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Smosh - Dixon cider lyrics

you have bad days; days when you think nothing can bring you up. But if you got a girl, you got nothing to worry about, just listen here and we’ll tell you just what’s up. Grab your girl and have some Dixon Cider and show her love with your Dixo

Phillip Phillips - Trigger lyrics

heard the words come out of your mouth again So quietly you said "I need someone to hold my heart again Like it felt when I was just a kid" Will you take me far away From this fear that pulls me near? Will you take it out? What's inside of

Anne-marie lyricsAnne-marie - Trigger lyrics

don't even wanna open this door No, I don't wanna step inside All of our history is scattered on the floor Blurring all the enemy lines We're too far from the start to remember Why there's even a fight I don't wanna even talk anymore I don't wanna get left behind Getting n

Shinee - Trigger lyrics

said I’m a saint i bami majimakige nal gyenun ne songgeut oh yeogiggajiin neon nae jeonbuyeoneunde saranghan mankeum deo janinhaeejyeo beorin killeo cheonsa gatdeon neon i bamui lusipeo sansani ggaeeojin love geurae naega mwol deo halsu itgetni majimaki dwil only req

Morcheeba - Trigger hippie lyrics

in, drop out of love, Pull the trigger, I'm a hippie, So said a truth, and blood, Alive and well, You push the buttons. Standing in line of fire, For the whole, My soul, Step codes, The drums, And sing, Love the children, Learn to live with every

Anthony B - Trigger happy cowboy lyrics

up rasta nah tek beat up trigger happy cowboy(cowboy) put down the gun put down the gun trigger happy cowboy too much blood a run a jamdown yo trigger happy cowboy(cowboy) put down the gun put down the gun mi seh I know your gun dem long and tal

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Trigger finger (feat. soulja boy) lyrics

Verse 1 - Lil Wayne] I ain't lookin' back, nigga I'mma douchebag to these p**** ass niggas Hammer in my draws but I nail yo bitch Blunts like fingers, I'm bout to make a fist Everybody die, gon' bury me alive Grab life by the horns, put the bullshit aside Gl

The Rasmus - Trigger lyrics

storm is rising From the ashes Like the cruellest Flames of fury Like a crystal This love crashes Against the concrete Shaking you and me Where do we go? Where do we go from here? We could have gone so far Gone so high! You broke my trigger Gone so hig

Eradicator - Trigger to apocalypse lyrics

century has begun it's number 21 War and conflicts still remain Terror rules the day politicians fail People look away the system's price we pay World of illusions nothing's as it seems Corruption! Democracy on knees Forces of the damned gathering again Better watch out or it's

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Trigger lyrics

through the darkness, Won't do you no good to flee, Stalking through the golden state, Who's bitch do you want to be, Can't run, can't hide, Gonna get you wait and see, You know I'm weird, I know I'm weird, I'm crazy Now feel your backbone shiver, Lucky thing for you babe I

Inkt - Trigger lyrics

no bokura ga mi teta sono hyōjō You know what I'm saying right? Mayou boku ga susunde ku ashita wa kyō no shōchō This is how we do. can you see me? There is no time to stop. Sō sa kyō mo Ataerareta jikan de Ubawa reta toki o hitori torimodosu nda Get back

Jackson United - Trigger happy lyrics

at the ending You should give up all defending A losing battle never ending The beginning of your war There's s no backing down now An arrogance, you're found out You're frowning on your way out Still clinging to the door Y'know you laugh

Louden Swain - Trigger finger lyrics

you can make it through the flight You just might win the fight There's a light on inside your head I want to help you find your way It's rare I get to say Everything's gonna be ok But I'm gonna pay Every part of you is feeling like a photograph Got that trigger finger al

Insyderz - Trigger happy lyrics

this world's going down the tubes With gangs and guns and drug abuse For the moment whatcha got to lose Extend a hand, do what you can do This is my cry, this is my plea To make a better society Do you want to see insyde of me? Wake up and smell the coffee Any

