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Saga - Thats how we like it lyrics

all I really need That's how we like it! They target a ... destination We watch it disappear Don't you ... think it's time we had another beer? The lines ... stole the show That's how we like it! Chorus When we get

Christy Carlson Romano - Well awaken lyrics

there makes everything right We have been waiting as time has ... gone by Were waiting for something held ... deep in the night Were shining out oh its meant to

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Well, well, well lyrics

loved one out to dinner So we could get a bite to eat And ... though we both had been much thinner ... so beautiful I could eat her Well Well Well Oh Well We sat

Hell Or Highwater - We all wanna go home lyrics

to god hell make it home thats why we sing we all wanna go ... to go hell make it home thats why we sing we all wanna go

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Break up thats all we do lyrics

up, and break up That's all we do Then we have sex, next ... at your boy [Jay-Z] Like we always do about this time Uh ... [Chorus: R. Kelly] Seems we're always arguing, but Right

The Adicts - We looked back lyrics

part of a bigger scene We used to wear a shirt back ... then Said f*** you man we don't care We looked back ... We didn't see you following We looked back Where did you go

Koffin Kats - Well oiled machines lyrics

That will hold us back Well oiled machines we roll ... to go Stand in our way And well run you down Don't want ... now They all think that were rich Nothings free in life

59 Times The Pain - We're in, now what? lyrics

I guess we're in and now what? To me it ... much talk and still so little were said Could it be that we're ... getting into something when we should stay away We're in,

Rush Of Fools - We once were lyrics

waste away No way, no way We can't stay the... Same as ... we once were Living in the blur ... Looking backwards We can see that we'll never Be

Boy - We were here lyrics

in the wind And everywhere we were, we made the city sing We sang "forever young, ... " we had our fingers crossed And ... it glows in many shades We won't be gone as long as our

H2o - Well behaved lyrics

up, this one goes out to the well behaved We wonder how we all ... so tame And yes it's true we have to share part of the ... control And you might as well have had the best intentions

Saosin - What were we made for? lyrics

imagine we were made, I imagine we were made, ... I imagine we were made, I imagine we were... ... Woke up again, sweating out all the pores. And ... anything. I imagine we were made. I imagine we were made

The Enemy - Well live and die in these towns lyrics

for people like us you know well nothing ever happened on it`s ... own and well the toilets smell of ... nothing that you can do well we`ll live and die, we

Evidance - Well runs dry (ft. krondon) lyrics

Times have dried, and the well went first Starving to ... Trying to make a record in between was never foreign But ... in cream But when the well runs dry we go beyond our

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - We rock lyrics

Cause we rock We rock We rock come on We rock We ... up in the air and scream We're finding our voice, ... Following our dreams 'Cause we rock We rock We rock We

Alyson Stoner - We rock lyrics

we rock, we rock, we rock on We rock, we rock on Come as ... up in the air and scream We're find our voice, following ... our dreams Cause we rock (we rock), we rock, we rock on

Nipsey Hussle - We gangbangin lyrics

t know, Wut u done heard, But were I'm from, U might get served, ... but, That's just that cause, We gang bangin [x8] [Coby ... t know, Wut u done heard, But were I'm from, U might get served,

Soundtrack Camp Rock lyricsSoundtrack Camp Rock - We rock lyrics

Cause we rock We rock We rock come on We rock We ... up in the air and scream We're finding our voice, ... Following our dreams 'Cause we rock We rock We rock We

Holy Blood - Well tried faith lyrics

of the Father, It is our well-tried faith of God, ... and mouth without pride, we will not deny Jesus, even in

The Byrds - Well meet again lyrics

don't know when But I know we'll meet again some sunny day ... sunny day hey hey hey hey We'll meet again don't know ... don't know when But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - We rock lyrics

We rock! We rock, we rock on!) [x2] [Verse 1:] ... up in the air and scream We´re finding our voice ... Followin´ our dreams (We rock, we rock, we rock on!)

Chastain - We bleed metal lyrics

Bleed Metal! We know that we got the disease and We will ... do as we damn well please We will never accept silence ... boil, Feel my heart race We will sacrifice and we will

Madball lyricsMadball - We the people lyrics

t proclaim your innocence We're all innocent and guilty as ... well... yeah We fight for blood money to ... for who and why do I die? We speak of justice But who

Gary Numan - We are the lost lyrics

are lost in the dark We are lost and afraid Cold ... and blind We call for you Vows that bind ... us here with you We are lost to feeling We are ... lost to all We were we are the soul forsaken We

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - We're wastin' time lyrics

won't go away come every day We're just wasting time We're ... Still fresh and clean Her sweet perfume in our old room We ... Maybe thinks the same as me Well nothing that we're learning

Barry Manilow - When the meadow was bloomin' lyrics

April weather When the meadow was bloomin' We walk ... Upon the clover When the meadow was bloomin' We dreamed ... Do you remember When the meadow was bloomin' In bleak

Poison - We're an american band lyrics

rock put me in a haze. Sweet, sweet connie -- doin her ... She stole the whole show and thats a natural fact. Up all night ... treat me right, As long as we can make it to the show

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Thats all she wrote lyrics

me “Goodnight its over with” thats all she wrote streets like ... goodnight it’s over with thats all she wrote all she wrote, ... I said it’s over with thats all she wrote all she wrote,

Tim Mcgraw - Thats just me lyrics

quit Until the job's done Well I may not be high society ... you get is what you see Well they tell me I'm old ... But that's just me Well I got me a wife And we're

