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Master Of The Toughest Love lyrics

Browse for Master Of The Toughest Love song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Master Of The Toughest Love lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Master Of The Toughest Love.

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Pulp - Master of the universe lyrics

am the Master of this Universe And I've got ... your knees Oh, for your master is displeased Because you ... breaks his back I am the Master of this Universe I taught

Pulp - Master of the universe (sanitised version) lyrics

am the Master of this Universe And I've got ... your knees Oh, for your master is displeased Because you ... breaks his back I am the Master of this Universe I taught

Grand Magus - Master of the land lyrics

the search goes on inside Deep ... Into glory ride Make me master of the land Master of the ... land Master of the land Answer the call into the fire burn Free, longing to

Dawnrider - Master of the black lyrics

I caught you for a reason My master wanted you Now I will bring ... [Pendras] He will reward the deeds I did for the dark He ... we are back [Pendras] MASTER OF THE BLACK HE'S THE ONLY

Airya - Master of the rain lyrics

If you can't feel bigger Then, save our souls! Because ... when you need to live There's no way out But you need ... s why we should shout! Master of the rain Take me away Master of the pain Is there a

Avantasia - Master of the pendulum lyrics

won‘t lose hold Take on to the pendulum and sway Like a ... mistletoe I‘m clinging to the cold, yeah I am the ... in need to twine around The rock of ages for those who‘re

Cirith Ungol - Master of the pit lyrics

you never kneel To the Master of the Pit Violently ... stirring their brew of corruption Lords of the dark ... Pray you never kneel To the one who calls you slave With

Dio - Master of the moon lyrics

then you dream Of a world with only windows ... can hide you You know And then the night You're just another empty shadow No questions, ... Turn around and when you face the sun We can make you be like

King Leoric - Master of the kings lyrics

denies it, the dragon's mighty breath ? ... dragon arise ! Take it to the sky ! Wind beneath your ... wings, you're the master of the kings ! We storm into his

Morgana Lefay - Master of the masquerade lyrics

much to me I was born out of chaos of time So I knoe what ... I'm hiding inside you? I am the master of disguise A new ... wind of justice shall blow over earth

Arthemis - Master of the souls lyrics

got into A dreadful world of lies and sorceries Turning ... A mystical substance Gave the power to my hands To kill, ... a raw way Waiting for the Sun to shine And hiding in the darkness To cover my

Lord Fist - Master of the witches lyrics

You're searching for peace There's a place in your head ... you'd like to stay Kingdom of metal dreams Shining light of steel You just need a key ... To open the gates You'll hide in the

Sick Puppies - Master of the universe lyrics

ask me If you want to see the view from your knees Come ... down and join me I'm the final straw The nail in the ... coffin Just by being who I am ... Is so Goddamned I'm not the master of the Universe I

Custard - Master of the dice lyrics

time runs and runs Play the game you just can´t lose at ... and runs In this game I´m to the master of the dice It´s ... be my eternal slave Now roll the dice make the step to the

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Master of the wind lyrics

bonus track] In the silence of the darkness when ... your spirit As a sail calls the wind, hear the angels sing ... Far beyond the sun across the western sky Reach into the

Manowar - The master of the wind lyrics

The Silence Of The Darkness, When All Are Fast ... Spirit. As A Sail Calls The Wind, Hear The Angels Sing ... Far Beyond The Sun, Across The Western Sky. Reach Into The

Nostradameus - Master of the night lyrics

for a way to understand All the prophets and preachers who ... tells me what to do They says "that is right ans ... away Opinions based on lack of knowledge telling me to pray

Dark Horizon - Master of the bright sea lyrics

in a stone I found the ancient rhymes Signed with ... and remained in time Tales of a brave man who saved my life ... fight He was left alone the day that he died his body

Fairyland - Master of the waves lyrics

Of The Waves The mist is rising over the ocean ... s waves Together we leave the shores of hell behind us to ... find our destination The sun is hiding behind the

Inquisition - Master of the cosmological black cauldron lyrics

mystic black force Lord of the black holes open your gates ... I worship dominate with fury Master of cosmos, king of all kings ... Valley of the shadows boil from fire Rays

Hawkwind - Master of the universe lyrics

am the center of this universe The wind of ... to me It's all a figment of my mind In a world that I've ... with cosmic energy Has the world gone mad or is it me?