Chimaira - Trigger finger lyrics

is a price to pay for freedom There is a price to pay for bliss What is it worth to you my friend? What’s more important in the end? Black hole swallowing Mental shattering The virus has consumed you Deep down Breakdown Meltdown Countdown Pitch-black attack And there’s no

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Trigger happy hands lyrics

world is run by clowns with trigger happy hands, But the world is filled with people that we don't understand And so we're living in a culture made of death and fear, Doesn't seem the human race will make it through the year. The world is run by lying drunks, and bald

Poe - Trigger happy jack (drive by a go-go) lyrics

scares easily It makes him so angry At me And his head it spins around Just like the Exorcist and I Find it ever so Hard to resist his cries But there's nothing more sadistic than an infant Waving his pistol in my face He wants me right down on my knees Crumbl

Cryoshell - Trigger lyrics

fire Through darkness Forever And a lifetime These ripples Grow bigger Absorbed in spiral light years This one in A million Of circles Defines a moment And lasting Through ages Worlds rising And you're the trigger You'll light the day You'll turn it inside out (diffe

Deaf Havana - Trigger lyrics

tired, of being tired and drunk and lonely. I hate myself in the morning, yeah so much more in the morning. When the guilt swells through my stomach and my heart beats through my ears, and all the little things that I ignore, seem to be more

Nightstalker - Trigger happy lyrics

don’t need a ring of solid gold now To show me that you’re a different man For me you’re not that important I swear babe I don’t give a damn Damn, damn What the motherf*** you’re doing You’re going down You wanna stay high Damn, damn What the m

Diaura - Trigger lyrics

hitomi ga toraeta "sekai" wa ima, mitasareteru ka? anmaku no uragawa de kenchi o kobami genjitsu touhi It dies as the wreck of a thinking stop, and one gear? azawarau kuroi kage, kaigorosu tsumori darou omowaku doori kaku o kait

In Flames - Trigger lyrics

we lost the spark or a guide? What's the latest on the screen? Can't be too late to turn around I need all the help from you I need to find something to blame for a long lost time I am running from something, I don't know I am searching for something, w

Nocturnal Bloodlust - Trigger lyrics

Itai, kurui, itai, kurue Die! Die! Die! Die! Imprisoned, let me out. Now loose this chain to release my fury. I can't stand the desire will be crushed in...

A Static Lullaby - Trigger happy tarantula lyrics

screams have me buckled down From the way that it seems We need a remedy Embody me and kill this aching emptiness These are just fantasies Embalming me As I sleep What if you covered the face of the sun I am just a man what gives me hope I've sh

And - Trigger lyrics

sonna fuu ni kizutsukerareru no kana nanimo shiranai kuse ni shirou to sura mo shinai kuse ni nagetsukerareta kotoba hitotsu hitotsu itakute kizu wa hiraku bakari dashi-kata ga wakaranai sorosoro tsukareta kana katte ni afuredashita namida ga tomaranai nan darou toma

Born From Pain - Trigger the tempest lyrics

burns in my veins Bitterness remains Anger turns to hatred Hatred turns to strength Lost will to stay docile Only the tempest fed Turmoil prevails Adrenaline dictates Too late to Appeal to reason Rejected - serenity Evoked - hostility

Megosh - Trigger thumb lyrics

from the bottom of your arm Up to the back of your skull You try and fight it but you just can't take control, yeah... And I think that I could be just like you. No, I know I could die a sinner like you Running from a heart. Where were you and all your guns? Leave it

9mm Parabellum Bullet - Trigger lyrics

jiyuu wo torimodosu SUTEGOMA tachito ima senjou e koko ni kite kara jiyuu wo mikaketenai mokuteku nante sugu ni hatashite umareta kuni e kaereru hazu ga koko ni kite kara egao made ubawareta koko ni kite kara ichido mo mikaketenai jiyuu no tame yubi wo kakete

Roll Deep - Take control ft alesha dixon lyrics

can party all night till the sun lights up the sky, And when the stars come out I'll be right here by your side, I grab you by the hands and roll out, Lets go now, I wanna get to a place where it goes down, Where the party starts but don't hold o

