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Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - The lake lyrics

it was my lot To haunt of the wide earth a spot To which I ... could not love the less So lovely was the ... loneliness Of a wild lake, with black rock bound And the tall trees that towered

Bathory - The lake lyrics

one eyed old man told me that the face that I will see Has ... to see all from within. The one eyed old man told me of a ... that no-one knows of. where the end of the sky unites with the bottom countless feet down

Denai Moore - The lake lyrics

my pennies by the lake Hoping the water could buy ... made Laid out memories by the lake Hoping that they could ... sail away Away from my mind There's a piece of you left

Foy Vance lyricsFoy Vance - The wild swans on the lake lyrics

an autumn moon Though soon the morn shall break For now The air is calm and cool And the ... wild swan’s on the lake Oh the wild swan’s on the lake my

Altaria - The lake lyrics

la, la, la, la, la, la. The trees are whispering, I hear ... I can take. We hold each other's hand, We know we won't ... We never should have come to the lake. Can you feel, Death

Orden Ogan - The lake lyrics

midnight by the fireplace I fell in love ... revealed She knew I'd take the bait It's said she rests ... will make her appear In the lake that she had filled with her

King Diamond - The lake lyrics

A little girl is dancing, on the mansion lawn She calls ... a name, "Dagon� of the sea Appear from the darkest ... hear my need... Down by the lake, there's the shadow of

King Diamond - The lake (bonus track) lyrics

A little girl is dancing, on the mansion lawn She calls ... out a name, Dagon of the sea Appear from the darkest ... hear my need... Down by the lake, there's the shadow of

Fences - The lake lyrics

ll call you when the lake is thugging Cause we're not ... swimming clogging at the clouds And if we're talking then let's use our mouths, our ... but I love you better At the lake Now we're both alone It's

Isole - The lake lyrics

gazing at myself in the mirror of truth Where ... that dark stain in my eye The one that won't go away What ... hurt me so bad I remeber the lake The lake of my youth I

2 Wolves - The lake of black swans lyrics

place calls me again, for the last time I'm here to take ... On this darkest of nights There is no way, no way back home ... Walk with me Under the northern star As we journey towards

Hail Of Bullets - The lake ladoga massacre lyrics

last natural obstacle The Luga river crossed ... to take Leningrad No matter the cost Not the final storm ... Awe and disbelief Build up the surrounding A city under

Equirhodont - The lake flower of evil lyrics

sad, Bloody breeze ripples the water surface, The eye of the Lake grew dark. The ... Ominous Flower bends down, The deadly lullaby it's singing, ... Dew drops are shining On the naked bones of the sleepers,

Cooper Temple Clause - The lake lyrics

you over there won't you help a stranger ... make a fuss it's just that the water's cold and i can't ... swim he says why do you say these things one last chance

Acid Ghost - The lake song lyrics

it seems Laying towards the corner, the water is below ... getting shivers it seems the drugs are taking full effect ... Brights lights just lit up the sky and everything thats

Gordon Lightfoot - The wreck of the edmund fitzgerald lyrics

legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big ... lake they called "Gitche Gumee ... quot; The lake, it is said, never gives up ... her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy

Kate Bush - Lake tahoe lyrics

water Don't ever swim there Just stand on the edge and ... look in there And you might see a woman ... down there They say some days, up she comes, ... calling her pet: "Snowflake! Snowflake!" Tumbling

Gregorian - The end lyrics

is the end, beautiful friend This ... is the end, my only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that ... stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - The end lyrics

is the end Beautiful friend This ... is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans ... the end Of everything that ... stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into

Nico - The end lyrics

is the end, beautiful friend, This ... is the end, my only friend. The end of our elaborate plans, The end of everything that stands ... The end, no safety no surprise, The end, I'll never look into

