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Future lyricsFuture - Mask off lyrics

Call it how it is Hendrix I promise, I swear, I swear You heard, spit it, yo) Percocets, molly, Percocets Percocets, molly, Percocets Rep the set, gotta rep the set Chase a check, never chase a bitch Mask on, f*** it, mask off Mask on, f*** it,

City And Colour - Off by heart lyrics

stars are align but they don't align for us excuse me for I am the ocean and I will stop for you will you know how to stay brave search for fragile moments we share and you are my everything and even with nothing to say ooooh

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - Mask lyrics

the drama and the words. Endless noise reflecting. No value, no substance in anything your saying. Confusing a reason, but no one is really listening. Just seeking approval. Desperate to draw attention. Die behind your mask. No substance or logic behind a mask, you're

Lil' Keke - Off da chain lyrics

Talking] Houston, Texas, the third largest city in the U.S.A. We really off the hook, we off the chain man [Lil' Keke] No doubt, off the rip, ain't no telling about me Busting haters on a mill that like a half a ki I come prepared off the block, keeping one in the cham-ber

Beatrice Miller - Don't know why (by norah jones) lyrics

waited 'til I saw the sun I don't know why I didn't come I left you by the house of fun I don't know why I didn't come I don't know why I didn't come When I saw the break of day I wished that I could fly away Instead of kneeling in the sand Catching teardrops in

George Jones - Pass me by lyrics

you look at what came down the road today Wanting me to be one more mistake to make A bridge to burn to get to someone new Hey, pass me by if you're only passing through. You sure look like the traveling kind to me Don't stop if this ain't where you want to be I

Merkules - Mask for the pain - charlie fettah lyrics

Verse 1: Charlie Fettah] Hey yo, Hey yo Hey yo, progression that's kind of a vague description Battling depression, they got me on prescriptions I'm chasing ghosts, but I'm not adding to addition I'm messing up my money I'm a walking contradiction Struggl

Los - Mask lyrics

DJ J.D on the beat. Los This is strictly for erm University City St.Louis, some grimy shit right here. For all my boys grinding. So what I need everybody to do is, go to Target, go to Wal-Mart, the Thrift Store, Shit even make your own. Just go and get your ski mask. That's a ski m

Andre Nickatina - Off that chewy lyrics

can sick can one nigga be You think im off that PCP but it's Chewy! A lot of niggas never heard of me I said beware of me Now they scared of me Hu...i said come to my sunday service Nigga seen who the reverend was then they got nervous The niggity nasty Jim Jones B

Lucky Dube - Mask lyrics

puts on a brave face every morning and every night He goes on stage, with a big smile on his face You split you sides with laughter You are sitting at the of your seat 'Cause you want some more Show is over; he goes home, he takes off his mask Tears running d

Any Given Day - Mask of lies lyrics

me just one time - one time with your true face Impress the strangers so you like smoke and mirrors Decorate your facade to get what you need They will let you down - regardless No mask of lies can hide the truth No mask of lies will carry you Reflect yoursel

Sadus - Mask lyrics

hide behind a mask too confused to show what's real Plastic sense of value to go with your plastic way of life Your self-righteousness is corrupted by your tendencies to avoid your lies Paranoia - Hypocrite - You burn another bridge "Your self-righte

Phoenix Effect - Mask of sanity lyrics

me where you wanted Got me where you needed Got my mind on the edge of insanity Don´t want you to find me Don´t want you to see me Don´t want you to know the real me Still my solution makes me run Like a coward I crawl down the hole n’ hide But no matter what, I

Flying Colors - Mask machine lyrics

and rows of aisles for miles And intercoms with screens that smile And angry hands continue shaking A hole as large as humankind With no redeeming thing to buy Calls to every soul worth saving Welcome to the mask machine Be someone else forever We s

Requiem - Mask of damnation lyrics

by stone walls Led by the crown Children of cold hails Always going down Illusion of freedom Hanging by a rope Numbers are preaching When dignities are sold There is no way out No hideaway Faceless crusaders Shape the final frame Illusio