Jay Sean - Every little part of me feat alesha dixon lyrics

we really do this No no not not not not me I’ve never saw me falling hard Got me like I knew it No no not not not not me You took away my guard, guard So I Put my hands up, put my, put my hands up Put my hands up, put my, put my hands up Put my hands up, put my, put my hand

Anthem - Finger's on the trigger lyrics

DON'T WANNA HEAR narihibiku aozameta waraigoe ON THE EDGE OF TIME, I'M STANDIN' NO CHANCE I DON'T WANNA LOSE miushinau moeagaru honoo no naka IT'S TIME TO SURVIVE, TIME TO FIGHT ALL OR NOTHING OH ima tatakai wo idome kuzure ochite yuku mae ni BLACK AN

Asia - Finger on the trigger lyrics

go down fighting, thunder, lightning As the final curtain falls Although enlightening, the conclusion's frightening You have me by the balls No escape, no hand of fate As the end comes into view Oblivion calling, no sense stalling And no

Carnal Forge - Pull the trigger lyrics

Breeds Hate, And I Like To Watch It Go Restless Souls Rule The World With Their Bare Hands I Feel No Fear As I Face The Gun I Pulled The Trigger, You Lost I Won How Can You Say It's A Sacrifice When Your Life's Your Enemy Slave To Your Own Restraint The Obsessions Of Carnal

Ice-t - Squeeze the trigger lyrics

the trigger Rampage on stage,my crews in a rage Searched my posse,found the Uzi but missed the 12 gauge Maniac,I'm a rhyme brainiac,livin' on the edge of a razor Remember that Cold rollin' thick as a shake,I'm rockin' hard as a quake I can't live on bread and water or lobs

Cage - The trigger effect lyrics

when it came they thought the safeguards remained oh no! They knew that others had told them so Anarchy in the streets begins to grow The blackness made all our morals melt Survival instinct is a that is felt Protect your home and you family Be

Hackneyed - Finger on the trigger lyrics

after Dawn I'm out for some Kills I still play my bills Cant be awake and still cant sleep My needs are hard, my wills too weak My soul is bared, my mind will bleed My Finger on the Trigger I still hear them Scream out mercy, scream loud, one shot, burst head

Blitzkrieg - Hair trigger (pull the trigger part 2) lyrics

time he pulled the trigger, he aimed it at himself, Surgeons fought and saved him, hatred burns in his chest, No more self-destruction, an assassin he would be, Kill for the highest bidder, now he'll never be free. Hold tight, take aim, shoot k

Miike Snow - My trigger lyrics

saw you licking a dollar bill I'm in the graveyard if looks could kill But murder ain't your thing, you just shoot to thrill But if you did, put you in my will, will Baby let's forget the morning, forget the morning Where you're winning Baby we could

Never Heard Of It - Finger on the trigger lyrics

tell me what you want to be Tell me are you're listening? Tell me all the things you felt before you let them inside your head Tell me what you're fighting for Do you have a reason? Let me turn you inside out if your inside out of me here before Stuck inside this same revolving

Poisonblack - Pull the trigger lyrics

ends, no matter what you do There's no escape, soon it will be through Payback will come, consequence is sealed It won't expire no, it won't yield Don't you try and repent Don't you dare to deceive Cause not a single word they will believe Everyone waits fo

Eidolon - Pull the trigger lyrics

- as the rain keeps falling down Waiting - for the pain to knock me down Malign indifference - frothing at your peace and glory The naked truth - fish-hooked in your halo-story The grand illusion - will you take me to the life you've chosen? When

Backyard Babies - Bigger wa trigger lyrics

were you thinkin’ When you went down? It’s kinda funny Since we always stuck around What were you doin’ What went so bad? You and me together And everything we had Run into a future Try not hiding from my past I’m looking for tomorrow And the next day just as fast

Blitzkrieg - Pull the trigger (satan cover) lyrics

night is out and the lights fade, And I’m alone in the street, Running round in a daze, Don’t know where I’m going, There’s nothing left to live for, This life is killing me, My mind is gone, I can’t carry on anyway. CHORUS Time is running out, going fast, How much longer

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - The goddamn trigger lyrics

