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Jessica Reedy - Marching on lyrics

mind [Chorus] I'll keep marching on Till the sun stops from ... shining I'll keep marching Till I'm walking with you ... Whatchu gone do I'll keep marching on Till the water dries up

Jamie Foxx - Marching on lyrics

for change my heart keeps marching on the scars from every ... battle we had only made me stronger i laid ... can survive my heart keeps marching on (keeps marching on) I

Krewella - Marching on lyrics

go a thousand miles Such a long way from home When the odds ... I break before I bend? I'm only human, ashes to dust ... words fall from your lips To save this sinking ship Give

Hades - On the iliad lyrics

shores What will it take to make you see the light ... Yesterday's patronizing tears To prove the gods ... wrong or right The road to ancient prophecies is long

Eviction - Marching off to war lyrics

were called upon to fight for your land caring ... s command Leading you strong to take a stand Chorus: Marching-Off to war Fighting for ... freedom is what it's for Marching-Off to war What's this shit

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Marching off to war lyrics

battle's over, it's a million soldiers Never rise again, ... we lost a million friends Don't try to understand, if you ... You felt different then, marching off to war [CHORUS]

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - On to the next one lyrics

Beats -Chorus) I got a million ways to get it Choose one ... (choose one) Hey, bring it back (bring ... it back) Now double your money and make a stack I’m on

Escape The Fate - On to the next one lyrics

you have changed and I’m the one that you blame. Chorus: ... NOW YOU’RE GONE! And you’re on to the next one. This time ... I’ve got to live without you. That’s

Forefather - Keep marching on lyrics

is the time, to the battle we go The enemy's ... waiting, much blood will soon flow But fear ye not death, ... no such honour so high To fight with your brothers and

Malevolent Creation - On the grounds of battle lyrics

troops storm onto the field Into the darkness ... and destroy Both sides begin to contest Corpses of the ... defeated Shrouding the front-line with death Ordered to attack, dethrone and

Samael - The truth is marching on lyrics

Dream of domination is an invisible hand Purpose ... on its own leading to inevitable end Victors are ... the ones who shape reality Past of ... the chain! The truth is marching on, it blows the lies away

Charred Walls Of The Damned - Forever marching on lyrics

on forward, together we are one In the desolate streets our ... they blend Beating down on us the autumn sun Far from ... streets familiar Counting on the one to guide the way A

Eilera - Marching towards dawn (intro) lyrics

re marching towards dawn Together with hope We're ready ... fight For the good things on the earth We're marching on the same side Towards ... betrayals and lies We're marching On the same side Together

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Victory lyrics

and oaken soothed the lonely child the parents watched ... escort take him while they stood outside the priest was ... kind and gentle as he positioned his head the pain was like

Ritual Steel - Victory lyrics

victory Oppression drove us To the state Of ... We unveiled! The silence stopped When we appeared with ... our Infernal cries! We stood as one And screamed aloud

Civil War - Road to victory lyrics

and wait for the new horizon We are an army without ... uniforms Now we're bonded by blood Signed and ... but we have so many battles to win Ride into the sun

Death Cab For Cutie - Marching bands of manhattan lyrics

of Manhattan, I'd bring it to where you are Making a lake ... of the East River and Hudson If I could open my mouth ... Wide enough for a marching band to march out They

Gaia Epicus - Victory lyrics

of metal unite It's time to stand up and fight Let our ... never dies It will lead us to Victory Together we build ... a force Stronger than steel stronger than

Scarlet White - Stick to your guns lyrics

I wont be silent I wont go down without a fight And ... no I wont sit back and just watch ... ain't right I gotta keep on moving I know I gotta give ... they fall Gotta stick to your guns Never back down or

Jackob's Dream - Victory lyrics

time has come to take a stand for what is ... right And to resist the attacks from the ... Never back down Stand strong for what you believe Stand ... united as one From the ashes to victory

Jacobs Dream - Victory lyrics

time has come to take a stand for what is ... right And to resist the attacks from the ... Never back down Stand strong for what you believe Stand ... united as one From the ashes to victory Come rush the

Lonewolf - Rise to victory lyrics

His fellow army standing as one He is the one to teach you ... your eyes There is far more to see when you open your mind ... He's a rebel, the chosen one The fight for freedom is

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - To bobby lyrics

at your feet and I will sing to you so sweet And hope my ... words will carry home to your heart You left us marching on the road and said how ... Bobby They're dying No one could say it like you said

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - Victory lap lyrics

Intro:] And they say, "Don't forget where you come from ... Don't die holding on to your words Cause you know ... you got a whole world to change But understand who

Mindwork - On the path to oblivion lyrics

the final product or at least on way to reach it? Be quiet ... And look into your soul The truth may be ... way home We're getting to know But we never will know

John Denver - To the wild country lyrics

I fear I lose myself, I don't know who I am I get ... With my back against a stone wall, my finger in the dam ... see Then my heart turns to Alaska, and freedom on the

Hymn - Dare to be a daniel lyrics

true, Heeding God's command, Honor them, the faithful few! All ... hail to Daniel's band! Refrain Dare ... to be a Daniel, Dare to stand alone! Dare to have a

Domain - On stormy seas lyrics

see the stormclouds coming, I see the ... waves Above the dark horizon, I feel the ocean as it ... The ocean fights, this lonely ship tonight But we're ... sailing on, to a distant shore Still the

Ryan Cabrera - On the way down lyrics

Suffocating No direction I took a dive On all ... save me from myself And won't forget the way you love me ... And on the way down I almost fell

Netsky - Hold on to love lyrics


Armored Saint - On the way lyrics

on to that vision There'll always be some ... friction in your life But you gotta ... my friend Keep pushin' to the plateau Find gold at ... begin Feel the sweet sensation Suddenly you've taken

