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March For Revenge (by The Soldier Of Death) .. lyrics

Browse for March For Revenge (by The Soldier Of Death) .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed March For Revenge (by The Soldier Of Death) .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to March For Revenge (by The Soldier Of Death) ...

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Folkearth - By the sword of my father lyrics

my father's deathbed I sit With a grim countenance to fit He's headed now for the Land Beyond A vengeance and his sword he he left unto me Father, tell me what you dream Up there in the sky Are there mountains like the ones you loved? Are the valleys of the heavens everg

Manowar - March for revenge lyrics

Ride, Ride, Ride Up From Hell Armed with magic sons of demons and men This song of greeting written for your tragic end. So long our stride the world doth tremble with fear Black winds blow where we ride near. Maim and kill them, take the women and ch

Macabre - The kiss of death lyrics

First War the Austro-Hungarian Army needed gasoline The Czinkota Village constable remembered something Before the war a man had stored some large metal drums He said they were filled with gasoline for hard times that would come Inside they found the drums seven of them in all They

Sabbat - The dwelling - the melody of death mask lyrics

quot;The forests create the black night, The black nights create the darkness, The darkness raises a red full moon, The moon raises the ancient winds, The ancient winds create the storms, The storms create a grand silence, The silence raises a golden shadow,

Enthroned - The face of death lyrics

sanctify my being through my blood by my spirit, Bless me! bless my devotion by your grandeur, father ! Burn me! burn me into pleasures of pain and flesh ! Sanctify! sanctify my being through wrath by my health! each night i hear the voice of my fa

Dagorlad - The cauldron of death lyrics

the Hill of Agony, Sitting on his throne, Zul'Dahr could feel a force Which make him shake. For a moment fear tried to overtake him. Willing to know the cause of this He decided to visit Mogrod, his brother, The Rotting One. The keeper of the Cauldron of Death, The ga

Aborym - The factory of death lyrics

baby! Don't touch that radioactive toy No food and blackouts of every street light Open your eyes, it's horrifying, it lays in your sleep You eat the bullshit seven days a week The real owners of the world smacking god with the 8-finger devil's hand And tell me who's gaining

Bewitched - Glorious are the ways of death lyrics

s no joy in life Perfection only comes with death The truth is found in shining, sharpened steel Grant my deepest wish and set me free There's no joy in life Pleasure only comes with pain I spit in your face, stinking world No compromise as I subside Fueled with

Sacred Steel - By the wrath of the unborn lyrics

quot;I am born of Vengeance ! Torn from Hell again ! (I'll) Tear your Soul to pieces ! Nothing shall remain ! (Harken now, Black) King of Unbound Darkness ! I have come to kill ! (I am a) Scion of the Wargods of Metal and of Steel !" "Darkest Lord of

Battlelust - The sword of death lyrics

I stand in my tower, clothed in marble and ebony and from my tower I behold my vast infinite kingdom the shadows reveal flocks of wolves hunting in the night warlords gather their armies of destruction and hate My tower, my supreme black work of art a gateway to the eve

Entrails - The curse of death lyrics

bringer of plague, the bringer of death A fist in humanity's face Unleashing the wrath, save your last breath Condemning the human race Inverting the cross, the image of Christ The sign of weakness and lies The world is aflame, evil will rise Torme

Incrave - The touch of death lyrics


Adept - By the wrath of akakabuto lyrics

. Let's burn this f***er down! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Antestor - The bridge of death lyrics

By The Things I've Done Blackened Has My Soul Become Satan Says He'll Set Me Free But He's A Loser Just Like Me The Things I've Done In My Past It Haunts My Soul And Kills At Last My Life Is A Path Of Pain No Light And Laid In Chains My Effort Contains No Meaning The Srenght

Blitzkrieg - The face of death lyrics

for the day of judgement,your last days will pass you by. Is Satan winning,heads are spinning,tormented souls begin to cry. Hell is burning the world is turning,God & Satan take their toll. Close the door on holy war,fighting for immortal souls. Time is standing still for

