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Behexen - By the blessing of satan lyrics

lyrics not available] [lyrics not available] [lyrics not ... available] [lyrics not available] [lyrics not

Adept - By the wrath of akakabuto lyrics

Move! . Let's burn this f***er down! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - By the gates of moria lyrics

Guardian Battalions Of Fear ... By The Gates Of Moria

Nomy - By the edge of god lyrics

hurting me When i think of you I'm waiting for answers ... held inside If i could be there with you If only i ... I gave you all Heavenly father What can you take from me

Bombshell Rocks - By the blink of an eye lyrics

Everything seems like a waste of time It's so frustrating ... dues Oh oh! Oh yeah! I hear the bell ringing It's time to ... grab hold of things This feeling can be

Gateway Worship - By the grace of god lyrics

1 By the grace of God alone Heaven'€™s Son has ... come to me Through the Cross, my sins are gone He ... died the Lamb and rose the King VERSE 2 Sing for joy

Golden Earring - The hammer of love lyrics

workin' 'gainst this heart of mine Just a split second for ... you get when you been hit By the hammer of love, Hit, by the hammer of love Hit, by the

The Hellacopters - By the grace of god lyrics

it. You've got supplies if they demand it. You've got the ... looks, and the glamour, Cut by the chisel and beat by the ... hammer. They're naive so they'll believe it, and they

Illnath - By the hands of violent winter lyrics

the hands of violent winter, his fate was ... sealed Crawling on the icy slopes with limbs frozen ... cold Memories of untold torture, in his mind ... Waking from the endless slumber leaving him

Little Richard - By the light of the silvery moon lyrics

the light of the silvery moon, I want to ... we'll be cuddling soon By the light of the moon. By the ... light of the silvery moon, I wanna spoon, ... we'll be cuddling soon By the light of the moon. By the

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - By the grace of god lyrics

27, surviving my return of Saturn A long vacation ... didn’t sound so bad Was full of secrets, locked up tight like ... Running on empty, so out of gas Thought I wasn’t

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - By the grace of god (acoustic) lyrics

27 surviving my return of Saturn A long vacation ... didn’t sound so bad Was full of secrets locked up tight like ... Running on empty so out of gas Thought I wasn’t

Satan's Host - By the hands of the devil lyrics

the eyes of history One voice has stood ... defiant Descendant of Sumerian blood The Dark Lord ... the Devil Deviant, who stands ... One world in revolution By the thorns of anarchy Exposing

Jona Selle - By the grace of god (katy perry) lyrics

didn't sound so bad Was full of secrets locked up tight like ... Running on empty, so out of gas Thought I wasn't ... I wasn't so tough Laying on the bathroom floor We were

George Strait - By the light of a burning bridge lyrics

I've been stumblin' through the darkness, Tryin' to feel the ground beneath my feet ... Afraid of movin' much in any direction, ... Stuck where the past and the future meet But I...

Folkearth - By the sword of my father lyrics

my father's deathbed I sit With a ... to fit He's headed now for the Land Beyond A vengeance and ... sword he he left unto me Father, tell me what you dream Up there in the sky Are there

Graveworm - By the grace of god lyrics

day Black shadows darkened the light Destruction of harmony ... The horsemen began the sentenced In the name of god ... innocent souls A sea of blood was the price What they must pay for their life

In The Woods - By the banks of pandemonium lyrics

urged for a walk in the garden on a tranquil Dawn in ... June The silence caused by man himself And chaos by the ... moon The snake was dragged In leather ... away from a neighborhood Of nonsense Materialized a

Manic Street Preachers - There by the grace of god lyrics

all the drugs in the world Can't save us from ... ourselves Victims with the saddest hearts Passing by the grace of God There by the ... grace of God With grace we will

Sacred Steel - By the wrath of the unborn lyrics

quot;I am born of Vengeance ! Torn from Hell ... ! (Harken now, Black) King of Unbound Darkness ! I have ... to kill ! (I am a) Scion of the Wargods of Metal and of Steel

