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4him - Signs and wonders lyrics

don't need a psychic line To tell us what is on your mind We don't need to search for what is Hidden in the stars We don't need a horoscope To bring us life to give us hope You are God So we just need to trust In who You are You sent love to live in us, So we just need to tru

God Dethroned - The poison apple (eve and serpentio in the ga.. lyrics

eve, do you like my snakeskin suit? Oh eve touch my skin it feels so smooth Oh eve, i've seen you naked in the garden of eden Eve come with me to the tree of ancient wisdom Eve don't fear me I'm just a serpent and i like forbidden fruit Eve take a bite (fear

Shaggy - In the summertime lyrics

s a summertime affair Shaggy ha Ravyon Sun and fun in the Atmosphere, oh yes In the summertime when The weather is high You can stretch right up And touch the sky When the weather is fine You've got women You've got women On your mind I'm gonna drive and ride and S

Kill Hannah - The songs that saved my life lyrics

up the radio I need it more than ever now (more than ever now) It's the first snow of the year and something in the atmosphere is coming here Froze in our memories again soon you'll forget but I just can't I remember, I remember everything all the times when no one ever ca

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Adele and danny in the backseat lyrics

lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No

Lamb Of God - Terror and hubris in the house of frank polla.. lyrics

the f***ed up things trap & punish me I cannot explain my problem. Kill my hopeless life I cannot be hypnotized. You owe me. Push aside the veil to welcome in the visitors. Eyes like halogen illuminate the soma peering out of spherical night mask.

Rain Fell Within - In the knowing of you lyrics

think I see beyond your eyes,your lies. I will not let it get to me. I am much stronger than you think I am. My path I'll choose,don't try to lead me. You claim to know me.It is I who know you. I will prove you false.I am in the knowing of you.

Root - The temple in the underworld lyrics

rush through purple mist Fury in my eyes Beast of prey's look I make my way through shrubs of Skeletons My target is just around the corner. I weep blood instead of tears Dust of Eternity covers my face Windstorm howled its Song of Death Cacophony Demons turn

2 Wolves - Surrounding fields and stars in the sky lyrics

silent road through The patchwork of nature Tonight we walk together Into a new daybreak Surrounding fields and stars in the sky We don't disturb. We're only passing by The stubborn wind whispers A familiar story Touches the skin And dances wit

Blondie - In the flesh lyrics

darlin' darlin' I can't wait to see you Your picture ain't enough I can't wait to touch you in the flesh Darlin' darlin' darlin' I can't wait to hear you Remembering your love Is nothing without you in the flesh Went walking one day on the lower East side Met you with

Fleet Foxes lyricsFleet Foxes - In the hot, hot rays lyrics

like a dead weight Still coverin' the street outside So heavy that the dogs can't hide In the hot, hot rays Out on the sidewalk It's a river where the children go Come and join in the August show In the hot, hot rays In the hot, hot rays In

Current 93 - Steven and i in the field of stars lyrics

within circles We ride through them all Circles within circles "In the midst of the Southern regions..." There a man rests and weeps This year, next year, Sometimes, Never, oh never If we think then that there is No joy But liste

John Fogerty - A hundred and ten in the shade lyrics

out there in the cotton Sun beatin' down so hard Sweat rollin' of this shovel Diggin' in the devil's boneyard Sure like a cool drink of water Soft rag to soothe my face Sure like a woman to talk to in this place It's a hundred and ten Hundred and ten in the shade Goi

Midnight Oil - Bells and horns in the back of beyond lyrics

Southern Aurora was late again As I waited at central to take you home Winking spinning sparkling lights on our flat earth You talk about the old groundling ways Where the suburbs summer pulse and play in wrinkled sand and never never never neverland I get home I see them drive d

Van Morrison - In the forest lyrics

the sacred grove, where the waters flow We will come and go, in the forest In the summer rain, we will meet again We will learn the code of the ancient ones In the forest By the waterfall, I will hold you in my arms We will meet again by the

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - In the name of god lyrics

from the public eye Choose to appear when it suits you Claim you're just, killing women and children Fight when you choose to fight Hide in a cave when you're hunted like a beast, spawned from hell, utilizing fear Chosen by god or a coward insane? Stand up and

Elliot Shawn - Shame and scandal in the family lyrics

is me Shame and scandal in the family Woe is me Shame and scandal in the family In Trinidad there was a family with much confusion as you will see It was a mama and a papa and a boy who was grown He wanted to marry, have a wife of his own Fo

Excelsis - In the highlands lyrics

the dales of Scotland I walked in the spring The colors and scents and I said that was good I wandered in the summer and I thought that was the best To the beeches of the highland I came in autumn These are the tales of a silent song The gold and the red

Van Morrison - In the garden lyrics

streets are always wet with rain After a summer shower when I saw you standin' In the garden in the garden wet with rain You wiped the teardrops from your eye in sorrow As we watched the petals fall down to the ground And as I sat beside you I felt the Great sadnes

Pretty Maids - In the flesh lyrics

and the boys are bound for trouble Cruising the city round the midnight hour Just went out to get a couple Of whiskey shots to light my fire-power Every now and then We got a little to go Every now and then We got some money to burn Every now and then W

