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Melody Club - Melody club- the hunter lyrics

hear the sound of heartbeats That's fading into emptiness Throughout the night I travel In the distance with my loneliness Finally I've become the hunter Hunting for the love I am worthy of Finally I've become the hunter Hunting for the love I am worthy o

Slaves (uk) - The hunter lyrics

Verse 1] The people are freezing And the water is warm And the ice caps are melting What will happen when they're gone? Will the experts look stupid And invert the facts? Will they gave you back your donations Or keep the paper stacks? The feel

Exilia - The hunter lyrics

s too late, it's too late Here he comes again, don't take me away! He has a gun, he has a knife He wants a piece of my skin There's a snare, I'm aware He is not so brave He is waiting for my fall Looking for my weakest side Waiting for my fall There's no escape, n

Dokken - The hunter lyrics

roll by as I look to the sky And then the feeling comes, it comes on again You know desire burns like a fire, fire of sin Oh, will I ever learn You're the only one I could call my own But then the shadows fall and I'm gone again I'm a hunter Searching for love On these

Barry Gibb - The hunter lyrics

many days when the summer is gone And the water is dry The silence of war You can never go home You can not ever go home So many lights in the heaven I saw When the living were dead And the mother instead Keeps her little boy warm Keeping her little boy warm Fools never knowing

Blondie - The hunter gets captured by the game lyrics

brings change And the world puts on a new face Certain things rearrange And this whole world seems like a new face Secretly I've been tailing you Like a fox that preys on a rabbit I had to get you and so I know I had to learn your ways and habits Oooooooooo

Girlschool - The hunter lyrics

Hunter ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .....................

Girlschool - The hunter – revisited lyrics

Hunter ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .....................

Iced Earth - The hunter lyrics

force of light an angel Sent through time to destroy Avenging the dark ones Descending angelic force Heaven sent the hunter Her mission to crucify Slay the hellspawn His offspring demonic force [Chorus] Descending from heaven The angel sworn to bring him down T

Blue Cheer - The hunter lyrics

call me the Hunter And that's my name A pretty girl like you Are my only game I bought me a love gun Just the other day And I aim To aim it your way Ain't no use to hide No there ain't no use to run 'Cause I got you in the sights of my My love gun, my love gun, my lov

Greenwood - The hunter lyrics

see me as I want to be seen I can be a freak, I can be a geek I can be sweet and charming or rough and mean Don’t think of me as one way man Because whatever it takes to make you fall for me You know I’ll have it done if it can turn you on I’ll buy you flowers and with their

Albert King - The hunter lyrics

call me the hunter, that's my name A pretty woman like you, is my only game I bought me a love gun, just the other day And I aim to aim it your way Ain't no use to hide, ain't no use to run 'Cause I've got you in the sights of my love gun The

Danzig - The hunter lyrics

me the hunter That's my name Pretty young thing like you Is my only game Don't use no love gun Don't need no kissing When I get ahold of you honey Gonna light you up like Christmas Ain't no use to run, babe Ain't no use to hide 'Cause I've got you in th

On An On - The hunter lyrics

am the hunter; I know how to find you I’ve taken your picture, and I’ve taken my time So warn all your lovers to powers that hide you To show them the meaning of what is to live You are the hunted, you kmow I am coming To take all your troub

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - The hunter lyrics

up this morning like I always do I still like to think that I'm new Time just gets its way Strawberries left to decay Can't find my pants or my bank account Don't you slip away Voices that start to betray Even though you raised me I will nev

Derdian - The hunter lyrics

and Fighting Together Living and Fighting Forever Living and Fighting Wherever We will steal into your soul Ride now!!! Despair and pain inside my heart Become a fearful hate Death pictures in my mind, the start For me to seal your fate There is just one thing I’ m thinking t

Mastodon - The hunter lyrics

the love I’ve shown Given to the ones I’ve known All the love I make Is equal to the love I take All the life I’ve known Given to the life I’ve shown Along the way Free from it all Breathe in the darkest fall We laugh and cry through a brother’s

