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Alan Jackson - Midnight in montgomery lyrics

in Montgomery, silver eagle, lonely road I was on my way to mobile for a big New Years Eve show I stopped for just a minute to see a friend outside of town Put my collar up, I found his name and felt the wind die down And a drunken man in a cowbo

Simple Minds - "c" moon cry like a baby lyrics

cry cry Cry like a baby "C" Moon "C" Moon So where do you go, up hi under low The devil I know said, something is missing Outside it's hot, the first of July And a look in your eye said, something is missing Midnight, she cried like

Edenbridge - Midnight at noon lyrics

sun has set beyond the western sky And with the coming night I hear 'em cry From the fear they were overrun From the hurricane they were spun The candle has lost its flame 'cause they play the final game Out from the dust they danced apart from all All warnings overheard un

Cydonia - Midnight man lyrics

at big door of time... victim of fate, shade in the night Searching the meaning of life... watcher of sky, spirit of dark and while I'm walking in your dream I touch your hair and you whisper my name again forgive my sin, I'll never leave you alone follow me in the night, an

Dj Shadow - Midnight in a perfect world lyrics

foresight, moresight, The clock on the wall is a quater past midnight Ahhh ohhh Ahhh ohhh I don't love you Heading to garden of love, aahaahhhhh... Life come seeking of love , of looove" m-midnight, m-midnight, m-midnight, m-midnight... now a.

Metal Inquisitor - Midnight rider lyrics

such a night, when every louder wind The world seems frozen or confined In such a night, when Passing clouds give place Or gently veil the mysterious face Whole time, in darkness it will grow All night - without fear Itself, highborn from the blow No threat without a tear

Cocorosie - By your side lyrics

ll always be by your side Even when you're down and out I'll always be by your side Even when you're down and out I just wanted to be your housewife All i wanted was to be your housewife I'll iron your clothes I'll shine your shoes I'll make your bed And cook your food I'll neve

Electric Light Orchestra - Midnight blue lyrics

see the lonely road that leads so far away I see the distant lights that left behind the day But what I see is so much more than I can say And I see you in midnight blue I see you cryin' now, you've found a lot of pain And what you're searchin' for can never be the same

Jessie Ware lyricsJessie Ware - Midnight caller lyrics

should know by now I keep you waiting Mess you around like you're my plaything Don't listen to or what you say But still you take my call I don't close my eyes when you kiss me And you must know that I've been dreaming About someone else when y

Magnum - Midnight you wont be sleeping lyrics

know how it feels to cry But it's only lovers Know the reason why They stay together And when your time has come You'll soon discover Look at what you've done Could be forever Your open arms say everything You're always there It seems I might Be here all night I'll l

Accept lyricsAccept - Midnight highway lyrics

I started, late tonight Blinded by the light Strangest feelin' I have know Don't know what's wrong or right See the people, clubs and bars Streetlife passin' by yeah Screamin' engine, burnin' gas I'm on overdrive Danger, danger, save your soul The

Van Morrison - Midnight special lyrics

the midnight special Let the midnight special Shine its light on me Shine a light on me, Let the midnight special Let the midnight... Shine its ever-loving light on me Ever loving light on me. Yonder come miss Rosey, How in the world do you know, How

Beth  Crowley lyricsBeth Crowley - Midnight lyrics

know I’m different Than what you expected But I’ve been playing a role It’s time that you know the truth You may not want me anymore I’m not what you’ve been looking for But under these pieces and parts Is a beautiful heart and it loves you So meet me at midnight Find me by

Sigh - Midnight sun lyrics

ve seen the midnight sun before I was born Born of fire I've seen the midnight sun, once death on the land forlorn Forlorn in desire I've seen the midnight sun, a shapeless unborn torn by a liar I've seen the midnight sun, poisoned by its thorn it'll tak

The Killers - Midnight show lyrics

know what you want I wanna take you a midnight show tonight If you can keep a secret I got a blanket in the back seat on my mind And a little place that sits beneath the sky She turned her face to speak But no-one heard her cry Drive faster, boy Drive faster, boy I know there's