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Well did you evah with bing crosby lyrics

Is that what they're saying, well did you evah! What a swell ... Tune In Tomorrow What a swell party this is What frails, ... good for the brain Bing: Thats what I was going to say You

Faust - Meadow meal lyrics

is a meadow meal And the guess I get it

Purenrg - Thats what friends are for lyrics

And if I should ever go away Well then close your eyes and try ... to feel the way we do today And if you can't ... s what friends are for Well, you came and opened me, And

Paul Simon - Thats me lyrics

s me Early me. That's me Well I never cared much for the ... First love opens like a flower A black bear running ... me in her sight and her power But tricky skies, your eyes

J. Reyez - Thats okay with me lyrics

the city just to visit you we’re growing up a lot faster ... I forgave you, that’s what we need to do we can speak it ... s okay with me. (verse 2) we forgot how it started, were

Paradiso Girls - Thats just what i like lyrics

IÂ’ve been waiting for the weekend for the weekend to go ... [Will.I.Am] Aint no wrong we living big, ima go out and ... IÂ’ve been waiting for the weekend to go out and have some

Saga - Thats as far as ill go lyrics

at me, I thought my dreams were unachievable Shows how much ... I know I've had my share of wear & tear It's ... so let's keep it simple and we'll do all right That is all

Dare - We were friends lyrics

were times we could never say no there were times the cold wind will blow ... I believed in you. We were friends but how we soon ... how you are And the words we never said were locked

Jls - Thats where im coming from lyrics

a mess in my heart, and now we’re both confused. Told you ... deep inside that the love between us is growing. I can’t ... of my life, back then when we were cool, Somehow, we got in too

George Strait - Thats the breaks lyrics

Ain't been goin' my way Well surprise me Tell me

Hardwell - How we do (showtek) lyrics

Thats How We Do! Yeah Thats How We Do! Yeah Thats How We ... Do! Yeah Thats How We Do! Yeah (x?) Yeah Thats ... How We Do

Harte,mickey - We've got the world tonight lyrics

you'll always be there We've got the world tonight ... Lets hold on together And we've got a love that's right ... So open your heart 'Cos we've got tonight We move

Dew-scented - Thats why i despise you lyrics

Music by Bache, Mueller, Werning – Lyrics by Jensen] I ... Leave frustration and disdain well-off behind. That’s why I

The Hives - Well well well lyrics

some but it passed. But thats the way it'll always be for

Juvenile - Thats how it be happenin lyrics

Terrel Seems he was doin' swell Over tha years where he sell ... and he gone killed a dude Thats when A.T.F. got hot ... Dat dope busst her heart and thats how sharolin left the world

Guru Josh Project - Thats what i say its not what i mean lyrics

hold But they don’t hold up well Started to wonder if I fell

Miranda Lambert - Thats the way that the world goes round lyrics

that the world goes 'round Well I was sittin’ in the tub just

A-teens - Thats what its all about lyrics

About (text) It's midnight we're feeling alright Dressed ... Nothing can hold us back We´re alive and right on track ... you say that it's OK Then we gotta start right now

Chapin Harry - We were three lyrics

the very first day That you were part of me It seemed like ... quot; From that first day We were three The old lady and ... sat there in the window You were looking 'cross the street

Devin Townsend - As you were lyrics

me why? We won't fight. Are we wrong? ... hard for the wounds. So! Were we owed an ira to be whole? ... We were robbed of the right. Come ... as you were You're alright…Come as you were Money, honey, bloody mary,

Bratmobile - Well you wanna know what? lyrics

but it's alright 'Cause we're so much alike, you know ... alright 'cause you hide it so well You can not feel anything I ... 'cause I'll always hate you Well you wanna know what? well now

Dave Edmunds - We were both wrong lyrics

apart, I'll tell you why Now we both had views in a fight, ... Why couldn't we say to each other, "The ... truth was, we were both wrong?" Well,

Kurupt - We can freak it lyrics

You gotta lipstick wit it Thats why I'm sick wit it Hard to ... (check it out) Why can't we just chill and get along, ... skate on threes [Chorus] We can freak it, freak if you

Chapin Harry - We grew up a little bit lyrics

some things just can't wait We were just beginning But it ... was very clear We grew up a little bit that ... caught on as a meter man You were caught at home When I

Mcfly - Thats the truth lyrics

say They wish they had what we have And its jealousy thats

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - We're in this together lyrics

as it flows down the path we Have chose You and me ... We're in this together now ... of them can stop us now We will make it through somehow ... to get their fingers in Well they've got to kill what we

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Here we come lyrics

chop it up We drop the cuts Look out for ... us Cus here we come (uh-huh) [X2] ... to blow thinkin how far can we go Work hard for the dough we dope but you already know We

Dj - X - We're having much more fun lyrics

yet louder than hell will be well love the black night falling ... with every unfamiliar scene were having much more fun! you don ... t know where weve gone were having much more fun! well

Kurupt - We can freak it ny remix lyrics

Noreaga:] We can freak it out, wut, we can ... freak it out We can freak it out, wut, we can ... ask why i don't smile Thats why nigga, because my life is

Afi - We've got the knife lyrics

Id try my luck and you said, well you dont you dont have to try ... had the most exquisite time. Well you got that right, but its ... crimes. Say it, as if it were true. We've got the knife

Baby Bash - Thats how i go lyrics

can't be mad at my new job We be goin hard in the - like a ... chanel girl, it never fail We can fly away or just drive ... have ourselves a 1 on 1 I swear I've seen you somewhere

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