Martin Garrix Feat Ed Sheeran Rewind Repeat. lyrics

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Skye Stevens - Rewind lyrics

summer racing Love struck, acting crazy There was no mistaking that we belong Three words sent me racing So scared, i thought you'd chase me We both walked away before I knew you changed the game Never thought it last forever Still holding onto what is

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - Martin garrix feat ed sheeran - rewind repeat.. lyrics

for the night Call it what you want And I'll call it mine To have you in my arms Is this what you needed? Cause I'll find the faith in anything Don't fight the feeling Rewind repeat it Rewind repeat it If the world ends tonight You'll me in my arms

Paolo Nutini - Rewind lyrics

up the pieces Of the wreck you went and left And I'm dealing with dilemmas In my now so stressful life And I'm drinking stronger spirits I made my home here on the floor And I'm losing all ambition and goals I'm going all out I'm thinking you're just as bad No s

Defleshed - Grind and rewind lyrics

Now the drums beat up again For all true soldiers and gentlemen Blood on my hands, and with blood on my mind I am to slay and replay... I grind and rewind The plots, the plans, the decadence Make my life complete Wars and tours and open sores It’s all I must repeat Re

Kristine W - Waters run deep lyrics

the strong can get weak I'm ashamed to say I followed you today Stood so far away But somehow I just knew you knew that I was watching you You gave that silly grin the one that pulled me in It's got to be a sin That I just can't face the facts that you're not coming ba

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - Fight fire with fire (feat. ho99o9) lyrics

Hit rewind, time to melt your motherf***in' face, go) (Hit rewind, time to melt your motherf***in' face) Go! Hit rewind, time to melt your motherf***in' face, go Hit rewind, time to melt your motherf***in' face, go Hit rewind, time to melt your motherf***in' face, go Hit rewind,

Goldspot - Rewind lyrics

you to stay the words are finally here let's rewind, and rewind you see, you're the only star in the film i never made would you rewind it all the time rewind it all the time in the driveway see you pull in then my heart stops when you're stalling as if the pho

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Repeat (feat. jessie j) lyrics

re stuck on repeat, repeat-peat, repeat You're stuck on repeat, repeat-peat, repeat I can see your mouth move But I don't hear the words And while you dig yourself a hole You're burying me in the blur I can taste the fake, the shame I've heard this s

Blog 27 - Whoever whatever lyrics

know about ur past but still got an opinion about u so now im thinking back would never think it would be u hell ye, im so awared i feel just what u did im a part of u do u get it now? u are so sensitive for ma needs if not then i dont

Digitalism - Zdrlt (rewind) lyrics

night to rewind. A night to rewind. A night to rewind. A night to rewind. A night to rewind. (Hey you) A night to rewind. (Hey you) A night to rewind. (Hey you) A night to rewind. (Hey you) You should be locked inside yourself, Here comes the one

Approaching Nirvana - Illusion feat. brenton mattheus lyrics

cold blue sky, so clear from my view I'm standing still; the world still moves I'm counting sheep to try to fall asleep Wondering why, why I'm the only one. The moment's pass (yeah they do) I can't rewind (can't rewind) Thinking why, why I'm the only one to see you. To see

Got7 - Rewind lyrics

neomu yeppeo nan sum mot chamgeseo Oh neon meoributeo heori to the darikkaji da geurae nan neoreul bogo iseo bogo iseodo bogo sipeo gyesok nan neoman bogo sipeo oh Rewind, rewind, rewind, rewind, rewind Rewind, rewind. if I could I would pull it up and rewind heoributeo tteoreojin

I Blame Coco - Please rewind lyrics

the beat of the silent thinker To the feet of the stompin' crowd Just another early drinker Who knows that thinkin' makes the world go round From the bottom of the third drumwell (I'm stuck in) To the ruins of a burned down house (I live in) Just

