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Malinga Mafia Weh Me Living Lyric lyrics

Browse for Malinga Mafia Weh Me Living Lyric song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Malinga Mafia Weh Me Living Lyric lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Malinga Mafia Weh Me Living Lyric.

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Vybz Kartel - Gal a weh me do you lyrics

Vybz Kartel:] Whe yaah seh [Shebba:] Suppose mi sleep wid yuh best fren Den wid yuh enemy Have a yute fi yuh uncle Tell mi how yuh woulda feel [Vybz Kartel:] Stop right deh so [Chorus: Vybz Kartel] Gyal a weh mi do yuh mek yuh do mi dat Gy

Eddy Grant - Living on the front line lyrics

oh yeah Mmm, oh yeah Mmm, alright Oh you got me Living on the front line Oh you got me mama Living on the front line Oh mama You gonna mourn me in the wrong time Oh you got me mama You gonna mourn me on the front line They got me living on top of my e

Dan Hartman - Living in america lyrics

up! Ow! Knock you out, yeah Superhighways, coast to coast Easy takin' anywhere On the transcontinental overload Just slide behind the wheel, how does it feel (When there's no destination) That's too far And somewhere on the way You mi

Devilment - Living with the fungus lyrics

is parasitic, pathogenic; a cage Departing then absorbing the brain That is engaged It came to visit in a physical stage Before the spores lay dormant Now they leap off the page When imposters walk among us Am I living with the fungus You're sucking the life from me A

Dan Bull - Mafia ii rap lyrics

Verse 1] Yeah, I'm Vito Sceleta When it comes to being a G there's no one better I'm a vet straight fresh out of Operation Husky Put my life on the line but the state doesn't trust me I came out of Italy, specifically Sicily 'Til I shipped in with the immigrants to the Big C

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - Mafia lyrics

gonna get ya The bad boys arrest ya. They gonna get ya yeah, yeah Oh, oh! They gonna get ya The bad boys arrest ya. They gonna get ya yeah, yeah, yeah, oh, oh Give you a lecture, In group terminate ya Give you a lecture, yeah, yeah, oh, oh Give you a lecture

Candy Mafia - Mafia lyrics

Nett] Hey You Know, What’s The Candy Mafia ? Haha, Check This Sounds, Common ! Let's Go !! C-Mafia Hey Hey, Sounds So Clear, Break It Down [Bambam] yaak dteuan ter hai rap fang Taa ter yang mai roo Waa taew nee na chan doo Lae koi kum yoo na [Nune] aat mee pai maa teu

Vybz Kartel - Weh dat fah lyrics

Intro:] Hey Lang? A wah do di Girly God? ! True how mi bloodclaat bad Mi a must know God cau Selassie a mi fadda Bwoy how yuh go a tell seh yuh name Gully God go SUCK YUH MODDA! HEY! [Chorus:] Weh dat fah? ! Weh dat fah? ! Yuh a call man fag when mi f*** yuh

Vybz Kartel - Weh di gal lyrics

have the style, the shape, the face mi want The tightness on di waist mi want Ya bumper round like bass guitar Dem gal dey can't come face ya car Mi gyal you a goodas, mi gyal you a goodas, mi gyal you a goodas, goodas Dem gal haffi weh, weh, weh, weh,

Mavado - Weh dem a do lyrics

Intro:] Gangsta fa life Real bakkle is on Anyway gangsta fa life Anyway [Chorus: x2] Weh dem a do weh dem a try Marrow wi fly into di sky Gun mi nuh barrow mi money buy A bwoie wi die (Marrow wi fly) [Verse 1:] Anyway mi nuh tek talk sen bwoie body

Vybz Kartel - Weh dem feel like lyrics

Intro:] Hey rhyno a baby strength dem have, gal strength alone dem have Grants Pen line up di car dem and di bike and mek we run in pon dem tonight [Chorus:] A weh dem feel like, dem skin too tough fi bleed Puzzle up mi gun inna jeffery hype Mek we step like a centipede and tek

