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Lyriel - Lyriel - prisonworld lyrics

lands, don't exist Cause the unknown will never exist Look behind the ocean It ends at the end of the disk Only a few, suppose more There exists more than our eyes can see But be careful with your words Or faster than the wind You're

Lyriel - Lyriel - day in june lyrics

in the night, I sit in the moonlight I drift to my fairylands The wind feels cold in my hands And I dream of you I know the pictures aren't true I guess I can feel your soul You visit me too Daily I have to remember The day in June, I couldn't

Lyriel - Lyriel - fate of knowless lyrics

to live my life on my own With my folk of the sun I wanne live and have fun I know two elves are looking for me Can't you understand I don't need your love cause I love to be free But they are fighting for me Now it's time to decide for one Say

Lyriel - Lyriel - the singing nightingale lyrics

crying owl, the crying owl Cries a prophecy of storm for all of us The nightingale, the nightingale Is going on to sing her song her evening star Nightingale, don't you know, taciturn You must learn to be and to... ...Show in the eyes of the dangerous night It

Lyriel - Lyriel - the sprint and the flight lyrics

spring begins again to light And so nice is the world, with colors brigth In the fields and hills with leaves of green When leaves burst forth for spring to be seen I'm the dew on the rose in the sun I'm a cloud in the sky and I run Into my dreams, into the sun

Lyriel - Lyriel - there´s a rainbow in the rain lyrics

the window falls rain Some questions I ask me again Which demon torments my soul Near nothing what glitter is gold I fear the time The hungry beast is never satisfied I get loosing my fade to delight While I stand here and fight There's a rainbow in the rain .

Lyriel - Lyriel - lind e-huil lyrics

i ngelaidh pen-anor Û-chirathach'waloth Ir i meigol bem-meigor Û-ortherithach i'oth I suil degir nîr gelib I suil û-degir siniath Tiro, im naer a im ereb Lind e-huil Fuin nin pen-elenath Suilon i suil, hirach gûr dîn? Pedo i suil, henach d

Lyriel - Lyriel - symmetry of disfiguration lyrics

They arrived at home, the land where they were born The woods are all away, around them loneliness The age of trees was older than their roots The...

Lyriel - Lyriel - the croft of the twilight lyrics

light of the secrets in the forest. A lonely light lives behind my closed eyes Someone fight by my side When I cry and and be ... And let my ghost be led by fate With the crown of the twilight The touch of .. The touch inside And the

Lyriel - Lyriel - the jugnement og my harves lyrics

world is cold, the heaven grey, the dark clouds travel faster The frozen wind cut in my face my nose is red With every step I go I hear the snow grates under my shoes Hypnotic is the moving of the little flakes With every step I feel the knife of the cold winter I c

Lyriel - Lyriel - like a feather in the mind lyrics

at me I guess I am Like a feather in the wind Signs and wonders all out there I will seek; I will never come to rest I am leaving now, and this time it is for good Don't waste your time to talk me out of it For I won't cry a tear for you This is not the end it's the b

Lyriel - Lyriel - the regret lyrics

I've searched I was sure it won't take a lifetime to find So I left with words of confidence The angel of revenge was the fellow by my side I held your love right in my hands Along with your vow Turning away for glory and fame Now left me a dying fool Angel of de

Lyriel - Lyriel - another time lyrics

came along He passed your way Did not empathize Time is not over Life's just begun But he won't care I had a feeling deep inside But my mentation thrust aside Don't disavow this Why does it happen all to me Who is the bewildered designee From now on nothings

Lyriel - Lyriel - autumntales lyrics

oh Farewell Sweet dancers in the wind I see you are prepared to come with me The long way home again Farewell, my beloved (Farewell to you) I whisper to a fading flower (I greet your embrace) There's so much life in dying After all this time you can go to sleep (

Lyriel - Lyriel - days of yore lyrics

by Day we can't help growing older Year by year spring did not help to feel young Even the sun is getting cold and colder I've failed you in more ways than one Tonight the evening mists, Find no place to gather Twilight falls, light drops of silent ra

