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Shok Paris - Marsielles de sade + battle cry lyrics

... + Gallantly we ride our swords held to the sky stained with blood for all to see iron clad, we charge our minds stark raving mad on we ride towards victory screaming with pride our Battle Cry This endless game we fear not misery nor pain and should we

My Dying Bride - De sade soliloquay lyrics

over me the drape Of superfluous Horror Aside Nocturnal trapping Wallow in my Art Crying and dying My se**** ecstacy The crimson stream That flows from you Magnificent, Supine, Red heaven gapes at me Dragged across putrid ground Mother scorns my glove A v

Reed Deming - Battle cry lyrics

see the rise, I see the fall I see my future, I hit a wall I see the cone full of storm Broken people and broken souls Hear the cries in the night People praying for the light To a clock in the morning and you just cant win the fight Win the fight so In the darkness of the ni

Crazy Town - Battle cry lyrics

time for words just choose sides No fear cause no one can hide No room to keep this inside I'm on the front line yelling out the battle cry Steppin' with my Armageddon, weapon I'll wet 'em and let 'em Step again, Armageddon weapon will wet 'em again Steppin' w

Havana Brown - Battle cry feat. bebe rexha & savi lyrics

m a straight shoot up with bang bang bang bang bang bang You tryna hit me with your ride hood Tryna sell me fame I'm a lone ranger, I'm a smoke you out Sugar, I'ma show you what I'm all about Locks up, two smoking arrows See that shit straight li

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - Battle cry ft. havana brown & savi lyrics

m a straight shoot up with bang bang bang bang bang bang You tryna hit me with your ride hood Tryna sell me fame I'm a lone ranger, I'm a smoke you out Sugar, I'ma show you what I'm all about Locks up, two smoking arrows See that shit straight like a br

Judas Priest - Battle cry lyrics

the hero coming home Honour bound from whence he roamed Fortitude and skill Call of duty all alone Lead the nation for the crown Serve the orders coming down Charge ahead with pride Guard the chivalry you've shown Those forsaken reawakened with my battle cry Indestru

Sacred Oath - Battle cry lyrics

the fields we see the fight On battlefields fought through the night We killed by force, we struck them dead The men were gored, we moved ahead So many fell to meet their doom So many more will be there soon We met our fate and felt the pain A t

Shontelle - Battle cry lyrics

ve been deep in the trenches ain't that friendship It's not always roses but everybody knows this We stuck in this battle field I know just how you feel Standin' up for us I'ma be a soldier You give me hope (hope) you give me strength (strength) I'd give you better than I

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Battle cry lyrics

one more time before I go I'll let you know And all this time I've been afraid, Wouldn't let it show Nobody can save me now, no Nobody can save me now Stars are only visible in the darkness, Fear is ever-changing and evolving And I, I can poison these eyes But I,

Blood On The Dance Floor - Battle cry lyrics

still feel the pain from the razor cuts Deep into my veins they inject the drug Vision starts to fade, now I’m feeling numb Death is buta dream and I can’t wake up Chaos has been done Stripped my world a part Now the aftermath war inside my heart Set to self destru

Skillet - Battle cry (bonus track) lyrics

on the edge of giving up You know I feel it too It won’t be long because I’m with you Bring the fire, bring the smoke, bring the rain We will bend but we will never break If we believe we can’t lose Even mountains will move It’s my faith, it’s my life This is our battle

Kyler England - Battle cry lyrics

gathered up all the sticks and stones Built a wall to keep out the ghosts But they walk through walls And i'm trapped inside Oh oh oh oh Filled my lungs up with air And hoped they'd carry me off like a hot balloon somewhere But now i can't breathe I´m

Angel Haze - Battle cry (feat. sia) lyrics

can not buy All the love that's here tonight All the love that's here tonight Ouh-ouh It's just you and I So lift your hands towards the sky Lift your hands towards the sky Ouh-ouh It seems like yesterday that I was nothing Then all of a sudden I'm a volc