Blog 27 - Turn you on to music lyrics

don't you know I-show u how d ... Ooh, let it go I-turn you on to music Ooh, feel it so U ... is cruel, everywhere, no one said it would be fair Break ... make it like it's understood Ain't fool, we don't care,

Holiday In Cambodia - On in five lyrics

fed on a hunger strike, tag them ... dead before you focus in, spoon feed the impact that you ... with a worldwide expansion team brand so deep into our ... minds That it soon becomes our history and image

Snakehips - On and on lyrics

you I pretend that I don’t see you Look the other ... of my eye And it goes on and on and on and on and on ... and on Laying out a pavement in my ... head And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on

David Crosby - Holding on to nothing lyrics

holding on to nothing for awhile I glanced ... All those hours with nothing to do Holding nothing again today Sunny days can fool ... pain Memories come back on their own Birds fly south

Dakrua - To the sun lyrics

Your Way To The Glowing Sun Ablaze In ... But Through All This Violent Storm Will I Keep Myself Strong? ... On And On To The Sun... As The Red ... We'll Dance Like Dead Leaves On The Wind Find Your Way To

Elevation Worship - Hold on to me lyrics

on to me I am weak without you I ... make it through If you hold on to me When my life is ... are my everything I run into your name Jesus, Jesus I ... Jesus, Jesus My God is stronger He won't let go of me

Lovers & Liars - Holding on to nothing lyrics

s been so long since you've shown me a sign ... comes and goes, but it's here tonight This time the hurt isn ... head could tell my heart how to get it right I thought I'd

The Nice - Hang on to a dream lyrics

a dream How can we hang on to a dream? How can it really ... she does How can we hang on to a dream? How can it ... a dream How can we hang on to a dream? How can it really

Pixies lyricsPixies - Hang on to your ego lyrics

who think they can do it alone They isolate their heads ... and stay in their safety zone What can you tell them? ... make them defensive? Hang on to your ego Hang on but I know

Planetshakers - Hold on to me lyrics

on to me Sweet Jesus Never let me ... go Never let me go Hold on to me Sweet Jesus Never let

Agnes - On and on lyrics

and on This love I feel for you ... goes on and on This world can be a scary ... place And so much love goes to waste One moment everything ... We need something to hold on to I wanna be that thing

Rosanne Cash - On the inside lyrics

debries Now I'm reaching out to you but I'm keeping my hands ... our hearts beatin' time On the inside it all happened on ... the inside it all went down on the inside A critical moment

65daysofstatic - Face of the earth (clinging on to) lyrics

or friends at all With no one to call, summer turned to ... married It was three or four months, And nothing's really ... is kind of strange, But I don't know....... There wasn't

Delta Rae - Holding on to good lyrics

not waiting I’m just holding on to good It’s still early, ... more than I should I’m off to Carolina I’m gonna wear my ... We may be parted, but that don’t cut us at the roots

Disciple - On my way down lyrics

s been a long road to get inside your heart I don ... the places that I have ever gone There is one that's fixated ... my freedom It's an illusion that has stolen everything

The Guess Who - Hang on to your life lyrics

‘bout the people gone by Screamin' that I don't ... You can push your head But don't you push it too far... ... it's here and it's real Wonderin' how I really should

4him - Hold on to christmas lyrics

fire and trim the tree It wont be long til Christmas Eve So ... true Manger scenes and mistletoe Christmas cards from friends ... would stay CHORUS All year long just for Dreamers like me

Lethian Dreams - Don't hold on to me lyrics

I am ready Show me the horizon That can't be reached The ... blurry and aflame The disharmony That now lead my way For ... these woods no longer rhyme with the frailty of

Mar De Grises - To see saturn fall lyrics

should I resent? (as I) die on empty a feeling crept by ... I ever do? go south down to my words, my wounds would ... polluted amber stares into my gone hours, hours that

Jo Dee Messina - On a wing and a prayer lyrics

rehearsing every line She's gonna say when she walks away On ... have passed, how they seemed to change her A woman once able ... to stand on her own Searches for

John Michael Montgomery - Holdin' on to something lyrics

her mine What she wants I don't know If red means stop 'N ... again...I'm Chorus: Holdin' on to sonething That keeps ... keep reaching 'cause I can't stop Holdin' on to something that

Mumford & Sons - Hold on to what you believe lyrics

cant promise you that I wont let you down And I I cant ... you that I will be the only one around When your hope falls ... windy fields of this war-torn world And love This city

Nazareth - Hang on to a dream lyrics

all a dream How can we Hang on to a dream How can it really ... was What will I try still don’t see why She says the ... she does How can we Hang on to a dream How can it really be

Chris Rea - On the beach lyrics

the guarded walls I used to go Upon a summer wind there ... certain melody Takes me back to the place that I know Down on the beach The secrets of ... time will blow a mystery No-one but you and I Underneath

Resistant Culture - Hang on to nothing lyrics

on to nothing Don’t live in fear The backwards ... lifted The king has no throne We must come together Or ... die all alone! Our fragile minds Need ... of Ancient times Questions, lessons and answers From

The Restarts - They're on to you lyrics

s inflicting fear All common sense has disappeared ... anti-terror bill THEY'RE ON TO YOU - OBSERVATION, ... INFILTRATION THEY'RE ON TO YOU - BIOMETRIC REGISTRATION

Skillet - Come on to the future lyrics

on, Come on, Come on to the future Come all, Come ... all the way Come on, Come on, Come on to the future The ... over Stepping in the age to come Can you feel it Unstoppable power The universe has

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Hang on to yourself lyrics

she's a tongue twisting storm, she will come to the ... show tonight Praying to the light machine She wants ... my honey not my money she's a funky-thigh

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