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Annika Ljungberg - In times of sorrow lyrics

landing-lights under skies of grief It takes time to get ... by on you own No tears of joy in the final play Curtains ... down by the sound of the rain But, sometimes I turn and

Dying Fetus - In times of war lyrics

t look back, nothing's left but the blood-red ... and laid Earth waste. Blind to the fact that the bomb ... was coming down, their sanity was sold ... got is what they made, the final act of this tragedy ends

Gentleman lyricsGentleman - In pursuit of happiness lyrics

pursuit of happiness Total togetherness It's ... such an elusive thing So we hope and sing Mount ... Limbs get sour and even spine get test (X2) Always

Chumbawamba - Times of crisis lyrics

has an estimated lifespan of another four billion years, ... but in 1983 there were two false ... alarms of impending nuclear war every three days ... as false alarms. I said in 1983 there were two false

Harmony - In search of lyrics

a life can feel like a living hell A fight where you can ... Saved by the bell I had nothing left to give I struggled ... You were always there In my search of solid ground

Emily Osment - In case of fire lyrics

case of fire break me In case you forgot I´m free ... I´ve been counting the lines on the ceiling waiting for ... fall down I´ve been counting the lines on the ceiling

Asrai - In front of me lyrics

front of me, just for a while to ever ... see A reaching voice beyond my mind Your ... words go down my spine All my questions are asking ... We died tonight Enclosed in the dark Wandering ourselves

Fugazi - In defense of humans lyrics

defense of humans lay down your power ... trip stop toying with emotions and ... t rise when people fall in defense of humans lay down ... see you rape this world on, off, on, off, on, off and I don

Evile - In dreams of terror lyrics

Dreams Of Terror leave me be Look ... Questions, answers I have all in hand Confused, Unwanted your ... curse From beyond us Dealing madness Only rising to

Say Anything - In defense of the genre lyrics

small fry (small fry) crime of the century, know what it ... be so hate me, but I am in your heart I am in your ... heart pulling it apart all those magazines and stifled teens whose

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - In front of me lyrics

from underneath Smothering in all your heat It's hard to ... The same mistake Out in the yard is where I play, ... Don't come in cause I'm afraid You saw my

Onslaught - In search of sanity lyrics

by this madness In search of something lost to me Life ... has no meaning In a place that has no heart to ... bleed Through walls of glass I stare With a silence

B. J. Thomas - Mighty clouds of joy lyrics

old bad dreams Been sleeping in your bed And them old dark clouds Been hanging around your ... head But all your hard times Will vanish in the wind

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Sea of joy lyrics

the shadows of the skies, Or are they only ... figments of my eyes? And I'm feeling ... to when the race is run. Waiting in our boats to set sail. ... Sea of joy. Once the door swings open

No Angels - Rivers of joy lyrics

been around and I'm just wishing on a star I've travelled a ... did I know But I'm gonna find a way no matter what they ... say In the rivers of joy hallelujah joy - I believe In the rivers of joy hallelujah joy - I will find In the rivers of joy hallelujah joy - all the

Paul Anka - Times of your life lyrics

morning, yesterday You wake up and ... And suddenly it's hard to find The memories you left behind Remember, do you remember? ... and the tears The shadows of misty yesteryears The good times and the bad you've seen And

Michael Kiske - In the night lyrics

the night I'm calling you! Be my guide, help me ... through In the night I call your name! ... You're the light in times of shame The songs I sing, all ... my love I bring to you! I always try to

Prince - Joy in repetition lyrics

and cuss for kicks Talking 2 no one in particular, they ... the poets and the part time singers always hang inside Live ... a year long and had been playing 4 months when he Walked into the place. No one seemed

And One - Shouts of joy lyrics

saw the danger Signs in the dark Sons of the ... Come see the creatures Swinging on the highest ring I ... hear the creatures singing every song for me We are

Novembers Doom - Of age and origin - part 2 : a day of joy lyrics

2 : A Day of Joy This is where I belong ... write To scribe the tale of age and origin Where words ... are mine and mine alone One truth, one tale ... has no effect This is mine, this subtle lie Like a God

Helloween lyricsHelloween - In the night lyrics

the night I'm calling you! Be my guide help me ... through! In the night I call your name ... You're the light in times of shame! The songs I sing ... All my love I bring to you! I always try to

Cheap Trick - Times of our lives lyrics

t decide Where the story begins or it dies On the way back ... from your heart to mine Where time passes by I can ... why The truth is I lied Times of our lives Times of our

In Vain - Times of yore lyrics

have crossed the plains of opulence And sent ... serenity And left the origin behind The decades are passing by Times of yore I've ... enough Forlorn the gifts of life Witnessing our

Enslaved - In times lyrics

no end Around and further Into the distance In times ... beauty Outside the realm of thoughts Within the reach of ... certain dreams Spun from golden ... leaves of black holes And ancient

Overdeth - Times of light lyrics

on this planet In this magic Universe In the ... middle of nowhere On this planet ... body perish I recall ancient times When Dragons flew the sky ... Times of light So far from the dark

Neurosis - Times of grace lyrics

see this knowledge denied out of mind to deny - until I say - ... us alive sight as I speak - inside us born cherished and ... driven the secrets of stars hide within the grey

Mavis Staples - In times like these lyrics

on And right what's wrong In times like these We need to ... find a way To make a better day ... my feet on the ground turning 'round Come what may ... to lean on someone now In times like these There's no one