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I have 38 rifles and a bunch of handguns and ammunition 8 grenades, in case of scuffles How do I protect myself, how do I protect myself Without all that It's my constitutional; it's my

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Goddamn trigger lyrics

have 38 rifles and a bunch of handguns and ammunition 8 grenades, in case of scuffles How do I protect myself, how do I protect myself Without all that It's my constitutional; it's my constitutional right To arm bears I am the Goddamn trigger God made guns, so go

Dismember - As i pull the trigger lyrics

are these visions that trouble my weakened mind Haunt my fevered dreams and dance before my wide awake eyes Visions of death a murder, ravaged figures in pain People dead and buried, filling my head with fear Demons and shadows tear my world apart, sh

Reasoning - Script-switch trigger lyrics

you wake from your nightmare. Can't quite remember what you believe you were running from. Yes: we're all only human with fears and delusions. We all need a dream to keep fighting for. Stare back at your reflection. Nothing unexpected, still there is something so out of place. We

Abaddon - Trauma is the trigger lyrics

step towards tomorrow moving slow from yesterday Never again the darkness seems to follow I have no future I just want to die Heavy guilt mine to keep Weight of depression cannot rise above Try to hide as it drags me deeper Mind full of hatred suicida

Despite - Chaos trigger lyrics

snap your fingers to rule the life you never had In your bureaucratic world it's so hard to not go mad Born bad! - All empathy is killed Sworn cad! - My noose gets tighter still Fallen prey! - I'm gutted by your razor Shaped in clay! - By the hands of my appraiser

Enuff Z' Nuff - Finger on the trigger lyrics

many nights must I wonder and how many nights must I wait how many nights full of thunder and tell me how many man must I hate Putting one foot after the other on a highway that never ends with a blues note comin' from my guitar I jump back in the saddle again I

Coheed And Cambria - Delirium trigger lyrics

re now up here alone terror on the intercom can someone save us systems malfunction blast it this damn machine over and out captain something lurks creeps on the counter top somewhere behind you parasitic cyst i can't stand to watch it's coming up and out of your chest remember wh

Protest The Hero - Hair-trigger lyrics

sweet little redhead's got her hooks in my back She points her finger and she shows me what I lack Her pale skin, it burns so hot in the midnight air She paints the streets a shade of gray around my chair so come on in Her hot breath on my skin Her scent on my fingers Her taste is

Allegaeon - The azrael trigger lyrics

away one's identity Till their conscious cease to exist Redirecting their Mentality Ruling the Mind with an Iron Fist Subverting sense of control Coercive Persuasion Stripping away one's soul Soon to be Disembodied Blinded eyes programmed minds controlled They Lead You fo

Autolux - Asleep at the trigger lyrics

m just studying you Fold up all over town Stereo-mindset sucking you down You're dressed up Look what you've said But left your insides at home Hit me with your smile again Hit me with your smile again Dissapear beneath the day Oh no it's still

Danger Silent - To pull the trigger lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Earth Crisis - Hair trigger lyrics

feel it sleeping deep inside my brain on a hairtrigger setup. To trip off my nerves are pulled taught as a wire. Not one reason for the disrespect cast down. As I climb up and out. Content to believe the lies. So eager to spread them on without a care.

Girugämesh - Flower (フラワー) lyrics

mo nomikomu yori fukaku no mimi yozora Hitama tabi hitomi daite mina mobi yowateku Aa kaze datte okumo datte yami datte sa Subete hare hate Nana hiro ni saki hokore hanabira no Yagate chibiki de kukumare Nari hibiku zankyou ga setsuna sa wa Mabuta tojite yaki

Lady Antebellum - Home is where the heart is lyrics

felt I was spinning my wheels Before too long the road was calling I packed everything I own So sure that I was leaving this small town life behind for good And not a single tear was falling It took leaving for me to understand Sometimes your dreams just aren’t what life has pl

Lady Antebellum - Where the heart is lyrics

felt I was spinning my wheels Before too long the road was calling I packed everything I own So sure that I was leaving this small town life behind for good And not a single tear was falling It took leaving for me to understand Sometimes your dreams just aren’t what life

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