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Michael Bolton - Can't hold on, can't let go lyrics

time I think of you My heart starts movin' like a freight train And ... having you is tearing me apart I don't really ... need the pain, no Sometimes I feel like leavin' for

Bluey Robinson - Fly lyrics

woke up today And I found out someone had gone ... again, someone had lost a friend What can I say I take ... and pray, they'll meet again some way 'Cause every morning is a new day But every night we seem to cry another

Justice Crew - Fly lyrics

we can fly away Aha, wanna hit this up ... baby let's get stupid Aha, baby take my hand tonight You and I can fly ... The way you moving, yeah Brings me close to it Touching

Sleeping With Sirens - Fly lyrics

Can we fly, can we fly away I'm sitting on the ... edge A thousand stars burning in the sky up overhead How ... could it get more beautiful than this? And it made me

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Fly lyrics

lying there with myself myself is someone ... there's noone handcuffed in the place on that day redo ... the day or die that's all I think of 'but' for no lies I

Adams - Fly through the sky lyrics

OVER, FLY OVER, FLY OVER FLY IN THE SKY Harewataru sora ... yakusoku no ji de Sakihokore ima saihatete chire Yume bakari mite nando mo panku shi Shindasakananome shitara keibetsu

B.o.b. - Can i fly lyrics

as this cold world turns round and ... round So much tragedy have I found If I could take it ... away I'd do that now Cause only in ... my dreams can I smile So if I go to sleep, don't wake me

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Fly to your heart lyrics

all the flowers dance with the wind Listen to snow ... flakes whisper your name Feel all the ... wonder Lifting your dreams You can fly (fly) Fly to who you are, Climb upon your star you believe

Jet Black Stare - Fly lyrics

sound and the rain coming down on my head Blaming a ... that has left me down and I breathe again Does anybody ... care where I've been, where I seem to go now Does anybody

Jojo - Fly away lyrics

to fly away Got to fly away Since I was a little ... girl I knew what I wanted One day I would see ... the world and make my mark on it Put in time, sacrificed

Jump5 - Fly lyrics

Lesley, Brittany] Fly-y, fly-y, Fly-y, fly-y, fly [Chris] It's like I woke up and my ... day belongs And nothing goes right hall of fame It ... s like a simple song and I can't seem to get it straight

Krypteria - Fly away with me lyrics

remember, where have the memories gone What are we here for, ... how can we know Who will we turn to, what's in the ... future of ours What lies ahead of us, where will we

Lil' Flip - Fly boy (remix) lyrics

Lil Flip:] Remix Hey Pimpin, Im Lookin At Ya Jewlry Game And ... I See U Like Wearin Those Lil Bitty Stones Man, Get U Some ... Rocks Man, Im Tha #1 Fly Boy, Im In The Building With Mike

Black Mercury - Fly bird fly lyrics

left me alone I miss your beautiful tones You ... were sunshine in my life Now you are gone I gave ... Bye bye bye Bye bye be Fly bird fly You have to find

Courtney Lynn - Fly to your heart lyrics

all the flowers dance with the wind Listen to snow ... flakes whisper your name Feel all the ... wonder Lifting your dreams You can fly (fly) Fly to who you are, Climb upon your star you believe

Alabama 3 - Fly lyrics

with me come on, fly with me fly with me you'll ... never come down this is your captain speaking cigarette burns on the sofa whiskey on my new lineolium floor

David Hodges - Fly lyrics

less, getting more Hard to explain, ... harder to ignore Wishing this world would just slow down ... But in this life, in this race, you gotta keep movin ... keep your place Often forgetting why you're around Times

Driver - Fly away lyrics

for answers deep in the night Caught in the shadows hiding from sight Losing my ... senses out in the cold When I felt the power breaking the ... hold Fight to survive, you’ll stand or fall You

Exilia - Fly high butterfly lyrics

colours Hello bright wings You need to cover, maybe ... You are fragile and the wind is cold here The wind is cold ... down Don't look down Everything's so fake around me So

Imperia - Fly like the wind lyrics

don't know if you believe in destiny? You don't know if ... faith is on your side No castle as strong as ... yourself No barrier too high Cause you can fly Fly -