Savatage - By the grace of the witch lyrics

in the darkness lonely and scared ... you're in fear of your life deadly witch's ... do you feel you're captured by the grace of the witch do ... you feel you're captured by the grace of the witch look

Sinister - The art of skin decoration lyrics

the stench Of tattered skin pieces ... Separated by cruelty And machinegun fire ... Intented to be filleting The skills of sickness For lust ... a sculptor with insanity The torture will be massive

Borknagar - The rhymes of the mountain lyrics

mountains chime Avast the relentless rhyme The majesty ... the regency Revails the everlasting rivalry ... Crowned by the haze of history A ferocious tore A

David Crosby - By the light of common day lyrics

the light of common day Things look ... different Than they did in the starlit dark The dark was ... And those around you in the work To say the craziness

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Baptized by the blood of angels lyrics

the seventh king of dawn is veiled by the shrouds ... of shadows, And the crown of the saint is turned into rusty ... blades of the beast Rise, my children of

Kroda - By the hammer of spirit and identity of blood.. lyrics

and begrimed?.. Why the Ancestral Wisdom lost; Why the Blood Brotherhood forgotten ... is?.. Alas, all the Truth was gone, Truth was ... gone and the false arose!.. Clouds are gathered, covered the Sky, Ghastly

Red Shore, The - The garden of impurity lyrics

descending on Eden The hour of judgement at hand Purgatory ... has awakened Bare witness the fall of creation Blinded by the fruits of the father The ... cycle of endless deceit Forked

Sahg - By the toll of the bell lyrics

you walk through the cold wind and shadow And ... you want to be free of it Open your eyes The ... If you search for good signs of tomorrow For an omen of

B.g. The Prince Of Rap - The colour of my dreams lyrics


Mactatus - The passage (to the kingdom of no return) lyrics

I've got your soul Walk to the Gate of Emptiness Search ... and you will find To the Land of Sorrow The Passage ... to the Kingdom of no Return The Wintermoon

Rotting Christ - The nereid of esgalduin lyrics

fog cover the river The poisened water of esgalduin ... The cursed bride of pyramis Embody to the ... nereid of Esgalduin After wind she ... appears The blood kiss on his lips She

Dark Funeral - The secrets of the black arts lyrics

Show me the secrets enshrined The ... hidden source of eternal wisdom That dwells ... within the abyss Infernal majesty Guide ... eternal search Lead me to the ancient empire Of dark

Bloodbath - Mouth of empty praise lyrics

into the lake of fire Gagged by blood A thousand deaths ... Repenting not Mass decay of life Swarming Call upon ... Call on those we scorn Raze their faith and feeble ways Mute

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

Hyperborea, gleaming jewel of the north; an eon-veiled kingdom ... in ancient legendry and the renown of its martial ... splendour... but of late, an ill wind whispers

Madness - The liberty of norton folgate lyrics

is the story of the Liberty of Norton Folgate Old Jack ... Norris, the musical shrimp and the ... ramble A little bit of this, would you like a bit of ... that? But in weather like this, you should wear a

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - The power of now lyrics

believe I believe in the power of now I believe I ... moment Is all that I ask In the heart of forever No future, ... I believe I believe In the blink of an eye In the palm of my hand In the ocean so wide

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

ALTARUS:] Gaze deep into the mists with your spirit-eyes, ... [XERXES:] I see a land far to the north... a vast empire of ... crowned mountains... a land of brooding citadels and warrior

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Licked by the tongues of pride lyrics

by desire Emptied by the masters fire By-pass ... denied - exit hell Licked by the tongues of pride I ... forever walk inside Kissed by the lips of insanity I

Dew-scented - The prison of reason lyrics

your feeble eyes Glance of doubt, full of dismay An ... foul disguise Locked away, praise the downfall through your ... Cast out, left behind, the prison of reason

Heather Dale - The history of ealdormere part 1 lyrics

was the wolf and the wilds and the will And the ... rule of the mid-realm king Long was the ... night when the wolf pack was still in their ... wait for the gathering spring Soft was the

