Marian Anderson I Am Bound For The Kngdom lyrics

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Local H - Bound for the floor lyrics

to be down I've learned all my lessons before now Born to be down I think you'll get used to it And you just don't get it you keep it copacetic And you learn to accept it You know it's so pathetic And you don't And you don't And you don't Bo

Karliene Reynolds - Bound - cizinka (outlander) 2014 fansong lyrics

dreams I am wed to a faraway boy, a love that has never been. He was all that I knew, he was all that was home I am bound to the love of him In the morn I'll be wed to the bonniest boy, and I'll bind my hand to his He is blood of my blood and bone of my bone

The Dubliners - The leavin' of liverpool lyrics

to Princes' landing stage River Mersey fare thee well I am bound for California, a place I know right well So fare thee well my own true love When I return united we will be It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me But my darling when I thin

Make Them Suffer - For the wretched and ruined lyrics

by my mind, by my life. I cannot find Peace within myself. I cannot penetrate my scattered will. I see where I have wronged My very thoughts are my undoing. My fear to die runs in correlation To my forever dying pride. I mourn the death of who I was I lose my grip on wh

Black Star Riders - Bound for glory lyrics

Wong keeps trying to get it right Way down in Suckerville tonight When darkness falls in the neon lights He feels like walking dynamite And he knows he could never win He's just trying to lose a little more slowly Bound for glory (Bound for glory) The lost but never lonely B

Renaissance - Bound for infinity lyrics

sun shining through seagulls wings Makes mottled patterns upon the sea Transparent veins in feathered flight Bound for infinity I am near you your freedom flight Your ruffled waters they gleam Solid coast of grayness A salty glistening sheen Ba da da Ba da da

Epicland - Bound for greatness lyrics

for hope, watching for a sign Many have tried to walk this path They will not truly in their heart Bound for greatness My fate in my own hands I will fight for truth Glory awaits me today Never will evil kill me My destiny is my own choice

Phil Ochs - Bound for glory lyrics

walked all over his own growin' land From the New York island to the California sand He saw all the people that needed to be seen Planted all the grass where there needed to be green And now he's bound for a glory all his own And now he's bound for glory He

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - For the sake of love lyrics

forgive, I forgive I forgive all my friends who left me alone I forgive the wall that it had so many stones I forgive the lord that he never sent a priest I forgive the hangman, I forgive the beast I forgive the winter that it was so cold I forgive my father that he was so bold

Marian Gold - For the sake of love lyrics

forgive, I forgive I forgive all my friends who left me alone I forgive the wall that it had so many stones I forgive the lord that he never sent a priest I forgive the hangman, I forgive the beast I forgive the winter that it was so cold I forgive my father that he was so bo

Dozer - Bound for greatness lyrics

dark as it is now, I feel much worse Confined I'm in it, it is my curse A turn for the better, what does this mean Every day I get weaker, and so do you And I will die, yeah, I will die So I will die, and I have died for me I'm bound for greatness, y

Sea Shanty - The rio grande lyrics

say was you ever in Rio Grande? A-weigh, you Rio! It's there that the river brings down golden sand, For we're bound for the Rio Grande And away, boys, away. A-weigh, you Rio! It's fare-you-well my bonny young girls, And we're bound for the Rio Gr

Cauldron - Bound to the stake lyrics

was a little girl inside But not seen from the outside No love that she could ever find Deprived of those to be by her side Not a chance to be For her fortune was made believe Always forced to see Something she didn’t want to see Why can’t she carry on this way? Made to do

B. J. Thomas - Everything always works out for the best lyrics

a day is so dreary And loneliness won't go away And sometimes it's hard to make it Another day I can't answer all of the questions But one thing I understand Is everything works for the best When I'm in your hands As long as I'm in love Everything alw

Devildriver - Bound by the moon lyrics

and Sisters The lords taking his own sweet time without rhyme or reason The failure is not thine Like wolves to a virgin The intention is made clear At war with ourselves At war with the odds At odds with the fear Hard time will bring you way, way down And all of th