Iggy Pop - Mask lyrics

re wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You look better that way You're wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You look better that way Are you my friend? Are you my plumber? Are you my God? What do

Brainstorm - Mask of life lyrics

smile in your face hits the dark light Another day passes you by Try to escape fro within to the outside But something tells me to stay I'll open my eyes and I'm losing it all And again the pain slips away There's nowhere to hide but it seems like Y

Outlawz - Mask down lyrics

Young Noble nigga Get it right Verse 1: Young Noble For the world My girl My kid My dog And I know you mad at Pac for creating the Outlawz For the block Cops and the pigeons who watch For the dope The blow The crime The dro For the rhyme

Seven Angels - Mask of sadness lyrics

the future, trying to keep my faith Making the time stop, by my way, I’m so sad Trying to run away, I’m searching for a hidden place Shadows of madness by my side, I’m a slave Living in sacrifice, I tried to keep my self raised I was reached by arrows

Lay Down Rotten - Mask of malice lyrics

god-enthrone the rat Empower the great slut Sacrament of bewilderment Rites of deprivation-broken mirror Guilt of the slave-serve, serve as you bleed Serve as you bleed Look behind the mask of malice See the grimace of viciousness Rip apart the mask of mal

Satanika - Mask of satan lyrics

Moldavia saw the birth of Asa, Satan's evil witch a shame for the Vajda, line full of filth and demonic crime Satan's willing bitch laid in a tomb under the cross sworn to return by black magic curse demonic bride too evil to die son you will hear her venge

Crimson Wind - Mask of hatred lyrics

minds There is no respect Here conscience is blind Thoughts are disconnected Now we are trapped In the spider's web Reality is hidden By their dirty games I want to escape from this world That doesn't reflect me I'll find the flame of truth

Diary Of Dreams - Mask of shame lyrics

is left, and what is right What is wrong and what alright Nimm Abschied mein Kind This is my shadow, this is my life But where is my body? How do I survive Nimm Abschied mein Kind Life is of sweetness Of unknown compulsion Comra

George Jones - These days (i barely get by) lyrics

woke up this morning aching with pain Don't think I can work but I'll try The car's in the shop, so I thumbed all the way Oh, these days I barely get by I walked home from work and it rained all the way My wife left and didn't say why She laid all her bi

Fit For An Autopsy - Mask maker lyrics

of soil turn to stone long ago And i can't remember when we held each other like brothers Layers of sand eroded the bone long ago And I can't remember why we took the child from the mother Hope is a lie and you bought it Hook, line, and s

Living Sacrifice - Mask lyrics

yourself into more than a man The anointed one by your own hand Speech is perfect, masked vulgarity Sight is straight, dark rigidity All is copacetic Projected, unaccepting Everyone is hurt Everyone is broken Everyone is bleeding Inside I’ve lived enough to know Everyone

Mindmaze - Mask of lies lyrics

slowly sinking lower - Grasping for the darkness The comfort that you know Hiding, Seeking a disguise from what you always will be It's where you always go It's just the fear of falling That leap of faith is calling Stop this charade - It's a mess that you've made T

Children Of Bodom - Mask of sanity lyrics

can't waste away, I'm slowly losing my way forever Better raise your slave for me anymore Daylight's sin inside, day's growing closer, wait for pain I cannot wait another night to be alone Voices are calling me, be my night !, this devil's sigh Yeah, shadows are tainting m

Dir En Grey - Mask lyrics

kasaneta hibi katamete yuu asufaruto ni "umete" doku no hana ga saki midarete juuji wo kiri inoreba heiwashugisha no shiroi MASK kono te ne totte "kowase" migi e narae shibarareta haijin tachi "zorozoro" muchi de utareru

Ghost Machinery - Mask of madness lyrics

and sound from the world around Blood bound brothers just waiting to be found Perfect strangers in this unknown land We thought about rising but you hide your head in the sand If you cut me out you will loose the game There's no returning they remember your name Deep inside i

Operatika Element - Mask in the mirror lyrics

in the magic Hide yourself and put on mask of disguise Whispers in the darkness And the moon that brightly shines from the skies In you I see Is this really me? Reflect, reveal Which one of us is real… Masquerade disguise of any shape Burning glances, bre