Shaggy - Follow me lyrics

massive and crew Can't you follow doberman, the original dogamuffin Shagsman Man, watch this rude bwoy Well everything weh Shaggy do crowd of people follow me Everything weh me a do posse them a follow me Everything weh me a do the New York people fo

Azrael - Mafia lyrics

verde el color. Todos sabemos bien; musica venden haciendo del arte su papel. Controlando las mentes, contando billetes en el sillon de tu despacho estas muy bien. Alli te cogeria, rajaria tu cara te crees Dios, el Rey, me la vas a comer cacho cabron

Derdian - Mafia lyrics

He said... the cigarette This makes us mark fly... on the affair He pushes a lot from the ... The power goes power to race our little band Our tentacles crawl in the force of the law, the parliament So ideal is the time, takes me ... Move your post, every hope, w

Kelis - Mafia ft. markita lyrics

Markita] Somebody made me an offer and I accepted Forever in debted to weapon Love, honor, and respected But his image was different than what his character reflected Word is he's seven-thirty his hands never dirty All I know this so called psycho never hurt me Took me

Juicy J - Mafia niggaz lyrics

Juicy J:] Yea all these motherf***ers out here talkin' that motherf***in' shit Let me guess what you is my nigga, seeeeee! [Repeat] (Nigga we don't give a f*** 'cause we don't f*** with'cha kind) [Verse 1: Juicy J] Once we drop, see you on the block W

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Mafia island lyrics

we sailed Over the storm whipped, jade-green sea On Chephren's barge to Mafia island We broke coral and drank whiskey In the glowing heat And the sunsail slattered in the wind Like beserk machine guns And the girls from the bar They were bath

Devendra Banhart - Me and andy singing el rio lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Sean Paul - Dont tease me lyrics

yuh clothes dem fit pon yuh body when yuh walk in gyal yuh body fit keep it talkin' to me girl back it up to me pokin' me nuh deal wih di ol' skylockin' (yuh see me girl) one ting me nuh shoutin' haffi gih gyal di leg keep di leg dem partin' hea

Eddie Cochran - Mafia 2 ost: c'mon everybody - eddie cochran .. lyrics

c'mon everybody and let's get together tonight I got some money in my jeans and I'm really gonna spend it right Been a doin' my homework all week long now the house is empty the folks are gone Ooo C'mon everybody Well my baby's number one but

Sean Paul - She want me lyrics

yeah Gal just waan me get close and she want me deal with her case, Late at night when it lonely, she say she waan feel my embrace [Chorus:] Gal say she want me, she want me, she want me She call S.P. fi come start the party, and she want me, she want me she wa

Rick Ross - "mafia music" lyrics

got a feelin nigga wit it ? and my money be da root. Look up at da stars, she like "Honey where da roof?" Pull up in a Dawes ?, canaries ? dey go on roof, Even once had a job pourin tar up on da roof. Dat boy had it hard, no facade it's

Diary Of Dreams - Weh: mut lyrics

lässt sie nur verschwinden die Gesichter dieser Welt? Wer nimmt ihnen die Seele? Es ist ihr Leben, das uns fehlt Wir suchen überall und dennoch tauchen sie nicht auf Ihr Fehlen reisst die Narben immer ewig wieder auf Wie nur soll ich an Dich denken oh

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Lyric officer lyrics

do you have to force yourself with power and control Why do you have to live your life playing up a role Intimidating people with your wall of sight and sound You and your kind destroy our underground All the happiness you destroy All the brutal tactics that you always emply All

Buju Banton - Me & oonu lyrics

Gringo! Hand me my pistolero, and while your at it, get me my sombrero As warrior this means war Some bwoy a violate, straighten dem out Gargamel It cannot be staright on pen and paper, it gots to be major This year a mi and oonu mi and oonu bongo cart This yea

Collie Buddz - Brush me lyrics

ya no Na na no Yeah ya noooo Whappen sugar pie sweetie come brush me Me love d style where ya bring it come touch me Gi you anyting ah fill ya life full of luxury Ya ready anytime gal come rush me Yeh So whappen sugar pie sweetie come b