Burning Tears - The bride of death lyrics

moving under my feet, The whisper of the wind call me to die, The dew falls from the sky to my face And the deepness from his voice drowns my shout, I walk without a light and I think about What is going to happen in my next steep, Something takes me And desp

New Order lyricsNew Order - The kiss of death lyrics

stood there beside myself, Thinking hard about the weather Then came by a friend of mine Suggested we go out together Then I knew it from the start: This friend of mine would fall apart Pretending not to see his gun, I said "let's go out and have some

Ash - The sweetness of death by the obsidian knife lyrics

ve got a flight and it's leaving tonight Lord help me I'm feeling blue I'm leaving my life behind me When I go I'm leaving you I've got a flight and it's leaving tonight In the slipstream I will find my space Make my way to Tijuana Beneath the stars I will escape The vast

Holy Moses - The hand of death lyrics

will stand inside my hell take the hand of death I don't care what they think Don't they know about I need you in my blood crack the liar's eyes I have no choice to stay again before my candles burn out Yes I am, I say I am, Here I am, The Hand of Dea

Hooverphonic - The kiss of death lyrics

say because it’s over We should be said but that’s not true ’cause death may seem something nasty But it belongs to me and you Don’t try to avoid your destiny Accept this kiss with dignity In this embrace you’ll find relief Get rid of all your grief Some say because it’s over w

Apoptygma Berzerk - The aproach of death lyrics

you die for him? Yes! Would you die for him? Yes! Would you die for him? Yes! Would you die for him? Yes! Would you die for him? Yes

Illnath - By the hands of violent winter lyrics

the hands of violent winter, his fate was sealed Crawling on the icy slopes with limbs frozen cold Memories of untold torture, in his mind Waking from the endless slumber leaving him numb Creeping worms they eat his mind Feelings blind this clouded

Mewithoutyou - The angel of death came to david's room lyrics

Angel of Death came to David's room The Angel of Death came to David's room The Angel of Death came to David's room He said, "Friend, it's time to go"' Angel, no, I think you've come too soon Angel, no, I think you've come too

Nasum - The engine of death lyrics

engine is alive Fear it cultivates Masses putrefy Profit they create The engine's working well Iron glowing red Masses put in hell Piles of newly dead A sickening steam is emerging from the pipes -The engine of death This brutal machinery is

Crystal Viper - The spell of death lyrics

took her away and didn't say a word. Unholy bastards! No changes for her! But she knew what was goin' on... Barefoot and scared, they throw her in the snow, Her hands were shaking, she knew where she'll go... Will the moon see her blood tonight? Wind brought whisp

Exodia - The train of death lyrics

train must be completed a pail of water per wagon for a one way trip There’s no seats, or floor enough to be seated all is full of piss when they reach their destination The weakest ones will be dead In Auswitchz you enter through the door and exit through the smokestack

Lee Rocker - The wall of death lyrics

and round Round and round inside that motor dome Blood runs wild Blood runs hot, lot a shakin goin on 90 miles an hour on an Indian Scout She’s up on the wall and around about Hell rider on the wall of death Feel the heat Feel the heat risen up inside th

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - The smell of death lyrics

smell of death is in the air And dead bodies I see everywhere Just machine people, all our hope is lost The courage the pride the souls have these costs. You never learned to think And your ship will sink I try to see a sign of hope in your eyes But I just see decay and lies

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

isle, a bright shining isle stands forever, alone in the sea Of rock and of sand and grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. 'Tis the last of all the land. A dweller upon our lonesome isle, the las

Off With Their Heads - The eyes of death lyrics

ve been to hell with no plan for return I've seen things that make your eyes burn I've seen the eyes of death through a loved one dying And once you've seen this you are never the same It takes what was once was good and turns it to pain All you got left is to turn t