Enforcer - Mask of red death lyrics

bells chant out at midnight to invite the guest of doom Inaugurates the dark between the walls of the seventh room The outside was kept unbidden to escape their sickened breath Now in the ballroom of prosperous stands the plague behind the mask of death Th

Aqua Timez - Mask lyrics

hitotsu nai kokoro ga doko ni aru no darou ka ?“ kubimoto wo toori sugiru kaze ni tazunerareta. Mattou na kotae nante mochiawasete wa inai. Hitori hitotsu no inochi ikiiki to ikiru dake. Sukoshi dake aosugita haru ni uchi no mesarete, onaji natsu

Bauhaus - Mask lyrics

man of shadows thinks in clay Dreamed trapped thoughts of suffocation day He's seen in iron environments With plastic sweat out of chiselled slits for eyes From the growth underneath the closed mouth You'll catch if you listen Rack-trapped cubist

Hawkwind - Mask of the morning lyrics

the cold grey-mask of morning I cry out, But no-one feels the sound that I shout, And you don't hear me through the tears you've shed, and the dream-world that you've found will one day drag you down, The mirror of illusion reflects the smile, The wo

Silent Opera - Mask manor lyrics

figure stands here so impressive Showing me the right way He's a king, a demigod I do trust him but I am afraid Too many hidden things behind smoke rings Dancing in a crowded place And feeling alone All the masks look at me And judge me so hardly I'm like a queen W

Battlelore - Mask of flies lyrics

am here beside you, it is all you've got In your grief and pain, no one else to trust You cannot feel it, it is too close You cannot see it, your eyes are closed Your senses low, your body cold Inside your head the flies and the worms I am here beside you in your b

Gideon - Mask lyrics

is nothing that you can say to me That will take me from the place that I am meant to be So called friends turn their backs and run Convenience is the only thing they do not shun Is this just another smile Is this just another mask you wear The friendly face

Nordheim (can) - Mask of the banned one lyrics

in the shadows he waits, threatened again Howling to the stars for a bloody wake Under a frozen sun, His gaze pierces the flesh Staring at the ones that'll soon be dead The frost in the eyes The anger inside As he wears now the mask of the banned one Night be o

Samael - Mask of the red death lyrics

born with life She is careful and patient shadow Man's faithful enemy Unceasingly transformed, rebaptized Behind a different mask I know it's always the same face, Always the same eyes greedy for agony Always the same compassionate ears Listening to our moans, To our heartbeats

George Jones - You can't do wrong and get by lyrics

remember my grandfather's counsel As he layed the leather to my hide He said there's just one rule to life that always will apply You can't do wrong and get by. Now, lessons tend to fade as we grow older And I found myself in jail at twenty-five Had to sit there by my lawyer,

Tina Arena - Mask of zorro theme lyrics

Arena & Marc Anthony Moon so bright, night so fine Keep your heart here with mine Life's a dream we are dreaming Paste the moon, catch the wind Ride the night to the end Seize the day, stand up for the light I want to spend my lifetime loving you

Belasco - Mask lyrics

ve never ever ever been told bored of losing, tired and cold never ever ever been lost in my words so don't leave don't leave be one of us be free 'cause i'm moving on up got to find a better place got my head in my hands 'cause i can't show face i

Devian - Mask of virtue lyrics

s in dead of night she pries In blood soaked dreams you die She wants to give you disease as a gift, a fever caress Bite you and bruise your skin black, hear the noises stress Nails scratching deep in your bones, a succubus bane Nothing you can do but take the pain

Gutted - Mask of sanity lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Aaa - Mask lyrics

shinjitsu junsuina uso musuu ni korogaru jidai no meiro de KIREIna kotoba ya GUREIna suuji ni gimon wo idaite ashi wo tomeru nigenai yuuki wa, muryoku wo ajiwai yume miru kibou wa, HIKARI wo nakushi mujun shita kako wa, moroku mo kuzurete utsute mo tsukih

