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Janis Ian - Dont leave tonight lyrics

to see We've wasted our time And now you believe it's the ... to hear it so cold No time like today For yesterday's ... When all our parades come apart at their seems But

Ashanti - Don't leave me alone lyrics

it if you had your way with me, cuz I just... Cant get ... You do the things I need to me so much, I dont wanna let ... you leave, I dont wanna go, So... dont leave me alone [x3] Ooooooo Now if

Naomi King - Don't leave me lyrics

its soaking through Tell me why youre not by my side I ... to know youre everything to me I want you to know I want ... I want you to know Please dont leave Please dont leave me

Mew Mew Power Opening - Dont wake me up lyrics

hear you calling. I've dreamed a million dreams since we ... first met. When you came along, And tought me how to ... if i'm wrong! Don't wake me up! (dont wake me) And tell

Hanoi Rocks - Dont you ever leave me lyrics

t you ever leave me baby, don't you ever leave me ... now don't you ever leave me baby, if you leave me you ... will kill me now the lights are slowly ... going down, out on Times Avenue and me, i'm all

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Dont tell me you want to lyrics

you say its not your time yet, when is the perfect time for you just let me go, ... tell me im not the one for you tell me you found someone else in

Nica Alin - Dont leave lyrics

this way You tried to show me the way to make it right ... I feel How I feel every time I wake up all alone in my ... when the moon Shines above me so sad, so sad You gonna

Lovher - Dont leave lyrics


Lee Ben - Dont leave lyrics

you resent me If I said that I'd miss you ... And would you hate me If I wanted to kiss you And ... would you love me If I was stoic And if I ... it's still hard to watch you leave So don't leave me please

Arsenium - Leave me alone lyrics

tonight ? Don’t you need someone to hold you tight ? Who ... my love and you won’t miss me... I will hide my feelings ... deep inside Somewhere in the beatings of my

Gatecrasher - Dont bring me down lyrics

find myself Could you help me now? I just want to find ... to find myself Won´t you leave me now? (Please come and ... never leave me) Fill me with love Don´t you bring me

Hard Target - Leave me alone lyrics

leave me alone (x4) Why don’t you leave me alone? If you never came ... And I say! Why don’t you leave me alone? If you never came ... Stress of my life seem to leave when im next to the light

Foghat - Dont run me down lyrics

woman, all's she did was run me down, She changed our love ... Now I've been hurt so many times, but I guess I'll never ... that woman, please don't ask me why, We can make it if we

Celtic Folk - Dont call me early in the morning lyrics

t Call Me Early In The Morning ... C G Chorus: Don't call me early in the morning, ... G D Call me what you want to but leave me

Deep Purple - Dont make me happy lyrics

but space No sign of any message gone without a trace ... I'm sinking in Waste my time, drink my wine, take my money ... to be funny Don't make me good Don't make me mad

New Edition - Leave me lyrics

know it comes as no suprise, that I.... am ... two, I start feelin' blue Somethin' that I gotten used to ... But lately.. I must admit Times have been been hard Put a

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Dont let me die lyrics

Dear God, bring our P-O-Ws home And our brothers on lockdown ... home AMEN!!! [Jay-Z] JEAH !!! Back ... get out ya good dishes or somethin' like it's Thanksgiving

Bellefire - Dont let me down lyrics

me now before I fall Leave me standing with my pride Cause ... I've been broken many times before It really tears you ... Could you be the one To show me how to love Without the pain

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Dont make me hurt ya feeling lyrics

anthem, when you niggaz see me F*** 'em, uh-huh ... I'm on the block, and you see me chillin With that drop-top, ... don't let me hurt ya feelings When I'm

Jane Brooks Project, The - Dont blame me lyrics

sun goes down the same as it did before The roses ... an awful bore So don't blame me Your poetry was never in ... the reason why So don't blame me You weren't as good at

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Dont make me lyrics

look at you You look through me Like I'm not even there I ... want to lose you Don't make me let you go Took such a long ... time For me to find you Don't make me

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Dont pull me over lyrics

t pull me over mister policeman Don ... t pull me over mister policeman ... hurt anyone Don’t pull me over I’ve got mouths to ... feed Don’t pull me over They depend on me

Entitlements - Leave me be (feat. jack nelligan) lyrics

me be, I just need a little time to think About the ... And it only just occured to me I haven't been considerate ... toward the people surrounding me And I beg forgiveness I

Da Brat - Leave me alone (interlude) lyrics

Da Brat] Yo, Dont be talkin' to me about no ... Don't be talkin' to me about shit I don't wanna ... I'm smokin don't f*** with me. See what I'm sayin I don't

Here Comes The Kraken - Dont fail me darko lyrics

here now They gave me a new mission Blood and ... bones that's for sure Obey me I know its wrong I'm ... from the hospital They come for me Once Again

George Strait - Dont make me come over there and love you lyrics

t make me come over there and love you I ... a single Bound Don't make me come over there and love you ... Cause I will right now I dont need any explanation Why I

Jazmine Sullivan - Dont make me wait lyrics

keep the conversation for some other hottie. I got a one ... dates and movies...just come on and hurry! Chorus: ... I just might Bring you home tonight! It goes Left

Bonfire - Dont get me wrong lyrics

wall CHORUS Don't get me wrong I'm on your side Don ... t get me wrong 'cause you are just ... am I just wasting my time - yeah It's like a ... - what you're putting me through can't you forget

Get Up Kids - Dont hate me lyrics

fall asleep assured that someday i'll be comeing home to ... i see the chance of a lifetime... what a great place to be ... oh amy don't hate me for running away from you oh

Global Deejays - Dont stop me now lyrics

..................................... ........................................... .....................................................