Michael W. Smith - Fly to the moon lyrics

the moon Well, you could do it if you wanted to Try flying high The only limit is ... endless sky So, go on and fly to the moon Live in the ... sun You know your living has just begun So much

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Fly to the moon lyrics

m lost in you, I'm lost in love What can I do, words ... not enough I'm lost in space, I'm lost in you Oh, ... my babe - what can I do? I'm lost in your eyes, in your

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - Fly away lyrics

down these seconds Jumping off these fences Find ... another place to start again The cracks in the sidewalk ... I'm over all the small talk ... Taking off like fire in the wind I won't waste another

Amelia Brightman - Fly lyrics

wanna fly... Never another day when ... end Never another day and i feel better Coming to my life when it comes it always ... does leaving to my life and i feel better i wanna fly

Axxis - Fly away lyrics

gonna make me feel I get lost - your blood is cold ... as steel All I got was hell but I don't ... Your world has made me blind Your devil's on my heaven

Kandi - Fly above lyrics

m so comfortable in the skin I'm in, I'm secure about who I ... ahead and talk all you wanna, I built up a shell and it's ... hard and it's armored. It seems like every step I take

Patty Loveless - Fly away lyrics

I get so angry with you You treat me like an ... old worn out shoe I've been here for you, for oh ... One day you could reach and find me gone One of these mornin's I could wake up with wings

John Michael Montgomery - Fly on lyrics

found your wings Then you flew away from ... me Winds whisper your name Through the skies of my memory Fly on, fly ... on sweet angel Fly on and I will set you free Fly on (fly

Sakura Gakuin - Fly away lyrics

tobidasou yo Yume ni made mita kono SUTEEJI Hikari no ... mukou ni minna ga mieru yo Hitoribocchi janai ... kara Donna kinchou shiteru toki mo Me to me ga

Seal lyricsSeal - Fly like an eagle lyrics

keeps on slippin, Into the future Time keeps on ... slippin. slippin, slippin, Into the future So I wanna fly like an Eagle To the sea Fly like an Eagle let the spirit

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - Fly away (ft. ugochi) lyrics

Ugochi] Little bird Little bird Little bird Little ... bird Spread your wings And fly away [Verse 1: G-Eazy] I ... should have known, but this won't ever work here

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Fly with me lyrics

fly with me We gonna sway through ... the air High up in the big top Movin in the spotlight ... Life is a circus tonight Come fly with me We ... gonna sway through the air Hold my hand, I will never

Me & My - Fly high goodbye lyrics

don't you spread your wings And fly away Little bird ... Fly away And if it´s true love, it will always ... stay Little bird fly away He will never treat you

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Fly lyrics

tell me somethin' Where do bad men go when ... they die? And mother says you'll go ... there but Wings for her and I and I don't mind Cause I ... always wanted to learn to... Fly... learn to Fly... learn to

Nuteki - Fly away lyrics

ve got nothing to say There is nothing that makes you smile ... Always walking away You stopped trying to ... make it right Is there a way to choose? A

Alyson Stoner - Fly away home lyrics

ve always known Magic has grown Along the rivers ... and hollowed tree I've seen you there Through misty air Dancing the waltz with the falling leaves Wispering dell A magical spell

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Fly lyrics

fly little wing Fly beyond imagining The softest cloud, ... the whitest dove Upon the wind of heaven's love Past the ... and the stars Leave this lonely world of ours

Julian Plenti / Paul Banks - Fly as you might lyrics

am here but to give you my best Stand by your ... side while you rest 'Cause you're my ... girl, 'cause you're my girl I will provide for you ... best I've always liked you the best Fly as you might, fly as you might I will support you through this I

Kyla La Grange - Fly lyrics

was a young boy throwing bricks Running through town with ... his finger flipped Crying inside for the love he missed Kissing your face with pale fist ... He could fly? He could fly? Missy was a swimmer in

Lana Lane - Fly lyrics

where you program the sunshine And listen to rain as it ... falls from above Where silently I paint a private utopia Where lion and lamb lie with eagle and dove I think

