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Exodus - Force of habit lyrics

t overcome it, it's what I do best I'll pick your pocket for your last red cent It's a disease, I'm stricken like the rest Never return anything I'm lent It wasn't me, yeah you know it wasn't me It must've been someone who looked like me Innocent until proven guilty

A Band Of Orcs - Hall of the frozen dead lyrics

into the realms Where the secrets of the dead stay unspoken Darkness all around, Blackness strangles you Gasping, choking Enter if you dare, into this dismal land of fear Hear death calling Sickening tableaux, shrieking of the soul Frozen in time Dead soulless

Forevermore - Force fed lyrics

you remember what it was like to feel alone? Dragging me through hell at my weakest hour Bury me alive and walk over my grave like I'm nothing Like I'm nothing Tell me, tell me how you really feel Tell me all the things you've done because you were force

Saviour Machine - Force of the entity lyrics

to the thunder of the forces we reveal Listen to the voices of the children we conceal Fortress of the universe is tearing down the wall Breaking all dimension through the essence of the call Out in the distance of all time and space As the Force of the Ent

Shindy - Martin scorsese (feat. eko fresh) lyrics

Mach nicht auf Montana, -tana, -tana. Ich bin Tony du bist Hannah, Hannah, ah. Ich mach den Shit schon etwas länger. Shindy, Freezy. Du schiebst Gangsterfilme, ich bin Martin Scorsese. Shindy: Mach nicht auf Montana, -tana, -tana. Ich bin Tony du

Pivit - Structure lyrics

a good look at this place Don't know exactly where I am I don't know just where I'll be tomorrow. But it will work out how I plan Take a look at your own life. What is wrong and what is right. With all the bullshit that seem to swallow. I can't see how you

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - Structure violence azzes lyrics

Tragedy, The fingers are on the triggers of change A Power of change to other hands Equality, Democracy, Fallen dictators, instigators, Aggravators step down Now is the time! Fallen dictators - step down! Instigators - step down! Aggravators - step down Str

Sick Of It All - Martin lyrics

like the squalor that we create Martin wants out of this but poverty keeps him in this place Sratching like the vermin between the walls Martin needs a friend but the people the he meets just give him shit and pretend, they're no good he's no

Rainbow - Hall of the mountain king lyrics

of ages told, stories now will unfold Tales of mystic days of old are hidden in these walls Hear the witches play their tunes, sing their songs to the moon As they play the night will move, in the hall of the mountain king Wild child so innocent You took that away Thoug

Dragonheart - Hall of dead knights lyrics

Lead vocals: Eduardo Marques] Inside of this hall Secrets and dangers behind the walls Lighting the dark room The warriors' spirit hail the Crown Hall of dead knights Twilight of your dreams hiding my sins Hall of dead knights Bringing the hym

Axxis - Hall of fame lyrics

life - your life is kinda bizarre You just want - you want to get a rock star In your game - you've got a perfect disguise And then I'm looking down to you Into your blue eyes... ...are shining bright - like diamonds in the sun Right away I know - tonigh

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - Martin garrix - animals (victor niglio & mart.. lyrics

re the f***in animals ..mals ..mals the animals We're the f***in animals ..mals ..mals the

Nightcore - Hall of fame (the script) lyrics

could be the greatest, you can be the best You can be the king kong banging on your chest You could beat the world, you could beat the war You could talk to God, go banging on his door You can throw your hands up, you can beat the clock You can move a mountain, you can break roc

The Script - Hall of fame ft. lyrics

You could be the greatest, You could be the best. You could be the king kong, Banging on your chest. You can beat the world, You can beat the war, You could talk to God, go banging on his door. You can throw your hands up, You can be the

Innerpartysystem - Structure lyrics

did you change? Why did you bend and break? When the water turned to wine, Did it feel the same? Why did you change? Why did you bend and break? When the water turned to wine, it never... You suck the bottle dry, Touch fingers to the night, Feels like I've been he

Jordan Jansen - Hall of fame lyrics

You could be the greatest You can be the best You can be the king kong banging on your chest You could beat the world You could beat the war You could talk to God, go banging on his door You can throw your hands up You can beat the clock You can move a mount

Savatage - Hall of the mountain king lyrics

away In a land caught between Time and space Where the books of life lay We fear This castle of stone The mountain king roams All alone in here But he's not the only one Lost inside Forever hidden from the sun Madness reigns In the Hall of the Mountain King

The Distillers - Hall of mirrors lyrics

come down like a hurricane sucked up inside And I spit out the suffer, yeah You say you want a real revelation, Revel in this my lover You’re free at liberty Is this what you want? Sometimes I wonder… [Chorus] There’s a highway to hell, to the edg