Forever Storm - Battle cry lyrics

the sun sets And the moon rise above the clouds The battle starts Raging thunder lights the battleground Hell is the name of this world of none Blood runs through the battlefield The taste of victory is in the air, in the air Fight for one and all Oh, oh

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Battle cry lyrics

ll torch the sky,cinder,ash,burnt skin. Under the darkened embrace we will devour the strong,devour the elite,devour all of them whole. As the shadow of war creeps upon the righteous ones,reap what you sow,rekindle the flames with their thrones. Lick your wounds,if th

Sacred Steel - Battle cry (omen cover) lyrics

a fleeting glimpse Then be on your way Oh the End is near If we choose to stay This forsaken land Torn by Grief and Strife No it's not worth The value of your Life The Smell of Death Lingers everywhere Bloodstained bodies Scattered everywhere In the distance Thunder in th

Ludo - Battle cry lyrics

is there anything left to say? You've been down so long you've forgotten to believe (oooh) You're watching it slip away You've been kicked around, they got you on your knees But they're all the same They laugh and walk away And they think you'll turn arou

Omen - Battle cry lyrics

a fleeting glimpse then be on your way Oh the end is near if you choose to stay This forsaken land torn by grief and strife No it's not worth the value of your life The smell of death lingers in the air Bloodstained bodies scattered everywhere In the distance thund

Army Of The Pharaohs - Battle cry lyrics

Apathy] I put you up on the IV, not the Roman Numeral 4 But the IV that leads to the funeral floor Wax gets melted; breaks bones, fractures pelvics Speeds through space and cracks blast Astronaut helmets Face it, motherf***er I can pay to get rid of you I

Opera Ix - Battle cry lyrics

at the end of an era we assist As a last rampart we protect the ancient wisdom Our valour multiply our blades But this is not enough Falsehood and treason have reduced our lines And increased the ones of the enemy of the ancient gods Their thirs

Saxon - Battle cry lyrics

you hear the sound The sound of distant voices Floating gently 'cross the glen Can you see the people The people gathered 'round They're worshipping their king They came to hear the story They came to sing the song There's talk of a rebellion The highlands are afla

Joell Ortiz lyricsJoell Ortiz - Battle cry lyrics

many times I gotta tell y'all I'm second to none. No magazine's top ten cause I'm negative one. So I don't pay attention to them dumb folk Cause I'm a always be in first like the clutch broke I'm from where the cut-throats cut coke Cause school ain't cut it, t

Crimson Valley - Battle awaits lyrics

with sword in your hand The wind in your hair Whistle tune of our fate Stand in line to the end Shoulder to shoulder The battle we take Now we'll bring the fear and pain In sea of blood we take our steps Battle-cry tear our ears Inviting death to spread his wings

Blaakyum - Battle roar lyrics

tell you all about my fight It’s a war against evil I took my sword and held my shield It’s a battle within I fell the cold wind on my face Be quick or you'll be dead It’s time to break the maker’s hand Hear the battle cry Enter the day when I will fight My hands fi

Chieko Kawabe - Cry baby lyrics

dake ga ne, shitteta boku. kore ga HONTO no boku nan da. hitori ni natte yokei HIDOku natta? zutto kawarenai nakimushi. minna to nara, tanoshi sugite, egao ga jikan, hayameru yo. kokoro ni aita sukima dake wa, umaranai kedo. “mou nakanaide” mienaku

Aborted - Sade & libertine lunacy lyrics

glances entwining madness Within rivers of saliva, an excruciating torment A desire within me, you are to be bound to please You are bound to please My desires come to pass Squirming within shackles, I explore her flesh Deep inside her Eden, I feast upon forbidden fruit Her derriere

Sade - Sade your love is king lyrics

love is king, crown you in my heart. Your love is king, never need to part. Your kisses ring, round and round and round my head. Touching the very part of me. It's making my soul sing. Tearing the very heart of me. I'm crying out for mo

Cadacross - Battle of north lyrics

star has come, darkness reaching the earth Battles have begun, cold breed of death was all around Rays of dead sun, swept through the battle ground Men cry out their pain, cold breeze of death was all around They were lying on the ground Fallen to the dust Rotting to the ground In

