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Maria Mena - Self-fulfilling prophecy lyrics

hosts I expected him to have the answers I thought I taught ... he fears me like a ghost Self-fulfilling prophecy you're the only garented loyalty in this

In Fear And Faith - Self fulfilling prophecy lyrics

Striving for victory over the rest I won't play adversary ... arms I'm scouring through these lessons burned into my mind ... is out of reach What was the motive behind the end of time

Intervals - The self surrendered lyrics

one song, one pulse In the core that binds them To take ... them forward Free of self and identity The nameless ... can live painlessly There's no harm in knowing what the future brings To know that

Demon Hunter - The world is a thorn lyrics

gavel has fallen, along with the rest. Are we expected to ... settle for this? Bring us the plague, lead us away. ... ash of today. Can't you see the fabric of our standards

Lamb Of God - The number six lyrics

is the enemy of greatness ... about Drag you to your end The number six Leviathan. You ... to be cut out Sweet slander the razor to your throat Trim the fat A loose end to be tied

Cage - The trigger effect lyrics

when it came they thought the safeguards remained oh no! They knew that others had told them so Anarchy in the streets ... begins to grow The blackness made all our morals

Morgana Lefay - Madness lyrics

uses my eyes to make me see The world in a twisted reality ... The power of madness Is tearing down my mind ... Into the darkness of fools Where ... shadows lurk and madness rules Madness, madness, madness Madness is tearing down my

Elton John lyricsElton John - Madness lyrics

is set and checked once more Then left beside a back street ... door And in the cold grey light Someone sees ... a shadow run through the night and out of sight They

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Madness lyrics

me Yeah Cry, cry when there's something to cry about ... cry baby, but don't drown in the sadness I'ts madness don't ... to explain Don't take away the pain It's impossible to save

Muse lyricsMuse - Madness lyrics

mad) x4 I.... I can't get these memories out of my mind ... and some kind of madness  has started to evolve, mmm. ... you go,  but some kind of madness  is swallowing me whole,

Sirensceol - The method to madness lyrics

the method to madness) (the method to madness) (the method to madness) (the

G.b.h. - The seed of madness lyrics

and your vision blurred, the teasing torture when anger is ... spurred. When the bats in your belfry won't let ... of us, catch me if I fall. The seed of madness, the seed of madness. It's in your body, a

Ad Hominem - Invocation of madness / the art of schizophre.. lyrics

illusions Wisdom versus madness such a mental inquisition ... This is the art of schizophrenia They

Dew-scented - Out of the self lyrics

all emotions just to see what there is left Retaliation, ... thorns of the soul Inner souls of anger ... just to go unheard Out of the self Now... Perceive to

Rpwl - The fisherman lyrics

Part 1) So strange the human world, so strange the ... is what I'm throwing far into the world taste that honey of my ... as a mountain We shall be the bridge over the valleys of

Capharnaum - The scourge trial lyrics

bleeds it feeds it kills, on the scourge of your life It ... feeds it kills, aftermath of the knife I feel it will be this ... no longer mine Feasting on the blood of self, perpetual

Glorior Belli - Severed from the self lyrics

delight, the spirit bends Still this body ... never breathed. Affected glimpses, ... can compare. Though as the crack subsides, and dies the self within, An atrocious pain

Fractal Gates - Beyond the self lyrics

stains the nightfall Bright rays, ... or real, it's not clear But the scare drills inside of me ... my motions And drag me to the clouds An arcane source of

Candiria - The obvious destination lyrics

ONE downcast of shadows the self denied the self denied ... pure volatile dripping from the cracks that keep you lost in ... parables convulsions of the epileptic kingdoms that

Dark Empire - The crimson portrait lyrics

from the dark you came to me Like a ... and distant state And as the final curtain falls Do you ... contemplate the role you played and stole? ... [Chorus:] Prepare the stage And play your own

Dj Mad Dog - The memory disappears lyrics

Go... Go! Promise to smack me! Go! Go... Promise to smack me! Go! [2x] Promise to smack my.. [..] tech nine You may have overcome one of my ...

