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Chris Crocker - Mind in the gutter lyrics

me Father, for I have sinned. There's just something inside of me that I can't hold ... I am crazy. I got you thinkin' all them bad things I got ... you reachin' for them body parts I'm

Madrigal - Mind in disguise lyrics

of desire will i see you again disappeared on a frail ... path still your face i retain... reaching out to grasp ... your hand again still i can't find you

The Dogma - Angel in cage lyrics

your hands They closed your wings and I saw your frozen tears ... deadly broken heart Is rising from the dark Girl don't ... You can't believe My Angel in the cage You can't escape,

Mental Discipline - Precious paradise (mind​.​in​.​a​.​box remix) lyrics

stand, I'll never change my mind 'Cos I am not so blind... ... . I'm on the run from your cage of gold No matter if ... stand, I'll never change my mind 'Cos I am not so blind...

Europe - Got your mind in the gutter lyrics

s a man to do When he's bein' accused I hear you talkin' ... It's real bad news Nothin' happened with That girl ... Tell me why You got your mind in the gutter You got your mind in the gutter You're jumpin'

Iron Savior - Mind over matter lyrics

justice A body of metal, a mind made of circuits Although I ... think and I'm conscious What is ... my aim I am what can't be A mind in a digital brain It is

Maty Noyes - In my mind lyrics

like that Can't just love me in pieces gotta love it all You ... try to make me feel like being humans wrong You got a lot ... that [Chorus] Got me runnin' other places in my mind in

Ferry Bryan - In your mind lyrics

the frozen chimes of winter Crystal shimmer in your mind To the first time when ... her You implored her to be kind In the open fields around ... question and the answer Deep inside you - you shall find

Heather Headley - In my mind lyrics

Sanders, Shannon; Imagine seeing him on the town holding another hand She's staring ... what they do or say ?Cause ain't nothing changed He's standing with her but his soul is

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Mind is the magic lyrics

Life is a mirage ghost Imagination Pure inspiration called ... justification Nothing's impossible Nothing's ... concealed Everything here is for real What gives

Richard Ashcroft - You on my mind in my sleep lyrics

ain't ever seen The way to find your dream Forget what's ... within within Cos who you've been you've ... If all we lose is the skin I'm pulling you under within

Imperia - In my mind lyrics

your mind where I live In your thoughts where I breathe ... In your fantasy world where I ... stay In your mind I live In your mind where I live In ... thoughts where I breathe In your fantasy world where I

Jamie Lostein - In my own mind lyrics

couldn't leave me a single beat of my heart You ... started looking for ends when there was no ... Need I, shouldn't I be leaving? Lost myself in my own mind, Got my eyes but Lately

Prezioso Feat. Marvin - In my mind lyrics

my mind you will always find Many pictures of you and me ... Oh, sweet embrace in another place We will love ... In my mind you will always find Many pictures of you and me

Feenixpawl - In my mind (axwell mix) feat. ivan gough and .. lyrics

in my mind, in my head, this is where we all ... share This is what we're waiting for This is what we're ... waiting for This is what we're waiting for And in my mind, in my

Anita Baker - In my heart lyrics

no baby here I go Fallin' in on the deep end one more time ... fire (Fire burns) Fire burns In my heart, in my life, on my mind, in my head In my house, in

Flo Rida - In my mind (part 2) lyrics

my mind, in my head, this is where we all ... This is what we’re waiting for And In my mind, in ... This is what we’re waiting for I'm waiting for a

Lothlöryen - My mind in mordor lyrics

I´m bleeding in this cold Dying winter, Madness lives In ... Other season´s passing While I start my quest To ... memories But Sauron´s calling And I´m falling In this line of no return I can hear

Amanda Palmer - In my mind lyrics

my mind In a future five years from now ... Will be the picture of discipline Never minding what state I ... m in And I will be someone I ... And it's funny how I imagined That I would be that

Nightcore - 8 bits (mind.in.a.box) (nightcore) lyrics

and the sun is always shining. I look out, and there is ... 3D. I keep looking down and miss my shadow. ... every day my hair is fine, but one dot keeps changing

Nightcore - Change (mind.in.a.box) (nightcore) lyrics

else, bonds would put my mind into cells. and I will ... strong. I do not fear anything that's not me, ignorance is ... sends shivers down my spine. I'm sure everything,

Nightcore - I love 64 (mind.in.a.box) (nightcore) lyrics

just so advanced. the colors in your eyes reflected the rainbow, I couldn't pull my gaze ... re made of 64 bits, something I couldn't even comprehend.