Gatsby's American Dream - The hunter lyrics

if when the curtains go down there is nothing and nothing? Yeah what if when the curtains close If there's a heaven in the sky I don't know why they'd ever let me in I'm sure that there's a hell and there's room for all of us Because that's the only place we deserve to be What

Lacuna Coil - The ghost woman and the hunter lyrics

at the sun no rays down on me I call you in my arms embrace is unreal You're moving on we'll never be apart just drain my tears I cry aloud You're moving on you'll never be a part of all my tears I cry aloud Calling on your sins you're here in my dreams a desert place

James Cheal - The hunter lyrics

in the broken glass I see a thousand broken dreams The one thing I have learned from this Is nothing is what it first seems The way you whispered in my ear The way you played me like a fool The way I warned you one last time That i'm not your f***ing tool And now I searc

Crown Of Glory - The hunter lyrics

the clouds are rolling by As I look up to the sky No one knows my secret I think that no one ever will Fate is calling for me I’ve been waiting for so long Close my eyes and breathe in Then I count to ten Beware, ‘cause I’m hunting for you Lights out, I can smell

Miku Hatsune - Melody in the sky lyrics

no sora kara ochitekita shizuku de ima, kokoro ga nijinda Kuroku irodorareta takai kabe no sei de hikari sae mo mienai Kono machi wa itsushika iro wo ushinatte'ta demo, daremo kizukazu ni Tokei wa ugokidasu watashi mo ugokidasu itami sae mo wasurete nagasareteyuku "Doush

Miku Hatsune - Melody in the sky (acoustic ver.) lyrics

no sora kara ochitekita shizuku de ima, kokoro ga nijinda Kuroku irodorareta takai kabe no sei de hikari sae mo mienai Kono machi wa itsushika iro wo ushinatte'ta demo, daremo kizukazu ni Tokei wa ugokidasu watashi mo ugokidasu itami sae mo wasurete nagasareteyuku &a

Mortillery - The hunter's lair lyrics

on the night, don't walk away, let's show them how we never quit Leather and steel, weapons of choice, the time is now to take control -Chorus- We will fight until we die, our souls soar into the sky We return to the hunters' lair, don't fight it we

Blondie - Orchid club lyrics

ah ah adventure Very near and then you vanish Rescue from invasion Narrowly avoided Have to live with nature Hear a voice from a novel Love persuasion Very near and then you vanished Some say he's too handsome Some say he's unique Steel the weave the night trick Aphrodi

Imagika - Hunter's moon lyrics

of the hand that reaps The shadows that trail behind you The horrors found in dreams A cold chill fills the night Strange occurrences surround you Nothing is what it seems In the Hunter's Moon You can feel your heart pounding Hunter's Moon Your v

Kiss - Lonely is the hunter lyrics

eggs in one basket, but she threw me a bone She was dealt a full deck, but she likes to live alone Ain't just talkin' to myself, need a reason to stop (oh yeah) With a flower in her teeth, she drained the last drop I said girls love money like bees the hon

Lakeman Seth - Childe the hunter lyrics

and listen, brave and tall, The greatest tale I have to tell you, It was a bleak and barren moor. In ancient days he fell. There rode a man of high renown His name it came as hunter Childe. Every day he chased heath and waste On a moor so black and wild.