God Forbid - Force-fed lyrics

exists around us? The right to choose free spirit Master of fate embrace Time to judge them, aversion to believe the lies What are we waiting for? Preserving the right to decide Unaware of what exists around us Chasing the dreams, the shadows behind me Everything's cle

Oi Polloi - Free the henge lyrics

and standing stones Arrests and broken bones Peoples' homes destroyed Vicious thugs employed By rulers alienated From an earth they've devastated Surround our temple with barbed wire But in our hearts there burns a fire (to) Free the Henge Free the Henge

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - Martin garrix & moti - virus (how about now) lyrics

When every hour could be the last Why would we wait Why would we wait And every road could be unsafe But we’ll be ok We’ll make it We’ll make it Its just who we are Say where to go And I know that I won’t slow down Its just who we are Yeah, we would do anything we dream abo

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - Martin garrix & tv noise - just some loops lyrics

try on me, get to your b-! Ah! Yeah! Ah! Ah! Yeah! Ah! You try on me, get to your b-! Ah! Yeah! Ah! Ah! Yeah! Ah! Yeah

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - Martin garrix feat ed sheeran - rewind repeat.. lyrics

for the night Call it what you want And I'll call it mine To have you in my arms Is this what you needed? Cause I'll find the faith in anything Don't fight the feeling Rewind repeat it Rewind repeat it If the world ends tonight You'll me in my arms We'll be frozen in time

Louis Xiv - Hall of mirrors lyrics

m taking a walk through the chapel royal I'm here every day as far as I can tell It's here where I come alive, the mirrors won't tell a lie I'm lookin' back at me, I'm lookin' back at me I look at the wall and the others the same When I ask, "Who is God?"

Hawkwind - Free fall lyrics

you jump You wear the frown Of someone who is stalling There's no up there's only down In the void of falling All you need to do is take One step into the sky Give yourself to gravity Give death another try In free fall, free fall The wind will

Nocturnal Rites - Free at last lyrics

the voices inside of our minds now Their message is leading the way Into the abyss we fall, we're standing at the edge We're the prisoners inside of our own dreams Where the masters are holding the keys Battling to save our souls, will we ever be set fr

Iron Savior - Hall of the heroes lyrics

Once upon a time In a long forgotten land Warriors are gathering To ride out and defend Mighty steeds are galloping Across the baron plains Right into the storm ...

Rampage - Hall of fame lyrics

Uh, check it out No doubt son Flatbush nigga Yes yes y'all It's that Hall Of Fame joint This how we do it, tell em son [Rampage] Aiyo I pack more students, than whole Westberry I'm legendary, I'm killin mad brothers at the ferry I brings it

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Hall of the king lyrics

I walk, hearing a voice that's calling my name no one should be here take no one with you god, why I didn't care On through death take me away to the place time will not fade Colder than dead darkness - eternity but look out A hundred tho

7eventh Time Down - Free lyrics

started out when I was just a young kid No matter what I did I couldn't get enough of it I was a broken one, A trigger on a loaded gun I could show you my scars And how to get some I've never been one to fight fair on my own But this has taken me down,

Crematory - Hall of torment lyrics

death corpse composed behind In the dust of their self To Terminate another life A further obligation to make Wounds of memory for ever to stay The hall of souls are the hall of pain Reward through a successful life Punish through a painful life A waiting soul for each new

Dominus Praelii - Hall of power lyrics

used to arouse the spark Setting on fire the unholy flame Crossing trenches in the dark Ruthless legion is their name Brought axes on their back With shield fought the wind Wielding swords for attack And carrying out their stint Soldiers sated at the same table Wher

Lebanon Hanover - Hall of ice lyrics

it's not possible to change people's minds, we might as well just spin on ice. Spin around until we die, I can read it in their eyes. They disagree with all my likes and I will never understand why. Please go out with me tonight far awaz from the steetlights. I nee

Baths - Hall lyrics

out all sound feeling that tall now and i call all around the sound filling hall leaving out all sound feeling that tall now and i call all around the sound filling

Bea Miller - Force of nature lyrics

don't know why but my hands are shaking I can see you coming and I stand awaiting Yeah, I get tongue tied in conversation It's f*cked up, sad, sick situation I tried to tie my heart down, board up all the windows Oh, but it's too late now, I let

Kris Kristofferson - Hall of angels lyrics

stayed at the barroom till closing I held down a place at his side And drank to the memory that crushed him A lady who'd loved him and died He purely could not find a reason To get it back up and go on Then out of the dark came a stranger Who turned us around with a son

