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Arallu - Messenger of evil world lyrics

at the sky We see the other world A stronger light falls on us ... next millennium We see the world come above us Something ... opens, a ball of fire Arises on everything

Sinister Realm - World of evil lyrics

misery The abstract failures of a mankind that never could ... Though many came, in search of truth and wisdom I stand ... alone, inside your world of evil Hidden truths amongst the

Assedium - Messenger of chaos lyrics

wolf roaming the kingdoms of a hopeless world He's the ... ruby throne The last King of Melnibone, destroyer of his ... land Cursed bearer of the black sword trembling in

Deadnight - Messenger of death lyrics

night of your life Time to say ... goodbye Forget the world, your blood runs cold I am ... Your life, final judgement of the dark one Tonight, death ... take you to the other side Messenger of death! Running from

Nightmare (fra) - Messenger of faith lyrics

been sailing so far In a sea of strangers I know there is no ... under command... I am a messenger of faith Ready to die a hero ... s death I am a messenger of faith, I am a messenger I

Heathen Foray - Messenger of god lyrics

does ride To distant lands of legends His skin is frozen ... has to run Spread the word Of his lord! To save souls ... has to run Spread the word Of his lord! To save souls

Conorach - Messenger of kings lyrics

the mountain road in front of me. The trail ahead is but a ... the Royal Secret, I’m the Messenger Of Kings. Running from my ... what I carry, I’m the Messenger Of Kings. The summit lies

Manic Depression - Messenger of god lyrics

Face the mirror The face of pleasure, the face of self ... Once unnoticed, the shadow of shadow Staring death in its ... have no guts to face the face of reasons Have the muscle of

Powerman 5000 - Evil world lyrics

I'm gonna make it in this evil evil world I think that I ... might like it in the evil evil world What's that light in

Samael - Messenger of the light lyrics

am the envoy of the son of the dawn A slave to the star ... am here to prepare the coming of our lord To overthrow the ... thesis of Metatron To contradict the

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - End of the world lyrics

feels like the end of the world What happen to peace here on ... worse It feels like the end of the world to me False ... are dying Hear the rumors of war so blow us all away

First Blood - Messenger lyrics

those who protest Opponents of the government Use the ... lies... KILL Accuse them of hate... KILL To justify all ... in your name Kill the MESSENGER YOU MUST KILL THE MESSENGER

Blood For Blood - Evil in the brain lyrics

That causes a shortening of my already burning fuse Been ... thoughts in my head I'm going evil in the brain I lack any type ... I want to give fear to the world Evil in the brain you can't

Rival - Evil within lyrics

moments of silence I stand within ... shadows of rage In search for a reason ... revenge awaits Right out of mad desire I stalk the ... stifle me For i destroy the evil That plagues the world in

Rainbow - Eyes of the world lyrics

to get to his door No chain of events Can settle him down ... He's not a man anymore Evil moves, evil ways Without ... tears and pain In the eyes of the world Dust to dust by

Sodom - Axis of evil lyrics

anger We've seen the decency of loving people Deliver them ... day you get condemned Axis of evil! Must be opposed! Axis of evil! Justice to come!

Ancient Bards - The birth of evil lyrics

Daltor he met The king of the West And breathlessly ... Sendor wants to conquer the world Sendor has found the magical ... (Daltor) It's the beginning of a new war Now that Sendor

Fastkill - Evil force lyrics

to a chamber Deprived you of hope Force Of Evil Evil ... blood Darkened future A world is full of blasphemy ... Sacrificed for a dictator A world never to be imagined Too

Mystic Prophecy - Evil empires lyrics

spread around us Like evilized epidemic Treason and ... strange words With the power of evil and death Dark forces ... they will rule and offer the world Black power they desire

Sencirow - Connection of evil lyrics

you belong to Connection of evil We'll eradicate god is ... on our side Companions of evil We'll tear them down world ... wide Of cause there are some leaders