Lyriel - Lyriel - like a feather in the mind lyrics

at me I guess I am Like a feather in the wind Signs and wonders all out there I will seek; I will never come to rest I am leaving now, and this time it is for good Don't waste your time to talk me out of it For I won't cry a tear for you This is not the end it'

Dark Millenium - The atmosphere lyrics

the raven to the edge of belief Leave the thoughts of paradise in the seclusion of the mind. Past and life so far behind The walls that pass our way to mystery. Tear the air with a look. Don't deny the signs, see his eyes, Feel the to dream - Hooked The atmospher

Brother Ali - The bite marked heart lyrics

Verse 1] Love struck like dumb luck See the bite marked heart come untucked Still scared of the dark yet I’m not Afraid to fall scale the wall that you construct Must be the tears of joy that appeared Rose from the morsel of sole that you bared Crawled

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - In the hue of night lyrics

night falls, the unveilment of sublime visions behold. What's been obscured by verity conceives its mold in the hue of night. Upon ashen wings in pallid gloomy light your shadows blackened cast onto every solitary path. A fire's blazing in th

Mree - Atmosphere lyrics

ve been walked upon Tell me I'm wrong But I know that you're already late Guess it's true I won't blame it on you Since you were my biggest mistake Thanks to you I am bitter now too I trace all the lies on your face It's not about who was right or who's wro

Noah Scott Ellenwood - Atmosphere lyrics

is this girl I think she's lovely Like she fell out of the sky I'd love to hold her I've never told her Cause you know who am I See her from the window of my heart I feel her in the atmosphere She standing on the other side of my fear But I can't get that from here I see

Plain White T's - Wonders of the younger lyrics

cars and spaceships and carnival rides Ghosts in graveyards that come out at night These are the wonders of the younger Daydreams of castles inside crystal balls While your heroes on posters stand guard on your walls These are the wonders of the younger An

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - Atmosphere lyrics

feel in the beginning when we're living We were tripping, we were so high When you tell me that you love me were you bluffin'? Was it nothing? Now you're so dry You can tell me that you're sorry But I know that you don't mean it, baby, don't lie Don't lie, baby, don't lie

Easton Corbin - Miracles happen lyrics

mornin' in the paper, I read about a man who had Sacrificed and worked hard all his life. He said he bought a ticket To some big lottery And just like that, his life changed overnight. Well, as I read about him, A thought occurred to me; If he could be

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Wonders of the deep lyrics

after your brothers and sisters. They need you. They need each other. (instrumental

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - If i could make the world dance lyrics

da-ba-da (woah) Ba-da-ba-da (woah) Ba-da-ba-da (woah) Bu-da (you) Bu-da-bu-da (woah) Bu-da-bu-da (woah) Bu-da-bu-da (woah) Signs and wonders that the television shows Hate and poverty for the more, lets me know That life is a stage and we're all in the show Starring the Wor

Byron Cage - The presence of the lord lyrics

presence of the Lord is here (2x's) I feel it in the atmosphere, The presence of the Lord is here, oh (2x's) The spirit of the Lord is here(2x's) I feel it in the atmosphere, The spirit of the Lord is here, oh(2x's) The power of the Lord is here

Neil Diamond - Signs lyrics

that burn like shooting stars That pass across the nighttime skies They reach out in their mystic language For us to read between the lines Some are born who would defy them Others still who would deny them Signs Signs like moments hung susp

Samael - In the deep lyrics

me Samaël Billion years ago I was already there Waiting to exist Call me Samaël Billion years ago When dream took a shape To shape other dreams I was already there waiting to exist At the dawn of my time, the morning of my life When nothing stood be

Innerwish - The signs of our lives lyrics

strikes again Floating on my sea of past Alone and helpless in the dark Lies that burn my soul Will never let trust again Those snakes that ruin my life before But I have to try Look up to the sky The signs of our lives The seeds of our lust Are helping us all to rememb

Mark Owen - The one lyrics

your hands up to the sun I heard you´re looking for the one The more you look, the less you´re gonna find here Your heart is full of holes again You´re falling through the soul again You think so much, you´re gonna blow the idea Life, it´s the delicate trials of life With it´s

Bloc Party - Signs lyrics

ravens in the old oak tree And one for you and one for me And bluebells in the late December I see signs now all the time The last time we slept together There was something that was not there You never wanted to alarm me But I'm the one that's drowning now I could sle

In The Woods - In the woods lyrics

myths from the deep, eternal forests. A true melancholic atmosphere, Haunts this hidden world. Where men, for hundreds of years, Have immortalized their cult. Moments of... Down in the forest. Or, wherever we may care to bleed We are Gods. Do not follow it as always, present

In The Woods - In the woods ii lyrics

Myths From the deep, eternal forests A true melancholic atmosphere Haunts this hidden world Where men for hundreds of years Have immortalized their cult. One with this world This is where I long to be .....