Carpathian Forest - Mask of the slave lyrics

times the power 10 times the pain He rolls you over And rape what remains He exists in every town He is all around He stab you where it hurts Up under your miniskirt Something never never changes Something never will He loves the fire He d

Lycaon - Mask lyrics

DISCO GANG Yurete yurete nurete Oboreru mama ni Yurete yurete nurete Moteasoba rete Haitesoshosona yakko ni Mataga~tsu teru no sa Are mo kore mo omae mo orenouma Yurete yurete nurete Oboreru mama ni Yurete yurete nurete Moteasoba rete MASQUERADE DISCO un de

Royz - Mask lyrics

DREAM WHICH WARPED isshinfuran no EGOISUTO THE DREAM WHICH WARPED hakidashite kakidashite Himei ga tobikau ai no shoumei wa Kazu wo fuyashiteiku shukufuku = SIGN Kobanda sonote wa Mou sudeni miakitakara THE DREAM WHICH WARPED imi fumeina INSUPIRESHON THE DREA

Redman - Off the wall lyrics

Eminem] No matter what people say I'm gon keep rappin this way No matter what you may think I'm gon keep doin my thing [Eminem] I'm almost as famous as fat bald men Decided to write songs to teach Mouseketeers to sing I stick Britney Spears in a room full of mirrors So she gets

Royce Da 5'9" - Off parole (feat. pharrell, tre' little) lyrics

quiet (Yeah) I know what you thinking (Yeah) Who the hell is that (Yeah) You in the club minding ya own business (Yeah) And out of nowhere you here this (Yeah) How you supposed to act (Yeah) Neptunes (Yeah) Royce 5'9 (Yeah) It's my year baby, uh (Uh) Twelfth grade rode around,

Sunny Choi - Take it off lyrics

s a place downtown, Where the freaks all come around. It's a hole in the wall. It's a dirty free for all. When the dark Of the night comes around. That's the time, That the animal comes alive. Looking for Something wild. And now we lookin'

Eminem lyricsEminem - Off the wall (feat. redman) lyrics

(Yo) Look! (Yo) (Chorus 1) Eminem- No matter what people say I'm gon' keep rapping this way No matter what you may think I'm gon' keep doing my thing One of the worst things Is fat, bald men decided to write songs And teach Mouseketeers to sing

Ghost Town - Off with her head lyrics

dangerous upspring reflected on you, Has the kids telling fairytales based off your lie. The remorse of a princess who's mocked by her father. A revolt to her majesty she bows out for life. Your highness, your highness how low will you go? Do you dar

Ghost Town - Off with her head (acoustic) lyrics

dangerous upspring reflected on you, Has the kids telling fairytales based off your lie. The remorse of a princess who's mocked by her father. A revolt to her majesty she bows out for life. Your highness, your highness how low will you go? Do you da

Forbidden - Off the edge lyrics

Johnny was a clown, A clown indeed he was, Just what he needed was attention To kill his inner frown, Pay you toll you're growing old, You've seen that life's a game, Now you turn it's time to learn That life is yours to tame Lend me a dime 'cause I'm running out

Hudson Taylor - Off the hook lyrics

you taking me for a ride? If so, I won't be by your side Maybe once I looked up to you Thought I loved you but Now it's time to confess Take one, you gotta take us all Try to break us, we won't fall Can't believe I looked up to you Thought I lov

Jadakiss - By your side lyrics

ll be by your side (General) I'll always find a way I love you too much, to loose ya Sweet dancin, you’re there right by [VERSE 1:] (By your side) It makes me strong It gives me the strength to bang out and make these songs If I do it on the spot or if it takes me long they can

Silent Hill (hra) - Off the road (anna ternheim) lyrics

the road, somewhere I don't know Soon with you, it's gonna blow In your car for hours and days Weeks and months, windows rolled down Pass small cities and big ones too I brought one promise, not one for you We drive fast, sunsets low Wanna reach the sun

Brooks Elkie - Off the beaten track lyrics

on my own, never alone 'till now Some things in life that meant so much at the time Treasure the years, never will they return Off the beaten track Open to attack Off the beaten track Open to attack I'm off the beaten track Friends from t

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