The  Chainsmokers lyricsThe Chainsmokers - Tell me how feat ariana grande lyrics

still remember The way that you’d smile When you’d feel the ocean breeze And when you were mine We were talking crazy Like forever was here Not a worry in the world With nothing to fear But now things are awkward Like hey how you been When I used to hold y

Zara Larsson - It's a wrap lyrics

you're back around Talkin' 'bout I change your heart again But boy the curtain's down Be damned if I might play that part again Yeah I've seen it all before Spare me this encore It's quiet on set The lights have gone dead When all is said and done And this sto

Pillar - Rewind lyrics

seems just like yesterday was the first time that I heard You call my name Since then, so much has changed I'm still the same man that I was before Knowing that I can be without anything scares me away from being alone Now, that I know what's going on I can look bac

Kaiser Chiefs - Press rewind lyrics

Pop music, this is pop music. We are writing a recording of pop music. This is pop music. This is pop music. We are writing a recording of pop music.) Like I was climbing up a hill, The hill was covered in daffodils. The trees are full of forgotten kites, The skylarks si

Grl - Rewind lyrics

wish you'd climb up my window Climb into bed and lay with me We can believe that just for one night Things were the way they used to be I wish we could laugh without a reason When it was real and not pretend Now that I'm back it makes me wonder I

Corbin Bleu - Run it back again lyrics

back Pushing with the rewind Changing every Wrong or right that you make Now it's never to late Theirs a will Theirs a way Gotta stay in the game Go the distance Cause you live and you learn That it takes a lot of work But you win in the end With

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Repeat feat. david guetta lyrics

can see your mouth move But I don’t hear the words And while you dig yourself a hole You’re burying me in the blur I can taste the fake, the shame I’ve heard this story before And while you dig yourself a hole It’s the same sh*t, different girl When I was b

Darlia - Pandemonium lyrics

up with mysterious lines Pluck all of the petals in time with the tune I’m thirsty for the wrong deja vu And then all the feathers will fall And delicate cobwebs will form on the wounds I’m a tide away, hide me on full moons Fine, I change my mind

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Avicii & project 46 feat. you & daphne - crim.. lyrics

speak the truth But all I hear are masquerading lies I'm learning from the shadows I was right The rules are broken like my heart tonight So break the laws of time These moments can't rewind 'Cause this love is a crime This love is a crime A crime A crime A crime A crime

Darlia - Pandemonium (acoustic) lyrics

up with mysterious lines Pluck all of the petals in time with the tune I’m thirsty for the wrong deja vu And then all the feathers will fall And delicate cobwebs will form on the wounds I’m a tide away, hide me on full moons Fine, I change my mind And I know if I cou

Shinhwa - Never can rewind lyrics

baby never can rewind Gi nah gin shi gahn sohk ae Nae gah wae ee ruh neun ji (Oh~ so why?) Nuh reul bohl ddae myun hang sang Doo ryuh wuh ji neun nae gah shi ruh Ee jae oo ri oh bye bye * I wanna tell you goodbye please forgive me oh bye Duh

Blue System - Love is not a tragedy lyrics

you feel the groove ? You said Im a liar - an uncertain love But babe, all or nothing All of a sudden - Ill promise enough You said Im a dreamer - a dream so kind But baby, I swear you Baby I dare you Loves killing time Love is not a tragedy - love is not a fantasy Im not a

Emmylou Harris - Abraham, martin and john lyrics

am a backseat driver from america They drive to the left on falls road And the man at the wheels name is shamus We pass a the child on a corner he knows And shamus says now what chance has that kid got And I say from the back I don’t know He says the

Feeder - We can't rewind lyrics

just a face in the crowd A tiny hole in the cloud You´re trying to find your way in To let your soul shine back out We´re just a twist in a seam A splash of paint on a screen We´re making all kinds of shapes Somehow we can straighten out the bends This

