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Lyrics For Song: Same Spirit Of Jesus lyrics

Browse for Lyrics For Song: Same Spirit Of Jesus song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Lyrics For Song: Same Spirit Of Jesus lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Lyrics For Song: Same Spirit Of Jesus.

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Cock Sparrer - Spirit of '76 lyrics

a hundred and one reasons For you to give him the keys, the ... from hell With bullets for rich or poor A voice rings ... Cutting through the chaos of hate and war Back to

Hawkwind - Spirit of the age lyrics

as fresh in your flesh for my return to earth but your ... father refused to sign the forms to freeze you let's see ... time held dreams were full of you as you were when i left

Rednex lyricsRednex - Spirit of the hawk lyrics

hay ah mia oh wa-hey. The spirit of the hawk. Hey-um ah hey ... hay ah mia oh wa-hey. The spirit of the hawk. Hey-um ah hey ... me and my love. The spirit of the hawk. Hey-um ah

Krokus - Spirit of the night lyrics

big wheel of fortune Crashed down to the ... gathered our children and ran for our lives Down in the ... Fighting despair. No talk of surrender Sharpenin' our

Blanks 77 - Spirit of 77 lyrics

the music all sounds the same what ever happened to the ... punk rock of the past well now here we ... [Chorus:] here's to the spirit of ' 77 and havin' fun in a

Blackmore's Night - Spirit of the sea lyrics

day I saw a man I'd seen before As I approached, he ... His voice surrounds me My spirit of the sea He went away ... His life was taken that same day And it was almost

Beth Hart - Spirit of god lyrics

own special style I got the spirit of God I got the spirit of ... and child Got the spirt of God We got the spirit of God ... heaven The lord I got the spirit of God I got the spirit of

The Beach Boys - Spirit of america lyrics

of America Spirit of America Spirit of America ... on the ground it's the king of our cars Spirit of America ... Spirit of America Spirit of America Spirit of America

Ted Nugent - Spirit of the wild lyrics

what he could see Searchin' for a friend to share my time ... Lookin' for a mountin I can climb Aint ... afraid of death or no voodoo Do the ... that I can do With the spirit of the wild runnin' free I

Rancid - Spirit of 87 lyrics

satisfaction, [Matt:] Bottle of red, straight to the head, ... I was running errands for the Angels, I was a little

Laura Branigan - Spirit of love lyrics

Don't you see we were meant for one another To live and ... breathe in the spirit of love Naked alone what ... fear behind We've waited for the longest time It's too

Circa Survive - Spirit of the stairwell lyrics

out a note I wrote for you to wake and read to ... I could write to assure you of my return But all the paper ... but I won’t be waiting for that day So don’t say you’re

Domain - Spirit of the sun lyrics

the light Wake with the Spirit Of The Sun (source of life ... Truth is the Spirit Of The Sun (feel the light) ... Wake with the Spirit Of The Sun (source of life)

Planetshakers - Spirit of god lyrics

experience Of Your presence Changes ... everything Holy Spirit We give You precedence Over ... more More More than ever before Spirit of the living God

Air Supply - Spirit of love lyrics

wait to see you When the spirit of love comes to you Let it ... to turn away From the ghost of yesterday When the spirit of love comes to you Let it

House Of Lords - Spirit of love lyrics

Lying in my bed Thinking of you We talked about it ... I am What are you waiting for Take my hand Don't make me ... I am What are you dreaming of Understand I'm sending you

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Spirit of rocks lyrics

are in the ocean Every kind of fish We are a human rainbow ... we wish We have been forever And we shall always be ... We are eternity The spirit of rock will never die Just

Ancient Creation - Spirit of darkness lyrics

the cover of night, I am free to feed The ... blood (sustenance) Afraid of the light, I move in darkness ... Lurking in the shadows of your nightmares You can run,

Earth, Wind & Fire - Spirit of a new world lyrics

life Burn in our hearts of fire A new design, we are ... changing Let the spirit of a new world Keep our love ... alive In the spirit of a new world We're in

Europe - Spirit of the underdog lyrics

to steal the show It's the spirit of the underdog And if you ... to break the mould It's the spirit of the underdog I've seen ... like an accident Your need for love can't be replaced Just

Samantha Fox - Spirit of america lyrics

a handful of heroes, waving flags across ... iron hand in velvet glove For a fistful of dollars, ... and roll the dice History, for you and me, stretchin' out

Khors - Spirit of fury lyrics

His eyes are wide opened His spirit is irresistible Spirit of ... fury, spirit of hatred Spirit of punishment, spirit of ... s howl is echoed away. Howl of grief, howl of fury Howl of

Korpiklaani - Spirit of the forest lyrics

him down And back home Spirit, spirit of the forest ... in those northern lights Spirit, spirit of the forest ... He has long waited For the right moment Storm of

Londonbeat - Spirit of a child lyrics

shines in their eyes Love for you and me Strong enough to ... Don't let the children go (Spirit of a child) There's so many ... Let them grow (Like the spirit of a child) Shine a little

The Quakes - Spirit of the cat lyrics

spirit of the cat I used to hang ... around with a gang of cats We'd ride around late ... the rats There was so many of us, nothing they could do We ... all just getting fat The spirit of the cat The spirit of the

Vanilla Ninja lyricsVanilla Ninja - Spirit of the dawn lyrics

child And the world was full of grace The wind would whisper ... I never lost my faith In the spirit of the dawn In the twilight of your soul There's a voice

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Spirit of freedom (realising the new world) lyrics

still echo in my mind Forget about tomorrow forget ... to be alive and touch the spirit of freedom - in your soul ... see the truth and touch the spirit of freedom I never

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Spirit of the age lyrics

soul, rage You're so full of hate, you're so full of lust ... You're so full of soul, you're so full of rage ... Spirit of the age Here comes the ... on every frontpage, my plans for everyone I reason your

Angra - Spirit of the air lyrics

are crying. Oh Lord. King of the thunder, magic surrounds ... Lord. On the island, land of the lives of the hills, ... the sails into a war. Before you can say "Spirit!