Seals & Crofts - In tune lyrics

sweat of my mind tells myself that I should ... anytime what to do, if I'm in tune. The pain of my thought ... before, before soon, if I'm in tune. While I'm in tune,

Sentenced - In memoriam lyrics

the dark... in death Eyes can't see... I ... me Silence... emptiness... Peace of mind... in ... death In emptiness... I focus my thoughts on ... my life In death I have the time to think of the past Solitude...

Dragonhammer - In your eyes lyrics

every day I hope to live in my way Destiny awaits for me ... You are my choice, inside me I see the moon, I ... I feel my shadow Feel in your mind, in your heart My

Power Of Omens - In the end lyrics

a good look now in my eyes. You see the ... Now that you've seen what's in my eyes, The world is calling you. You think it's all in ... Look and seek, you'll find some sort of Happiness

Nemesea - In control lyrics

and I control you. Here, in your mind, in your dreams I ... done. Fear, will be yours, in this world, Full of whispering voices. Day after day, I ... Here I am am, you will be mine. Can you hear me? You've

Manafest - Cage lyrics

left the cage and I broke the rules Kept ... Don't know who your playing with Who you talking to, ... what you think this is I pay no mind to a ... comes Then my light will shine This cage is too small to

Cinema Bizarre - In your cage lyrics

your cage You're the one to rule the ... name You're a slave Your mind directed by the tear stream ... wake up and make a change In your cage You're a slave

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Mind maze lyrics

Verse 1] I'm losing all direction Slipping into ... the illusion seen behind the curtain I'm ... disenchanted Dancing on a wire Juggling desire ... gets harder when you're fighting without armor I'm

Adelitas Way - Cage the beast lyrics

see it in your eyes Your feeling paranoid You know just what ... I've become I feel it deep inside With all the pain & ... I want I am an animal I think it's time I let you go, Why

Manilla Road - Cage of mirrors lyrics

every day That I've lived in silent search of the mirrored ... With the necromancer's cage of mirrors I found the ... necromancer's gate to hell, a cage of sorcery Mirrored bars

Eldritch - Cage of sins lyrics

mind keeps on showing scenes Idon't want to see ... tears of my soul did flow again and i'm sure the unwelcomed ... t recover when lovers lie Rain is falling and fades a poems

Distorted - Escaping the mind-grind lyrics

no lights can reach Behind solid walls of desperation ... My mind finds no rest Should I hinder ... my grasp? I am imprisoned in the mind-grid cage Escaping

Flyleaf - Cage on the ground lyrics

steps on to the stage He sings his hope and his fear and ... them swallow the key to his cage Welcome to the machine It ... And then it's a guillotine A mirror held up to your

Plumb - Cage lyrics

did a really stupid thing I really messed up big ... my fault Don't try to cage me Or save me I am a wild ... thing I am a creature And I ... need your Love for a wild thing Well I've got issues

Desultory - In a cage lyrics

and forget My heart is getting numb My square, my circle - ... just walk this dotted line I cannot hear your scream - ... - it is not up to me I'm getting lost again - can't find you

Hypnos - In love with death lyrics

your mind keeps on wandering While your body gets tense ... and taut Longing for self-imposed suicide ... wide open and yet totally blind Blinded by arrows of Cupid

Adrian Belew - Cage lyrics

other day of the week Living in a cage in the USA Living in ... a cage in the USA Holy smoke! somebody ... blew up the pope Living in a cage in the USA All around us

Perpetual Fire - In the cage lyrics

that you will be there Find the way To escape From the ... The gallow pole is waiting And I hear the lady's call ... that you'll wait for me Find the way To escape From the