Sevendust - Prayer lyrics

remember praying with you [repeat] Feeling alone, And I'm by myself I can't find no one else Thinking of you Drives me crazy I'm kinda feeling lazy So much frustration Built inside of me Oh, it's killing me woah What am I turned to I can't lose you Who do

Drowning Pool - I am lyrics

ve never felt so alive I've never had to run and hide The things I want I cannot have The things I need are all so bad What'd you say!? I coulda been (3x) I am (repeat) You coulda been (3x) You are (repeat) My best excuse is that I'm drained From

Devo - Jocko homo lyrics

tell us that we lost our tails Evolving up from little snails I say it's all just wind in sails Are we not men? We are Devo Are we not men? D-E-V-O We're pinheads now We are not whole We're pinheads all Jocko Homo Are we not men? We are Devo Are we not men? D-E-V-O

Jet - Beat on repeat lyrics

got the beat on repeat (yeah-yeah) Tey got the beat on repeat (yeah-yeah) They got the beat on repeat (yeah-yeah) The beat on repeat We are untouchable forever You look so put together Well there is good and there is better Just like, imitation leather Daddy w

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Why dont you i lyrics

feat. album: Chad Kroeger, single: Alex Band) Since the moment I spotted you, Like walking round with little wings on my shoes My stomach's filled with the butterflies... ooo and it's alright Bouncing round from cloud to cloud I got the feeling like I'm never going to co

Collie Buddz - Playback lyrics

days like a day I'm a kid in wondaland Like a big reggae fan at summa jam Undastand oh baby ya got me Oh The way ya feel make me feel like a kid again Special every time I work ya middle friend Do you undastand oh baby ya got me Oh I've had a look around and I can'

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter - Queen of the dead lyrics

Dracula:] Blue eyed dream, innocent smile. She was a good girl just for a while. She would never let anyone inside. But I killed the light in her eyes. Queen of the dead. There is no salvation ahead. On a one way ride straight to hell. There's no way to erase or rew

Architects - Delete, rewind lyrics

are the misguided youth They've backed us into a corner All our lives we've been infected They should have never had a chance Because they're forcing us To believe In a world that we shouldn't trust Delete, rewind and try to change this Stat

As You Drown - Needles lyrics

We'll put an end to this oppression, Tonight we'll tear it away There ain't no peace - 'til we rip off The roof and resume desecration And this outburst Never did com...

Red Circuit - My world collides (feat. amanda sommerville) lyrics

I die, heart on hand What's the reason for losing my way? My wound never heals But I love you to death Can you forgive all the mistakes that I've made? Can I die, face the fire Can I discern between evil and good? I regret all the things that

Power Quest - Civilised lyrics

on the radio to hear The tragic story of an boy of 7 years Should be sleeping in his bed Should be sleeping, but instead he's lying dead. In a world where children lose their lives Face the bullet, face the knife Is this what we call being civilised? Face t

Kelis - Attention (feat. raphael saadiq) lyrics

Verse 1:] I know that life has felt us many cards, Sometimes I swear he's trying to make it hard, and i don't want to have to hide me faults. But he got busy and let down the gaurds. [Chorus repeat 1x:] I need attention, from you, it's just the little things we do,

Motorjesus - Down to zero lyrics

- the walls stare at me Bring the power back to where it should be I found a solution - my time was always hard against me So I found a solution Facing it with a smile - so out of emptiness No you can't count down to zero - you can't erase or rew

Flo Rida - Rewind (feat. jean wyclef) lyrics

you love somebody Put a lighter in the air From the hood to the stakes Fry your finger in the air Flo Rida up in here Wyclef up in here (Wyclef Jean) If I could I would pull it up and rewind To the time when it was just me and you Oh how we were insepara

Divided By Friday - Better off lyrics

does it mean to be a man now? What does it take to understand how? Took my time, but I never got it right, now I wish I would've. You say goodbye. Can we just try to remember when we started, everything that we had? You gotta believe. You know I wish you could. Too mu