Alex Goot - Living addiction lyrics

a fool would change himself for a girl that lets him down, oh only a fool would take a chance a love that could never last and now I sit here on my own and dream of a girl that I used to know I can't take her off my eyes again 'cause she's my living addiction I know I'

Laura Branigan - Living a lie lyrics

ve been callin' and there's no answer Now you're wondering why How'd you get in this situation? Now it's your turn to cry You're living a lie, you're wasting your time Caught in a dream, you're living a lie You're living a lie, you're wasting your time Caught in

Cheap Sex - Living in fear lyrics

out my window i watch the sun go down. all day and night no one is around my body is numb and my mind filled with fear i never thought the war would come here! [Chorus:] living, living, living, living in fear we're living, living, living in fear

Frightened Rabbit - Living in colour lyrics

in colour, living in colour, I can see the paint on your toes, Living in colour Even in the blackout, I know I am floating, I, I am floating, With my eyes closed, with no sails I am soaking, I am weathered by the Winter of Mixed drinks Am I danc

Living In A Box - Living in a box lyrics

up this morning Closed in on all sides, nothing doing I feel resistance as I open my eyes Someone's fooling I've found a way to break through This cellophane line 'Cause I know what's going on In my own mind Am I living in a box Am I living

Angus & Julia Stone - Living on a rainbow lyrics

will lead us when our faith is all but gone who will be the light when daylight doesnt come Who will be the ones to sacrifice their souls who will be the men to live just for love I've been living on a rainbow I was living on a rainbow I've been living on

Marc Anthony - Living in a strange world lyrics

all take chances, tormenting chances fighting letting go Not knowing what tomorrow brings hour to hour, day by day We pray someday we'll find a place to stay but darkness never ends for us Living in a strange world crying living in a strange world Sying trying to prot

Axxis - Living in a dream lyrics

ve got a job - but I don't care I've got a dream - I've walked on air Was so impressed - by Kiss and Queen And here I stand - still in the scene I'm still alive - survived - as for my life I truly can say I'm alive Like living in a dream - we rock th

Exciter - Living evil lyrics

comes from nowhere He can burn like the sun He's in your dreams and in the souls of everyone He'll walk the water And come down from the sky I think we're doomed,he's coming for you and I I sense the anger I feel his heart poundin' Here he comes

Robin Gibb - Living in another world lyrics

in another world, living in another world I had a special dream tonight, I heard an angel call I kissed a girl from India, I saw the China wall If men are men and mice are blind, they'll never see the sun And if the sun should go away, I'll find another one

Hutchinson Eric - Living in the afterlife lyrics

gets lost inside itself Flash back now as someone else Playback your life in the blink of an eye Is this what you were supposed to be like Take a picture Take a picture Take a picture Take a picture of yourself And say good-bye to the old you Now you're living in the af

Racer X - Living the hard way lyrics

s over Your problem won the fight Forget it You gotta take it light It's easy Just push them all way Only dreamers Try to make gold from clay You keep on taking chances with your back against the wall Hurdle after hurdle you're still giving it your all Living the hard way

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Living for tomorrow lyrics

still living for tomorrow I´m living for today Let´s make this world A better place to live Stop to take Start to give Love´s got the power To get it done To stop the pain Of a killing gun And even if you say We´re gonna die today I´m still living for tomorrow I

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Living on the wildside lyrics

was early in the morning, the sun rises in the sky The place you'd filled is empty, I don't understand why The memories are coming, all slowly on my mind We searched for hope and glory, for the things we couldn't find Remember the feelings we had

Oar - Living in the end lyrics

operator on the side of the road A million dollar man in a lower class home Chopping trees for needs of a spiritual kind Forever getting lower while he tried to be high He was an early morning, evil eyeing fool from afar He's barely getting over forget get

A Flock Of Seagulls - Living in heaven lyrics

tell me how does it feel You're in the end of your time No future no past No reason no rhyme All you friends will arise So you have nothing to tell And you think your desires So may happen How does it feel How does it feel You got your head in the clouds

