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Hevein - As far as the eye can see lyrics

far as I can see You're climbing walls of ... dependency Disillusioned and full hypocrisy Imagine a ... state of great suffering Due to adversity ... Now just memory Say you need me, you don't answer When you were needed,

Annisokay - As far as the sun lyrics

mind turns into my heart I got the shock of my life ... movin too fast just run, run, run playing ... out my very last chance to run taking me down off this cross lay me down in

Mr. Big - As far as i can see lyrics

watch the way your mouth is moving Like a ... detective at the crime I study your ... expression And the read between your lines You ... know I've got a deep suspicion That you're

Edenbridge - As far as eyes can see lyrics

the traces they stand out in relief the sands ... running out by the eve a trough of the sea in emotions ... lies on the shores of your dreams a poignant look of deep

Phantogram - As far as i can see lyrics

far as I can see nobody loves me as far as I ... can tell nobody loves you ... either and we're all going down all down the staircase and we're all going ... down all down the staircase aboard as far as I can see

Restless Heart - As far as i can tell lyrics

far as I can tell, we're near the end I know the feeling ... well, so I don't pretend Another night alone, you're in ... my dreams Say it isn't so and never leave Oh, why do i have to let you go I'll try to

Florence + The Machine - As far as i could get lyrics

Vinyl Bonus Track] In the celestial vaults ... I drew bedraggled breaths Because I am unloved I ... went as far as I could get In the cedars ... like sparks Wasting my goddamn time Past the museum of

Lefay - As far as i can go lyrics

walk away from life Through the ... of the souls I follow for awhile To help you find your ... goal You insist you'll find ... the truth And that you'll pay it with your youth I try

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - As far as i remember lyrics

could be my last confession This could be my ... last defense I wish that we could learn our lesson I ... wish that we could make amends And turn the page As far as I remember It was a pain to forgive and forget You

Glen Campbell - As far as i'm concerned lyrics

far as I'm concerned I don't believe ... the words They say about you as far as I'm concerned I think ... it's time they learn that nothing I have heard Could make me doubt you as far as I'm

George Strait - As far as it goes lyrics

I’ve found myself fallin’ Deeper in love with ... kind of guy Who gets swept away So here’s what I’m gonna ... do I’m gonna give you this heart of mine

Karolina S. - As far as i thought lyrics

And broken wrist God Who does ... not exist Wound Of unheard lies Sound How speechless ... cries. Screaming The help ain't come Bleeding To what I ... Not like the other Die the same way We think we're another

Rainbow Butt Monkeys - As far as i can spit lyrics

can I trust in anyone When I can't trust ... myself I'm stealing things from better lives ... upon the shelf But I'm not as lonely As I thought but I ... know now That it takes much longer To be free

Alabama - Forever's as far as i'll go lyrics

ll admit I could feel it The first time that we touched And the ... look in your eyes Said you felt as much But I'm ... not a man Who falls too easily It's best that you know

Saga - Thats as far as ill go lyrics

re running scared, you're not prepared that ... s undeniable Shows you how much I know ... I will admit to bein' a bit less than reliable That ... s as far as I'll, go Just look at me, I

Sebastian Bach - As long as i got the music lyrics

don't mean a thing to me I got my axe in ... hand it's all I need And what you said don't even sting I ... got the open road and my six string Cuttin' ... loose is all I know It don't matter

Kane - As long as you want this lyrics

me hit me don't you know I always win Heaven help you Heaven knows what's on my mind ... Ooohhh.. as long as you want this Here's my answer, ... here's my one and only truth Here's my reason why I give my word to you

Oasis lyricsOasis - (as long as they've got) cigarettes in hell lyrics

your days just walking and shopping Depending on how ... is in Spend the night-life table-hopping And trying to ... keep that bag of bones in trim I don't mind not feeling immortal Cos

Public Enemy - First the sheep next the shepherd? lyrics

the shepherd Chuck's run amok multiplying like leopards ... Spots em up the long bombs a record A long shot / 3 minutes 15 seconds If I was ... cloned never would I be alone Just the two of us