Turisas - Midnight sunrise lyrics

the darkest shadows, under the black rocks And ancient moss Where steam arises from the cracks in the crust of ground The spiteful dwell Fast, fast, fast, fast, faster than the lightning strikes Trying to make it in time Hide, hide, hide, hide, hide from the bright demise

Affiance - Midnight lyrics

to midnight Mindless machines gave the order To murder the innocent Wake up, the dream is over And now it's up to me All of my life I have raced against the clock But now I feel time staring back at me This is greater than who I am The event that will change the cou

Saxon - Midnight rider lyrics

the silver eagle out of JFK Up the eastern seaboard destination Portland Maine When we saw the people at the concert hall The seats were for five thousand it made us feel so small Midnight rider keeps on rollin' On our journey 'cross the States Midnight rider keeps on rollin' Ri

Alexisonfire - Midnight regulations lyrics

find myself concerned For the common man, these days Evil are the minds That push the divide Forced to live a life In fear that his future is on the wane Midnight regulations Midnight regulations Burns his candle down Working to make ends meet Old h

Ceremonial Castings - Midnight deathcult phenomena lyrics

quot;Arise My Faithful, Let Us Walk The Path Of Blood No Longer Shall We Be Mortal In Life But Immortal Through Death We Are The Makers Of Our Own And The Destroyers Of All... May We Openly Greet The Other Side" Arise & Die, One By One Embrace T

Kid Rock - Midnight ferry lyrics

leavin’ town this morning Back on a midnight ride No destination weary Caught in the same old stride And oh my lord I’ll see you Ruined by the way Only to remember The sideways sins of yesterday Summertime in Denver Gonna see some friends of mine I may hide there ‘til Se

Merle Haggard - Midnight rider lyrics

run to keep from hidin' I'm bound to keep on ridin' An' I got one more silver dollar An' I ain't gonna let 'em catch me, no I ain't gonna let em catch the midnight rider Well, these ain't my clothes I'm wearin' An' this ol' road goes on forever An' I got one more sil

Push Play - Midnight romeo lyrics

me at my door By the end of the night You'll be screaming for more more more of me Tonights a big night, so lets make history. My lips touch your lips My hands is on your hips Whats it gonna take for you to give me my goodnight kiss? Oh. Whooa My heart

Question Mark & The Mysterians - Midnight hour lyrics

I wanna tell you a story 'Bout a girl that lives by the railroad tracks Yeah, I wanna tell you a story 'Bout a girl that lives by the railroad tracks Oh, she's so fine, she's mine all mine And that's no lie, yeah I gotta take, gonna take her for a little ride Gon

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Midnight lyrics

will never be the same Still I'm awfully glad I came Resonating in the shape of things to come Never waiting when I know there's only one Messed it up but rest assured No one ever thinks they're cured Just a minute while I reinvent myself Make it up and then I take it off

Shinhwa - Midnight girl lyrics

know I just been thinking about you as a matter of fact I been thinking about you for a long time now and I can't seen to get it out of my head You're always on mind think about you all the time there's nobody in this world like you that I could ever fine norul

Willie Nelson - Midnight rider - toby keith lyrics

gotta run to keep from hidin'; I'm bound to keep on ridin'. An' I got one more silver dollar, An' I ain't gonna let 'em catch me, no: I ain't gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider. Well, these ain't my clothes I'm wearin', An' this ol' road goes on forever. An' I g

Omarion - Midnight lyrics

No Woah No [Verse 1:] It Started Out Like Any Other Day But It Was Anything But Somethin Bout The Way The Moon Was Shining Somethin Seems So Different No Got In My Car But Didnt Have No Reason Swear I Was Driving But Somethin Else Was Leadin Me Los

Asia - Midnight lyrics

put away the DDT now But gave metal to the sea A hundred years can't wait A hundred years can't wait another day The only eagle, only tree Within a desert that was green A hundred years can't wait A hundred years can't wait another day Midnight

Brooks Elkie - Cry me a river lyrics

you say you're lonely You cried the long night through Well, you can cry me a river Cry me a river I cried a river over you Now you say you're sorry For being so untrue Well, you can cry me a river Cry me a river I cried a river over you You d