Reverend Bizarre - The hour of death lyrics

quot;I think I must be doomed. I don't feel at all well." My God, have mercy upon me in this Hour of Death. I pray for thee to take my life instead of the one I so dearly love. Her face is pale like the ivory of the distant realms, and as I hold her

Ceremonial Castings - The ghost of alice lyrics

Alice The Night Awaits! My Sweet Alice, The Age Of Seven Taken From Her Life, Now Would Be Eleven Upon Her Stone She Waits For Me To Be Her Eyes, To Do Her Deeds Tonight I Kill For Alice The Path Of Death I Pave Tonight I Kill For Alice So She May Br

Necrophobic - The throne of souls possessed lyrics

the darkness Enrich us thy inner secrets Share your ancient wisdom Arise from the hidden past Guide the path through storms of fire Where angels lie devoured In trust we speak thy name This is the night of sins Let the flames caress our souls Under the spell so

Senses Fail - The importance of the moment of death lyrics

was so tired of being alone I was so tired of listening to the chorus in my head Telling myself I wasn’t good enough to be happy or proud or loving to myself What kind of life is that to lead? Finding the courage to open up my heart finally let me f***ing breathe

Pinkly Smooth - The body of death of the man with the body of.. lyrics

lover look into my eyes The only things that make you wanna die. And oh you will And little songs and other things are gone Insane, I'm sure there's never been a one And all the whispers in your dream It's on your waking face, a morning you wil

Behexen - By the blessing of satan lyrics

lyrics not available] [lyrics not available] [lyrics not available] [lyrics not available] [lyrics not available

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - By the gates of moria lyrics

Guardian Battalions Of Fear By The Gates Of Moria - [ instrumental ]

The Hellacopters - By the grace of god lyrics

girl, you'll land it. You've got supplies if they demand it. You've got the looks, and the glamour, Cut by the chisel and beat by the hammer. They're naive so they'll believe it, and they will act like dogs when they recieve it. Through the darkness, and the haze, a straight

Little Richard - By the light of the silvery moon lyrics

the light of the silvery moon, I want to spoon, to my honey I'll croon love's tune, Honeymoon keep a shining in June, Your silvery beams will bring love dreams, we'll be cuddling soon By the light of the moon. By the light of the silvery moon, I wanna spo

Nomy - By the edge of god lyrics

really tried it now* To stand this life But now you don't need to It's really hurting me When i think of you I'm waiting for answers So i ask you My savior What do you want from me now Because i gave all To keep her You put me here just to fall

Savatage - By the grace of the witch lyrics

in the darkness lonely and scared you're in fear of your life deadly witch's crystal sensing your fears my spell is cast on you my little dear do you feel you're captured by the grace of the witch do you feel you're captured by the grace of the

Bombshell Rocks - By the blink of an eye lyrics

I get this creeping fear I don't know where to, where to go from here Everything seems like a waste of time It's so frustrating Everything comes in a rhyme Well I'm used to feeling blue Now it's time I pay my bills It's time I pay my dues Oh o

David Crosby - By the light of common day lyrics

the light of common day Things look different Than they did in the starlit dark The dark was warm and clouded It was easy to deceive yourself And those around you in the work To say the craziness and pain The spreading of the stain is Exactly where

Gateway Worship - By the grace of god lyrics

1 By the grace of God alone Heaven'€™s Son has come to me Through the Cross, my sins are gone He died the Lamb and rose the King VERSE 2 Sing for joy and celebrate Dance with those who once were lame Deaf ears hear them as they sing I have been healed in Jesus’ nam

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - By the grace of god lyrics

27, surviving my return of Saturn A long vacation didn’t sound so bad Was full of secrets, locked up tight like Iron Mountain Running on empty, so out of gas Thought I wasn’t enough Found I wasn’t so tough Laying on the bathroom floor We were living on a fault line

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - By the grace of god (acoustic) lyrics

27 surviving my return of Saturn A long vacation didn’t sound so bad Was full of secrets locked up tight like iron mountain Running on empty so out of gas Thought I wasn’t enough Found I wasn’t so tough Layin’ on the bathroom floor We were living on a fault line And I felt the