Pantokrator - The madness of nebuchadnezzar lyrics

O King, art King of kings... Thou art this head of Gold! Dew covereth my skin ... as I wake up in the fields Amongst the beasts I ... hair is grown like eagles feathers My nails like claws of

Helena Paparizzou - The game of love lyrics

the seven seas, I would climb the Himalayas Sing in japanese, ... as your geisha Capture all the stars, paint your portrait on ... the Great Sphink Walk to Africa if I knew you'd be there

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The swing of a fallen world lyrics

Music: Deris, lyrics: Deris] Achiever, believer ... saint and cold deceiver It's the swing of a fallen world ... horse and politician It's the swing of a fallen world

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The bells of the seven hells lyrics

Music & Lyrics: Deris] Listen to the ... whisper of the weak and blind Listen good ... Don´t drink it ! We are the hive We are the people We

Abominant - The ecstasy of sufferance lyrics

the war I come. The new king of this kingdom. A new ... beginning has begun. The time is now for everyone. I ... pain. Feel my wrath and see the flame. You live for my lies.

Evereve - The eclipse of the seventh sun lyrics

AND DEMISE The sweet draught of lick-her ... over my tongue A feast of wicked pleasure Is the ... delight of sweat and blood The seed of a lost morality As

Hillsong Worship - The wonder of your love lyrics

inhabit the praises of Your people You delight in the glory of Your son In the ... love of the Father we will worship In the ... Kingdom of God we find our home The

Emperor - The source of icon e lyrics

Music: Ihsahn, Samoth] [Lyrics: Ihsahn] The land was ... created In the name of the chosen And the waves thrown ... For men to see The one who made men To be

Esoteric - The laughter of the ignorant lyrics

look through their rose-coloured glasses, ... At the beauty of the world. They're so blind ... ignorant, That love's all they see. Any sorrow they come

Immortal - The call of the wintermoon lyrics

Music: Demonaz, Abbath - Lyrics: Demonaz] Buried beneath the mountains of frost Years of ... and dark My winterwings of evil sleep in eternal nights

Cute Is What We Aim For - The curse of curves lyrics

ve got the gift of one liners And you've got the curse of curves And with ... gift I compose words And the question that comes forward ... Are you perspiring from the irony Or sweating to these lyrics And this just in You're a

Matilda - Musical - The smell of rebellion lyrics

school of late has started reeking - ... disturbing scent... Only the finest nostrils smell it, ... I know it oh-too-well. It is the odour of rebellion. It's the

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - By the way lyrics

in line to See the show tonight And there's a ... light on Heavy glow By the way I tried to say I'd be there waiting for Dani the girl ... Singing songs to me Beneath the marquee Overload Steak

Fear Factory - Dragged down by the weight of existence lyrics

benath visions of hatred Drowning fast in ... sounds of silence Caught between ... Divisions of hate Can't breathe under ... this weight of existence Too strong,

Seven Kingdoms - Vengeance by the sons of a king lyrics

s hammer filled the sky While waves wrecked his ... ship Our fathers were bitten by vipers Then cast into a pit ... fly WE RIDE! To York where the king must die Led by a

Asphyx - The scent of obscurity lyrics

the scent of obscurity While adoring the ... emotions From beyond the irrational world ... Inhumanity caused by frenzied reactions Shroud ... from visions of inhuman perfection Evoking the tide of insurrection The

Bill Withers - The return of wrath lyrics

burns Brought to it's knees By the beast of war Cities are ... Nations collapse Under the reign of terror Fire storms ... raging the sky The sign of mankinds Ultimate defeat

Lincoln Brewster - The power of your love lyrics

renewed Flowing from the grace that I found In You ... Lord I've come to know The weakness I see in me Will ... be stripped away By the power of Your love Hold

Current 93 - The dream of a shadow of smoke lyrics

vanity and sin. He comes into the world like morning mushrooms, ... soon thrustling up their heads into the air, and ... conversing with their kindred of the same production, and as

Dark Moor - By the stange path of destiny lyrics

trought the lane when conforms our life ... wonder are we just victims of fate Fed with the seeds of ... why must be wander towards the dark unknow gate altrough

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