Carpenters - Midnight lyrics

to spend my evenings Waiting for the sun in the morning Frightened by the dark I would always leave lights on when I'd sleep But darling, I've left all that behind And now my days I find It's the midnight calling It's a magic moment everyday When you hold me

Charlie Daniels - Midnight train lyrics

train, roll on Midnight train, roll on Clear them tracks and keep that whistle blowin Take this stranger on to Santa Fe It seems like romance and danger Follow this here tall dark stranger all along the way Well the train was rumblin through the night heading

Charlie Daniels - Midnight wind lyrics

blew in town at midnight and he didn't mean to stay He found her just at closing time at the Alamo Cafe And the way he smiled and carried on it kinda made her day So by the time that she left he left with her And she let him borrow money and she l

Hard Target - Midnight train lyrics

Chorus]: I can see her face late at night as she dances above the water I lost my heart some time ago If I hurry up soon I can catch me the midnight train to Georgia I walk that line on down that road [Verse]: So everything is changed, I'm talking now alo

Hexx - Midnight sun lyrics

place full of pleasures much more than meets the eye. Still, haunting emptiness, so deep within me lies. Evil minds are plotting to take it all away An ancient curse we live with, there will be a price to pay. Through the coldest nights, t

Rise Against - Midnight hands lyrics

a new day rising Like a calm before the storm Like fog lifting from valleys On the sleeping forest floor Eyes open slowly as the dust is shaken off To gaze upon the wreckage That the midnight hands have wrought And now I I feel my temperature rising My body e

Se7en (Čb) - Midnight circus lyrics

circus freaks Coming now Coming to town The circus creeps Starting the show Colours that blind The courtains fold Now and again Are the clowns sad? No, you are not One of them And you should be glad Ref. Hearts or spades? Free or bound ?

Shadowquest - Midnight sun lyrics

warriors Gods of the sacred army Winds blow your way To follow the dawn So ride my brothers On the path of glory Rise from the dungeons Unchain all the slaves! So sail away from agony and pain We'll meet again But I won’t be the

Bullet - Midnight oil lyrics

rise form the dungeons when it’s midnight hour We get around falling in line and breaking ground There’s a power blade into let’s go Set the charge and it’s ready to blow Turn to light after night Feel the flames Fire fills the sky Send the flames J

Eric Burdon - Cry to me lyrics

your baby leaves you all alone And nobody calls you on the telephone Don't you feel like cryin'? Don't you feel like cryin'? Come on baby, you can cry to me When you're all alone in that cold and lonely room And there is nothing but the smell of her pe

Beast - Midnight [instrumental] lyrics

~~ x 2 I want a sleep tonight In the midnight midnight midnight [DW] nemure nai yoru Omoidasu kimi to no imi o Nagai yami no naka o Kimi o sagashi samayotteru Ima mo [HS] Kimi nashi ja i rare nai Kurushii Hanare ta hi no kioku Mou futari sou [DJ] Tada kie te iku

Beast - Midnight (jpn ver) lyrics

~~ x 2 I want a sleep tonight In the midnight midnight midnight [DW] nemure nai yoru Omoidasu kimi to no imi o Nagai yami no naka o Kimi o sagashi samayotteru Ima mo [HS] Kimi nashi ja i rare nai Kurushii Hanare ta hi no kioku Mou futari sou [DJ] Tada

Ice-t - Midnight lyrics

chillin' at A.M P.M. Coolin' drinkin' apple juice In Evil's BM The sound's up loud To attract attention rmoraled tires On a lowered suspension Nardi to steer with Alpine deck was glowin' Bumpinn' Big Daddy And the nigga was definitely flowin' I was ridin' shotg

Leonard Williams - Midnight girl lyrics

made a wish on a starry night And then you danced into my life A lovely girl from a story book I fell in love with just one look Midnight girl Your eyes were filled with such mystery We held each other tenderly And just before you spoke your name The clock struck twelve

Elvenking - Midnight circus lyrics

from this world to find knowledge or pain I follow myself from a distant and fading dream Loving her brightness so dear to me it makes me to look further in To enter a world hidden far (from home) Hushing the fears, I can see with blinded eyes Nearby the circus this t