Blitzkrieg - Spirit of the legend lyrics

it home, It took control of his fingers, when he played ... could be nine-tenths of its law, The Spirit of the ... need, He couldn't stop for an instant, playing till his

Bob Catley - Spirit of man lyrics

our history The fight for freedom, love and liberty ... you hear the calling? The spirit of man A new day dawning ... Peace and justice should be for one and all Till that time

The Dickies - Spirit of '76 lyrics

me how can it be in the land of diet cola there's a terrible ... page of history in the land of the free that's made for me ... banners fly 76 - it's the spirit of 76 76 - it's the spirit of revolution 76 - it's the spirit of 76 bring it back dawn's

Kaledon - Spirit of the dragon lyrics

rainy day, the chosen one For vengeance , for conquest , for kill It's time to wear my ... armor of steel From ash and fire I ... rise Strong of the Dragon's power The king of Kaledon give me the order To

Aviators - Spirit of chaos lyrics

will prepare you for The chaos I will bring upon ... life upside-down I'm the spirit of chaos The image of evil, ... home I'll strike fear in all of your hearts As I watch

Damh The Bard - Spirit of albion lyrics

Feel the pulse, the pulse of the land, The blood boils ... the Holy Well and raise the Spirits there! Lay a feather on a ... with a flame, and a lock of hair. The Crane, the wolf

Highland Glory - Spirit of salvation lyrics

reality? Oh yes we are the spirit of salvation Over the sea ... identity? I cry help the spirits are gone, nothing can save ... me Pray for me, my soul and my rebirth

Alltheniko - Spirit of war lyrics

So let him stay The king of this powerful reign So you ... warrior Death is glorious Spirit of war And for the brave, ... and for the knight There will be on

Cage - Spirit of vengeance lyrics

Devil I sacrificed myself for one I had to save Now I roam ... Wheels burning the night The spirit of vengeance Will be by your ... Upon my steed I search for danger The flesh of enemies

Audrey Assad - Spirit of the living god lyrics

Spirit of the living God, thou Light ... sorrow cease. Blow, wind of God, with wisdom blow until ... minds are free From mists of error, clouds of doubt, which

Hysterica - Spirit of the age lyrics

far away Beyond the mists of time, the goddess now awakes ... The bards told tales of her two thousand years ago ... This ancient wisdom for all of us to know But as the years

Iced Earth - Spirit of the times lyrics

break my will My soul is not for sale I fear nothing And ... will prevail My soul is not for sale This is my commitment ... Then I truly am free My spirit will remain You may take

Alltheniko - Spirit of the highway lyrics

the early hours of the morning, it's already ... Rain, rain in front of my eyes, ice and snow will ... the road, every time,and i often ask me why, why this life

Ashram - Spirit of the rising moon lyrics

Spirit of the rising moon, In the wind I come to you, Like a desert needs the rain receive my hopes And set me free... In the dark I cross the door, ...

Conquest Of Steel - Spirit of war lyrics

I must take, beyond the gates of this kingdom The demented ... From the people he raised out of their primal, barbaric ... who will Teach you the art of battle, They will see your

Falconer - Spirit of the hawk lyrics

re a spawn of the high cliffs, Slave to ... Sweep through the air Spy for the prey. Feel your blood ... And then speed away. Spirit of the hawk Wild and free,

Pain Of Salvation - Spirit of the land lyrics

is all around. The red sky of the morning, the different ... colours of the landscape, the freshness ... of the breeze. So sit for a while and rest with the spirit of the land

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Spirit of keith moon lyrics

I stood in the lobby waiting for my key, I felt something ... I've been possessed by, the spirit of Keith Moon. Well out

Banco De Gaia - Spirit of the age lyrics


Reflexion - Spirit of eclipse lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Camel - Spirit of the water lyrics

See the lights out on the water Come and go, to and fro In the time it takes to find them You can live, you can die And nothing stops the river as it goes by Nothi...

Immediate Music - Spirit of adventure lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Jolin Tsai - Spirit of the knight lyrics

Dang wo kan jian zuo jian po sun de zhan yi Kui jia hou de ni biao qing dai zhao xiao yi xiang yao dui wo shuo wai Lai de xi ji ji jiang li gong zhu yuan...

H2o - Spirit of '84 lyrics

to follow I'm on the side of the truth Cause I'm united

Hate - Spirit of gospa lyrics

Blood sipped into soil of this earth and made me ... breathe, In the coldness of a land without light I await ... speak my words craving for my coldest touch, In frenzy

Mr.kitty - Spirit of the forest lyrics

At last nocturne, the end of days Watching closely ... I see something lovely Softly, touching, gentle breeze ... dancing with the leaves Of tainted hearts from love

Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Spirit of the moon (ft. léa fantin) lyrics

beyond the life The wings of angels The symphony of ... twilight In the forest of sadness for ever... The spirits dance takes place tonight ... Before the moonlight They raise up

Dyslesia - Spirit of war lyrics

history We can believe and forget Don't let the future ... Why as paradise so far War of men, war in the name of god ... history We can believe and forget Why y need to feed the

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