Magica - On the side of evil lyrics

we're different And in this world I don't belong Are we all ... on the side of evil? I don't understand Are we ... on the edge of hell? When is this ever, is

220 Volt - The end of the world lyrics

For that at all *Cause the world is full of evil And there's ... nothing we can do The world is at the end And people ... are just dying The world is going down It's the end of the world We've gotta try

Eradicator - Evil twisted mind lyrics

out of the asylum searching for ... his rage on fire Expelled of human kind scum of society ... he sets his demon free Clone of evil eats the flesh of ... s no way out he leaves the world in torture Punishment and

Gothminister - Shadows of evil sins lyrics

the shadows of evil Sins cries a little child ... things From the dark side of her mind She belongs to a ... different world A world that is filled with love

Dragonhammer - The end of the world lyrics

year in the future The world is going towards destruction ... Loosing faith for religions Evil is fighting day by day ... Destination and mistery of human life Evil corporations

Gob - This evil world lyrics

evil world Is punishing you from the ... drop to your knees to be part of the scene You know what I

Deicide - In the minds of evil lyrics

obsession in a world of betray Taunted into silence ... count the dead Contradict of faith out to devastate ... belief Deadly imposition out of touch and deranged One with

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - The calling lyrics

demise Force, the Force of Evil The curse is coming your way ... The Force, the Force of Evil The curse, the calling ... Enslaving the world with a deadly spell Claiming

Hate - World has to die lyrics

Sharp pain terrifying scream of dying lives DENY! Holy ... virgin she is dead from the evil figure DIE! Crucified for ... DIE! Crucified for ther lord of burning world The

Rage - Echoes of evil lyrics

The banner's changed, the world ain't changed at all Forced ... law and order In the name of God to slaughter Living in ... this world could be a life in hell They

Ancient Creation - Bringer of evil lyrics

escapes to the hidden world A mystical ride to where ... endless surprise Acting of innocence blindness in eyes ... Bringer of evil, bringer of sin The writings on the wall

Attic - Evil inheritance lyrics

To celebrate a rebirth of evil To unleash Hell's forces ... treasure kept in it A hoof written in blood, bound in ... I put my curse on this world Lucifer I'll follow your

Krisiun - Evil mastermind lyrics

the call of the master The light that ... light that set you on fire of violence From the darkness ... the voice of command That pierces your ... and santifying In the name of glory Calling the evil

Deprive - Voice of evil lyrics

to open my eyes, to see the world I am deranged, but I have ... doesn’t bother me at all, the world is f***ed up, tangeled and ... that I find, in every corner of my mind A little voice of evil telling me to leave this

Heavenly - Evil lyrics

still alive Carry the mark of demon Suffering through the ... carry on on the other side of the life there is no world ... carry on on the other side of the life appear a world

Signum Regis - Tempter of evil lyrics

down and see the splendor of this world All kingdoms I ... do any good for you Tempter of evil Wicked deceiver The ... castles of gold All goblets of glorious victory All this i

Damnation Plan - Orchestrated acts of evil lyrics

is a play that none of us should be ever part ... ruins of the men lying on streets ... for their self crowned king of this murderous assembly ... now the dawning arrives world gazes up to the skies

Factory Of Dreams - Stream of evil lyrics

all I don’t like about this world All will be gone… I see a ... river of dust, dirt, evil Evaporating Evaporating… ... Blow them into pieces Of insignificance! Chorus

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - Samhain lyrics

A masquerade for the evil ones They celebrate the ... angel in black An outcast of God in Heaven Majesty in the ... kingdom of pain Trick or treat, my ... flames are everywhere Out of the dark comes evil Sneaking

Immolation - Deliverer of evil lyrics

heads Send a message to the world Sinister Warrior ... power Send a message to the world Gave you the power Gave

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Lord of this world lyrics

will not find a cure Your world was made for you by someone ... above But you chose evil ways instead of love You ... made me master of the world where you exist The soul I