Macbeth ( Ita ) - Hall of the scarlets lyrics

of the scarlets, a silent dream His star has set among amber leaves Hall of the scarlets funereal whispers A glorious portrait of

Maximum The Hormone - Force lyrics

is the growing fast Here is no justice Normality under the name of abnormal Disconnected sprout on the mother ground Only the strong survive What's your need ? Spread know ledge ? No,i don't think so just because you tell lies You've get your position We can't body cha

Rahowa - Hall of the heroes lyrics

fight was a fight to the death, We stood as our comrades fell; Our legacy to the men of the past, Whose great sacrifice our skalds must now tell ... Welcome warriors, to the hall of the heroes, Gather in victory as we stand side by side, Welcome warriors, to the hall of the

Smash Mouth lyricsSmash Mouth - Force field lyrics

s escape will consist of a mask I found it in a bargain bin Why do you ask Rosy cheeks and a smile There's no shame in my game of denial Don't you touch, move along Keep your hands inside Ask enough from afar Enjoy the ride It don't get much better than this There's the riff, her

Dr. Living Dead! - Force fed lyrics

cannot see You cannot feel It's all too late Your final fate The shit you pulled The life you led And still the same Color red Destrcution, televised Short circuiting the human mind Hard programmed, you're all damned The final call before you fall Force fed! Ope

Hysterica - Force of metal lyrics

see a bright eye in front of me The world is burning around me A path of sins, a lonely cell I'm on my way to the gates of hell God's warning me; back away! But I know now this is where I belong I close my eyes and see the end I raise my hand With the force of metal And the po

Sidney Samson - Martin solveig feat. dragonette - hello lyrics

could stick around and get along with you, hello. It doesn't really mean that I'm into you, hello. You're alright but I'm here, darling, to enjoy the party. Don't get too excited 'cause that's all you get from me, hey. Yeah, I think you're cute, but I really you should

Emmelie De Forest - Force of nature lyrics

long to taste forbidden fruit I turn away but everywhere I look is you Searching for the passion I found through you A force of nature A hurricane with just a word A waterfall with all of the hurt This love is, this love is a force of nature A tidal wave caught in a storm That

Mortician - Martin (the vampire) lyrics

helpless mind Depressed lonely nights Vampiric thoughts control Morbid taste for blood Roaming through the night Need to take a life Blood and death tonight Control the appetite Razor cutting through the skin Blood is flowing from the veins Drink blood from the corpse Sa

Oliver Heldens - Martin garrix - animals lyrics

Starting Beat] Motherf*cking animals! [Break Beat] [Melody] Motherf*cking animals! [Break Beat] [Ending

The Secret Circle - Martin solveig ft. dragonette - hello lyrics

could stick around a little longer with you Hello It doesn't really mean that im into you Hello You're alright but im your darling to enjoy the party Don't get too excited 'cus thats all you get from me Hey Yea i thank you too but i really think th

The Secret Circle - Martin solveig - ready 2 go lyrics

turn it on I set the tone And I know I'm ready to go I saw you waking up against the wall And I knew you were ready to go Tonight, I'm a different guy Forget about the things you know And if you wanna do it, we can do it right I can see you coming whole Cause you

Dbsk - Force lyrics

know you're a destroyer without a gun oto mo naku the fight has begun Itsunomani subete Turn about to dark side of the world Kuufuku wo mitasu poison drop sou mishiu hodo ni nan do mo Kurikaesarete yuku scenario it drives me up the wall Coming up

Genitorturers - Force fed lyrics

down in the dirt; make it harder, make it hurt. Say more... Grasp. Thrust it. Say you want {me} baby, to lick your sweat. Say that you need me while it's wet. I wanna see you on your back giving head. On your knees... Please, give it to me now. Give me more. Give me more. Mo

Imagika - Hall of desire lyrics

the bars the wind is howling Beware Corridor twenty-two Once again I'm hearing whispers Shadows dance around the room Chorus Dr. Jack incased in black Conceived from hades fire To catch to kill to quench He'll impose his will... On you In

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Hall of mirrors lyrics

stepped into the hall of mirrors Where she discovered a reflection of herself Sometimes she saw her real face And sometimes a stranger at her place Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass Even the greatest stars find th

And One - Hall of souls lyrics

bring me back the hall of souls Take my hand and say "Come on" There's someone to justify the shows A space in my head seems to be sold Where are you now, where are you I'm so sad, I feel bad Mother take me back don't wanna go Bring me a better place The

Isis - Hall of the dead lyrics

lights Stone walls Rise above our heads Golden sun Ray of light across the room The sun makes its way in Destined to wake You're in my sight again Faithful guide of vanity Here we stand among no others From within hall of the dead Makes them going through the r

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