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Rebellion - Our backs to the wind lyrics

a month on the rivers Of these foreign ... Sounds like home to me A song of home. And to be free ... Oh put our backs To the wind once more Set ... sails for a distant shore On the waves of the black sea

Dream Theater - On the backs of angels lyrics

on the backs of angels Destined to create ... attack While heroes carry your weight We spiral towards ... Riding out the wave Content to feed off the machine

Samael - On the rise lyrics

the rise, galvanized on the way to the top every day ... life that we want it'll grow on our backs to keep us on the ... eager to learn and ready for our turn Above the sky at the

Passionworks - Lying on the floor lyrics

it take me away Here I'm lying on the floor Here I'm lying ... on the floor Here I'm lying on the floor Here I'm lying on ... the floor Leaving me on the toilet floor So shaken

Lincoln Brewster - On our side lyrics

find a mercy that's made new Our fears we surrender For all our hope is found in You On Your word we stand You're ... to the end We believe our God is on our side Now and

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - On our way lyrics

and you, we're different Don't always see eye to eye You ... we even fight That don't mean that I won't need a ... the end, oh I think we're on our way Through all the lows

Basshunter - On our side lyrics

on our side, love on our side That's what makes you ... feel Love on our side, love is on my mind And ... I can find your heart is beating next to mine ... Love on our side, love is on my mind And I can find your

Emmylou Harris - On our last date lyrics

over our love affair Too late now I ... no more I’ll share Now he’s gone I’m alone I was wrong ... have known Took me home on our last date I search for a

Modestep - On our own (ft. culprate) lyrics

can do this on our own No looking back, time to ... this somehow We can do this on our own We can do this on

Chiddy Bang - On our way lyrics

the camera roll, cause we on a holiday It's that feel ... and the hatin' gets fewer We on a holiday, this is what I ... flavors, is what we blowin' on I'm so current with the

Egyptian - On our own lyrics

on to what we feel Don´t cheapen those legs ´cause ... it all back ´cause you love your sister And you know that we ... re all the same One day your mother was a young man´s

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - On our way lyrics

you do. You say we’re gonna run away Put on your ... sundress, summer day Flying around on the highway. ... Spin me round kiss me in your chevrolet. I love you more

Shenanigans - On our own lyrics

fall away. We can't make it on our own, so I try, try, try ... and use the road. Now I don't need this, the thoughts ... re scheming, and I can't see your face. It drives me crazy. The

Indigo Girls - Language or the kiss lyrics

don't know if it was real or in a ... outside and kept my eyes upon that empty chair And there ... was steam on the windows from the kitchen ... Laughter like a language I once spoke with ease But I'm

Our Lady Peace - Lying awake lyrics

away from the breast of Your busy giant healing machine ... Nobody left in line Noone to make you shine Hanging on to the backs of opinions You ... re borrowed & betrayed Lying awake Don't ask why you

Fugazi - Latin roots lyrics

on our backs, This is your parents' bed, A good place ... lines look the same As the ones that you're seeing, And ... you start speaking: Rracing your father's footsteps in your

Amon Amarth - For the stabwounds in our backs lyrics

we bide our time Soon we'll pay you back For all ... the wrongs you've done our kind For the stabwounds in our backs You think you're ... safe. Well, live your lie There's no way you'll

Bones lyricsBones - Mud lyrics

they'll never find us Lying on our backs in the summer grass

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Fishin' in the dark lyrics

yellow moon comin' up tonite, shinin' thru the trees, ... lightning bugs are floatin on the breeze Baby get ready... ... creek turns back by the ole stone road I'm gonna take you to

Cracker - Sidi ifni lyrics

walked down a long promenade Down a winding ... was the queen, before the long decay We drank wine, ... BBC An old English queen on the balcony Wander ’round

Grant Nicholas - Father to son lyrics

has begun Father and a son Wisdom and the ways Hands ... sound of laughter plays Symphonies of grace And it echo's in ... that we have come But the journey's just begun The

Judicator - Backs against the wall lyrics

like a curtain
 Wolves are on our heels
 Desperate men ... moving through the night
 Once before I have seen these ... the ground that's chosen 
Backs against the wall The night

A Loss For Words - Behind our backs lyrics

But those days have come and gone, And a new life has just ... begun. I'm not alone. Salvation though the ... growth of a backbone. And all this hope is so ... a knot In my gut that just won't come undone As fast as you

A Loss For Words - Behind our backs (split version) lyrics

But those days have come and gone, And a new life has just ... begun. I'm not alone. Salvation though the ... growth of a backbone. And all this hope is so ... a knot In my gut that just won't come undone As fast as you

The Maine - Another night on mars lyrics

to my closest friends The ones who make me feel less alien ... Throwing up in taxi cars Or on our backs under the stars As ... sing What's another night on Mars? With friends like ours

Skyclad - Our dying island lyrics

of progress to gods of ambition we kneel, Our database ... save us, Microchip miracles only enslave us. The high ... finance claim that their actions are wise-- But our planet

Electric President - Wearing influence on our sleeve-less t-shirts lyrics

you fought You sunk like a stone But that's not why you came ... re not the same You changed your name You didn't just switch ... the game And now we're done With shaking hands Because

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Dogs on the run lyrics

we come with what was on our backs Yeah, when the leaves had ... them 'round When we laid our blankets on the ground Yeah ... sun, and left a cold night on the ground Like a dog on

Anaal Nathrakh - Blood eagles carved on the backs of innocents lyrics

not available not available not available not available not available not available...

