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Ryan Gosling - Put me in the car lyrics

are my friends And the light hits my face And ... hides behind the clouds And its institute of grace And our ... children warm their beds With dreams of growing old But

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Put me in the trash lyrics

you put me in the trash yeah you gave me ... lost Now I see that you're doing alright Take a look at me and count the cost Baby can't ... see I'm short on greens I am your long lost man, you don't

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Put me in a movie lyrics

camera, action If he likes me, takes me home Lights, camera, action If he likes me, ... takes me home Lights, camera, action If he likes me, ... takes me home Come on, you know you like little

Crash Test Dummies - Put me in a corner of your mind lyrics

could be away for quite some time But you'd never leave ... my foolish mind You can step right on my ... foolish heart You had me hooked, you had me from the

Johnny Gill - It's your body lyrics

it's your body (it's your body, body, baby) Oh, oh, ... girl it's your body (it's your body, body, girl) I just can ... get enough, yeah Enough of your lovin' Girl it's your body (it's your body, body, baby) Oh,

Jump5 - Put me in the picture lyrics

know that I, I'm the last thing you expected You've seen my ... took my heart by surprise It's like magic, suddenly your mind is photographic You can see

Lil' Scrappy - Baby daddy lyrics

my dick (this for all the baby daddies) All the things i ... need (know what it is man) But there's just one ... thing (baby you got to be true) Oh, ... i give you the stars Put you in big ass house, put money in

Teena Marie - I'm gonna have my cake (and eat it too) lyrics

miss your gentleness that spoiled me Your tender kiss that so aroused me I miss your nakedness next ... to mine Your sweet familiar scent has left ... me With memories that come and get me In the dreams I have

Dead Or Alive - Cake and eat it lyrics

my idea of seduction Is a bit passe' I hear you like to ... try it So I'll try it anyway I would try anything ... I swear I'd try it here and now I might impress you With a Rudolf Valentino bow I

Shelton Harris - Put me on lyrics

it started with a dream That dream turned ... realistic My friends are beefing now Like why you acting ... I swore all you love is music and ain't got no time to kick it

Ja Rule - It's your life lyrics

yo, yo Ja Rule, Uh Shade and Irv Gotti Niggas don't want ... [Ja Rule] Ladies call me white Kane, pure as snow ... Like cocaine, cutiepies powder they nose

Jerry Lee Lewis - Put me down lyrics

I'm shakin' and I'm nervous all over And I ... don't mind tellin' you why I lost my breath to ... the hands of death And baby gonna say goodbye It's all ... over town, my baby's put me down Well, my mind is

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Put yo hood up (remix) lyrics

Pound for pound the baddest thing throwin' down The ... to knock niggas heads off with this put yo hood up remix ... Lil' Jone and the East Side Boyz Jadakiss,

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Pick yer nose (and eat it) lyrics

are, if you're on a bus, train, cab or in a car. If your ... nose needs picking then go ahead, don't flick ... the bogies eat them instead. Pick, pick, pick your nose, but don't wipe it on your clothes, pick your nose and eat it. If you're standing in

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Put me on (feat. everlast, moka only) lyrics

- Everlast] Cool as a summer breeze Drifting on memory ... She got me on my knee But darlin' I'm ... begging, please And if there's a winter storm And I'm there to keep you warm In whatever shape or form Baby

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Put you in a song lyrics

here you come again and you're lookin' so fine You ... don't notice me but it's alright I'm just a guy who ... wishes that I could be your man someday Yeah a picture

Illy - Put em in the air lyrics

Illy, Illy Taku on the beat Let's go! Turn it on Get ... em off Set it off Shut it down (smash it out the ... speakers) Put em in the air like (smash it out

Milli Vanilli - It's your thing lyrics

do. Tell ya, Who to sock it to. I know it's your thing. ... you like, but if you want some good loving don't take all ... night. I knew it from the start you had a real

Nf lyricsNf - Wrap me in your arms lyrics

It's crazy for me Cause I just feel different ... right now It's like I'm to a point where I ... God, I should give You everything, and that's what I'm gonna