Heaven´s Guardian - Master of streets lyrics

you, tell me the truth... Do you have the ... same memories? behind these streets, Feel the embers ... Bridge: Running down on these roads, It´s too early to

Domine - Dragonlord (the grand master of the mightiest.. lyrics

come from the Young Kingdoms with new ... ancient hate By thousands they ride to the battlefield I ... can feel the ground shake I must rise ... from my throne Champion of Destiny and Pride I must

Battlelore - The curse of the kings lyrics

track] Once great kings of the Secondborn Cheated their ... faith with the Rings of Sauron Nine for mortal men ... Turned them into the shadows of immortal Without their

Dio - The end of the world lyrics

I could sleep at night Then somehow I'd see Why ... ve been thinking It must be the end of the world What ever ... happened to the rock and roll song Breaking

Pagan Altar - The rising of the dark lord lyrics

beasts of Hell just lick his hand All ... Long lost worlds with spires of gold Where the land was ... for a thousand dreams Seas of fire with sulphur spray The

Nile - The burning pits of the duat lyrics

Floweth In Abundance from the Slaughtered Ones. I Hath ... I Lay in Chains before the Undying Flames. I am ... Helpless in the Presence of He Who is Master of the Pits of Fire. I am Humbled and

Gloria Estefan - Path of the right love lyrics

love, love, love, love Say the word so very loosely Where ... we came from is love, love Pure love And we're on our ... You never look back 'cause there's nothing there to see

Love Like Blood - Love under will (fields of the nephilim) lyrics

need to be alone tonight Smother me or suffer Lay down I'll ... die tonight Smother me or suffer When I'm gone ... wait here Discover all of life's surprises When I'm

Dan Fogelberg - The nature of the game lyrics

would go Sparks fly And the truth rings harsh and hollow ... It’s the same old song We’ve sung so ... long It’s the only dance we know Hard ... times When the threads of love unravel The arms stretch

Gary Numan - The rhythm of the evening lyrics

to rent You could tell me Of when you were young Forgive ... and forget The rhythm of the evening Will tear us apart ... 'Don't tell me lies' Said the tick tock man You're black

Human League - The sound of the crowd lyrics

a backwash frame Find the copies in a carbon mount ... Stroke a pocket with a print of a laughing sound Get ... town Get around town Where the people look good Where the

Adept - The toughest kids lyrics

Stand up and flee! This is the consequence of being away I ... in yourself For only a blink of an eye? We sing this song ... who stand strong When the weight of the world caves in

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Master of puppets lyrics

away I'm your source of self-destruction Veins that ... crawling faster Obey your Master Your life burns faster Obey ... your Master Master Master of Puppets, I'm pulling your

Gabriel Cyphre - Master of madness lyrics

shit in my brain Disaster of gladness I'm the master of ... shit in my brain Disaster of gladness I'm the master of ... madness Avoiding the common sense I throw away

Family Force 5 - Master of disguise lyrics

jealous Sweating at the neck, and a little bit ... nervous There's nothing wrong with having ... I betcha he's thinking it's love on the run. No more, so push

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Master of puppets lyrics

Choices always were a problem for you. What you need is someone strong to guide you. Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow, what you need is someone strong to...

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Master of puppets [metallica cover] (live roc.. lyrics

Choices always were a problem for you. What you need is someone strong to guide you. Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow, what you need is someone strong ...