Folkodia - Bound for valhalla lyrics

Send me to Valhalla! I'll show you how a warrior dies! Dare look me in the eyes: Can you see the wild joy therein? Strike Send me to Valhalla! I'll show you how a Viking dies! It was not thy sword But the Norns that decided my fate! It takes a hero to pu

Accuser - The conviction lyrics

send - touch of death Takes from you - living breath Thunder crashes - flames of fire Lost in hell - no escape The loosers of the granted life, in savage grace of hell Guilty in case of genocide, no special providence Witness of the funeral Committed

Avatar (swedish Band) - Bound to the wall lyrics

feeling of powerness In a world arranged Still the power is ours For the world to change With a collective choice To let hear our voice An extensive decision Of a vital mission But in between is a wall Standing thin but tall With a printed li

Jackson Browne - Bound for colorado lyrics

days of spring have just begun And melted snow begins to run Aspen is a fine place where many people go And so you're bound for Colorado Don't send me cards from where you've been Or tell me 'bout the friends you win But send to me a new leaf just begun to grow And hurry home fro

Gaelic Storm - The leaving of liverpool lyrics

thee well to Prince's Landing Stage Mersey River, fare thee well well I am bound for California but I know that I'll return someday Chorus: So fare thee well, my own true love When I return united we will be It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves m

Bal-sagoth - The obsidian crown unbound lyrics

Episode IX: The Legions of the Imperium Storm the Cloud-Capped Palisades of Gul-Kothoth] [Chapter 11: The Siege Begins] And so the mighty and resplendent armies of the Imperium assembled before the towering cyclopean walls of ancient Gul-Kothoth. It was some time before the bi

Dimmu Borgir - Masses for the new messiah lyrics

massing darkness we stand united Raging above inferior sheeps A convoy of souls swept into the night Hearts strengthened with black fire passion In us is fulfilled the prophecy of satan Evolution of the inner shrine In us is mantained the revelation of sat

Every Time I Die - For the record lyrics

knows id love to feel something but nows not the time caught up in the heartless disorder of a friday night focus dont stay distracted to lose sight of the treasure I will cherish this love for the rest of my night, the rest of my night One day i find myself facing th

Folkodia - The lone warrior lyrics

far as I can see far off this frozen flatlands Villagers relates the legend of the lone warrior The one that could speak to gods of war The one that could face death without fear The one that could defeat a hundred men I’m not a legend I’m jus

Hellion - The black book lyrics

came a time I'd had all I could take Life on the edge, my mind about to break Parents said they'd warned me and my friends said It's a shame Doctor said the stress was playing tricks upon my brain Doctor he told me I had to get away Climb

The Maine - Am i pretty? lyrics

think I'm ugly (Don't you?) And I know you hate my body If you don't like just what I do Do what you like So maybe then you'll want me Maybe then you'll want me Am I pretty? Do people like me yet? Is there a party? Am I invited? It's such a pity? No one adores me yet

The Dubliners - The kerry recruit lyrics

morning in March I was diggin' the land With me brogues on me feet and me spade in me hand And says I to myself, such a pity to see Such a fine strappin' lad footin' turf round Tralee Wid me toora na nye And me toora na nye Wid me toora na noo ra na Noo ra na nya So I b

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - The mayesty of love lyrics

am searching, so hard searching I am searching for the majesty of love I am searching, so hard searching I am searching for the majesty of love I feel the spirit coming right over me It's an unexplainable high And the only place that I wanna be Is with you right un

God Dethroned - The crown for the morbid lyrics

me I am the crown for the morbid The fire in the eyes of the rabid I am the hate inside the psychotic And the fear consuming the phobic I seek to overthrow you With the powers given to me By your own weak mind That turned on you today I am the worst of intentions

Dark Sarah - For the birds lyrics

cold barren shores are a prison without doors Your singing brings hope near, cause hope doesn't live here It's a starry wide sky, your song echoes in the night I join it with my flute and hope you will come and sing it too Now listen to my call and sing for thing