Insania (swe) - Times of glory lyrics

I'm thinking of the life that we have lived, ... I realize that times are gone. When words were ... life has begun. Cause deep inside our hearts, a feeling is

Clannad - In search of a heart lyrics

heart of mine won't keep Or believe in ... moss on a stone This heart of mine won't beat It just ... itself away These parting times won't break me Deserted times stop running -backwards- Ar

Rage - Times of darkness lyrics

the fires, smoking guns, Death is all around. ... through hell, Had that war in their eyes. Total darkness, ... no more tears, End of all we've known. Reign of

Antithesis - Times of trial lyrics

you wake up in the morning Can you tell me what you ... see A gentle flowing river Or a stormy troubled ... sea In this life you will find Tests and trials and

Fleshgod Apocalypse - In honour of reason lyrics

vile spread Idolatry to nothing No redemption for men who ... by god they pray Stead of their superstition Where's ... Where's the holy word carved in their flesh No common destiny or eternity to reach by a

Kaledon - In search of kaledon lyrics

are in search of Kaledon We are the Knights ... who fight for life They meeting danger during the way ... Knights of the king with their magical swords ... Jackal fall down for hand of the warriors of the great king Follow the way for the mighty lost reign Into the mist,

Sengir - Times of change lyrics

we ever made it through I think we were losing track of ... time by reaching eachother's mind but what I ... found is the old world tumbling down In this time of

Fairyland - Of wars in osyrhia lyrics

prince of evil now your march is almost ... done your mighty forces gone swallowed by our ... quest their forces will join us and banish you of our ... lands. troubled was our battle the odds

Avalon - In not of lyrics

hide me far away from trouble The world outside me grows ... His children safe Then in reading, how my eyes were ... opened I find that He is leading us out into the world Into

Mirah - Of pressure lyrics

earthquake Is making The house shake The house ... The earthquake Is making The house shake The house ... I don't know What to do In times of Disaster Solid

Fire From The Gods - In spite of doubt lyrics

you the reaction you’re looking for? How many times do you ... think you can push and pull and ... Glory hallelujah. I’ve finally seen the light. Oh thank

Ozma - In search of 1988 lyrics

And when it spells out roisin's name i'll swear it wasn't ... take me back to 1987 I'm in search of days When times ... were good and earth a place in heaven Now that i jump as

Descend - In hours of despair lyrics

down, sacrificed A life full of pointless rituals Betrayed, ... unjustified Experience in life denied Imperfect ... human being refining havoc Demanding, controlling Full potential cast aside

Impending Doom - In reverance of lyrics

could you take the only thing I felt love from? Where ... was your comfort that I spoke of? In this world ran by the ... enemy, which lead me the think you to be the first to

In Vain - Sorgenfri lyrics

The fire within The fire in our hearts will keep us alive ... a better day The strength of will (the will of a martyr) ... Cause life is hard Painful fact known to all There

Hazen Street - In memory of lyrics

much today My memories of you are so vague But I will ... say, I feel you're watching over me now I hope that I ... never thought that I'd be writing this Man, I'm feeling such

My Ticket Home - In regret lyrics

times of need we seem to find ourselves alone Maybe the ... Is gone, and then you'll finally see exactly how it feels ... To lose everything we had I can't believe I

Madball lyricsMadball - In memory of... lyrics

him That was a selfish thing that he did Life comes ... down hard on you sometimes You gotta deal with it, ... I know he had a lot on his mind Wish I could talk to him

Of Montreal - A sentence of sorts in kongsvinger lyrics

spent the winter on the verge of a total breakdown while living in Norway I felt the ... darkness of the black metal bands But being such fawn of a man I didn't

Septicflesh - Order of dracul lyrics

times of endless wars The blood ... awakes the beast The Voivode of Walachia Will feast in ... dragon had a son A mad impaling prince Known by the name of ... chaos rules supreme. Head of the order of Dracul

Joe Nichols - In spite of myself lyrics

I stay out too late And times I forget to call It's true I ... might argue at the drop of a hat Or make a big deal out ... of nothing at all I'm not much for

Arthemesia - Of the owls, of the wolves and of the nature lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Danger Silent - In spite of appearance ft. ian woodgate lyrics

Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu...

Dead Silence Hides My Cries - In slavery of illusions lyrics

s filling Your veins and Embracing All your ... feelings Mirage Enslaving Your reason It is ... Like a cancer It's destroying All your senses You think That this life Is

The Ataris - In spite of the world lyrics

woke up from this dream to find that I was sleeping So I ... I was awake I locked myself inside but you were on the ... but I couldn't let you in Maybe you could see inside

Bauhaus - In fear of fear lyrics

Then you became The fear of you Fear Look to ... over the wall And see behind That you're not so small ... won't blame fear When competing's too much As you fall on

Darkthrone - In honour of thy name lyrics

deeper into the fabric Investing more in the movement Facing ... east Skin 'em alive Scar tissued ... is the devil's fuel Ram painted abattoirs Hail the new

The Divine Comedy - In pursuit of happiness lyrics

m not the type To say one thing and do another And if it's ... all right I'd kind Of like to be your lover Cause ... And hey, I'm not the kind To fall in love without

Infected Mushroom - In front of me lyrics

can't I see what's in front of me? (x2) I see the doors ... that I can't open Adding locks from time to time ... When it opens something blocks me And I'm asking

Manilla Road - In search of the lost chord lyrics

the magik of music I have searched for ... the key to the door In my mind it's so perfect Most ... It's so clear whe I'm dreaming Sound so epic I've not ... this Cursed I am to be lost in this search It's the muses

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