Cry For The Moon - Battle song lyrics

few words There were waterworks Like Niagra falls When my heartbeat calls A poisoned pill No more living will In a soho rill I am dressed to kill So turn on your light Abandon your right And have fun tonight In a pillow fight Don't be a dork The dork of New

Omen - Cry havoc lyrics

Hiding like wolves in the guise of the sheep Stalking us like prey while we lie in our sleep Silently they tred by the cloak of the night Will they surprise us into fight Alarm, they batter the gates Alarm, our lives are at stake Alarm, upon us they tred Alarm, make ha

Chris De Burgh - Crusader lyrics

quot;What do I do next?" said the bishop to the priest, "I have spent my whole life waiting, preparing for the feast, And now you say Jerusalem has fallen and is lost, The king of heathen Saracen has seized the holy cross;" Then the pries

Max Milner - Max milner & meanwhile in tinseltown - battle.. lyrics

s just a second to say hello It takes forever to say goodbye (But this is the end, this is the end) You play the game 'till you find love then find the rules do not apply (But this is the end, this is the end) So if all's fair in love and war then let me hear your batt

Hilastherion - Battle of the flesh lyrics

I look at the naked ladies I feel ashamed I remember the preachings and I feel blamed They told me porno is the devil’s maid But how to gain freedom none was said The battle is forever raging on Everyday all my failures are shown My desires are screaming f

Hanker - Battle cries lyrics

sign of the Cross I look high in the skies Oh! Lord Amen! The sigh of the loss I aim straight in the eyes Seeing the end Special: I run and I sweat and I cry Am I going insane? So much blood! Am I lost? And I fear my mind Won't go to heaven My heart leaps and

Exmortus - Battle-born lyrics

the heavy thunder of carnage and morbid plunder come now brethren and fight this land is ours by right To our gods we cry that we fear no to die renewing strength thereby cowardice is forsworn The enemy's waylaid now leap into the fray hack away and pray for glorious de

J-min - Cry baby lyrics

ta tte genjitsu wa kawara nai? SM iu kedo, Tsurai tte kimochi o Karuku suru dake ja nai n da Korogeochi te ku yM na emotion Meguru omoide no slow motion SM sugu ni oware nai If you wanna cry, baby Nai te shimao u yo Iji o hara nai de Sorry,

Bars And Melody - Battle scars lyrics

You don't know what I've been through I can teach you something that I never knew Take a seat and take some time Let me tell you what I've been through They didn't know we'd come this far Now they're looking at our battle scars Half the lies you heard ain't true So let m

Ring Of Fire - Battle of leningrad lyrics

army still surrounds Suffocating weapons pounds 900 days and nights We'll never give in Everyday we'll rise again In freezing cold and endless night We will survive We will survive Losing homes and families Hear the children cry Nowhere safe and warm to hide And the

Sanctuary - Battle angels lyrics

An army of vengeance invading from the sky Hot wings of iron pierce into the night Slaughtering the lost souls, the fruit of evil's womb Their heathen ways have seal...

Sadie - Cry more lyrics

for all... Get inside... Aisowarau tabi hedo ga wakiagaru hibi (Back born get down) Genkai toppa wa busama ni kaimetsu suru (Back born get down) Sou nankai namisa ukabeta no darou ka (Back born get down) Saihate de matsu mitaku mo nai arekore Crymore !! Er

Mblaq - Cry (japonská verzia) lyrics

time is too slow for me baby! Listen girl Nagereru kono namida ni sari yuku kimi dake wo kasanete Kono omoi kesenai no ni boku wa hitori ni Sameta koe to kimi no kareta hitomi Kimi ga kiete yuku yo Hey baby say futari no hibi wo boku wa torimoshita kute You

9mm Parabellum Bullet - Battle march lyrics

wo torisugita CASSANOVA to tokiakasu yoru no monogatari kanjin na shunkan wa sugu soba de iki wo hisometeta dake na no ni boku ni mo wakaru you na shikumi no unmei ga mawaru sabaku no hana kowaretadourou hibi wareta mama kitsuitara mou ososu