Lyriel - Lyriel - elderberry and lavender lyrics

and lavender Yet in full bloom when we first met In your eyes such a blossom Oh this beauty I'll never forget Sepia-coloured memories nailed Like butterflies in a neatly row And yet preserved for the sweet day When I hear the m crying Help me

Lyriel - Lyriel - enchanted moonlight lyrics

dreams, wild lust, Seduced, and passionately touched You're back, in hope for one kiss In love, cold breath, we're one, In our perspiration You rule my soul, you thaw my skin Console my tears, and be my sin! Where ways begin to separate,

Lyriel - Lyriel - fairyland lyrics

is the kingdom I mean, Where the width never end. Splendid and mighty We all would be imposed. Bewitch me with your touch, And your colored tenderness, Feel the wind and carry me away. Is there a difference, Between a singer and h

Lyriel - Lyriel - foeman´s bride lyrics

like the rose That fell on the floor Near to your toes In days before Black like the night In her ivory tower In her darkest hour All words are so trite Kindred in mind Connate to the core Granded and blessed by his light So he must be the

Lyriel - Lyriel - hijo de la luna lyrics

el que no entienda Cuenta una leyenda Que una hembra gitana Conjuro a la luna hasta el amenazar Llorando pedia al llegar el dia Desposar un cal Tendras a tu hombre piel morena Desde el ciele hablo la luna llena Pero a cambio quiero el hijo primero Que le e

Lyriel - Lyriel - the wheel of the fortuna lyrics

he planned the step, leaving all behind Leaving home and well-known ground For a new world to be found Cause it has been his dearest wish Since he was young To travel around the world, to be fancy-free But every time he set a date there was a little some

Lyriel - Lyriel - the wolf lyrics

had been so cruelly cold and long a winter Over the glaring white mountains By night you hear the wolves howl Hungry, desperate souls Dying a bitter winter death Moonlight in his eye A haggard wolf as furtive as a ghost His narrow shadow glinting in the whiteness He

Lyriel - Lyriel - welcome lyrics

my friends Welcome to laugh and tragic To innocence and sin It's calling and curse We're here to play the game again The show must go on Moving home where silence's waiting in each shaded corner Laughing at my face when I need shelter from the worl

Lyriel - Lyriel - wild birds lyrics

how we met each other, Once in a clear summer night, Our hearts sang merry songs. As our souls come dancing by, There stood in golden cages locked, The tame birds by the riverside. They'll never know the lovely dance, Can never feel the tou

Lyriel - Lyriel - lullaby lyrics

well sweet child I am here to watch your dreams Don't be afraid The moon above just gleams for you Don't mind the wolf, he is not near He's a friend of the night, my dear Hush don't you cry, he is not near We are friends of the night, my dear And I run a

Lyriel - Lyriel - memoria lyrics

world goodbye, The enemy to rest Now do the worst, I do not weigh the spite Free from the cares, I live forever blessed Enjoying peace and heavenly true delight Round the world and back again Is very far to roam The footloose life of now an

Lyriel - Lyriel - my favorite dream lyrics

is nice, he is young He is graceful, the son of the king, A part of my favourite dreams In the night, his eyes always light, only for me And one day it will be. What ever you'll see in me One night long I am your favourite dream Never forget me Cause you won't ever know w

Lyriel - Lyriel - my unawakened soul lyrics

runner between worlds That's my talent and my bane Every one's demonize me Fear for live every day Catch the torchlight no one takes care of my unawakened soul They stand side by side Well prepared for the monster that's me, I'm disgraced This is the clannish

Lyriel - Lyriel - opening lyrics

mes amis! Welcome to laugh and tragic, zu Unschuld und S?nder! Kommt mit uns in die tiefen der grenzenlosen Lyrik Einer Wellt voller Gedanken und Geheimnisse Mesdames et Messieurs, Meine Damen und Herren, Ladies and gentlemen! Willkommen I'm paranoid circus

Lyriel - Lyriel - paranoid circus lyrics

and fingers, arms and neck For the promise to find out What it is all about It's already down to heads or tails Moira did belief in virtue and honesty but You know innocence breaks so easily So you can't choose it's not on you to know what's right

