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Megalomaniac Undertale lyrics

Browse for Megalomaniac Undertale song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Megalomaniac Undertale lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 23 lyrics related to Megalomaniac Undertale.

Incubus - Megalomaniac lyrics

On principle alone Hey megalomaniac You're not Jesus Yeah, you ... one To be only one Hey megalomaniac You're not Jesus Yeah, you ... ... You're no answer Hey megalomaniac You're not Jesus Yeah, you

Bananarama - Megalomaniac lyrics

way you like it Fat cat Megalomaniac Watch his fingers snap ... Fat cat Megalomaniac Watch his fingers

Aldious - Megalomaniac lyrics

Kono basho kara hajimaru oto ni mi o yudane Abare kuruu ga ii to Watashi ga anata ni tsugetemo Anata ni todoku made no kyori ga Tooku atsui kabe ni oowa...

Random Eyes - Megalomaniac lyrics

You spent all your life In smoking dreams of despair 'Cos you're losing control You don't know what to do Shadows follow your path Your eyes covered with lies Lost i...

Kmfdm - Megalomaniac lyrics

Die wunder dieser welt werden dir geschenkt Gluck ist nicht kauflich sehnsucht bleibt unerreicht Preisratsel Winken nimmersatt Kein mitleid fur die mehrheit ...

Alfa995 - Sans battle - stronger than you (undertale an.. lyrics

It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... On days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell. Turn around k...

Natewantstobattle - Ashes - undertale lyrics

Now this is Genocide The monster inside The voices in your head They're telling you to Wash away The crimson stains To leave us all for dead I know a way that...

Dagames - Dream on (undertale song) lyrics

You ran your moral ground Taking on the darkest road A story left untold Don't you leave me again We played our very own games Our choices left our marks We r...

Dagames - I stay determined (undertale) lyrics

A darkened world surrounds my heart They tried to decline me from the start But no matter what they do to me I stay determined, they will see I should ha...

Madame Macabre - Under the veil (an undertale themed song) lyrics

Down the rabbit hole have an aching feeling deep down in my soul and I swear I've seen before All the faces lurking just beyond the door maybe I can make this real b...

Levy Bettina - Enemy approaching lyrics

happen to be playing the game Undertale! (Undertale!

Death Grips - Deep web lyrics

blade inside my back Omega megalomaniac In my glass house prepared ... blade inside my back Omega megalomaniac In my glass house prepared

Levy Bettina - Qna lyrics

songs that I could Based on Undertale's soundtrack And since I

Levy Bettina - 1 000 subs lyrics

I'm so happy you like my Undertale videos Cuz I really like

As They Burn - Sons of shiva lyrics


Cradle Of Filth - Tiffauges lyrics

His black magic was ecstatic Megalomaniac in titanic displays Dressed

Darling Thieves - Race to red lyrics

my, my what a narcissist, Megalomaniac I was shaking a fist at.

Epic Rap Battles Of History - Jack the ripper vs hannibal lecter lyrics

Jack, you're a classic megalomaniac You haven't mentioned me

Sarcoma Inc. - Homicidal sociopath lyrics

With a look of pure malice A megalomaniac brain Domination in sadistic

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Freakin'it lyrics

the rap game Quintessential Megalomaniac What's my rap name? (Big

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