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Throw away your television lyrics

away your television Time to make this clean decision Master waits for its collision now It's a repeat Of a story told It's a repeat And it's gettin' old Throw away your television Make a break, big intermission Recreate your super vision now It's a

King Crimson - Indiscipline lyrics

do remember one thing. It took hours and hours but.. by the time I was done with it, I was so involved, I didn't know what to think. I carried it around with me for days and days.. playing little games like not looking at it for a whole day and then.. looking

Gorgon City - Imagination (feat. katy menditta) lyrics

Imagine I was good again, but you still see me the same And baby, why can't you pretend that nothing here has changed? Let's rewind, we'll be fine! You'll...

Lcd Soundsystem - On repeat lyrics

on repeat, beating on me From every car in the street There's a constant repeat, on repeat Of your paranoid, heartbreaking beats On repeat It's a five song repeat, beating on me With your favourite band, that helps you sleep And here comes the new stylish creep

Christian Linke - Stand up lyrics

are pretty much alike, except your holding on Devided as you stay behind, you are no lust to me Indeed there's time to change your mind Time you never had You gave up long before we went blind Now we're to shoot the breeze Enforce yourself to be one

Pink lyricsPink - For now lyrics

that time we were just kickin' But nothing had changed, nothing was really different Then love showed its teeth like it was something vicious No, no, no, let me finish Ain't it something when it all goes tragic How a spell can get casted onto something magic What I w

Boy George - Live your life lyrics

knew the boy was strange The raised him in whispers Oh how they prayed The demons would go away His daddy was cruel He tried to meme him tough Always afraid to give him too much love Too much love Running running running What a waste of time No-one you can be

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - War lyrics

sometimes i want to borrow watching violence, after fights can she go to war tomorrow to guarantee his rights War war we don't need a war [repeat] you must be mad that you sent us to war i said if you sit down we don't need to go to war War war we don't need

Anshelle - Rewind please lyrics

to meet you tell me how is life I heard you got a great job and an beautiful wife no I’m not married but doing quite fine still in love with music damn it’s been a long time still remember you and me running through the fields playing indians and cowboys r

Love Robot - Machine lyrics

re empty in your mind. Two sides and they both wanna find. My fists are up, I'm ready to run. But how do you fight with the one that you love? Your eyes are missing the white. I try to show you the light. But there's not much that I can do If the issues are insid

Mischelle - Mischelle feat randi-only you lyrics

s that feeling that I get? My heart is drowning in regret. Hands are shaking, eyes are full of shame. Lost myself, but I don't care, I'm going but I don't know where. My feet are taking me away from you. Only you, only you, My beautiful dream, I loved you Only you, only you

Better Than Ezra - Rewind lyrics

a tape of my favorite songs Said what I can't face to face I hoped that you would share all my thoughts We are young and unimpressed, with all you'd recognize. So play it all over Turn it wide. Now there is nothing but a Mix tape left behind Now i

Plazma - Lonely ii lyrics

s hands are lined with dirt from long days in the field Mother's hands are serving meals in a cafe on Main Street With mouths to feed... just tryin' to keep clothing on our backs And all I hear about... is how it's so bad It's too bad, it's stupid

Sarah L-gurat - Repeat lyrics

your will is reached, stand firmly on solid ground is afraid, and repeat your words, virtually unknown, where you'll have his head up, do not worry, you're ready! I give you, a lesson of who is not afraid, you see what happens, believe you're not crazy after all? so again, perhaps I, too

Afroman - Because i got high{radio edit} lyrics

was gonna clean my room until I got high I was gonna get up and find tha broom but then I got high my room is still messed up and I know why why man -cause I got high (repeat 3x) I was gonna go to class before I got high I could have cheated and I

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Who u wit? lyrics

Computer Voice] Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight, Ight [Come in after 7th Ight] Wuz up, wuz up, wuz up, wuz up, wuz up, wuz up, wuz up [Eastside Boyz with shout outs] [Chorus: (Shake sumethin')] [in backgroun