Eli Young Band - On my way lyrics

always in this town but this one will soon be through Cause ... right around the bend on the porch there by the drive ... crazy Like a heads up penny lying on the ground she'll be

The Academy Is... - Weve got a big mess on our hands lyrics

myself In destructive situations I need oxygen To be ... exposed where no one goes, where no one's been ... we've got a big, big Mess on our hands tonight Sing it (yeah)

Casbah Club - Our time lyrics

up in the battle zone Led to believe it’s all for ... good of the home Collect your medal walking out the door ... a day She tells me Daddy don’t approve, He thinks there’s

Jakob Dylan - Down on our own shield lyrics

it is now, it's right up to our waist It's a pity, it's a ... but never this way We hold our ground, we don't kneel If we ... go down we go Down on our own shield It's a river of

Kate Rusby - Our town lyrics

nothing good ever lasts Go on now and kiss it goodbye But ... hold on to your lover 'cause your heart's bound to die Go on ... now and say goodbye to our town, to our town Can't you

New Kids On The Block - Time is on our side lyrics

round the world. Time is on our side, girl, you're my one ... be just friends. Time is on our side, girl, let's show the ... is the answer and time is our closest friend. If I sent

Noble Beast - On wings of steel lyrics

Blazing with heavenly fire Our heroes have entered the fight ... Our forces are all in position They anxiously wait for the ... awaits those who fall Your rule we're defying Our will

Astronautalis - Secrets on our lips lyrics

say it's over, we can't go on like this, The moonlight ... ardent, and the sun returns our sense. But we ain't much for ... orders, we can't go on like this, But we can live

Buzzcocks - Get on our own lyrics

I saw you yesterday On my way home Baby I craved ... you today So I decided to phone So why don't we get ... together soon And er get on our own Just think of what me

Donnie Wahlberg - Time is on our side lyrics

round the world Time is on our side, girl, you're my one ... ever be just friends Time is on our side, girl, let's show ... is the answer and time is our closest friend If I sent

Ginuwine - Our first born lyrics

can't explain it [CHORUS] Our first born It's our first, ... it's our first Our first born, It's our first ... little baby, Come on, Our First born, It's our first,

Kenziner - Our times lyrics

We'll feed the flames with our lies Yeah People have their ... of false belief Nations waging war, banners are ... stand in line Obey! It's your relief. Yeah! Where can we

Set Your Goals - Our ethos: a legacy to pass on lyrics

we didn't have an ally in our heads. When we only had a ... relate to that we could call our own. Collecting values from ... the generations who were here before us.

Bethany Dillon - You are on our side lyrics

orphan clings to Your hand Singing the song of how ... here to die Still, You sent Your Son for us You are on our ... side The runaway falls at Your feet You are what he has

Communic - They feed on our fear lyrics

Deep in the black lake don't dare to go near Don't you ... door to the closet Reflections in the mirror Every sounds ... in the night Hiding under your bed They feed on our fear

The Divine Comedy - Our mutual friend lyrics

Divine Comedy - Our mutual friend Lyrics No ... And how its hard to hear your own voice Above the beat and ... We talked and talked for hours, We talked in the back of our friend's car As we all went

Hazel O'connor - Time (ain't on our side) lyrics

t it good the rose coloured glasses Playing our games, ... taking our chances Time was our friend, seemed to stand still ... was until We thought we take our fill We'd time to kill The

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Time is on our side lyrics

it just believe that time is on our side empty promises ... is just believe that time is on our side Pickup the clock ... is just believe that time is on our side that time is on our

Orphaned Land - Our own messiah lyrics

inside a maze And bereft of our own grace We pray and bend ... admit defeat To a god we put our fate And to the ones that ... their words Forever gripping our swords We conform and we

Ron Pope - Our song lyrics

faced until you stopped On that riverbank there was no ... in close and whispered in your ear "I think I know a ... stars came out as we moved our feet So won't you take my

Amon Amarth - With oden on our side lyrics

the storm arrives Our way is at an end Under dark ... winter skies We make our final stand For each of us ... there are four of them It matters not to us

Band Of Horses - Our swords lyrics

wall sounds of banging is constant coming from your head ... from those wanna wring your neck Wring your neck Open ... your mouth sounds of breathing ... found it spilling from your face Best to be dim to the

Lostalone - Our bodies will never be found lyrics

of thought and introspection I can’t sleep today Got ... feelings but I don’t know how hard they are to ... make up noise a static prison I don’t know the name for

Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall - On fire lyrics

inside I know you saw it in your dreams Can you try to feel ... now I'm begging you to open your eyes It's getting darker and ... Let us stop pretending Someone else will lead the way Let

Majesty - On a mountain high lyrics

m standing here on a mountain high Defender of ... in the sky He is joining our fight, yes, he's here on our ... Before the battle began, only a hand full of men Faced

Radical Face - We're on our way lyrics

your hands If you need a new coat ... of paint If your bones are now heavy things Like ... hidden somewhere 'neath your skin Or if your head's ... just an empty box If your heart has become spare parts

Slechtvalk - On the eve of battle lyrics

through forests and marshes Our arrows waiting on our bows ... to war, banners high, towards our destiny Advance to war, ... towards our destiny With past battles on our minds We wander towards

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Raining on our love lyrics

you'd wake me up To love me once again We were lovers, we ... take for granted I'd be the only one? I didn't know you ... were so lonely Am I to blame for makin'

Better Than Ezra - Our last night lyrics

in an empty room. The moonlight was falling. You were ... were calling my name when Your face faded from view. And ... me? Angels fly in the air tonight. Saying, Wasn't it just

Elevation Worship - You are on our side lyrics

Verse:] You promised salvation To bring your children home ... You promised redemption That your love would restore ... ve seen it all cause you are on our side [Verse 2:] You

God Dethroned - On fields of death & desolation lyrics

moment's at hand Join our march for victory Over enemy ... soil Affect the course of destiny For my king and ... And sown with dead Ruined beyond recognition The madness

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