Draconian - The cry of silence lyrics

with sorrow... Bleak inner self touched by pride, devoured ... with pain! Holding myself back in suspicion... and ... lingering in the dust... the dust of my abandoned remains.

Gutter Sirens - The enchanted place lyrics

land of eternal blizzards In the valley of the whispers of ... My thoughts live during the night They surround me They whirl in the vortex of ... dreams here and there Calmness is the blessing

Scar Symmetry - The missing coordinates lyrics

psi-experiment to seek out the enemy Unleashed abilities ... obscured within the self Trace the site, start to ... seek signal lines, go through the grid and back again And then I'm finding the withering

Cattle Decapitation - The earthling lyrics

black A species, a disease The planet earth has fleas A ... host to mites burrowing in the sores of Oil ducts, glands; ... crabs take a stab at the dermis And underlying flab

Sinister - The living sacrifice lyrics

remain Existence, trial of the upper hell Obedience ... exhuming bodies from the earth An eye for an eye ... makes the world blind The self indulgent, now tangled in

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The fall of the house of usher lyrics

Edgar:] And then I had a vision [Roderick ... and soundless day for autumn The leaves have lost their autumn ... glow and the clouds seem oppressive with their drifting finery

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - The almighty lyrics

your master, cause I know the depths of your soul I saw ... You are to weak to lead yourself You never learned to think! ... You call yourself as humans But you are only

Cavalera Conspiracy - The crucible lyrics

crucible... The crucible... The tribal ... begins, hang the witch Spectral examination, ... crucial confession Madness! The floodgates are opened ... Salem witch trials 1692 The whole city under voodoo

Dj Mad Dog - The core lyrics

was reminiscing about back in the days man And then you see ... how the [...] has some good times ... bro But still, I remember the days that timetables and

Nocturnal Rites - The vision lyrics

through the darkness the vision of life then tell me ... wake up it will be for real The feeling is real and so is the ... Wherever you go it'll be the same You cant believe you

Abigail Williams - The world beyond lyrics

into this infinity for as the last glow of the sun sets i ... feel an affinity towards the unity between mankind and ... his divinity And the y shall live out there lives

Abominant - The ecstasy of sufferance lyrics

the war I come. The new king of this kingdom. A ... new beginning has begun. The time is now for everyone. I ... pain. Feel my wrath and see the flame. You live for my lies.

Artension - The wind and the rain lyrics

hard to breath Feels like they’re closing in on me So many ... city's haunting me I hear the wind and the rain, they want ... ease my pain Save me from myself Oh the wind and the rain

Atlantean Kodex - The atlantean kodex lyrics

arise Five keepers hold the keys To unlock the gate of ... dreams Behind the wall of sleep Where ... lies in wait Behold the Urkraft, behold the sacred ... force We strike with the wrath of the rightful We

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

stands forever, alone in the sea Of rock and of sand and ... grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - ... Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. 'Tis the

From Our Hands - The noise lyrics

the fire burn the self-control Tell me are you ... my personality I’ve lost myself I’ve lost my sanity I don’t ... want to be found Call the doctor call an ambulance

Kublai Khan - The gift of blood lyrics

my life This is one for the ones who are unsung One ... believe it Witness my brother Kris His son Ryder James ... and enlightens me I’m the lucky one For all the self

A Wilhelm Scream - The pool lyrics

room's new carpet, and the walls' apartment hue add to the visitor feeling I'm used to. ... The morning window's freezing ... wakes me up. Wasting air to the falling light. Angel, you

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The gray race lyrics

framework of the world is black and white the infrastructure builders flex ... by one we all fall down The gray race shrivels trapped ... inside the world it creates it's black

Demon Hunter - The wrath of god lyrics

at the voice inside Dig a deeper ... tomb and all the self can finally resonate, ... resonate, resonate Tread on the path of pride You can be the ... god and let the faith become your enemy,