Destillery - Cage of time lyrics

and the light From the cage of iron times Prisoned on ... Progress comes where human beings are Live together in a cage of time Defend against all

Genesis lyricsGenesis - In the cage lyrics

got sunshine in my stomach Like I just ... my baby to sleep. I got sunshine in my stomach But I can't ... keep me from creeping sleep, Sleep, deep in the ... Rockface moves to press my skin White liquid turn sour within Turn fast - turn sour Turn

Genesis lyricsGenesis - In the cage lyrics

got sunshine in my stomach Like I just ... my baby to sleep. I got sunshine in my stomach But I can't ... keep me from creeping sleep, Sleep, deep in the ... Rockface moves to press my skin White liquid turn sour within Turn fast - turn sour Turn

Dead Letter Circus - Cage lyrics

you feel warm within your cage Friend you are bigger than ... I know you see between these lines Want for the world in ... You are smarter than these chains And have you figured out

Derdian - Cage of light lyrics

I've got no satisfaction In this game where I'm the one ... I call your name, and you spring out on the road, I wait [for ... While the rage of gods racing out seeking for you SO

Galneryus - In the cage lyrics

light is passing by I raise my hands The ... unknown voice is calling me now In the softly light, ... I'm looking back Please find me out Give me your smile

Dark Illumination - Cage existence lyrics

the constant pain in your eyes feel the impulse ... ground it’s just a dream of being beyond all bounds feel the ... circulating sorrow in your brain everlasting pain it’s all the

Protomythos - Cage bound lyrics

sight has been missing Bouncing off those concrete walls ... eyed Their turn comes, the cage bound Beasts in men’s ... clothing Preying on the weak That’s all

Saara Aalto - Cage bird ft. petteri sariola lyrics

leaf? 'Cause I don't think I'm anything you see I'm ... on The path I chose is destination unknown Release ... I wanna fly free It's a cage bird feeling when ou hold me,

Monster Magnet - Cage around the sun lyrics

had an urge to build a cage around the sun I couldn't find a way to say no I took a ... check on all the meters in my room I kicked the dog ... s go The clouds were hanging low above the path I had

Dir En Grey - Cage lyrics

ni itai naze mama wa inai no oshiete yo itsu ka wa

Plastic Tree - Cage for rent lyrics

Ashita ni wa hanareteku sore ga kimi wa sakki kara ki ni iranakatta ashita ni wa wasureteku sore ga boku wa sakki kara ki ni iranakatta CANARY wa kago no naka sasa...

It Prevails - Cage with gold bars lyrics

life is up to you is something you have to hold onto. ... for this life. No saying what's right for me. I'm ... not settling. I'm still listening. Just ... not buying in. Your wealth and

Razor - Cage the ragers lyrics

I'm unchained, got the hiss of a ... rattlesnake Point the finger, then you incriminate A ... half assed, half baked in a rage An eye for an eye, ... all you got, lethal juvenile Cage the Ragers: once assassins

Elton John lyricsElton John - Cage the songbird lyrics

in the morning light Things look so much different To ... Like flags of many nations flying high above her head The ... flowers The telegram still in her hand As whispers

Dawn Of Silence - Cage of fear lyrics

ve lived my life A long time in loneliness Desolated in my ... a time Of silence and emptiness But now I leave my past ... behind An undefined creature Made me believe

Secret Discovery - Cage of desire lyrics

they may come back when the pain is over But I can't find no ... sleep in this prison surrounded with ... of your untouched body in my distress I'll be stronger,

Camouflage - In the cloud lyrics

soul in a cage, a mind disarranged. you stare at ... to be alone. daily routine, rhythm machine. give up ... the fight and step into the light. won't you

Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - In the light lyrics

of your hand is just like mine A whole different skin but ... I don’t mind Why should I mind? The body you’re in is ... undefined Bones like a cage, trapped inside The need in

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - In the lion lyrics

na na but I want to stay… In the lion, there's a heart ... breaking by the fire And in the fire, there's a flame ... want to be the waterfall In the water, there's a fishy

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