Lyriel - Lyriel - promised land lyrics

I see the shoes Well-worn from all the land Gentle ones and kind As well as bleak and baleful ones We've seen Our journey through decades The auras of the world Are always suffusing our heads Faces passing by Some to notice and some to forget Our

Lyriel - Lyriel - so long, my love lyrics

the night that you left me Was the dawn of a warm, wonderful summer day Promised roses and sunshine Washing anger and heartaches away So I opened the door, let the sun ? in his grace - Clear the dust all around And in shimmery light I could see All the t

Lyriel - Lyriel - surrender in dance lyrics

m lost in the openness Cannot find the way to go So for now I will dance, where I am There's no aim, no destination I sing and dance the day away Wilderness below my feet Just the thoughtless could dance The rhythm of life I had no time to hate Because

Lyriel - Aus der tiefe lyrics

immer weiter, durch die Nacht, den Tag, die Zeit bleibt niemals stehn Was ist muss jetzt vergehen Niemals und für immer sind wir eins in diesem Raum der Nüchternheit Wir bestimmen über Freude und Leid Drum lass mich gehn, ich bin schon nicht

Lyriel - Everything is coming up roses lyrics

don't believe me I can tell it by your eyes There's a kind of magic to be had from your lies. I used to say that today is like tomorrow Don't sell it short for truth. I should have known I should have known should have known how I should have known I s

Lyriel - Leverage lyrics

ve carried a weight a very long time like a black stone, a hopeless crime Past the fields, past the towns I've measured hills and dales Up and down If I rest I am sure you are there waiting for my mind to break down and your soul to take control I am here, I'm not going down

Lyriel - Parting lyrics

s no use in weeping, Though we are condemned to part: There's such a thing as keeping A remembrance in one's heart: There's such a thing as dwelling On the thought ourselves have nurs'd, And with scorn and courage telling The world to do its worst. We'll not let its follies gri

Lyriel - Regen lyrics

de Músicas de "Regen" Der Welt er Leben schenkt, Des Tropfens Niederschlag Den neuen zarten Spross, Den bringt er zum erblühen. Wäscht ab den Staub, Enthüllt der Blätter frisches Grün: Doch trüb scheint jede Stund Zu

Lyriel - Repentance lyrics

now in the fire it's burning high, it's stoking hopes and fears Sleep now in the fire you lit for yourself Call on me, little darling and I will wake you up from this dream So, at last, we will cross our souls will meet When the seas will run dry and the

Lyriel - Side by side lyrics

we walked side by side I saw the wind in your hair As it stroked your skin I knew of your despair Darling, why are you sad? When I am near Is it my fault that you shed those tears? As we walked side by side You took my hand But your touch,

Lyriel - Star of county down lyrics

Banbridge town, in the County Down One morning in July Down a boreen green came a sweet colleen And she smiled as she passed me by. She looked so sweet from her two white feet To the sheen of her nut-brown hair Such a coaxing elf, I'd to shake myself To make sure I was standing

Lyriel - Surrender in dance lyrics

m lost in the openness Cannot find the way to go So for now I will dance, where I am There's no aim, no destination I sing and dance the day away Wilderness below my feet Just the thoughtless could dance The rhythm of life I had no time to hate B

Lyriel - The road not taken lyrics

roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I and I- I took the one less traveled

Lyriel - Voices in my head lyrics

the different, noisy, loud and harsh Voices in my head, they follow me, to break me down Oh I can't resist a single one, tempting me to stay, to see, To give and I obey When I change my mind They are holding on to me and Pushing me into water, Cold and dark and beauti

Lyriel - Wenn die engel fallen lyrics

Du hier auch wenn die Sterne von uns gehen Und jene Funken nur im Schweigen überleben Wärst Du hier auch wenn der Regen uns vergisst Und die Erinnerung im Sand verloren ist Singst Du mir noch die Melodie Lieder über Tag und Nacht Eine Melodeipoes

Lyriel - White lilly lyrics

left in the fall when all the leaves decay And I didn't know... The night, the dark, the moonlight in your burning eyes And now you're back to haunt my soul, to take my will You are the one who never fears a broken mind Your hands can touch the innocence

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