Dean Martin - Put you in my pocket lyrics

like the way you look. And even though it's hard, You ... know, it's difficult to say. Without ... being mistook. I want to Put ... you in my pocket. Put you in my pocket. Put you in my

Tim Mcgraw - It's your world lyrics

hey hey, hey hey hey [x2] It's your bed that we sleep in, ... It's your smile up on the wall. It's your night, it's your weekend, And when it's over, it's your

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Your love lyrics

lights don't shine as bright when were apart Baby you have got the keys to my ... That you'll never leave me in the dark And If I need your ... be my star you say you Love me, love me, love mebut that

Eagles lyricsEagles - It's your world now lyrics

perfect day, the sun is sinkin' low As evening falls, the ... gentle breezes blow The time we shared went by so fast ... Just like a dream, we knew it couldn't last But I'd do it

Beverley Knight - It's your time lyrics

yeah-yeah It's your time It's your time It's your time ... Time It's your time It's your time It's your time Time ... My mama said that before me, that before me she had to

Francesca Battistelli - It’s your life lyrics

is the moment It’s on the line Which way you gonna fall? In the middle between Wrong and right But you know after all ... It’s your life What you gonna do?

Clan Of Xymox - It's your life lyrics


Beartooth - Me in my own head lyrics

there's a problem then go and fix it It's such a simple ... phrase but I can't grasp it I lay awake at night With ... the fear of dying if I close my eyes What's

Gil Ofarim - It's your love lyrics

in the dark Middle of the ... night Takin' your heart Holdin' it tight ... Emotional touch Touchin' my skin Askin' you to do ... What you've been doin= All over again Oh, it's

Jo O'meara - It's your love lyrics

. Dancin' in the dark Middle of the night ... Takin' your heart And holdin' it tight Emotional touch ... Touchin' my skin And askin' you to do What you've been

Akinyele Adams - Put it in your mouth lyrics

Crystal Johnson] My baby left me Left me sad and blue ... I didn't know what to do... Without my baby baby baby baby And then I met his best friend And hetook me to his house And I

Deep Insight - Put your money where your mouth is baby lyrics

your money where your mouth is, baby Ricochet from my ... heart You missed it by an inch but it left a scar Now ... leave me alone Broke the vow, gun ... powder I can't take it, I won't take it I could

Kate Bush - Eat the music lyrics

me open With devotion You put your hands ... in And rip my heart out Eat the music Does he conceal ... He's a woman at heart And I love him for that Let's

Gucci Mane - Mouth full of golds lyrics

pardon me but I'm passin gas To my entourage, no gas ... masks I'm in my old school, with the Georgia tag With my ... Georgia ass and my red flag I'm g'd up from

Sailor - Put your mouth where the money is lyrics

Santa Rosa fair is in, with that 'Iron Man' McGinn Who ... gonna try For his needs are kind of high So he's gonna take ... the 'Iron Man' tonight Come and get your money, it's a

Kumbia Kings - In da zone lyrics

alright Alright, alright baby I need your loving girl ... So won't you give it to me Right now, oh yeah oh ... yeah oh alright Let me take you on a little trip

Jet - Put your money where your mouth is lyrics

s a loaded gun In my shakin' hands Am I in hell Or the ... promised land What's your name (She said I'll tell you ... my name when im on your skin) You can be (You can be the

Cage The Elephant - Teeth lyrics

harmonious I think I'll take it out to the streets Somebody ... please stop me Call the doctor but don't ... call the police Are you into the beat? Are you into the

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Eat the rich lyrics

I woke up this morning On the wrong side of the ... bed And how I got to thinkin' About all those things you ... said About ordinary people And how they make you sick And

Danko Jones - Baby hates me lyrics

favourite situation Are always sticky kinds I'll be the first to cast ... stones I don’t let sleeping dogs lie I’ll sing it ... from a mountain Just take me to the top I’ll scream 'til

Ludichrist - And so it goes lyrics

wake up, roll over to your alarm clock's screaming bray ... 'cause it rings at 6:55AM almost every day ... Rot and decay, American dream Rot and decay, American dream Work all your