Jay Sean - Cry lyrics

1 Had me convinced that I just wasn't enough me and you. Fussing and fighting cussing all of that stuff now I know, that I might' ve done you wrong, didn't know I'd pay so long, till u did the same. I know I'd done you wrong, I was making it up to you, I apologized in a million w

Sathanas - Battle of bewitchment lyrics

the wrath As hell's gate opens And wickedness unfolds Hail death hail sathanas Darkened symphony Black with infamy Crowd chants hail Satan Evoke the pentagram Light the candles And embrace the powers of darkness Raise the chalice for the hour has come To join the ritua

Animal Collective - De soto de son lyrics

canteen, when I thought your heart stopped beating The room brought out the silence in your breathing A birth in wooded housing will help you live beyond the numbers Let us pray to pan let in the light And see us bathe and sleep among us Smell the body of our elders And wake

The Mission - Cry like a baby lyrics

I can't take it, take it anymore Everyone I know is a pimp or a whore As ugly as sin and as sleazy as hell Everyone I know has got trash to sell From the mouth's of babes come the words of the wise Please don't ask me to apologise Load up your gun to play russian roulet

Mother Mother - Cry forum lyrics

stare at the populous in prayer, I look at ‘em talking to the air I sing for ‘em, they don’t seem to hear, I cry for ‘em Are they in outer space on a populous parade? Are they in some kind of race that I do not have the legs for? I’m not one to kill joy,

Blur - Battle lyrics

Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle Battle Someone..oooh Battle, Battle, Battle Battle Someone..oooh Completion Search Here I love the bow See me walk on down to Adorn myself, it's a new song glory Cos. see me, what do you think of now? Battle, Battle,

Patrick Wolf - Battle lyrics

Battle means victory B-b-b-battle Battle the patriarch Battle for equal rights Battle, battle, battle, battle Battle back your liberty Battle the long night Battle, battle, battle, battle It's your time so join the tribe It's our time for some victor I lay here untie

Cote De Pablo - Cry me a river lyrics

you say you're lonely You cry the long night through Well you can cry me a river Cry me a river I cried a river over you Now you say you're sorry For being so untrue Well you can cry me a river Cry me a river I cried a river over you Y

The Nightwatchman - Battle hymns lyrics

hymns for the broken Battle hymns for the misled Battle hymns for the wretched The forgotten and the dead Battle hymns of redemption Of solidarity and pride Battle hymns we will be singing At the turning of the tide Can you explain to the mothers An

Plentakill - Battle roar lyrics

used to be afraid to solo blue Scared of the invades, counters, and jukes So I farmed quietly, and jungled passively I guess that I forgot I had to gank I let them push us past the river bank I warded nothing, so I fell for everything They shut me down, but I

Blackend - Battle between minds lyrics

blood in my veins Pressure from below Under the guise of myself I'm the puppeteer you're my gain Don't try to understand just hear the words I say, I use this chance to say goodbye Getting pound by this sound I let the music go just my way This is the room I lear

Deivos - Battle for dominance lyrics

to the cowards terror to the weak Nature marks its progress with splendid suffering Primeval heaving mass coming to life Invoke the whirlwind of creation Release the hounds of hell Propagate throught the route of depredation Nature marks its progress with splendid suffering

Domine - Battle gods lyrics

are watching the world from a mystical place for thousand of aeons they are guarding As the universe is forever at change You can feel their presence surrounding Everlasting, Incorrupted Sacred guardians of the miracle of life They are bonded to

Five Finger Death Punch - Battle born lyrics

Once upon a time I swore I had a heart Long before the world I know tore it all apart, Once upon a time there was a part of me I shared Years before they took away t...

Garbage - Battle in me lyrics

look at you, an accident of drinking What a mess, a train wreck of lipstick What a joke, well, do you hear me laughing? Get out my face before I lose my patience Oh me and you, let’s cut this party Oh, little boy, it takes a lot to shake me So shake it It’s the battle in m

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