Doors - So many day so many nights lyrics

wizard in white; as the day turned To night ... winds of lost places again So many days so many nights So many days so many nights; dreaming ... A sorcerer's spell, he kills and

B. B. King - So many days lyrics

d rather steal away and die So many days I'd rather steal ... to mean to die You've been so mean baby You've been so ... mean to me Baby, you've been so mean You've been so mean to

Dokken - So many tears lyrics

yeah, I'm leaving today Sorry is not enough Like so many things We were lost forever ... of time Back to the way it was I can only go on To ... the wall There's only so many tears you can cry There's

Don Henley - Damn it rose lyrics

just a good night’s sleep Would have ... rather permanent decision So tragic, so unkind Now, pain ... And sleep is what you’ll get So far away from that sweet baby

Magic Man - It all starts here lyrics

ve got a restless heart burning up ... on Don't hold back, don't hesitate 'Cause we've got fire, it ... s in our blood God damn this restless heart, keeping

Budgie - She used me up lyrics

sweet sixteen when she caught my eye She made a ... love like an apple pie I got all choked up when she ran ... around She just used me up and she threw me right down

James - So many ways lyrics

are so many traps been laid How can you ... Put your foot down in a moonlit glade Snap, your ankle's ... Which are the turns to take It doesn't seem to matter what

The Kelly Family - So many troubles lyrics

hear your voice and be your song So many troubles, so many troubles Through greedy ... mountain and freaks throught ups'n'downs'n'ups'n'downs ... freak and cheeky tricks So many troubles, so many troubles

5th Dimension - Go where you wanna go lyrics

gotta go where you wanna go Do what you wanna do With ... whoever you wanna do it with You gotta go where you wanna go Do what you wanna do With ... whoever you wanna do it with You don't understand That a

Dance Or Die - Damn it! lyrics

it!) (?) (Shut up!) (Make this dark spirit ... uninvest itself) (?) (Close) (?) (Take ... clothes off now) (Atchoo) Damn it!) (?) (Shut up!) (Make ... this dark spirit uninvest itself) (?) (Close) (?) (Take

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