M.i.a. - Fly pirate lyrics

all that I don't' need the clicks on the chicks That sell ... me the bullshit Like this is where the cool's at Hit things that brings me to link the ... People on the brink cos that's where my heart's

Malignant Tumour - Fly high lyrics

airport, another check in They bitching over, wont ... let you with drink Another plane, airbus 339 ... Stewards are just fine, captain take off fine Press

Manga - Fly to stay alive lyrics

ve fallen right out of the sky I could ... swear you're a natural high Volcanoes erupting inside ... When I see the sparkle in your eyes But you don't ... even realize 'Cause you've been hurt so

Terri Nunn - Fly by night lyrics

dolls dancin in the street Harlequin lovers ... stamp their feet They want to fly ... Rough and ready Romeos Skin tight angels that never show ... They want to fly forever And when you come

Pretty Maids - Fly me out lyrics

through history we've come all the way ... through wars and destruction represent the image of ... decay betrayed and corruption I don't wanna be a part

Blackfoot - Fly away lyrics

up baby, smile at me The sun is shinin' and the wind's blowin' free I got to thinkin' ooo ... yesterday That silver bird can take us away Get it on now

Good Weather Forecast - Fly to the moon lyrics

To The Moon Fly To The Moon Fly To The Moon Fly To The Moon ... Fly To The Moon Fly To The Moon Fly To The

Scelet - Fly away lyrics

were a rising sun when I saw you first time I'll ... never forget this day I stole your smile but didn't ... feel it was a crime Two eyes were sparkling on ... your face Now the time had to stop at this moment

Drew Seeley - Fly lyrics

s a girl who's got zebra print everything Got her own ... confident style She likes to paint and takes pictures of everything Lights ... the world up with her smile I just met her but I feel like I know her She wants to be all

Haddaway - Fly away (extended version) lyrics

s a dream of words in motion And another place and time ... I guess I'm feeling lost in The home I thought was mine ... It's a universal notion Love is just a battlefield

Metropolis - Fly lyrics

wanna see I wanna see all the world So ... up and go We've got the wings So we are learning to fly ... I wanna feel like eagle on the sky I wanna ... be I wanna be always free Desert

John Mayall - Fly tomorrow lyrics

to fly tomorrow Got to pack my gear ... Re-adjust my mind My time is near Fly tomorrow Got to ... pack up my gear Fly tomorrow Now my time is drawing near Fly

Eden's Curse - Fly away lyrics

to break away So you strive to leave them all behind ... Try to run for a better life Try to reach what you've ... always had in mind You say it's raining in your heart (raining in your heart) You feel

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Can't wait ft. diggy simons lyrics

s bout that time Diggy Over the don... out & ... [Verse 1] Parade, darling Put me on the line cause ... my heart is calling Click on the call wait tell them

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Can't be tamed lyrics

Mafia For those who don't know me ... I can get a bit crazy Have to get my way, ... four hours a day 'Cause I'm hot like that Every guy, ... everywhere Just gives me mad attention Like I'm

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Fly in the ointment lyrics

in the ointment Stain on the character Dust on the ... wainscot Hair on the gate Bee in the ... bonnet Ash on the waistcoat Flake on the shoulder ... Crack in the plate Eye on the clock

Ian Brown - Can't see me lyrics

by the river side I waited there for you take you ... back in time Youre in suspension, hey I caught you You cannot hide, its all inside, easy ... She knows you cant see me Yes Mr. Miser, Mr.

Sunny Choi - Can't be tamed lyrics

those who don't know me, I can get a bit crazy Have to get ... yep 24 hours a day 'Cause I'm hot like that Every guy, ... everywhere just gives me mad attention Like I'm

Foreigner - Can't slow down lyrics

the blood rushing through my veins Baby don ... t stop Because I'm ready to blow Standing still doesn't work for me Taking ... my shot I've got places to go Once

Magic Affair - Can you feel it lyrics

you feel it Uuuuuh... uuuuh ooh I ... wanna walk outside with my face to the rising sun ... (Rising sun) Close my eyes, I feel a vision has begun (Has ... begun) As I raise my arms to the sky I really

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