Rage - Hunter and prey lyrics

you down I am justified by higher laws My society gives me right to force If you put shame on the family For the honour your blood sets me free, set me free Try to hide, make my day I'm the hunter and you are my prey Time to die, kneel and pray I'm the hunte

Gotthard - Hunter lyrics

to hide from every shadow Scared from every noise that's comin' through Got a 24 hour run You know, I'm still around Hunting you Bad places, dark faces Keep on runnin' for your life Cause I'm the hunter I'm the hunter I'm the hunter an eagle in the sky I'm t

The Mission - Hungry as the hunter lyrics

as seduction, curious and cruel She steals her way into your trust And first you want her kiss and then you want her more And then she'll have you crawling in the dust Don't speak to me of dignity, don't speak to me of love Don't talk to me of sanctity, don't talk to

Snow Ghosts - The hunted lyrics

wandered through the willows In the forest you have found Trying to hide your footprints in the ground It's not wise, if you try to run It's not wise, You know I've won, You know I've won And you'll smile, on your knees The Hunter becomes... The Hunter bec

Iron Mask - The witch burner lyrics

ritual begins, the rite is the taw No escape, her magic is much too strong Now is the time to welcome the night The moon is bright, she needs to sacrifice your son Run, I'm the hunter, the witch burner Burn, I'm the hunter, the witch burner Run, I'm the hunter, the with

Jackson Wanda - Hunter lyrics

s a stranger in town called the Hunter wild and reckless lovin' is his game He'll whisper lies and lure you to his pitfall and leave you trapped in your own shame The Hunter's always looking in the shadows waiting to pounce upon his prey Sould you give him more than a passing glance He

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - Hunter lyrics

travel is searching And home what's been found I'm not stopping I'm going hunting I'm the hunter I'll bring back the goods But i don't know when I thought i could organize freedom How American of me This is who I am You figured it out, didn't you? Yo

Godflesh - Hunter lyrics

for your own survival you can't fight what you are you're still running from yourself no escape from your own hell fear hunter inside you inside me you can't help but be the hunter man the natural born

Mad Max - Lonely is the hunter lyrics

alone His eyes refuse to work The night takes his soul Tryin’ to reach the sun On distant shores began What ended here Waitin’ a lifetime For a sign from the gods His dreams they seem forever gone His life has passed away A hunter always on the r

Anthenora - Hunter lyrics

many years rusting in this jail Waiting for today How many nights I've spent alone Waiting for the light, waiting for a fight I am the ruler of the darkest dark tonight My evil attitude is feeding up your thrill I am the hunter, I'll come and take your life The hunter, a moth

Neil Diamond - Melody road lyrics

road I'm on with you All the way to the end I know every song you lead me to It's gonna be my friend Melody road I play all night Take my guitar and strum Find me some words that feel just right The music's gonna come from melody road. Melody from the heart

Björk - Hunter lyrics

travel is searching and home has been found i'm not stopping i'm going hunting i'm the hunter i'll bring back the goods but i don't know when thought that i could organise freedom how scandinavian of me you sussed it out, didn't you? you could smell it so you

The Damned - Melody lee lyrics

lee, a broken man and a broken dream It must have been a change of heart Your life was cruel they called it art Melody lee, you need a nuke to set you free You know you can't cheat tomorrow If you hide any sorrow Melody lee, you gotta find your secret enemy You'

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - Night of the hunter lyrics

La nuit du chasseur) I was born of the womb Of a poisonous man Beaten and broken And chased from the land But I rise up above it High up above it and see I was hung from a tree Made of tongues of the weak The branches, the bones Of the l

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Die hard the hunter lyrics

s welcome home the soldier boy from (Far away, far away) No angel of mercy just a need to destroy (Fire away, fire away) Let's toast the hero with blood in his eyes The scars on his mind took so many lives Die Hard the Hunter Welcome home soldier boy Put down you

Isole - The calm hunter lyrics

life itself trying to find an exit Listen, the pace, the pulse grows faster Beware, from beyond Rises the calm hunter Death, is it you? Death, is it you? From far away you're closing in on me From the dark world, from the world of shadows Without any fear I onc

Kamelot (usa) - Hunter's season lyrics

to protect and be protected by When that certain fury would come Someone to respect and be respected by When deprivation took its toll on you No more to defend, fading away 'Cause we were always alone, We were born in the hunter's season All I really ever wanted w