Satan's Host - By the hands of the devil lyrics

the eyes of history One voice has stood defiant Descendant of Sumerian blood The Dark Lord, the Devil Deviant, who stands in defiance Sinister Black hearted infamous One world in revolution By the thorns of anarchy Exposing History’s lies To those who are brave enough Di

Jona Selle - By the grace of god (katy perry) lyrics

27 surviving my return to saturn A long vacation didn't sound so bad Was full of secrets locked up tight like iron mountain Running on empty, so out of gas Thought I wasn't enough Found I wasn't so tough Laying on the bathroom floor We were living on a fault lin

George Strait - By the light of a burning bridge lyrics

I've been stumblin' through the darkness, Tryin' to feel the ground beneath my feet Afraid of movin' much in any direction, Stuck where the past and the future meet But I... Chorus: Finally got my first good look, A little fire is all it took And as the fla

Graveworm - By the grace of god lyrics

one day Black shadows darkened the light Destruction of harmony The horsemen began the sentenced In the name of god A battle against godless tribe A dreadful pact Lost a thousand innocent souls A sea of blood was the price What they must pay for their life Swords of st

In The Woods - By the banks of pandemonium lyrics

urged for a walk in the garden on a tranquil Dawn in June The silence caused by man himself And chaos by the moon The snake was dragged In leather black - as draped in common conscience Aestethically he crawled away from a neighborhood Of nonsen

Sahg - By the toll of the bell lyrics

you walk through the cold wind and shadow And you want to be free of it Open your eyes The veil breaks Crushes all your hopes that you'll ever be free again If you search for good signs of tomorrow For an omen of hopefulness See through the lie

Kroda - By the hammer of spirit and identity of blood.. lyrics

is not like in Ancient times now – Why all is sorrowful and begrimed?.. Why the Ancestral Wisdom lost; Why the Blood Brotherhood forgotten is?.. Alas, all the Truth was gone, Truth was gone and the false arose!.. Clouds are gathered, covered the Sky, Ghastly impendi

Manowar - The blood of the kings mmxiv lyrics

the battle is raging Choose your side Sing with us the Battle Hymns Into Glory Ride Hail To England The Sign Of The Hammer's our guide Forever we're Fighting The World Side by side On a crusade The world we bring Four kings of metal Four metal king

Demonical - March for victory lyrics

night is cold, silent and wide as we head towards the core side by side we are all pounding on guided by a burning torch deep across the open fields destroy and ruin is our call we bring the fury from the north embrace the storm of raging flames fro

Manowar - The blood of the kings lyrics

the battle is raging Choose your side Sing with us the BATLE HYMS INTO GLORY RIDE HAIL TO ENGLAND THE SIGN OF THE HAMMER's our guide Forever we're FIGHTING THE WORLD Side by side On a crusade The world we bring Four Kings of Metal Four Metal Kings Death to

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - March Ör die lyrics

beast behind our eyes is loose, The day has come, the day has come, We march to Armageddon, hungry for the war I see the hated enemy, I see what I was taught to see And one of us will bend the knee We understand the law The blood lust jerks our legs to

Reverend Bizarre - The children of doom lyrics

children of Doom. Doom's children. Ready to die for their master. The pilgrimage of pain. The call of death incites them to march faster. Perplexed servants of the Snake Lord, seeking for the truth of their souls. Carrying the Fangs of the Serpent, to kill

Erasure lyricsErasure - The soldier's return lyrics

the years go by They stole your man off to war Will you see the child As you sing battle songs And it pains me To think of the soldier's plight I will pray For your heart to guide you home And she cries for the soldier's return Despair of feeling alone for

Diabolical - The gallery of bleeding art lyrics

Welcome to the gallery of bleeding art Where I create pain on the canvas of death Just close your eyelids - the torture comes from within In this realm of mine the revenge can begin In a blackened place within me Where reason is eclipsed by rage

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