New York Dolls - Dont start me talking lyrics

say But don't you start me talkin' I'll tell ev'rything ... this signifyin' Because somebody's gotta go Jackie's ... wife two dollars Gonna get some '?' Because she stepped out

Old Dead Tree, The - Dont wake me up lyrics

know that I'm not popular, Sometimes I go too far. I hate

Islands - Dont call me whitney bobby lyrics

the hidden folds wheres the meat that you eat total boy ... tells me stories sometimes they make me sorry i need ... hidden folds where is the meat that you eat gonna make

Macbeth ( Ita ) - Dont include me in your dreams lyrics

to grey Don’t include me in your dreams I’m dead and ... gone Every single moment dies Never enough And ... Is that all precious time goes by Don’t include me

Skin lyricsSkin - Dont let me down lyrics

too much Is it such a crime To want more than your lust ... right here So don't let me down I've always said I

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Dont blame me lyrics

only fair to say We'd welcome riches down our way No ... The handouts when it came to wealth To education and ... good health The time has come now all can see As seeing

Sarah Bettens - Dont let me drag you down lyrics

it takes some falling down To get back on ... When you see this I don't let me drag you down When you feel ... this way don't let me drag you down I need you to

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Dont fence me in lyrics

give me land, lots of land, and the ... skies above, don't fence me in. Let me ride through the ... that I love, don't fence me in. O let me be by myself in ... the cottonwood trees, Send me off forever but I ask you

The Damned - Dont bother me lyrics

t know you're listening to me But please don't bother me ... Don't bother me You bought this thing so I ... thing I hope won't bother me Won't bother me Your

The Elements - Dont let me down lyrics

struggle A mass of smiles, some try to cry It´s your fault ... trouble Cheer up boy, it´s time to die Cold water is ... your lungs One more time and you´re shaken down But

Joan Jett - Dont abuse me lyrics

band I couldn't get the time of day Now I'm doin' ... Won't show Don't abuse me Now you listen to what I say ... If you're tryin' to use me Why don't you just go away

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Dont shut me out lyrics

t shut me out maybe baby We should ... to talk to you If you tell me just what's weighing on your ... sleep tonight So don't shut me out Don't be so proud don

Kid Rock - Dont tell me u love me lyrics

of the crop They've picked me up And I've watched 'em drop ... by night Baby slow down Let me show you right I sure don't ... hurt no one So, don't tell me you love me Don't tell me

Leverage - Dont keep me waiting lyrics

into emptiness It's taking me away from you If you must ... If love is dying Please let me know Don't keep me waiting ... You say you need some time You say you need to think

Amy Macdonald - Dont tell me that its over lyrics

me why this world is a mess I thought you always tried ... the best Tell me what am I to do, maybe you ... should do it too Tell me why they're sleeping alone

Nickel Creek - Dont fence me in lyrics

t fence me in Oh give me land, lots of land under ... skies above Don't fence me in Let me ride through the ... that I love Don't fence me in Let me be by myself in

Wilson Phillips - Dont take me down lyrics

t Take Me Down 'I love you girl' that's ... it not this time. Ooh, because I know where ... going from here (Don't take me down with you) Chorus Don't

The Runaways - Dont abuse me lyrics

band I couldn't get the time of day Now I'm doin' ... Won't show Don't abuse me Now you listen to what I say ... If you're tryin' to use me Why don't you just go away

Sean Paul - Dont tease me lyrics

body fit keep it talkin' to me girl back it up to me pokin' ... me nuh deal wih di ol' skylockin ... (yuh see me girl) one ting me nuh shoutin' haffi gih gyal

Nina Simone - Dont let me be misunderstood lyrics

you understand me now If sometimes you see I'm mad Doncha ... goes wrong you see some bad Well I'm just a soul ... Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood Ya know sometimes baby I'm so carefree

George Strait - Dont tell me youre not in love lyrics

The way you hold me, the way that you move, Your ... your face. Don't tell me you're not in love, When ... body tells on you each time we touch. You can tell me

Alan Parsons Project - Dont answer me lyrics

if you need to believe in someone, Turn and look behind ... way We gave it up in a moment of madness And threw it ... all away Don't answer me, don't break the silence

Anvil - Dont ask me lyrics

day Please don't you ask me, I have nothing to say? ... Don't ask me for the answer Don't ask me ... push the button? When's the Messiah coming back? Natural

The Click Five - Dont let me go official lyrics

Chorus Don't, don't let me go Don't make me hold on ... won't No don't, don't let me go... I can see the skyline ... it seems to end But always comes again Chorus I'm comin

Deine Lakaien - Dont wake me up lyrics

Next day is almost gone, memories glance inside Listen ... of faith The voice that came one day That day when we ... echo by We will never come back from this flight We are

Hugh Grant - Dont write me off lyrics

never been easy for me To find words to go along ... with a melody But this time there´s actually something, ... awkward lines Since I met you, my whole life has

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Dont call me up lyrics

you But you won't tell me how Lately I'm finding it ... lacerations That jack me up and lay me out flat But ... life away I can't give the game away You just wandered off

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Dont tear me up lyrics

love in a flash It brings me no pleasure, just a stab in ... the back It brings me no comfort, it brings me no ... disease So don't tear me up I don't ever wanna see

Jesse D'lane - Dont tell me lyrics

listen baby Don´t tell me Baby you should know,it is ... time to go your pain for need my ... Ooohh.... R : Don´t tell me,this is not the way that you

Kirko Bangz - Dont push me away lyrics

from 2 different places 2 different worlds Sometimes I ... feel like im talkin to 2 different girls Cuz one day ... shit The next day you text me u stressin and shit U be

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