Black Rose - Melody lyrics

game and so emotional I can’t free it deep inside I love your song on my melody Yes I know it’s gonna be alright And my body is spinning with you, now I’m sure And together we can take it, now I know Can you feel it? The sound makes me free Oh my baby please don’t

Blake Lewis - The remedy lyrics

is a remedy... You're runnin' from, all that you said to me We fell apart, and then just let it be I know... that I don't wanna say goodbye. All alone, this world can be so empty But what we have, is not an ordinary love It's more than just enough So tell me now gi

Annihilator - Hunter killer lyrics

waiting for the kill, Stalking, prey on weak and ill Smell the fear in the air Ending life without a care I see you, I hear you, I will not stop, I need you I will attack and take you down I am the one who makes your flesh creep And then I'll drink your blood

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - Hunter's lullaby lyrics

father's gone a-hunting He's deep in the forest so wild And he cannot take his wife with him He cannot take his child Your father's gone a-hunting In the quicksand and the clay And a woman cannot follow him Although she knows the way Your father's gone a-hunting Through the si

Melody Club - The only ones lyrics

ain't no place that I would rather be When the world is turning Baby, we're burning Than in this motion picture Starring you and me When the world is turning Baby, we're burning We don't need nobody To tell us how to be We're the only ones No, we don

Accept lyricsAccept - The quick and the dead lyrics

hand is winding the clock in your head Tensions rise, push the needle to red Pick up the tempo, it's getting late You've got that inner need ...... accelerate What now lies in between the hunter and the prey Set sail, apart from the rest, let nothing get in

Elton John lyricsElton John - The fox lyrics

wiry and thinking loudly About the things sent to make you move You can't help it, there's no one in the world Knows you just, just the way you do So we keep darting through the holes As the hunter and the fox Run the gauntlet's savage road Winter's heavy and partly cloudy

See You Next Tuesday - Pogonotrophy: part i the hunter lyrics

were made in a burning fire of love and passion are you happy now that everything fell we were made in a burning fire of love and passion are you happy now that everything fell we were made in a burning fire of love and passion are you happy now that everything

The Kooks - Melody maker lyrics

Maker, why did she, take my heart up to the skies, only to brake me. The world is. It keeps spinning, but I'm not with it, I'm all alone. Oh, Melody Maker, would you, send me a light, or lend me, some of your time so that I can see, That woul

Forgotten Tales - The reaper lyrics

is no rest for me to take. Since I am your humble servant. There is so much work for me to make. And give respite is what I can't. On my list, growing on and on. A name appears then fades away. Until my duty here is finally done. Like the hunter I'm on my

Mad Max - Return of the hunter - rollin' the dice lyrics

time for us to see The end is coming near Let’s hope we will survive Protect us from the beast The strong will always win Care for the innocent Magic writing on the wall Tell us if we rise or fall [Chorus]: Rollin’ the dice - Rollin’ the dice Rollin’ - Ro

Pyramaze - The highland lyrics

green you know my heart a life under open skies the scent so different out here in the wild a land so fair where the free eagle flies I could walk here a thousand years your beauty will never grow old the rain that caresses my face will never make me

The Boomtown Rats - The happy club lyrics

morning 'Bout the break of day Every evening She comes up and she says Na, Na, Na.... She gets up Then she goes outside She don't know what she does But it feels alright She says I I'm a sunny girl Yeah I'm feeling good And it's a shiny worl

The Gossip - Melody emergency lyrics

got a head on your shoulders You get a bone in your back So you're not a rock and roller And there's nothing wrong with that I read it in a picture book Your latest interview You can try you can't deny The animal in you. Woo ooh ooh ooh ooh Animal Woo ooh ooh ooh o

Bombay Bicycle Club - Bombay bicycle club - the hill lyrics

we look at the Summer Sun; yellow and round. So we go out to the hill and we lie down. All but one sits in the corner. Trying to find a way; And alright let's go outside, And ride, ride, rise to the meaning of life, And we're crying. We're all falling out. I wa

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