Crystal Pride - Evil force lyrics

was an evil mind dealing with our lifes ... There was an evil force Waiting in the lighted ... Why things was so unreal Evil force-I couldn't see the ... light Evil force-I couldn't feel the

Kataklysm - Mystical plane of evil (chapter 2 - enigma of.. lyrics

Perceiving in a shower of black fog, a big bright ... my path, using my last drop of energy, I smash Into the ... entrance. Revolution of time, passing the vortex,

Cloven Hoof - Kiss of evil lyrics

sun has fallen, the midnight world I roam. Life and death has ... need me! Chorus Children of the darkness feed, bring the ... kiss of evil. Legions of the lost night breed, taste

Becoming The Archetype - Evil unseen lyrics

is a pattern of deception growing Feeding off of our ignorance IT WONT ... CONTROL! Just take a leap of faith So many times we doom ... in rationalism I am not of this world And science

Crow - Evil woman lyrics

see the look of evil in your eyes You've been ... filling me all full of lies The morrow will not ... else's fertile seed Evil woman, don't play your games

Lake Of Tears - Evil inside lyrics

bond, we're all the same Evil man, not to be tamed Open ... you will find You're just as evil, as evil as I There's a ... little bit of evil, inside if you A little bit of evil, inside you too Man of mercy, sinister disguise

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Evil woman lyrics

ve seen a look of evil in your eyes You've been ... filling me all full of lies Sorrow will not change ... else has better seen Evil woman, don't you play your

Purgatory - Pharynx of evil lyrics

silent is the world And over my soul crawls a ... lies Infected by the sore of hypocrisy Risen for the ... last fight I call the horde of worms To bring devastation

Quiet Riot - Evil woman lyrics

ve seen a look of evil in your eyes You've been ... filling me all full of lies Sorrow will not change ... else has better seen Evil woman, don't you play your

Sabbat - Evil nations lyrics

Bright metal cold Born out of motly egg Made in hell, made ... from Dark, back to the dark Evil Nations ! Under the reverse ... cross be born by Evil blood with us bleed and die

Isengard - Storm of evil lyrics

on your destiny the seed of rot has flowered your minds ... ll die freezing in the storm of evil The hornd proclaiming ... armageddon is the sign of the storm of evil (I say)

Nostradameus - Evil prophecies lyrics

the royal court there was and evil man telling prophecies He ... was the advisor of the naïve king who was ... poisoned with his lies Ruler of the kingdom was really this

Satan's Host - Cor malifecus – heart of evil lyrics

this earth I am the bringer of Evil Nocturnal whisper ... false principles Beginning of moral decline I request ... golden rule Proclaimer of destiny Orchestrator of the

Dark Sarah - Evil roots lyrics

Hiss the evil tree, and its roots they ... me downwards to the kingdom of evil deeds Queen of no good: ... I surrender to the power of your evil roots! Queen of

Pentagram (us) - Bride of evil lyrics

the pitch The black of night I perform my unearthly ... fate is mine Bride meets evil Dark thoughts run through ... your head Bride of evil You shall live amongst the

Picture - Power of evil lyrics

don't believe in the Prince of Darkness You don't wanna' ... t try to calculate, the power of evil Don't underestimate, ... the power of evil You see them dancing in

Saxon - Song of evil lyrics

the wheel of torture Spin the rack of ... satisfy your game The smell of death surrounds you How can ... for you This is your song of evil Song of evil Stop this

Athena - Lord of evil lyrics

anger, war and hate, victims of evil. Hidden there is lying ... We are the last hope. Lord of the evil I know you'll be ... I swear on my pride! King of the evil I just want to say

Emerald - Face of evil lyrics

guy it seems No one knows of his sick fantasies Mothers ... pictures stored on PC The devil hides his face Living in ... wife commits adultery Face of Evil Veiled by a mask Face of Evil You'll be revealed one

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