Da Band - The know lyrics

This beat here was created in the Hamptons [Chop] Uughhh! ... o, Hey-o [Chop] Bad Boy's the label [Fred] Time Shock ... [Chop] Dofat's the man [Fred] Wit Chopper from

Nocturnus - Lake of fire lyrics

crushing Skulls smashing In the vice Of Hell Demons shoving ... Tortured souls In the lake Of fire Lake of Fire Lake of Fire Lake of Fire Lake

Emilie Autumn - In the lake lyrics

the lake You will find me Behind ... your house And from that lake I will remind you Of your ... My ocean is bluer than the heart you had to break My ... sea is deeper than your lake My sea is deeper than your lake In the lake You will find

Fires Of Babylon - Lake of fire lyrics

or power Trying to find the way to fill the void ... Evil ways are quicker than the eye The truth you just can't ... perceive Falling prey unto the morning star Behind the mask

Ludo - Lake pontchartrain lyrics

Took 55 Louisiana, stopped by the highway to eat They both had ... Back out under thunderheads, the radio was Southern soul. They interrupted Clarence Carter

Mallory Knox - She took him to the lake lyrics

young & beautiful we took the world & held it on our ... And if it’s you that makes the first mistake then it’s me ... that makes the last And if it’s you that

Beltaine - Lake of brine lyrics

of your awe You fade like the portrait that’s bygone You ... sip from the chalice of bane Weakness ... poisons your soul The shine in your eyes burns low

A Band Of Orcs - Hall of the frozen dead lyrics

into the realms Where the secrets of the dead stay ... tableaux, shrieking of the soul Frozen in time Dead ... at you No secrets spoken, in the Hall of the Frozen Dead Bold

Hate Eternal - Lake ablaze lyrics

Carry us away Away into the new dawn Into oblivion ... a new era Into oblivion Lake ablaze, the lake of burning ... alive into dusk Deceived by the lie of eternal life Hence

Evenoire - Girl by the lake lyrics

Every day she went to the shore by the lake just to ... cry the injustice of a life without ... bit more and she fell into the cold water but someone came

Gamma Ray - Lake of tears lyrics

the edge of the rainbow Where eagles learn ... to fly All of our dreams, they seemed so clear Into the ... morning Into the light of dawn We're flying

Maestrick - Lake of emotions lyrics

starts inside your heart And the lake of your emotions Will ... bring back the last piece All you will see, ... is the truth" Beauty place, ... happening, where's my mind? The leader of the children slaved

Bathory - The woodwoman lyrics

somewhere else Far beyond these plains. I am suddenly ... I turn around and behold the most ugly thing I have seen. ... The woman standing in the glade like a shadow in the

Boondox - Lake of fire lyrics

Inside) Reflections of the flames are burning my eyes. ... set on fire and it lights up the sky. (Lights Up The Sky) They say it burns sometimes, ... Lights up the sky. They say it burns sometimes, No

Brad Paisley - Be the lake lyrics

ain't nothing I would rather see Than you drying off on ... thought Wish I could be the beach towel that you laid ... you so right, it's wrong Or the sunshine kissing on your skin

Dark Lunacy - Life deep in the lake lyrics

promises and deep in this lake you’re swimming down down ... and divine? I cry among these waters - and remember me, I ... was fragile You break the surface with no regret - your

Rosanne Cash - House on the lake lyrics

I miss the sounds of Tennessee And the ... smell of heavy rain The roses in the garden Laugh ... before the pain But I hear his voice ... and while my eyes are closed They both have gone away Blue

Inkubus Sukkubus - Lake of suicide lyrics

a voice upon he breeze Upon the water, and in the trees Come ... to me, the nymph she sings This is how the end begins From near and ... far to this place they come As they are called one

Émilie Simon - In the lake lyrics

always a little bit far In the lake If the sky grows ... always a little bit far In the lake Happy girl, I want to ... be the happy girl I want to be the

Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - The forest of wonders (feat. macarena martin) lyrics

the sun goes down As the world falls asleep Taken by ... curiosity I behold the forest so deep I hear ... calling of owls The wind as it howls the last ... song of the birds till dawn to this, I'm

Poets Of The Fall - The poet & the muse lyrics

wrought With mystery of Tom The poet and his muse And the ... magic lake Which gave a life To the ... words the poet used Now the muse she was his happiness

Coven - The white witch of rose hall lyrics

white witch of Rose Hall, The devil she could call. Mother ... one day, Into Montego Bay. The great house, An accountant ... had to have this man The white witch of Rose Hall, A

Magica - In the depths of the lake lyrics

the spell You search for the waters where she dwells No ... Is waiting for you at the end of the glen She looks ... like a dream Mold by the river in it's flow A well

Hana Pestle - Lilly of the lake lyrics

lived by the lake where we swam that summer ... me under I knew she was there when my hand touched her ... and drowned I knew she was there when my hand touched her

Burning Point - Lake of fire lyrics

at me now, I m bleeding the river runs red, no more ... dreaming the dream is over, we lost the ... war the sun is rising, the last time, nevermore ... Remember these words: fragile is the life

Lords Of Black - Lady of the lake (rainbow cover) lyrics

a magical sound slidin' over the ground Makin' it shiver and ... permanent cry fallin' out of the sky Slippery and sly like a ... smooth A shadow has covered the light Then a beam in the

My Dying Bride - Into the lake of ghosts lyrics

the Ghost Lake. The waters whisper Of something ... I could Fan back to life The dying embers Of my long ... We look for light to call. The call to save us all. Lest

Powerworld - Lake of eternity lyrics

in the oceans, our kingdom is gone, ... of hope, we stumble through the night Holding on to our ... we are searching for the promised land. Days of ... glory over 1000 years, After the war of a million tears It

Rainbow - Lady of the lake lyrics

a magical sound slidin' over the ground Makin' it shiver and ... permanent cry fallin' out of the sky Slippery and sly like a ... smooth A shadow has covered the light Then a beam in the

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Lake fever lyrics

can take a bit of a breather We can skip to the ... part We can skip to the time of neither When we're ... together, even when we're apart I'll ... tell you a story about the lake fever Or we can skip to the

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The fountain of salmacis lyrics

son of gods, so afraid of their love. As the dawn ... creeps up the sky The hunter caught sight of a doe. ... : "Where are you, my father? Give wisdom to your son

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - The ghost on the shore lyrics

I know that I'm damned All the dead seem to know where I am ... 'Til it began on the night of my birth We'll be ... done in a turn of the earth Lie where I land let

Black Majesty - Lady of the lake lyrics

Even in sleep she protects the path that I choose [Chorus ... me with your visions Lady of the lake Enchanted is the steel ... gave Only to hold it until the need will arise So lay in

Alkaline Trio - She took him to the lake lyrics

you remember the story of the boy and his first date? She ... took him to the lake and he fell in love She ... that felt, told him, he was the one And then she went away

The Fray - City hall lyrics

city hall in my mind, met last night ... I laid it down Underneath the sound It's my principle ... ll claim a stake here inside the frame But I'm going under

Cryptal Darkness - To drink from the lake of sadness lyrics

into a pond of tears As they fall from the sky... ... descending, sometimes they cry Sometimes they cry, ... autumn trees they weep In sadness suffering,

The Decemberists - Lake song lyrics

by the lake We were overturning pebbles ... And upending all the animals alight And I took a ... my thumb Till it died And the sun burned low on the radio

Imperia - The vikingsong lyrics

the battlefield They fought for their land And the swords of the vikings Were ... shining trough the night The fire is burning And they ... celebrate their victory And they all there singing (Their

Mcfly - Down by the lake lyrics

you last night, making out by the lake with the boy that he ... hates, he doesn't look at me the same way that you do said I ... pretty cute, but I don't got the grades seen the star on my

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