Accept lyricsAccept - Living for tonite lyrics

on the run Where you are going, what you are doing Looking just for fun Love the twilight, love the dark Rats - are all around And I am waiting for a head Take what you want And if you need it take it now Guess it will be just alright I'm living f

Buddy Guy - Living proof lyrics

had no money, I had no clothes I had no shelter from the bitter cold When you're too weak to walk, He'll carry you through I'm living proof When you're down to your last dime You ain't got no hope or peace of mind Just say a prayer, He'll listen to you I'm liv

Good Weather Forecast - Living for you lyrics

for you living for you living for you living for you living for you living for you living for you living for you living for

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Living on the edge lyrics

Music: Grosskopf, lyrics: Grosskopf] He was a guy who had no education He never learned to love and now he hates society He never had somebody who would listen He never had a friend that he could talk to when he's down He has to suffer mental discomp

Jadde - Living to love you lyrics

for all my life Don't you know that it's true I'm living to love you So baby don't think twice If you feel what I feel Trust your heart and do what I do 'Cause I'm living to love you Jag sitter här och blundar, tänker efter pĺ igĺr när du lĺg här brevid mig och jag smekte ditt

Silent Force - Living to die lyrics

never learned to read or write But he wouldn’t tell Though he was a close friend of mine I didn’t know him too well Jimmy was a millionaire, he didn’t need to tell I saw him just from time to time, but this is over But then in the end we are all the same We’re dust

George Strait - Living and living well lyrics

a nice little life A little boat a little beach A little routine I liked A blue ocean view Free to go with the flow Anywhere that I wanted to But the moment you set foot on my shore That's when I knew There's a difference in Living and living well Y

5th Dimension - Living together growing together lyrics

james) Start with a man and you have one. Add on a woman and then you have two. (james & chorus) Add on a child and what have you got? You've got more than three. You've got what they call a family. (chorus) Living together, growing together,

Ace Of Base - Living in danger lyrics

for yourself Its a wonderful thing You can do what you want You can live in a dream Get up, get in, get the rhythm, get down You're living your life in peace and in harmony You're making your own decisions That's how its got to be for you and me so many

Axxis - Living in a world lyrics

is growing in their veins Flashlights cold eyes Back to the start Take a coin for your game The game sucks your luck Press all buttons down to play Like a drug - like a derailing train Falling in the trap of these games Living in a world of shame and glory Liv

Baltimora - Living in the background lyrics

ve come out of hiding by and by (Been all alone) Cause I've been immobilized for so long (On my own) Slowly emerging from the dark (It's just day by night) I feel like I've wasted so much time I've been Living in th

Blaze Bayley - Living someone else's life lyrics

I lay down and close my eyes I start to feel that there is something wrong. Now i just don't feel myself This is not where I belong. Questioning my mental health, I find I live a life that's not mine! Living someone else's life, I'm living someone else's life, I see through so

Burt Bacharach - Living together, growing together lyrics

James) Start with a man and you have one. Add on a woman and then you have two. (James & Chorus) Add on a child and what have you got? You've got more than three. You've got what they call a family. (Chorus) Living Together, Growing Together, just being together, that's how i

Chastain - Living in a dreamworld lyrics

years ago it seemed too late Where am I now Where will I be Living in a dreamworld Reality's no more I guess I'd better get going Living in a dreamworld War is at the fence You know right You're just another bird Living in a dreamworld Reality's no mo

Cryonic - Living on the road lyrics

of ready for the road Motor started on the road Take my jake and coke Wheels of steel riding rockers van Always on the road till the break of dawn Show after show We are Living on the road (road) What have you been told we never rest Living on the road (

David Shankle Group - Living for nothing lyrics

FOR NOTHING Music by David Shankle Lyrics by Dennis Hirschauer Passing by your dream Blaming all that you see Living for nothing Living a nothing So I’ll make it end in never Not far for you to go Living for nothing Living a nothing A

Funeral Mist - Living temples lyrics

forth! Kings shall fall...down before him, as the blood stiffens, His praise all people sing: Spill forth thine respendence! and let thy rampant Glory flow, piercing light on blindness pour, making us living temples of Thy Word. Living temples, livi

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