Depresy - The antichrist's philosophy lyrics

From deepest shadows of the waste swamps By the eyes of ... whitebeard to the espied space, Oasis of ... Not everybody can enter to the hall of infrequent Where is

Abraham - The great dismemberment lyrics

and nailed to... Nailed to the floor - a raping ground, ... again and again, Assailing the shell Needles in my eyes ... an animal Again assailing the shell, Again and again until

Cattle Decapitation - The carbon stampede lyrics

at our faces Predators of the self and ecologically ... everything Pale horse on the horizons The blood of ... billions staining the scythe Manufactured eventuality

Dark Tranquillity - The wonders at your feet lyrics

descending Smear our names, the stains unending Turn ... forgiveness With the lens distorted Crush the ... Famine in our heart Bring up the silence louder Eradicate the

Evergrey - The shocking truth lyrics

of a superior culture out there] [they come from ...god ... space] [maybe from some other dimension of existence...] ... All the battles that I've fought and

Fractal Gates - The experiment lyrics

Far from Earth Lost in the Abyss Plague from Hell ... Sole in the Unseen Raped from Her ... Slight in the Mighty Far from Sun, we ... lurk Here Evil and myself A pain came from nowhere

Funeral - The architecture of loss lyrics

have passed since I heard the word There is not much time ... so I put on this mask Yet the burden of death is a heavy ... From a friendly man in white The being that is my essence

Kilmara - The break up lyrics

waiting for my dear you know the door is over here just leave ... the keys on the self Refr.: I decide the time ... still on my neck I spoke the words and won´t take them

Dilated Peoples - The shape of things to come lyrics

y'all" [Iriscience] The only thing constant is change ... with that....its the shape of things to come Yo ... I'm the open-est emotions I'm a ... A crystal clean lake Yo the essence of skin The form of

Fallen Angels - The gates of irony lyrics

loom our impending doom The Hippocratic oath of man ... Blood flows free, the religious in our hands To ... pray is the way or else die today The ... stones that they cast Backed by fools,

Immortal Technique - The martyr lyrics

my head and make me a Martyr The people will always remember ... it “No. They will forgetâ€& ... Immortal Technique - Verse 1] The point of guerilla war, is not

Prince - The holy river lyrics

s go down 2 the holy river If we drown then ... be delivered U can still see the picture upon the wall One ... staring at nothing at all The other one trying 2 focus

Root - The birth lyrics

the dark Vagina of the Space Penis of the Life ... Frantic Sperm hitting...... The ovaries of Black Holes. ... Along the spiral of Time Germs rush ... Devouring deadly Wisdom Of the icy Infinite Emerald eyes of

Alghazanth - The phosphorescent lyrics

who were lifted from the moral swamp of man stand ... that melted into creeks the shackles 'round our limbs The blazing light of Satan with ... passion we adore as there is not an emblem of wisdom

Alghazanth - The way of the scales lyrics

voice is fire and the wind is my herald Watch the ... burn as I start to howl There's a sense of loss in its ... from what weighs us down The quintessence of the thirst

Evoken - The unechoing dread lyrics

explanation. Terrified by the veiled strife that torments the thoughtless mind, all ... consequence flows through these veins; I will not repent, ... but destroy. Derision of the innocent, sparing of the soul

Fractal Gates - The sign lyrics

tries to drain my soul Am i the one insane? a call from ... above follow the delphian skies ! blood ... rains the birth of our fall fatality ... death (the) only observancy bow to

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The raven lyrics

nearly napping Suddenly there came a tapping As of some ... flowing once more I, there hoping for some sunrise ... my chamber door Seeking out the clever bore Lost in dreams

Pro-pain - The new reality lyrics

with the self deprecation We get it, your ... and vile and so... where is the anger, where is the rage? ... Where are the people the systems enraged? Where is the hope for brighter pastures they promised to send us for life

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