Neurotech - The act of forgivness lyrics

am waiting for it I am so close I am waiting for the rain To change my shade Of colour I’m asking What’s killing me, What’s killing you? These thoughts Are here to stay Unless, unless we Are forgiven What’s killing me, What’s killing you? Our minds Are our

Daniel Powter - Am i still the one (feat. linda perry) lyrics

don't get much from hero I don't give them much thought I crumble on the crashing may you still around I don't like my reflection I don't like what i see I'm scared of my shadow You cast this doubt on me But am I still the one? Am I still the one

Aeternus - Waiting for the storms lyrics

in the silence with the trees sleeping I am waiting patiently I am waiting for the storms Fresh and pure strength, I desire, and I will recieve from the mighty storms fresh and pure strength I am waiting My soul is empty there are many rooms to be filled with my majestic masters st

Bracelets - For the price you have nothing lyrics

You realize what you meant to me so you do not forget we had together We have a lot in common but you do not want to want to know I'm really missing those times I want everything to go back but not both! Do something because As always, t

Convictions - The void + burdens lyrics

The void inside! These are my stories, This is my life, Replacing the void but hiding behind disguise I am nothing but a broken man. Oh, these scars on these withered hands. I am nothing But a broken man. Oh, these scars on these withered hands Oh my God, This emp

Ani Difranco - The whole night lyrics

can touch Touch our girl cheeks And we can hold hands Like paper dolls We can try Try each other on In the privacy Within New York City's walls We can kiss Kiss goodnight And we can go home wondering What would it be like if If I did not have a boyfriend We could spend

Sophie B. Hawkins - The land the sea and the sky lyrics

will talk for you Coats your tongue like sugar Sweet lies To pacify the hunger Money will kill for you Lay your head to rest now Dream of the whitest street Clean, rebuilt for you We’re headed for big trouble Brewing in the rubble I won’t bow to evil I won’t sto

Ray Lamontagne - For the summer lyrics

through these hills I've known I'd be comin' Ain't a man alive that likes to be alone? Been a while since I seen my lady smilin' Have I been, have I been away so long? I am tired I am tired Can I come home for the summer? I could slow down for a little while Get back to loving

Black Soul Horde - The light lyrics

am the warrior that's fighting for his land You'd better stay away, when I'm with sword in hand The last few centuries, honorably, I'm searching for the light If you stand in my way You're meeting your death tonight While I am searching for the light

Irfan Makki - Waiting for the call lyrics

away, oceans apart never in my sight always in my heart the love is always there it will never die only growing stronger a tears rose down my eye I am thiking all the time when the day will come standing there before you accept this Hajj of mine standing in ihram, makin

Isley Brothers - For the love in you lyrics

Well, well, well Yeah...hey... Yeah Hey...hey... Ooh Driftin' on a memory Ain't no place I'd rather be Than with you, yeah Lovin' you, well, well, well Day will make a way for night All we'll need is candlelight And a song, yeah Soft and long, well, ooh Glad to be Here alone wi

Kc Concepcion - For the first time lyrics

those your eyes, is that your smile I've been lookin at you forever But I never saw you before Are these your hands holdin' mine Now I wonder how I could've been so blind Chorus: For the first time I am looking in your eyes For the first time I'm seei

Kenny Loggins - For the first time lyrics

those your eyes, is that your smile I've been lookin at you forever But I never saw you before Are these your hands holdin' mine Now I wonder how I could of been so blind For the first time I am looking in your eyes For the first time I'm seein' who you are I can't b

Paper Tongues - For the people lyrics

will not let you push me back away From where the sound attacks the planet's flame This is not a guessing game (Oh no) I will not let you change my name (No go) People fall, towers crumble Planes get shot, and soldiers fumble We don't make the moon give off it's ligh

Ragnarok - For the world i am blinded lyrics

s my destiny my release from this f***in' world No humans... no memories from this chastetic world Death is my vision I'm dying... I can feel my death vision I fly like a dragon as the speed of lightning over mountains and majestic waterfalls I see a world that not exist a w