Kendrick Lamar - Cut you off (to grow closer) lyrics

uh-uh, uh, uh-uh-uh, uh Ali, you thirsty on Twitter [laughs] You boo-boo, you T You ... You boo-boo Uh, I'm tryna learn something new I'm tryna find myself, I'm searching

Devil You Know - "as bright as the darkness" lyrics

moves too slow It's been far too long Since I've seen another face In this empty space When you've seen it all ... It becomes so clear That each day can bring A new set of

Neil Diamond - First time lyrics

uh, uuh uh First time, how do you feel? ... Little bit strange to little unreal That first time, you're far from home, ... Finally out there on your own And

Public Enemy - As long as the people got somethin to say lyrics

quot;As Long As The People Got Somethin To Say" We dont control sht ... No education Enforcement Economics ... on governments Forever in a plantation state Damn this

Finger Eleven - Them vs you vs me lyrics

left and as soon as we did I knew There was a bad taste in our mouths Awareness didn't come too soon ... But you finally tasted it too It's just another

Dizzee Rascal - Cut em off lyrics

Chorus] Socialize in a crucial sitiation (and negotiate) I ... cut em off [x2] Review the situation take part take over [x4] My name is Rasket listen to my flow

The Dresden Dolls - First orgasm lyrics

is a thursday I get up early It is a challenge I'm ... usually lazy I make some coffee I eat some rice chex And ... To check my inbox I only read a word or two I stare across the street and see the

Chris Rea - As long as i have your love lyrics

word you send today From somewhere far away Cut in deep to the bone Though I ... feel you close somehow Too many days, so far from home And ... I send my dream to you And I will go on As long as I

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - As soon as i wake up lyrics

soon as I wake up I'm going to change my ways Because the music's my savior And no one can take my pain Except for this paper The page flows like rain As soon as

Forbidden - As good as dead lyrics

end is coming fast, flags they fly halfmast Soldiers ... have come to fight, Tanks roll off the hill, men are ... lying still, Armies of hate in sight, Death now wills

Charice - Far as the sky lyrics

beyond my lonely dream I saw you wave to me alone in ... tender gleam Waited you forever Wanted to ... remember And now I’m opening the door ... I’m here to lighten up the day For me and for our love,

Aiken Clay - As long as we're here lyrics

do we have to fight? Why can't spend our time... trying? ... I wanna be close to you Keep love ... from slipping through... my hands The words said in anger aimed at someone Are hard to take back once the damage is

Matty B Raps - As long as you love me lyrics

guess you get to a place where the dream you started ... off chasing isn't even the same dream anymore. It's bigger. ... Same 'ol b with the brand new cap Hot new song with a dope new rap I ain't gonna

Dio - As long as it's not about love lyrics

the first time we touched with our eyes ... Only magic could take away my heart I am always afraid ... for my heart So lay beside me now and tell me ... lies - sweet lies As long as it’s not about love Shall

Ronan Keating - As much as i can give you girl lyrics

had a bad day As much as I can give you girl [3] I ... had a bad day and then I heard what you had to say After ... I had a hard week it's getting harder to

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - As makeshift as we are lyrics

do the combat math I'm the war artist You can't take your ... shots back I have to watch them miss The basketball rim ... Shook like a tambourine Not an unlikely event In a game that means nothing In a game that means nothing Makeshift

Hatebreed - As damaged as me lyrics

where to touch Your words always cut So much darker than ... for trust So much more than just hate My hands there to ... suffocate So deep I penetrate When you're as damaged as me To punish yourself is to

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - As long as the grass shall grow lyrics

long as the moon shall rise as long as the rivers flow As ... long as the sun will shine as long as the grass shall grow ... The Senecas are an Indian tribe of the Iroquios nation

Janis Joplin - As good as you’ve been to this world lyrics

your loving life, Live it all the best you can And if ... you pay no attention darling To what you might ever ... hear from your man, I think you’re just like a

Omega - Live as long as lyrics

have dreamed of so many things Even your eyes are ... hazy Yet you dream everything over, even nicer ... Loot at the road; forget about your dreams Live as

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - As young as we are lyrics

is all we got Love is all we got and we want it all ... Love is all we got Love is all we got and we want it all ... My face is numb I like this place