Cardiant - Believe lyrics

see a blood red sky upon us On the verge of despair An evil breath takes over my spine A dark figure on the alley has her eyes on my heart It's the face of death Wearing a sardonic smile Would you ever have gotten to know me by dreaming Just can't believe this nightmare

Gentleman lyricsGentleman - Intoxication lyrics

Yes empress devine Anytime me look ina your face You make my world a brighter place And your majesty and grace A help me through the rat race Chorus: Joy ina your eyes me nuh see no tears Love is what you giving me throughout the years Every time you need

Kocian Martin, Pokorna Marketa - Kauza martin kocian lyrics

Category: People & Blogs Tags: lunetic martin kocian ales lehky david skach vasek jelinek czech boyband at je hudba tvuj lek

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Rewind that (feat. flo rida) lyrics

a big game I pull up to the club (Rewind that) Tossin money like it's snowin in the club (Rewind that) Didcha see lil mama drop it down on the floor (Rewind that) Rewind (Rewind that) Rewind (Rewind that) It's like I'm in the zone clownin on liquor (Rewind that) Haters keep qui

Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - Push forward lyrics

always the same a window I can’t see through Don't think I’ll ever do It’s covered in rain Like me as I’m waiting for u Not sure I wanted to Like horses on a carrousel never win but always keep racing Standing here got time to kill, watching Them a lit

Diane Birch - Rewind lyrics

are many things that I would like to say to you But I don't have the words in my head Days are passing by and all the leaves are changing too But time won't change the things unsaid 'Cause everything is different now I'd really like to tell you how How I wanted you h

Martin Solveig lyricsMartin Solveig - Do it right (feat. tkay maidza) lyrics

you doing with my head? I may let you go ahead But you gotta do it right, right, right Show me that you'll make us spin If I let you try again Boy, you gotta do it right, right, right Oh oh oh Come on over Oh oh oh Let's get together Come on, turn the ligh

Megan And Liz - When you were mine lyrics

could tell you what you wore on that first date We talked for hours and we stayed up too late For a hundred days we were amazing Didn’t need nothing more As our minds were changing, lights were fading Nothing left to fight for Can we take the time to say what

Megan & Liz - When you were mine lyrics

could tell you what you wore on that first date We talked for hours and we stayed up too late For a hundred days we were amazing Didn’t need nothing more As our minds were changing, lights were fading Nothing left to fight for Can we take the time to say what I like? C

Coldrain - 8am lyrics

I can't remember why We stayed up until 4AM We talked about nothing important and then made love The birds wake up we close our eyes I love how she calls my name inside her dream Kiss's me still half asleep Don't I wish that we could stay like this at 8AM Time flies, I can't rem

Afi - Rewind lyrics

awake, keep your cold eyes closed Feel it crawl upon your chest Bear it's teeth and steal your breath Stay awake as its creeping close If you're brave enough you'll see As it stares it looks a lot like me It looks like me Though there's no way I will mater

Junior Boys - Ep lyrics

is barely a word If I can hold on to a page And if I don't, will pass soon You might forget it again And you're so careful with the terms But they slipped in your hands 'Cause you wrote 'Love' and I know you mean it Yeah, you wrote 'Love' and I know you mean it And do

Negative - Swans lyrics

of fear Flash of cruelty Was what I sensed Of the signs you were sending Lives as one But seperated Who'll drow the lines Who tells when it's too late? And as the swans prepare for their leaving Can't change what's done it's unforgiven Bitter is the taste

Miriam Bryant - Push play (prod. zedd) lyrics

my words, across your face, you're making up stories of your own. Little bits of white paper, in pockets deeper than you know. You painted black upon the whitest lies you've seen them fall, you have seen them rise, you painted black upon the whitest li