Lammoth - Master of dreams lyrics

is desparate and vain Now the scene is changing, ... dream but it seems so real There is light ahead of me Here ... comes my master! I am master of your deepest dreams (I'm master of dreams, deepest dreams)

Poets Of The Fall - The game lyrics

read A classic line between the lines Fantastic and half ... to warning signs Her clashes of colors Are flashes of ... His dollars like posters of a tragic love story See the puppet master laugh Astride

Impellitteri - Master of disguise lyrics

I was in the Garden of Eden, the serpent, more crafty than ... any of the wild animals that the Lord God had made. There she ... not eat from any tree in the garden?'' And she responded,

Sacred Warrior - Master of lies lyrics

a man named Lucifer He is the master of deception and he ... to see you burn He's got the power in him to make the ... I tell you this my friend Master of lies Master of lies Lies

Silent Force - Master of my destiny lyrics

days of my indecision Has brought me ... the ways of concern Your message is ... building the walls around me I'm trying ... best not to fall And trouble the people who care Beside me,

Accuser - Master of disaster lyrics

breakfast at the pool Another boring day What's the ... matter with the world Crying just for peace ... Taking care of business War for sale ... asleep Calling all around the world Some fascist friends

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Master of insanity lyrics

rain falling down from the sky Crying with nightmare ... tears Out on the street You'll see blood on the ground Cities are burning ... Feeling the pain cutting right to your

Dimmu Borgir - Master of disharmony lyrics

tainted soul Take me from the hordes of the living Into the blessed darkness Master of ... impure flesh Lead me unto the path of temptation Save

Enuff Z' Nuff - Master of pain lyrics

a whore. Baby bottle full of whiskey And now I've got the ... store That puts you on the floor. All your billion ... babies, Gonna bleed ya till there dry. Then I'm gonna drive

Gotthard - Master of illusion lyrics

to hear your lies no more. There's something about you girl ... Though I know for sure Master of illusion Nothing's ... Lights out, no conclusion There's no more waste of time

In Thy Dreams - Master of lies lyrics

Thick all so hard to breathe A growing sickness Covers the black burned soil MASTER! ... But now we're starving! The once so fertile land Now a

Power Quest - Master of illusion lyrics

paint a picture of what you want us to see ... Masking the wreckage of our own reality Ignoring ... genocide in corners of the world You're only interested ... if there's some oil or gold. Why

Sacred Steel - Master of thy fate lyrics

quot;I am the thorn in your side ! Your ... me... I DEFY YOU !!!" ([THE WITCH:] "Fret ye not, beloved Son... your time is at hand ... !") [THE TYRANT KING:] "I have

Exousia - Master of master's lyrics

of Master's, GOD of god's YOU ARE THE LORD of ... all creation YOU ARE THE KING of every nation MASTER of Master's, GOD of god's YOU ... ARE THE LORD of all creation YOU ARE THE

Holy Moses - Master of disaster lyrics

Heart of Mine fearful mind beside ... can't deny the sign a return to the time ... my blood you bodies in the mind. Master of Disaster ... by piece like pulling teeth the anger has begun our lives

Lizzy Borden - Master of disguise lyrics

I'm under, a masquerade of thunder Callling out, you ... I can hear you screaming to the bells I'm ringing Pardon me, ... I'm just a figment of your imagination I'm a snake

Dynasty - Master of disguise lyrics

what I have to say The enemy has many faces He’s the master of disguise He can ... Maybe he’s a pretty girl Master of disguise He can be in ... He’s waiting for you He’s the master of disguise Never

Eddy Arnold - Love lifted me lyrics

sinking deep in sin far from the peaceful shore Very deeply ... to rise no more What the Master of the sea heard my ... despairing cry From the waters lifted me now saved am

Madchild lyricsMadchild - The jackel lyrics

Lone ranger, back on the saddle with satin saddlebags ... I shadowcast Attack a pack of cackling jackals to watch them scatter fast! I got a new ... up, but said I have to put the paddle back Master of the

Gamma Ray - Master of confusion lyrics

I'm not at home My mobile's off, can't leave a message And ... And now I'm running like the wind But I won't have much ... or anywhere I roam I am the master of confusion Maybe you'll

John Hiatt - Master of disaster lyrics

one there Choking in clean underwear ... Ship to shore I can't see the coastline anymore I shouldn ... made that loud and clear But the master of disaster Gets

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