Brandon Heath - As long as im here lyrics

day I'll pass through the great sky above And the first ... thing I'll ask is how well did I love Did ... I leave the world any better than it was before? ... Of all the things I've done, could

Chantal Kreviazuk - Far away lyrics

in you Honestly for real, one thing true Take me in, ... in your arms Wandering alone seems so far Let me ... know that you made it as far as forever, oh whoa Let me know

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - As long as i have you lyrics

the stars fade and fall And I won't care at all As ... long as I have you Every kiss brings a ... thrill And I know that it will As long as I have ... of the future Forget the past You're not my first love

Aaron Tveit - As long as you're mine (with laura osnes) lyrics

me tonight My wildest dreamings Could not foresee ... Lying beside you With you wanting me And just for this ... moment As long as you're mine I've lost all resistance

Idina Menzel - As long as youre mine lyrics

me tonight My wildest dreamings Could not foresee Lying ... beside you With you wanting me And just for this ... moment As long as you're mine I've lost all resistance And crossed some borderline And if it turns out It's over

R.l. - As long as u know lyrics

long as you know I worship the rain that falls on the grass that you walk on And the sun that shines on it to help it grow ... So no matter where you go or whatever

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - As high as wu-tang get lyrics

*singing*] Dinn-dnn-dnn-ta-dnn (come on in) Dinn-dnn-ta-dnn, dinn DNN DAH (come on, ... come on, come on in) Dnn-da-duh-duh-DAH, you BITCH ASS ... niggaz! (come on in, come on, come

Blowsight - As wicked as they come lyrics

is an emergency I’m killing the air in me This isn’t a time to ... be on your own So Lady Serenity, this isn’t a fantasy This isn’t a dream so wake

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - As deep as the knife will go lyrics

blade goes in you and it enters smooth ... Disturbing moans begin to soothe Scraping ... feel it once Keep pushing hard it never stops Had to do ... it Had to put it in your gut

Tracy Lawrence - As any fool can see lyrics

picking fights dropping hints and just last night I caught a ... tear as she slipped off to sleep She's not here but ... not gone I guess she must be waitin' on The kind of man I

Lily Allen - As long as i got you lyrics

seems like only yesterday you were with somebody else ... Soon as it was over though I had claimed you ... for myself Didn't take me long before I had made ... myself to yours Glad to leave the past behind and I'm glad to close the door Because

Barry Manilow - As sure as i'm standin' here lyrics

I look at you Sad and so beautiful Young and alone And ... so far from home Much too much ... Much too soon Empty eyes gazin' at The moon As sure as I'm standin' here You'll

Pennywise - As long as we can lyrics

we go again Gonna kick it as long as we can We like to boast from The far west coast To ... the desert fields of Iran You want to fight well ... let's go You know that we Came to drop bombs The straight

Falkenbach - As long as winds will blow lyrics

.. As long as winds will blow My pride ... will be And a star will shine From far away... ... ...As long as winds will blow My pride ... will be And hate remains Inside my heart At

Kimberley Walsh - As long as he needs me lyrics

long as he needs me I know where I ... must be Holding on stead fast lane As long as he needs me ... As long as life is long I love him ... right or wrong And somehow I'll be strong As

Matthew Morrison - As long as she needs me lyrics

doesn't act as though she cares, but deep inside I know ... she cares, and this is why I'm tied, right ... by her side As longs as she needs me I know where I

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - As soon as the good time roll lyrics

you feel real sad somtimes Caught in bad vibrations And it ... seems you´ve lost your drive And your destination If you ... feel that life´s passing by, passing by Catch the train of

Beth Hart - As long as i have a song lyrics

into the bar And shake off my coat Pull up a chair ... And light up a smoke Where did all ... Guess I’ll never know So barkeep let’s give it a go

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - As real as you and me lyrics

could be a faith causing end There could be a fade of desease I know you hate ... to think about it But it's as real as you and me It's as ... real as you and me We could all fall

Serious Black - As long as i´m alive lyrics

many roads So many choices in this life So many wishes And this hope that ... never dies I never hesitate I know it can be mine And ... if I choose to be A master of disguise So many give

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