Dead Or Alive - Absolutely nothing lyrics

are you when the sun goes down And I need somebody that I can rely on? Where are you when I'm all alone And I'm wanting a mattress, that I can lie on? Well I look for you most everywhere And I've been tought about crawling away But I'm gettign nowhere and you'r

Blue Öyster Cult - The red and the black lyrics

mounted baby, a police force that works Red and black, that's their color scheme Get their man, in the end It's all right [repeat four more times] Oh yeah my honey knows it's all right It's all right [repeat four more times] Oh yeah my baby knows it'

Here Come The Mummies - Ocdd lyrics

couldn't help but see OCDD My favorite part of you is just for me Oh my, oh you know I never planned to focus on your glands I wanna hold 'em in my hands Don't be afraid to let them show Chorus: OCDD (repeat X2) She's my fondle-est mammary OCDD (re

Clay Evans - All is well lyrics

is well, all is well hold on, god is on the throne i came to tell you all is well repeat - 3 times there's no need to worry or fret all of your needs god has already met what he's done, he said he would do he's got the answer he'll see you through repeat first verse

Ingrid Michaelson - Time machine lyrics

lit the fire Then drank the water You slammed that door and left me standing all alone We wrote the story We turned the pages You changed the end like everybody said you would I should have seen it coming It should have sent me running That's what

Mylène Farmer - Sois moi - be me lyrics

quot;Be me ! Be me, be me, be me Be me, be me, oh-oh ! (repeat x3) Dis-moi mon autre, dis-moi schizophrénie Deviens mon cœur, deviens mélancolie Et dans la solitude de mes nuits Deviens moi, deviens toi, sois moi, be me… Be me, be me, be me

Sevendust - Terminator lyrics

can go way back in my mind This music thing was a joke I didn't do my time They couldn't finally bring me up Now I do it real tough And I'm rough Come on I'm the terminator for all Hurry up y'all its time to go on I love to hate em This is my story yo

Slade - How can it be lyrics

can a woman eat up a man How can it be, how can it be How can a lady cheat, well she can How can it be, how can it be Chorus Well you know why that maybe I Could sit and cry and sigh And we know the reason why How can it be (repeat chorus) How can a loser, change to a wi

Sunny Choi - Somebody to love feat. usher lyrics

ooooh For you I'd write a symphony I'd tell the violin It's time to sing or swim Watch him play for ya For you I'd be (whoaa oh) Running a thousand miles Just get to where you are Step to the beat of my heart I don't need a whole lo

Aaron Lewis - Lessons learned lyrics

ve walked a mile in the shoes of a broken man I've fallen down a thousand times and got up again there's times I've talked to god like he's my only friend There's time it seems the devil's trying to take me by the hand In life, sometimes you got

Blue Öyster Cult - Teen archer lyrics

got less than you or I, she got less than me [repeat] She get, she get tired, she gets tired She got more than you or I, she got more than me [repeat] She get, she get wild, she gets wild Balling all night balling all day, she won't ball on me [repeat] She will, she will d

Krabathor - Unnecessarity lyrics

and forms of the human body Only thought is able to kill We are too ordinary To give ourselves air over something [repeat] Everything around seems to be Strange to you Nothing is how you want it to be There are too many realities in life And you have problems resisting

Black Stone Cherry - Sometimes lyrics

t we pretend that I'm fine and this ain't my life, it's not the way it ends for me. Couldn't we pretend you're not gone you're still here it's not true, it's not the way it ends for you. Oh woah Sometimes I cut myself on the fine line between laughter and pain 'caus

Qissmet - Circles lyrics

find yourself Going round and round You wonder, is there a solution? I don't know Why can't he see why his life just seems to be circling? Again and again and again and again repeat. Tell me why he feels so guilty? Knowing he should not react this way

Danity Kane - Press pause lyrics

Aubrey] I don't ever wanna leave your arms when your holdin' me I'm so caught up in the moment baby [Dawn] Whatever you tell me I believe you right away when I play I like they way you spend with you I wish I could [Chorus] Press pause on like Since