Human Nature - Midnight train to georgia lyrics

wap, do-do-do, do-do Shoo-wap, do-do-do, do-do Ooh, LA, it proved too much for the girl (Too much for the girl) She couldn't make it (Oooh) Now she's leaving her life that she's come to know She's leaving (Leaving, Ooh) On a midnight train to Georgia (Leaving on a

Indigo Girls - Midnight train to georgia lyrics

proved too much for the man (too much for the man) (he couldn't make it) So he's leaving the life he's come to know (he said he's going) He said he's going back to find (going back to find) What's left of his world the world he left behind Not so very long ago Oh yeah

Lily Kershaw - Midnight in the garden lyrics

woke to your goodbye the golden sun was in my eyes i thought i'd be first to leave and that i'd brought you life half-awake, your soul afraid to take it's midnight in the garden and this love you cannot fake it was in your eye there was no need to answer why

Teena Marie - Midnight magnet lyrics

night interaction on the telephone You called me up to tell me that you were alone Talkin' 'bout the powers that could set you free I rushed right over with my newfound energy The knock on the door seemed unfamiliar to you Do I detect a surprise or two You said

The Nightwatchman - Midnight in the city of destruction lyrics

s an old green shed at the end of an overgrown driveway And years ago that shed collapsed and fell Years before that there was a withered dog chained up there I saved him, maybe he saved me as well Now he's gone and I think I've come undone And it's midnight in the city of destruc

Seals & Crofts - Midnight blue lyrics

t no sorrow for that woman. Ain't no pity for this fool. She wrote her name upon my window, signed it "Gone, with love, Midnight Blue." There's a story goin' 'round here, 'bout a woman dressed in black. Spendin' money and drinkin' whiskey, drivin' 'round in my big black

Beast - Midnight lyrics

eotteongayo gakkeumeun nareul saenggakhan jeok ittnayo i gin bam-e dashi nuneul gamgo geudael saenggakhago jamdeulji mothago geuraeyo jogeum yunanhi gineyo geudae eobtneun bam-i aswiweojineyo geuddae bonaen geu nal-i deo gyesok mudyeojigettjo jeomjeom ij

Fifth Angel - Midnight love lyrics

you feel my hunger burning - burning out of control. Devil needs that feed the fire - bearing down on my soul. What I see I can't be dreaming - bodies lost in the flames. Don't you ever try and wake me - I gotta get into this game. And you know I live for my fanta

Chris Norman - Midnight lady lyrics

Lady You think love is a game, love is an ocean Endless and so deep, always in motion. I've got many ways, to reach tomorrow Love will always grow, no pain, no sorrow. When you take me in your arms, you can break me with your heart I feel th

Chris Norman - Midnight lady (maxi version) lyrics

... ( instrumental ) .... You think love is a game, love is an ocean Endless and so deep, always in motion. I've got many ways, to reach tomorrow Love will always grow, no pain, no sorrow. When you take me in your arms, you can break me with your heart I f

November 2nd - Midnight desert lyrics

On a frosty afternoon In the year of Mars shining bright in the sky I found out somebody else living my dream I missed my train, I´ve lost my touch Little bird, your voice sounds so weak Where´s the red gone from your cheeks? How come you´re singing ou

Seventh Seal ( Ita ) - Midnight train lyrics

me the way to the station I'm going to go away I've bought a ticket "to nowhere" A ticket to find my way Midnight Train Is riding across the mountain Chorus As it's running its fate I'll get on by the rail Not even a devi

Sia lyricsSia - Midnight decisions lyrics

when we had it all? Remember when you took my calls? You were my whole world You were my whole world Not a thing said to me Question now if my heart bleeds You were my whole world You were my whole world I can't stop watching my phone Can't tu

Smokie - Midnight train lyrics

on board at the city line Head up north on the 45 Live for the weekend It's friday night Summer nights they come and go Just kids going out to show Spending hard earned all night long Gonna leave our worries behind On the midnight train to paradise (No more) looking

Gregg Allman - Midnight rider lyrics

I've got to run to keep from hiding, And I'm bound to keep on riding. And I've got one more silver dollar, But I'm not gonna let them catch me, no, Not gonna let 'em catch the Midnight Rider. And I don't own the clothes I'm wearing, And the road goes on fore

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