Powerworld - Signs in the sand lyrics

in the sand Not written forever On a stony way Time has come To let us go In every minute of our life, we hold on to what we believe The past and the future, the days and the years, we're not forever! With every heartbeat we are one, released from pain

Current 93 - The signs in the stars ii lyrics

had gathered some flowers to lay upon your face though you were not gone from the realm of the quick I saw all the rainclouds being driven on forward by horses long numbered and featureless and free and I wanted to call you a wife though i couldn't stop glancing at the signs

Current 93 - Signs in the stars lyrics

had gathered some flowers To lay upon your face Though you were not gone From the realm of the quick I saw all the rainclouds Being driven on forward By horses long numbered And featureless and free And i wanted to call you a wife Though I couldn't stop glancing at t

Lovebugs - The highest heights lyrics

climb a tree, so mighty high I see the world from just beneath the sky The dreams I dream, they take me high oh The air is thin, my thoughts are clear I can feel something is in the atmosphere The dreams I dream, they take me here Oh, beyond the last frontier The

Across The Sun - In the face of adversity lyrics

wait is over now Safe to say The real work has begun Gave everything To make it happen What lies ahead is anybodies guess Come way too far To not see this through Not make our dreams come true So much uncertainty Lies beneath the surface Cloudi

Bella Morte - In the dirt lyrics

is the end for them Black suits and tragic words linger The absence of miracles, I Wash them away No time for words and tears Discipline holds the room silent Raising the stakes again, I Tear it away. This rift won't mend again Dig deep to uncover The

Candlemass - The killing of the sun lyrics

destination A scientific race Symptoms of the evolution? We're fresh out of the caves! Bow and arrow, fangs and fur Neanderthals and cars We burned the flame and tamed the earth Looked up to the stars The dogs, the apes... the buffalo The fire and the wheel

Heliosaga - The light of ardor lyrics

hundred years they held it With a coiled bane Enthralled by it's symmetry It's poetry and pain A quiet for him Now slowly draws breath A newly reborn spirit Dances over death One breath of life alone Has pierced the hardest stone In this age anew

Hutchinson Eric - In the first place lyrics

you had any idea what it was gonna take Would you have gotten started in the first place All these commitments you make they keep on adding up Because you got addicted from the first taste Ooooh Nobody wonders nobody really cares Ooooh About your intentions until you're gotten

Amon Düül Ii - In the glassgarden lyrics

a long introducing You can listen to the story Which happened during the roaring seventies in July People sweat in the sun Sitting feet by feet, watching the big game They didn't know that all that happened to them Was about themselves, including their fantasy An

Axxis - Better world - livin' in the dark lyrics

you feel Can you heal Can you steal the best Of a million hearts around It's the heart of a new generation Waiting for a new world to be found Money rules - only fools Do you think we're blind Well open up your eyes We're not hot on success - just happiness Now a

Jakszyk, Fripp And Collins (a King Crimson Projekct) - The other man lyrics

thought that he'd leave forever You'd never know, you'd never know Caught in the wrong place, lost in the snow Something survives when all else is broken Who'll understand some circumstance No one needs to know Another piece of architecture falls And crumbl

Kevin Rudolf - In the city lyrics

I'm a star in the city Walk the streets like a wanted man All the time got my shine lookin pretty Mother F*****s all know who I am Everyday feel the heat in the city Like the barrel of a smoking gun Read the signs see the lights thier so pretty Your

Sadus - In the name of... lyrics

ways of old Have begun again Doomed to repeat the past Another mortal sin Lies - Feed the fire That burn our hands Die for a cause The ill will of man Slave, slave To obsession of a final goal How far will one go to the whim of another Spilling, spill

Matt Simons - The higher ground lyrics

is something about the melody How it hits when I close my eyes Straight to paradise There is something about the harmony And the way it makes me feel Heaven knows it's real Everywhere I go I know I'm not alone I'm smiling just because I fee

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Signs lyrics

m not sure what I see Cupid don't f*** wit me! Are you telling me this is a sign? She's looking in my eyes, now I see no other guys Are you telling me this is a sign? (OHHH!!!) [Snoop Dogg] Don't think about it, boy leave her alone (Ooh wee!!) Nigga

Devour The Day - Lightning in the sky lyrics

was a dangerous display A beautiful storm A flash in the atmosphere And then you were gone A deadly device Your electric embrace Surrounded and swallowed me alive Now I'm not the same Strike me down before you burn away Nothing that can save me I'm so strung out on the st

Freedom Call - The eyes of the world lyrics

the end of all creation The world is standing still Eternal damnation For all who have sinned Hear the clash up in the atmosphere There’s silence everywhere We‘re daring not to move or breathe There’s tension in the air We obey the light And it

Helloween lyricsHelloween - In the night lyrics

the night I'm calling you! Be my guide help me through! In the night I call your name You're the light in times of shame! The songs I sing All my love I bring to you! I always try to make things better Everything that has gone wrong Mighty plans in the wright direction

Michael Kiske - In the night lyrics

the night I'm calling you! Be my guide, help me through In the night I call your name! You're the light in times of shame The songs I sing, all my love I bring to you! I always try to make things better Everything that has gone wrong Mighty plans in the right direction

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