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Ain't no big deal lyrics

Spoken:] Reach out, reach out [repeat 3 times] [Chorus:] Ain't no big deal to say I love you still Call out my name, I'll be here Ain't no big deal to say my love is real When you reach out I'll be there Please don't be afraid to look me in the eye Sad ti

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - Wash rinse repeat lyrics

can't take the pressure of new Gimme old Rip it off Lets see if it sticks to the wall again They're too dumb to see, see the truth Give it to em They will never notice So what's stop, stop, stopping us Does it sound familiar? Does it linger in your ear? Like something you

Ever After High - Ever after high lyrics

told you everything was waiting for you They told you everything was set in stone But now you're feeling like a different ending Sometimes you gotta find it on your own It's an open book A road in reverse A brand new hook Forget that curse! It's a Rebel cause With a R

Hezekiah Walker - Anyway you bless me lyrics

You bless me, I'll be satisified You can wipe the tears from my eyes And put joy inside Anyway You bless me, I won't complain The power of Your spirit said It would ease the pain Anyway, Anyway, I'll be satisified (repeat) (He) Blessed my going out And my coming in Put Your

Chace - Stranger x yellow claw lyrics

now and then I see a god up in the sky Ever since you'll left I think my wings will never fly After all we may not get the chance to rewind I'll be the stranger by your side Every now and then I see a god up in the sky Ever since you'll left I t

Bob Marley - Roots, rock, reggae lyrics

I some music, this a reggae music (repeat) Roots rock reggae, this a reggae music (repeat) Hey Mister Music, sure sounds good to me I can't refuse it, what to be got to be Feel like dancing, dance cause we are free Feel like dancing, come dance wit

Nightcore - 678 (fetty wap feat. remy boyz) (nightcore) lyrics

baby, 17 Ay, ay, look Baby girl, you're so damn fine though I'm tryna know if I could hit it from behind though I'm sipping on you like some fine wine though And when it's over, I press rewind though, ay You talking bands, girl, I got it Benjamins all in my pocket I traded

Ruby - Miracle of love lyrics

yeah, You never know what it is Till you feel the breeze And you're on your knees Oh yeah, You never know Till it's gone And you're home alone Waiting for the one. (repeat) Oh yeah, (Yeah,) (repeat x 6) (repeat x 3) Oh yeah, (Yeah,) (repeat x 4) (Yeah.) (I'm

Germs - Forming lyrics

them down Hold me up Tell them that I'm your gun Pull my trigger I am bigger than- Mr. Prez in his big White House Listen he says we're comin' out Infiltration-we're numbin' your minds Concentration-we've done time [repeat chorus] Over there the Queen she says Let's stamp th

Misha - Words (feat. helicó) lyrics

Words that you say Make no sense when I hear them So why would you go and repeat Helpless and lost Confused I feel when I See that look on your face It is not what you say But it’s all in the way You say those things to me Killing me inside gradually Not what you say at

Go Fish - Jesus loves me lyrics

Loves Me Lyrics Go Fish Jesus loves me this I know For the bible tells me so Little ones to Him belong They are weak but He is strong Yes, Jesus loves me(repeat 3X) This I know Yes, Jesus loves me(repeat 3X) For the bible tells me so Jesus l

Krizz Kaliko - Re-wind lyrics

your brother, your father, your cousin, your friend Life ain't over now matter fact it just began I'm on a mission this is just the way it had to be Can't be mad at me cause I'm tryin ta feed my family When you think of me, picture this sad little b

Willa Ford - Ooh ooh lyrics

you know I see you watching me I know you getting into me boy Come and tell me what you want What you want from me Ooh ooh (ooh ooh) Ooh ohh (come on come on) Ooh ooh All the funny little things you do They make me wanna get hot with you Cause you keep me calm k

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