Riot ( Usa ) - The man lyrics

m tired of running, i'm tired of who i am I've been obsolved from this prison which i stand. I pray for freedom from everything i see Somebody please set me free Oh no i'm never looking back No now i'm in for the attack Here i stand, you know who i am, run

Boris The Blade - For the wretched lyrics

happened again Regained consciousness and find myself on the streets I retrace footsteps To be led to a burnt down home It’s coming back to me, I can now hear the screams Repeating again and again, their all begging me to stop. I have no c

Empyrium - The yearning lyrics

ride through day and night listen wind, they art my fellows Eternally I am looking for the eye inside my heart the yearning grows I rode through the forest in purchase over mountains so high that it seems they touch the sky riding through meado

Jason Gray - For the first time again lyrics

m tired of the sound of my own voice And I'm weary of adding to the noise And I'm fearful of missing the point of it all I remember the way it used to be The way this love felt like the first day of spring And I want that back more than anything in the world

M83 - For the kids lyrics

are you now? Who do you go to for a shoulder to cry on? I hope that some day you might turn around and come back home Where are you now? When will I see your face again? No matter how far apart we become you know that I’ll still hear your song

Notorious B.i.g. - For the macs and dons lyrics

Uh, Is Going Out To All The Pimps And Macs, Y'all Know The Flavour, Brooklyn Style, You Know How We Do, Uh, Yeah, All The Macs And The Dons In The House, Playa Playaz, Playa Playa, Get These Hoes Know, One Two Is It True, All I Wanna Do Is Screw Drink Bru, With The Cr

Michael Franti & Spearhead - The sound of sunshine lyrics

two three, uh I wake up in the morning its six o'clock They say there may be rain but the sun is hot I wish I had some time just to kill today And I wish I had a dime for every bill I've got to pay Some days you lose you win And the water's as high as

Dj Jazzy Jeff - I'm looking for the one lyrics

i am looking for the one to be with me noware you looking for the one to be with you, now?i am looking for the one to be with me, noware you looking for you feel the same way too?come on, clap your hands, wind it up if you're feelin' alrightclap your hands,

Vince Gill - For the last time lyrics

look, one kiss Just a few words Showed me such kindness Your eyes really see me Not for what I've been But for who I am and what I could be CHORUS: How did you know I was waiting? How did you know you were saving me? Oh what a gift to leave it a

Pixie Lott - The way the world works lyrics

just a little break Ain't no more that I can take I am asking for the planets to align Calling on the universe Maybe once, just put me first Gimme what I need or give a little sign Nothing plays out like it should And nothing does me any good

Matt Redman - For the cross lyrics

will love you for the cross And I will love you for the cost Man of sufferings Bringer of my peace You came into a world of shame And paid the price we could not pay Death that brought me life Blood that brought me home Death that brought me life Blood that brought

Dougie Maclean - Ready for the storm lyrics

waves crash in and the tide tide pulls out It's an angry sea but there is no doubt That the lighthouse will keep shining out to warn the lonely sailor And the lightning strikes and the wind cuts cold through the sailor's bones, to the sailor's soul Till there's nothing left t

Clay Evans - For the rest of my life lyrics

the rest of my life I will serve Him I should not stray From His love I can't turn back For the rest of my life I will serve Him Forever more Soloist For the rest of me life I'll serve the Lord I shall not stray From Jesus love Even though Satan Temp

Shai Hulud - For the world lyrics

myself out: I am the empty cup My hope has died away And my tolerance faded. How can I keep Stability On such shaky ground? Prayers that a smile will flag me down. Sadly I've learned there's no truth in comfort; Well-being stems not from love. Ang

Counting Crows - For the sake of the song lyrics

does she sing Her sad songs for me, I'm not the one To tenderly bring Her soft sympathy I've just begun To see my way clear And it's plain, If I stop I will fall I can lay down a tear For her pain, Just a tear and that's all. What does she want me to do?

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