The Amity Affliction - Blood in my mouth lyrics

around, but I can feel it It looms above me, and I still ... fear it There's no one here Yet I ... am screaming Buried alive, wish I was ... dreaming... No love could f***ing

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - In the tombs lyrics

AM on a cold night I find myself, empty bottle in hand ... Out with a friend, we're singing alone About the things that ... are going wrong Singing out loud about this world

Human Nature - Baby come back to me lyrics

I'm the one Who'll be there with you through it all Whenever ... you call Baby tell me why Oh why did we fall apart ... Don't you blame it on your heart I just want things

Attack Attack! - Shut your mouth (feat. mcswagger) lyrics

don't give a. Welcome to my party as I'm lettin' ... you in raise my hand to the dj let the music begin McSwagger is the type man to ... hold the world in his hand my name will be on all your

Deez Nuts - In your mouth lyrics

that shit, Deez Nuts in your mouth, bitch! F*** that shit, Deez ... Nuts in your mouth, bitch! F*** that shit, Deez Nuts ... in your mouth, bitch

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the name of tragedy lyrics

young, were you ever safe little brother, Do you see the ... of the evidence, are you still part of the struggle, Did ... you bang your head, did you go to bed,

Pain - Shut your mouth lyrics

only thing I ever wanted The only thing I ever needed Is my own ... way - I gotta have it all I don't want your opinion I don't need your ideas ... of my face Stay away from me I am my god - I do as I

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Baby girl lyrics

Intro] Yeah, whole pointers 'round my muhf***in' neck ... nigga Yeah, 6 karats in my ears, nigga Yeah, I look ... [Verse 1] Yeah, too many chains, bitch, you can't change

Brown Brigade - In the mouth of baddness lyrics

anums deep in trainfare, alond the path to ... badness. Funk forged with blues to serve their , ... of peace not warfare. Into The Mouth he goes. You ... ve got to know In to The mouth of badd(d)ness he goes Those

Dio - Eat your heart out lyrics

Through the day they took your soul I've looked high and ... low for water, but it's not there. No-no! And ... all the promises of Spring-Time, Turn to lies, so cold But

Entombed - Put me out lyrics

my bones Crush my head with stones You dance on my ... grave I am your slave You tear out my eyes ... Feed me with the lies You piss on my brain Drive me insane I love you baby when you're dead and you're

G-unit - Baby you got lyrics

G-Unit! [Intro/Chorus - 50 Cent] Baby ... you got, you got what I want Baby you got, you got, you got, ... Now shake that thang Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it

Johnny Reid - Baby i know it lyrics

I asked my mama "if I find the one, how will I know it ... how will I know it?" She said "son, ... you're still too young, but trust me

Björk - Sun in my mouth lyrics

will wade out Till my thighs are steeped In ... burning flowers I will take the sun ... in my mouth And leap into the ripe air Alive with ... closed eyes To dash against darkness In the sleeping

Fozzy - Spider in my mouth lyrics

woke up with a Spider in my mouth And a Cockroach in my head ... I fell asleep with a killer in the house And a monster in ... across a crowded street And I smoked a cigarette I stole

Gotye - Baby lyrics

day Try to satisfy the cravings before they Consume you ... brighter The world can excite you When you’re under its ... can tell All too well That without it life would be hell And time is passing you by It

Latif - Put me on lyrics

dance right Another B. Cox joint, uhhh Oh, yeah, uh Uh-huh, ... 2003 Latif Yeah Come on Yeah Come on Yeah Come ... You're hotter than, all your friends Looking good, do your thing I couldn't pass ya,

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Put yourself in my place lyrics

can't take this situation It's making me feel so blue One ... moment you walked into my life And now You're ... saying that we're through I hear ... that you're in love now Baby, don't know what to say I

Van Morrison - Your mind is on vacation lyrics

there yakkin' right in my face Coming on like you ... You couldn't raise a dime Cause your mind is on ... vacation and your mouth is working overtime You're

Cher - Lay baby lay lyrics

across my big brass bed Lay baby lay Lay across my big brass ... Whatever colors you have in your mind I gonna show them ... to you And I'll make them shine Lay baby lay Lay across my

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